Excl: Horror-Comedy 'Zombies Ate My Neighbors' in Development

February 3, 2011

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Nobody likes a serious zombie movie - right? It happened one typical night in suburbia: two best friends amongst a sea of teenage angst battle for safety against the mysterious uprising of neighborhood zombies. If you were alive in the 90s and owned a Super Nintendo, you probably already know what I'm talking about. There's a new film in development called Zombies Ate My Neighbors that is indeed based on the SNES video game of the same name that originally hit in 1993. The film has a screenplay written by John Darko and is currently looking for financiers, but I was tipped that things are going well and it's coming together.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors, the tentative title for the film (gamers may remember that ZAMN was renamed to just Zombie in Europe), can essentially be described as John Hughes meets Judd Apatow meets George A. Romero, which just sounds awesome. Or a bit like Superbad + Zombieland + Home Alone, but with its own sensibilities. The film borrows a bit from the video game, but is primarily its own coming-of-age high school story. Though rest assured, Zeke and Julie from the game will be in this. Darko is producing with April Wade and Ahmed al Baker. This is currently in the works as an independent production and they're still securing rights, but it sounds like an awesome project that we'll likely see on the big screen in a few years.

After enjoying Zombieland, I'm more than happy to see more zombie comedies make their way into theaters, as its fantastic concepts like this that I can't wait to see actually made into a movie. I'll be there opening day once this hits. The SNES game Zombies Ate My Neighbors has amassed a cult following, especially because it was out before the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) existed and was one of the first games to make parents nervous about its content. We'll continue to follow development on this and will definitely let you guys know when they find a director and start casting. Anyone a big fan of Zombies Ate My Neighbors?

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Horror Comedies are awesome.

Anonymous on Feb 3, 2011


This isn't cool! You cannot make one of the greatest games of the 90's, and turn it into another crappy video game to film experience that will surly try to replicate Zombieland in every way. FUCK THIS!

ChrisG on Feb 3, 2011


You're crazy Chris! Everything about this flick sounds like something most of the world would fucking enjoy. Apatow zombies, cmon. Cant wait.

Anonymous on Feb 4, 2011


I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

ChrisG on Feb 4, 2011


I for one, am extremely excited to see this concept take flight. Its about damn time too. Bring it!

greg on Feb 4, 2011


The zombie bandwagon is definitely picking up speed.

Craig on Feb 4, 2011


I hope so, we need more back-to-back-to-back zombie mayhem!!

Alex Billington on Feb 5, 2011


more zombies?.......with humor?...... outstanding.

Anonymous on Feb 4, 2011


I wonder if they will have purple tentacle in it lol

Nightrogen on Feb 4, 2011


Ah yes! They need a Maniac Mansion! I miss that game. Long as hell...

tra la la la la di da on Feb 4, 2011


What? I feel like I'm being watched now. My friend just downloaded this game onto my Wii about a week ago. Considering the weirdness of the game, it could be extremely fun and bizarre.

SapphireD910 on Feb 4, 2011


It's very rare that a 26 year old man can get giddy look a schoolboy but damn do I love when childhood dreams come true. All we need now is a bad ass Voltron reboot and some rocket pants and we're all set!

Jeff Ramos on Feb 4, 2011


I've been saying for years that they need to adapt more old school video games and not just recent hits or long running series. It looks like that may finally be happening. Of course it's not as surefire as adapting a game that's currently all over the markets, but that just means they'll have to make the movie (gasp!) good.

Boilerbro Joe on Feb 4, 2011


Me and my bro always said this should be made into a movie! Awesome! Played this game countless times!

Judasbarronx1 on Feb 4, 2011


Here's my zombie comedy called DEADHEADS. Let me know what u guys think. It's an indie. Thanks.

FroBro1 on Feb 5, 2011


A movie about a game based on every horror every horror movie every made? Your head asplode.

Jake on Feb 5, 2011


The giant zombie babies in a mall are a must! Or it's a deal breaker!

Charlie on Feb 5, 2011


Just as long as they use the music from the game (which they won't).

Mustin on Feb 7, 2011


I worked on the original ... I am skeptical as I hadn't heard a word about this, but then again, why would they tell me?! (: I think it is a GREAT piece of IP and could make a neat movie. If nothing else, it will mean a new version of the game right?! -- Mike Levine, severed head in credit level ... (-:

Mike on Feb 13, 2011


Thank you Mike! Don't know why but was my all-time favorite game back in the 90's. Took me a LONG time to get to your office. This article keeps saying it was a SNES game. I played it on Sega Genesis. 

Jgeilsfan on Oct 13, 2011


Zombies Ate My Neighbors FAN FILM in Production.

Seng Varipath on Apr 1, 2011


If they didn't use the music from the game, the least they could do is every time the kids are introduced to a new area, the theme gets played once, with the title of the area onscreen. Also, the band to do these themes should be none other than Powerglove.

Chuck on May 9, 2011


Thank you!  Seems like the music would be pretty cool to include.  We still have the original MIDI and tone files, so it might be fun to write more original music based on those assetts.  Anyway, I'd be up for it, and I expect Joe would, too.  (We are the cowboys on the credits level.)

The Fat Man on Jul 11, 2011


I'm very curious!

camilla on Jul 27, 2011


I never thought a game I worked on would ever become a movie. Crazy.

T Morita on Aug 30, 2011


I have been playing this game for ten years. Thank you to those of you who worked on the game. It has given my life both joy and purpose. Heaven bless you.

Nodontwantto on Oct 8, 2011


Do NOT forget to include cheerleaders and chicks on trampolines!!! lol

Jgeilsfan on Oct 13, 2011


My life is complete.

Ikkida on Nov 1, 2011


Been playing this video game since I could pick up the controller and cosplay Julie with a broski of mine. Can't wait for the movie. Totally going all fangirled up when it releases! 

Kolbi Adams on May 29, 2012


I have the original game, and the Super Nintendo console.

Chokolocopacolatte on Aug 9, 2012


not too bad

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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