'Fast and Furious' Sequels to Shoot Back-to-Back with Jason Statham?

October 4, 2011
Source: Twitch

Jason Statham / Fast and Furious

Through three installments of The Transporter franchise and the outlandish Death Race, British action star Jason Statham has done plenty of fancy driving on the big screen. But now he might become part of the most popular adrenaline fueled, driving-action films today. Twitch has heard that Universal Pictures are currently in early talks with the actor about possibly starring in one or both of the next two Fast and the Furious sequels. Why suddenly toss someone from across the pond into the mix? Apparently the sixth and seventh installments in the blockbuster franchise are looking to head to Europe for some action.

In addition, the studio might shoot both sequels back-to-back. It's not surprising considering there was at least one more sequel planned when Fast Five was developed, and it sounds like writer Chris Morgan has cracked another story to keep the franchise going. And since Paul Walker and Vin Diesel and their crew have caused a ridiculous amount of damage and built quite a rap sheet in North America, it's likely time to head overseas. However, getting Statham to drive on the other side of the road with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel is far from a done deal, so at this point consider it a rumor. He would be quite an adversary though.

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actually, im kinda interested.

rocKKicker on Oct 4, 2011


You completely forgot about Handsome Rob in the Italian Job lol

Kaosupreme on Oct 4, 2011



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


This sounds like a great idea!!Okay, so lets get our all star european cast together to go along with Statham's crew.

jah p on Oct 4, 2011


Fast Five completely revamped Fast and the Furious, The only one I care for are Fast and The Furious, Fast and Fursious, and Fast Five the in betweeny sequels are garbage compared. And perhaps these two sequels with Statham will keep the momentum going...if not then I'll stick with the trilogy and ignore all the others.

Xerxexx on Oct 4, 2011


I like this. Very much.

Chazzy on Oct 4, 2011


I really liked Tokyo Drift, the story felt a lot more character driven, I hope I'm not alone in saying that and I'd love for Lucas Black to team up with the other leads at some point, granted it would probably mean Sung Kang wouldn't be back as Han but oh well, they can only stretch the pre-Tokyo chapter for so long.

Daren on Oct 4, 2011


That would be cool if they did bring in Lucas Black.

Posthuman on Oct 4, 2011


I wouldn't rule this out but not sure why this would preclude Han from returning.  If you remember from Tokyo Drift, Sean (Lucas Black) is an "military brat" living with his father.  If you recall from the teaser at the end of "Fast Five," Letty is reported to have "hit a military convoy" outside Berlin.  Note also that most of the crew is in Europe already and they show a sign on the freeway for Berlin.   Now imagine if Letty had teamed up with Takashi and the Yakuza from Tokyo Drift.  This would tie everything together and give us a reason for Lucas Black's to cross paths with the team again.

Robross0606 on Oct 4, 2011


But that would mean that Han met Blacks character prior to the Tokyo Drift timeline and would screw up the continuity becuase they had never met prior to that...Besides I think Lucas Black is a horrible actor...he really isnt more than the lovable hick in every movie sine he hit puberty...before that he was prety good lol

Kaosupreme on Oct 4, 2011


Now all they need is Gosling for "Drive Fast and the Furious Transporter"

MTHand on Oct 4, 2011


Lmao. Funniest comment I've read all day! Gosling could play a slick thief  working in an antagonistic role against our furious heroes lol nice title by the way

KAVC on Oct 5, 2011


i hope they do itll be epic!!!

A5J4DX on Oct 4, 2011


Jason Statham!! Two more sequels!! Wohooo!! Freakin’ fantastic, can’t wait!Oh, God, the only thing that’s going through my head to describe Fast Five, it’s like sex with an orgasm at the end of it! Whereas the first four movies were like you have sex but you never get the orgasm. A lot of stopping and starting but… oh, I wish I hadn’t said that.

Stacey Cavallari on Oct 4, 2011


Sounds good!

McWilly on Oct 4, 2011


I'm in when Herby the Love Bug joins the cast!

ur_babys_daddy on Oct 4, 2011


Rofl. Jason Statham? I'M FUCKING IN.

Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 4, 2011


LOL I hope he is the same character! BAHAHA this is so badass.

HJ on Oct 4, 2011


Jason Statham's Stathamness is Stathamazing!!!

GMA on Oct 5, 2011


I'd be on board if they could make him the badass enemy driver that Netty is now involved with.  I guess Stratham used to be part of the British national dive team or something to that effect for like 10yrs before he got into acting.      

Anonymous on Oct 6, 2011


From what I heard fast6 is to be right before tdrift. And 7 will follow tdrift. Tdrift in my opinion was the worst film in the series. Vin diesel was doing xxx and chronicles of riddick at the time 2fast came about. And they didn't want to replace vins character so they made Rome. Fast4 had a good storyline to it and 5 was the best loaded with action. Also 5 made me laugh twice. Vin diesel played in xxx which showed him driving a car off a bridge and landing safe, shortly after he was chained up and thE drug dealer was going to cut off his nose. Then the Favilla made me thing of cod modern warfare 2. Fast6 will have a good story prob focusing on Lettys character. Brain said in fast4 Letty was working with him to bring down braga so maybe brain knew she was still alive and She contacts him they do whatever they are going to do and end up in tokyo. And adding statham would be cool as he'll perhaps make him a friend of Lettys and part of there team what they should do is tego and don Omar went to gamble and the girl and Han went to Berlin. Cut them ou of the film. The new team should be brain Dom Mia however she can't be of much help do to her being preg. The new girl Rome and now Letty. Staham can be part of her team and maybe feature 1 more person

Zombiesvsvampires on Oct 8, 2011


Meanwhile. Eva Mendez the rock bilkins and maybe markum should return and they are a team tracking them down. Another cool twist would be to add suki to the film just because there in Europe and flee to Tokyo. Tdrift also stated that Dom was beating everyone in Asia perhaps that is were Dom and brain find Letty or they regroup and from there they end up in Tokyo. I personally would like fast6 to start out with a race between brain and Dom as they talked about just to start the movie out then go to the rock and Eva she shows him the file with Letty and then it bounces to Letty and what she is doing. And let the film play out.

Zombiesvsvampires on Oct 8, 2011

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