Exclusive: Adam Sandler May Be Circling a Project Called 'Fat Man'

January 28, 2011

Adam Sandler

We've seen Adam Sandler as Satan's son, a dimwitted waterboy, an Israeli hair stylist, an angry golfer, and soon a woman in Jack & Jill, but how about as a very fat dude who weighs 800 pounds? We ended up with a interesting scoop the other day while speaking with Miguel Arteta, director of Cedar Rapids, at Sundance. During our interview (coming soon) we asked him about what films he has lined up next. He told us he's not formally attached to anything yet, but is very interested in a project titled Fat Man that supposedly Sandler is circling as well. And yes, the main character is an 800lbs. fat man who has a love affair with his nurse.

Here is what Arteta told us about Fat Man at the end of our interview before we turned off the camera:

"I'd love to do a movie with Adam Sandler that… someone said he was flirting with? It's called Fat Man. I don't know if you've heard about this? One of the main writers of The Simpsons wrote the script and it's amazing. He would play an 800lbs. guy who has a love affair between him and his nurse. And he's naked for the first half of the film… and it's very touching… and it's very funny.

So, I hope he gets the gumption to do it, and maybe I get a crack at that, that would be amazing. Certainly, it would be not a movie you would forget anytime soon… and [it's] beautifully written. I don't know if that's meant to get out on the internet…"

We don't know who the writer is that he's talking about and we've done some searching, but came up empty handed regarding any other news on this screenplay. As far as we know, this is the very first time anyone has mentioned Fat Man in public and it sounds quite intriguing. Sandler as an 800lbs. guy who falls in love with his nurse (probably cast as some gorgeous actress) and yet, it's a touching and beautifully written script? I hate the make the comparison, but this sounds like this might similar to Kyle Killen's The Beaver, which has an insanely kooky concept but looks to be a very touching film. I'm also betting that 800lbs. character loses that weight by the end, but who really knows as this could still be a more broad comedy than I'm imagining.

That's all he told us and that's all we know for now, but I thought I'd put this out there to fuel discussion on the concept of seeing Sandler as an 800lbs. fat guy. We'll let you know if we hear anything else! Thoughts?

Update: After sending the news over to our friends at The Playlist, they updated their post with a link to an old Variety article in 2003 talking about the film. Apparently it's a spec script picked up by Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions that was written by The Simpsons' Mike Reiss. Here's a plot synopsis, which does confirm what I thought about him losing the weight: "a spec script by Mike Reiss about an 800-pound man who drops 600 pounds with the help of a nurse he finds more appealing than a Happy Meal." So we've got confirmation that after 7 years, this might be back in the works and Sandler could be interested again.

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Thank God. I needed another shitty Adam Sandler movie.

Mountain Top Movies on Jan 28, 2011


Adam Sandler is the worst, most over-hyped actor in Hollywood, why does anyone give him anything to star in, I would rather put needles in my eyes than watch a film with him in it

cregs on Jan 28, 2011


*puts gun in mouth*

ChrisC5g on Jan 28, 2011


The only fat man I acknowledge is Professor Sherman Klump

Tyler S on Jan 28, 2011


I see where Adam Sandler & Andy Samberg are teaming up for "I Hate You Dad". What a coincidence. I'm teaming up with millions of other people for "I Hate You Adam Sandler".

Setebos on Jan 28, 2011


aw c'mon guys... sandler was hilarious in his day admittidly film after film i have been dissapointed and dissapointed and dissapointed, but i can understand as a comedian he probably doesnt want to retrack over his old style of talking baby talk and sponateously shouting of fear that people will say hes being repetious. Screw it, i think he shud go back to doing what he did best and be SANDLER!! and also, his drama is epic, your always on his side in his sadder flicks, reighn over me was fantastic, funny people - although not exactly hilarious was a grand film in my books and we all sided with him on big daddy, am i right? yes i am! they keep bringing out films with him, cause people like him, because he rocks, stop complaining fer gad sake!

Dave on Jan 28, 2011


"We've seen Adam Sandler as Satan's son, a dimwitted waterboy, an Israeli hair stylist, an angry golfer, and soon a woman in Jack & Jill," I think it's time he was seen as a good actor (and don't give me that "Oh he was great in the Wedding Singer crap!")

Hattori Hanzo on Jan 28, 2011


This sounds interesting.

Anonymous on Jan 28, 2011


he needs to get back into drama, Reign Over Me was fantastic, enough comedies for a while.

Anonymous on Jan 28, 2011


No more Adam Sandler movies please, kthnxbai!

パトリツク ♬ Rip on Jan 29, 2011


So it's about a feeder and a guy who smells like a giant baby's diaper when he's rolled over. Sounds great...

voodoo2 on Jan 29, 2011


make it!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


make it!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


What about click, he is fat for a glimps in there

Eli on Jan 30, 2011

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