Ezra Miller Up for Tetsuo + Casting for Roland Emmerich's New Sci-Fi

November 5, 2011
Source: THR

Ezra Miller / Tetsuo

There were a few new casting updates to hit last night thanks to THR, as they posted a huge article talking about a large number of screen tests and other try outs happening around Hollywood for major projects in the works. A few of the names in particular stood out, like We Need to Talk About Kevin's young lead Ezra Miller being the top contender for the dark role of Tetsuo in Warner Bros' live-action Akira, which just got Garrett Hedlund for Kaneda. Beyond that, there's also some new details and intriguing casting potentials for Roland Emmerich's new sci-fi project Singularity, which is aiming for an unknown lead actor. Read on!

First things first, I didn't even think about him before at all, but Ezra Miller (also seen in Afterschool, City Island, Beware the Gonzo, Another Happy Day) is PERFECT for Tetsuo. I've seen We Need to Talk About Kevin and he plays a character who is very dark, very unsettling, and you get that sense just by looking at him, or by the way he looks at you. Truly a perfect fit for Tetsuo, whom eventually descends into madness and insanity once he begins to control his powers. THR states that Miller is one of the names "surfacing most often" while trying out for the character, along with Alden Eherenreich (as seen in Francis Ford Coppola's Tetro and Twixt). I really think Miller would be perfect and I hope director Jaume Collet-Serra chooses him for Tetsuo, that's really the best they way could go for this live-action take on the anime classic.

The other project that caught my attention is Roland Emmerich's big new sci-fi Singularity set for 2013, which has been in the works for a little while, but no details have been revealed on what it's even about (until now). THR states that Singularity is a "sci-fi extravaganza" about a boy named Adam, whose body is made up a swarm of nanobots, "giving him all sorts of power." This almost sounds like Akira, but with a nanobots kid instead of someone with mind powers. Top contenders reading for the role are: Luke Grimes ("Brothers & Sisters", Shit Year), Logan Marshall Green ("Dark Blue", Brooklyn's Finest, Prometheus), Julian Morris (Sorority Row, Privileged, "My Generation", "Pretty Little Liars") and Thomas McDonell (Prom, Dark Shadows), plus Ben Barnes and Luke Bracey (both being considered but haven't tested).

Between these two and the many others they've listed in THR, there's some interesting projects in the works in Hollywood. And I love that studios, even major Hollywood studios casting for big tentpole sci-fi projects, have started to consider little-to-unknown actors that happen to be extremely talented and on the verge of breaking out. That certainly seems to be a trend recently, with Star Trek and Inception and so on. I prefer to throw my weight behind Ezra Miller, as I truly believe he'd be perfect, let's hope he gets the role. We'll keep you updated on casting news no matter where it's coming from or who ends up getting the role. Stay tuned!

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Another typecasting but it's okay this time around. bloggers have NO personality.

Debbiebeleza on Nov 5, 2011


Hahahah wait what? I don't understand... Typecasting? Who? Ezra Miller? Are you KIDDING me?! Who would you prefer if not him? Who is talented and can play that character?

Alex Billington on Nov 5, 2011


Shut up.

Pixar on Nov 6, 2011


I dont know Ezra Miller, but i still think Jake Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko) would fit the role as Tetsuo.

mingooski on Nov 5, 2011



Rodrigo Font on Nov 7, 2011


Jake Gyllenhaal is too old for the part.

Anonymous on Nov 5, 2011


Every new post for this reminds me of how terrible this film will be.

Josh Taylor on Nov 5, 2011


I like it.

Xerxexx on Nov 5, 2011


i agree with him.

Anonymous on Nov 5, 2011


 'One joke I can make is that at least Warner Bros knows Garrett Hedlund looks good on a motorcycle'. That was written by you complaining about Garrett's typecasting. You fanboys are really disgustingly obvious. I guess you'll be REALLY ashamed after On the Road comes out. I'll come over after that LOL.

