First Full Trailer for Paul Johansson's 'Atlas Shrugged' Adaptation

February 11, 2011
Source: SlashFilm

Atlas Shrugged Trailer

"Who is John Galt?" Ah, so that's what this book was about! Atlas Productions has released the trailer on YouTube (via SlashFilm) for Paul Johansson's adaptation of Atlas Shrugged, that epic Ayn Rand novel that everyone should be familiar with. The cast includes relative newcomer Taylor Schilling ("Mercy") as railroad exec Dagny Taggart, as well as Edi Gathegi, Matthew Marsden, Michael O'Keefe, Michael Lerner, Jon Polito, Graham Beckel and Patrick Fischler. To be honest, this looks a bit more like a TV movie and the acting looks kind of mediocre, but at least they're trying. You never know, it could be great. Watch below!

Watch the first trailer for Paul Johansson's Atlas Shrugged: Part I:

You can also watch the Atlas Shrugged trailer in High Def on YouTube

A powerful railroad executive struggles to keep her business alive while society is crumbling around her.

Atlas Shrugged was directed by American actor Paul Johansson, who directed some episodes of "One Tree Hill" previously, but this is his feature directorial debut. The screenplay was written by John Aglialoro and Brian Patrick O'Toole (of Cemetery Gates, Evilution). This is based on the highly acclaimed 1957 Ayn Rand novel. If you recall, this was produced independently by The Strike Productions and is being distributed by Atlas Productions. Atlas Shrugged is arriving in very limited theaters starting on April 15th in the spring.

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Epic Republican telenovela. They could update for Bluetooth but not change the railroad industry to, say, telecom? And can you imagine how much better it'd be at 1:22 if Philip Seymour Hoffman delivered that line!?

Brandon_ogborn on Feb 12, 2011


Yea, this needs a Martin Scorsese-level director with an A-list Oscar winning cast, then it'd be really phenomenal.

Alex Billington on Feb 12, 2011


Very intriguing. Johansson seems a fresh choice for this material. Polito is always solid. Newcomer playing Dagny Taggart looks promising. Can't wait to see this film.

Lars Beckerman on Feb 12, 2011


no mention of Grant Bowler?! dude is huge down under, good to see him getting some US films.

Ben on Feb 12, 2011



John Doe on Feb 13, 2011


How the HELL does this look anything like tv movie? Are we watching the same trailer? I know, i know...opinions...

Buzzfunk on Feb 12, 2011


My sentiments exactly.

John Doe on Feb 13, 2011


I love Ayn Rand books....but this looks really bad.

Suckitlongsuckithard on Feb 12, 2011


I couldn't even watch the entire trailer; I was that instantly bored by it.

Fielding Melish on Feb 12, 2011


This looks horrible. They should have shot this in black and white, set in the 1950's and given it a more surreal and symbolic approach that would have honored the novel. Or, well anything other than what I just saw in that trailer.

Scott Reed on Feb 12, 2011



redsprings on Feb 12, 2011


It looks semi-descent, but watchable. I agree with you Alex about it being a TV movie, cause thats the feel I get when watching the trailer. Watching this makes me want write a script for Ayn Rand's other amazing book "The Fountainhead"

Antonio Coria on Feb 12, 2011


Looks pretty suspense full

Karan Sharma on Feb 12, 2011


looks awesome looks brilliant hope the will release it here

Loser on Feb 12, 2011


I feel like one of the greatest American novels of all-time deserves a movie with better effects than a sci-fi original movie

Max on Feb 12, 2011



John Doe on Feb 13, 2011


HOLY CRAP. This is only Part 1?! thanks. Just by watching this trailer, I got tired and restless. :/

Ewww on Feb 12, 2011


Laughable. This trailer is very bad... It uses the music and editing as if it was an epic film like, let's say, Harry Potter, LOTR or PotC. Not impressed.

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2011


i'll watch it. i thought the trailer had the feel of a grisham novel. yea, the acting could be better and bigger names would certainly change the minds of some who don't like it......but, i'm interested in the story, so i'll check it out.

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2011


Looks as bad as the book.

blesterov on Feb 12, 2011


You best just stick to your Archie comics and cracked magazine you stupid dumb ass.

Anonymous on Mar 19, 2011



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Boring as Fuck .

NeoSlyfer26 on Feb 12, 2011


Movie looks acceptable. Too bad the acting, production design, and photography made it look like a porn.

skag_boy on Feb 12, 2011


What?! LOL

John Doe on Feb 13, 2011


you are saying if you are not what i always seen i will bery you

Loser on Feb 12, 2011


I felt that some of the epic lines from the book lose their punch in a trailer like this. "Even if I have to drive the damn train myself" "Who is John Galt" - these had tremendous impact in the book; they really need a dramatic pause after them. I also think that a noir feel would make this a lot better; thinking Sin City.

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2011


in wise words of Riddick. "NOT FOR ME!!"

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2011


Give it a shot. Great author, book. With good adaptation, can't be bad. Some great movies have been with "unknowns" acting and new directors.

AtKeystone on Feb 12, 2011


"MAYBE YOU SHOULD LET ME FINISH!!!...?" This looks pretty awful. Something about the craptastic acting and my total loathing of Ayn Rand are the root cause of this. After all, the crazy Russian bag-lady has influenced 30 years of bankrupt moral/economic philosophy which has corrupted our society.

Adam on Feb 12, 2011


Yeah... I kinda have to agree with you there.

John Doe on Feb 13, 2011


Ahh, spoken like true a stereotype. And you've read exactly what that she's written? Thirty years ago was 1981, at which point the book was already 24 years old. Interesting bit of illogica blaming moral/economic bankruptcy on a better than half century old book of fiction...but the effect that you attribute to it somehow took nearly a quarter of a century to work its evil magic. That's pretty amazing. I suppose fluoridated water is what later led us to Viet Nam, or was it Iraq? