Entertainment Weekly Introduces Our New 'Superman' Henry Cavill

February 17, 2011

Henry Cavill / Superman

Obviously we already know that the new Last Son of Krypton will be played by British actor Henry Cavill, because the debate and buzz around the UK native playing a superhero who stands for truth, justice and the American way was just too hard to handle. However, for those who still aren't convinced, EW will introduce us to our new Superman: The Man of Steel in this week's issue, and it's a cover story. Not only do they talk with the actor, but they have even more praise straight from director Zack Snyder as to why Cavill is perfect for the blue tights and red cape. Essentially, it comes down to what happens when an actor puts on the suit. More below!

First up, here's the cover shot of Henry Cavill "as" Superman, but he's not in costume, so it's just glamour.

Henry Cavill on EW

For his big audition, every actor that was up for the coveted role apparently had to shoot a screen test while wearing a replica of the Superman suit worn by Christopher Reeves in the original film. Cavill was instantly terrified and recalls, "All I could think was: Oh, god. They're going to look at me and go 'He's not Superman. Not a chance.' The actor inside me was going: You're not ready! You're not ready!"

But Snyder begged to differ. The director says, "If you can put on that suit and pull it off, that's an awesome achievement. Other actors put that suit on, and it's a joke, even if they're great actors. Henry put it on, and he exuded this kind of crazy-calm confidence that just made me go 'Wow.' Okay: This was Superman.'"

I don't care if he's British, this guy seems to have really won over all the right people, and I can't wait to see our first shot of him in the suit. If anyone still has any doubts about him, just remember again that Batman (Christian Bale) and Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) are from the UK and Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds) is from Canada. The Revolutionary War is over, so let's give this guy a chance to be our new hero! Thoughts?

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He doesn't look like Superman/Clark Kent. Christopher Reeves will always be Superman to me. He looked just like the Comic book character it was uncanny. However, doesn't mean i won't give this guy a shot though. Wish him all the best.

Anonymous on Feb 17, 2011


The real test is what he looks like in the thick-framed glasses.

Chocolate Supra on Feb 17, 2011


I completely agree. Playing Superman has never been the true test. I don't think it's a stretch to be heroic. Maybe it's a stretch to be a hero with emotional depth, which I think has always been the struggle with the Superman character. He's practically invincible, so what's left? Step aside to Clark Kent. The mild mannered reporter for the Daily Planet, and you have the challenge! The question that there's always been, as well as the debate, is who is the real persona? Is it Superman? The ultimate American truth seeker? Is it Kal-El? The man within he's never truly known, but must discover...Or, is it Clark Kent? The person he's always known, but must be more than anyone else to protect himself and his family from evil doers. All of these things are an intricate part of the story. I hope Zack Snyder delves into these questions and explores the emotional side of the conflicted Superman. For the audience, as Chocolate Supra stated, we will feel more at peace once we see Cavill's take on Clark. I think we can already see him as Superman, but can we see the other man we love that we can identify with on a deeper level. That's what made us love Christopher Reeve. That's what made us doubt Brandon Routh (His Clark was weak). I guess we'll see with Henry Cavill.

Modern American Man on Feb 17, 2011


I may have had my doubts before (not that he was British but more of his "look"), but his face on EW's cover...just looks like Superman! I am convinced!

CisforCinema on Feb 17, 2011


I look forward to a new superman.

Michael McRorey on Feb 17, 2011


All the haters should wait till they see him in a Snyder movie...otherwise it's just hot air!!

Gh on Feb 17, 2011


Ah, Gh, you know that's not possible nowadays...everyone's gotta bitch and moan and complain about a film that has YET TO BE MADE. Me personally...I'll give him a shot. Cavill seems to have impressed the filmmakers, and if he fit the suit, and he's got the acting chops (which he has) then things will work out. We'll see.

Marc McKenzie on Feb 19, 2011


who cares, how are we suppose to be excited about these things when they just keep doing them over and over and over. how much you wanna bet they show his origins AGAIN. Tiresome.

Stinkystench on Feb 17, 2011


Amen. This movie looks hopeless to me.

Java on Feb 17, 2011


Wow.... You've seen it already?

Ultim8 on Feb 18, 2011


Yep. Obviously, he hopped into a time machine, went to 2012, saw the movie, and is coming back to tell us that it blows. Whatever happened to "wait and see"? Is that dead now, thanks to the 'Net?

Marc McKenzie on Feb 19, 2011


The sides of fans are going to be very deep with this one. People are going to love him and people are going to hate him. I think he fits the part pretty damn well. I've never seen him act, but from what I've gained, choosing him seems like a great first step. Alex, didn't you post a link to a fansite that had him mocked up in the superman getup? All we need next is a screen test or interview with him.