Debbiebeleza on Nov 5, 2011


I don't understand what's so wrong about any of this? We have an opinion, we make jokes, sure Hedlund may be good in On the Road, but he was mediocre in Tron Legacy and I don't think he'll be that great of a lead in Akira. I'm pulling for Ezra more than Hedlund, but that's besides the point. We all have an opinion, big deal. You must really like Garrett Hedlund?

Alex Billington on Nov 5, 2011


uh, Alex... i think he IS Garrett Hedlund.

Nick S. on Nov 6, 2011


How about they just release the original animated film in theaters? Save $200 Million in production and marketing and end up with a fucking great movie playing in theaters that I, for one, would go see at least once or twice. I mean...  is that less insane than re-imagining a very Japanese story for a stupid western audience? Could they have at least cast some asians to play the asians? Or do white people living in "Neo Manhattan" in the future commonly give their children asian names? I will end up laughing every time one of these dudes screams the other's name. "TETSUO!" "KANEDA!" It's not gonna work. This is gonna turn out like Dragon ball. I bet they give this kid the same goofy spiked hair.

Anonymous on Nov 5, 2011


Couldn't have said it better myself.

Jeffrey on Nov 6, 2011


Hedlund will suck.  I thought he only got the part in Tron Legacy because he looked like he could have spawned from Jeff Bridges. Miller, on the other hand, has promise.

Cody on Nov 5, 2011


Ezra as Tetsou is the single best news I've heard for this Americanized Akira flick

Robbie on Nov 5, 2011


Tetsuo. sorry

Robbie on Nov 5, 2011


I guess I'm judging you fanboys as real critics, that's my fault. I'm asking too much from you really. You just have 'opinons' as valid as any of us. I mean, you have prejudices, not opinions since your opinoon on him is based in only ONE movie be it for Garrett or Ezra. Besides Jeff Bridges was also terrible in Tron but of course, there is NO WORD about it. It's so telling huh? Yes it's going to be really funny to see what's going to happen after On the Road. See ya.

Debbiebeleza on Nov 5, 2011


Jeff Bridges was actually awesome in Tron Legacy, one of the reasons I enjoyed it.

Alex Billington on Nov 5, 2011


Bridges is good in just about everything he does. And if he was bad, it's usually the script.

rennmaxbeta on Nov 5, 2011


Dont do it Ezra! you have a good career starting! stay indie!

happy camper on Nov 5, 2011


Oh god

David Gold on Nov 5, 2011


not in a good way

David Gold on Nov 5, 2011


This movie is offensive and should be reviled regardless of its actual quality. It is whitewashing of the worst kind from Hollywood and should be opposed at every turn.

HonestObserver on Nov 5, 2011


if this is whitewashing then so was the departed

Anonymous on Nov 6, 2011


My vote is for Testuso is Keir Gilchrist

abraxis sixarba on Nov 6, 2011


are you kidding me this kid is talented. i am glad if he gets casted. makes me want to see the film more

thetruth on Nov 6, 2011


i don't think any movies based off of the dragonball series should be made into a movie. we saw how horrible the last edition was. i mean hell, you may as well make pokemon into a live movie. stop with the anime!

JBrotsis on Nov 7, 2011


atleast he looks asian unlike the guy playing kaneda.

Leo on Nov 7, 2011


Yeah, like Kaneda looked asian in the original Akira.

Gex on Nov 7, 2011


If "The Departed" took place in HK and Jack Nicholson/DiCaprio/Matt Damon's characters had Chinese names, then yes, this would be no worse than "The Departed".  Honestly, if they're desperate to remake the story (which isn't really complex enough to need remaking IMO) then they should just rename everything - the title, the characters; and add a tag at the end of the credits that says "Inspired by the Japanese animated film Akira"  ...and even in that case some Asian-American actors would be nice, if only to pay homage to where the story came from.  Maybe that will be what ends up happening, unless the producers think they're making another "American Ninja".  Okay, that would be kinda cool.

Boiler Bro Joe on Nov 8, 2011


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