Snears on Feb 17, 2011


Andrew Garfield was born in the USA but was raised in the UK which makes him a dual citizen.

birddog on Feb 17, 2011


Until otherwise proven wrong, I'm with Snyder. If he approves let's roll. Plus the guy is a good actor as far as the Tudors showed. P.s. Although Reeves was spot on in so many ways and Routh was a good solid new beginning that script wise fell flat, I'm okay with starting over for a third time.

Johnny Neat on Feb 17, 2011


He looks like a random corner bum. When did EW stop employing professional photographers?

Yuck on Feb 17, 2011


no way man there will never be another George Reeves. he was the best Superman by far!

Humbleboxer on Feb 17, 2011


Every single person in this blog FOR SURE in 2007 knew Heath Ledger would be an AMAZING Joker... Now, the same people had spoken. Give me a break.

Manuel on Feb 17, 2011


I don't know why people are hung up on him being British. Superman is an immigrant. He wasn't born in America. It shouldn't matter where the actor is from so long as he can ACT like he was RAISED in America.

DRM on Feb 18, 2011


Yes, keep beating that drum WB interns. Keep telling Americans that their American icon isn't really American at all. That's not going to make them angry. No, that's going to create "positive" emotions toward this film. "The Superman film that destroyed Americans' foolish notions of Superman being American!" Now go pay to see it Americans!

Interns r dumb on Feb 18, 2011


Uh, yeah....listen, are you aware that when Superman was re-vamped in the 1980s that it was a British-born, Canadian-raised artist named John Byrne who did that? And that he did a damned fine job with it and now everyone cribs from his MAN OF STEEL miniseries and his run on the revamped SUPERMAN comic? Well, I bet you didn't know. And speaking as an immigrant myself, I find your attitude nauseating.

Marc McKenzie on Feb 19, 2011


I'm sure he will be great. We need something fresh, and can't get stuck on Reeve's Superman and shouldn't try to replicate it.

fancy pants on Feb 18, 2011


I have high hopes for this film as I did with "Superman Returns" before it came out and that film was a huge let down. Let's hope that Snyder and Cavill don't make the same mistakes as Bryan Singer and Routh did with Returns.

Last Son on Feb 18, 2011


I have to say. For us older folk........... If you could only know what it was like sitting in the movie theater when Superman the Movie premiered with the KICK ASS credits(without computer) and the John Williams theme starts.... And it just put the WUP ASSS all over you with it. It was awesome. You were breathless... It was the first. It was so real for that time, a kid actually jumped out the window unfortunately believing he could fly unfortunately. To see this comic book in what was the real world at that time.(New York looked like New York,the people acted like New Yorkers) Kansas felt like Kansas. Just Like Chicago felt like Chicago in the Dark Night) What's so funny is no one ever realizes that there were NO movies like this back then. You had Adult flicks like Saturday Night Fever, etc. NOTHING for geeks. You had to wait for a year for maybe one or two movies like this and NOOO superhero flicks. For Donner and Reeve to do what they did at time when they had 1/100000th of the resources and knowledge they have now is still so fucking amazing. Just like that one had a dream team of: Richard Donner, Mario Puzo (who wrote the FUCKING GODFATHER), John Willams,Marlon Brando,Christopher Reeve,Gene Hackman, and Terrence (Kneel before ZOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)Stamp. the new one has: Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder, Hans Zimmer, David Goyer,Jonathan Nolan I trust this crew implicitly to bring back that feeling you had when you watched star wars,Indiana Jones and Superman as kids that we all miss....

rainer on Feb 18, 2011


Well, if Zack Snyder saw something in this guy I'm gonna have to give him a chance.. I would have cast an American that looks more badass and has more charisma.

David Perretta on Feb 18, 2011


Trust me, anyone who saw him in the Tudors is not questioning his badass-ness or charisma.

Emily on Apr 28, 2011


GO BRITS! ­čśŤ Looks the part in my opinion - now can he act?

Dominic on Feb 18, 2011


Henry Cavill has charisma in spades-just ask any Tudors fan.

Fran on Feb 25, 2011


He'll always be Charles, Duke of Buckingham to me

Crazyqte on Mar 1, 2011


i think that he is going to have a BLAST doing this.. i know i would..

Laurie Bosse-Photographer on Mar 29, 2011


Vin Diesel as Lex Luthur and Lindsey Lohan as his seductive girlfriend is how I would proceed. Vin would reinforce Henry as the man of steal, strong enough to defend the world. Vin would be an excellecnt choice as a villian and Lindsey Lohan might be bad enough to seduce him.

W. Anthony DesAmours on Apr 22, 2011


I just think that Tom Welling was the guy for the job he is the best superman/clark etc. since Reeves.  My wife and I are smallville fans and he brought a perfect light to the life of Clark Kent.

Jesusfreak90284 on Jun 5, 2011

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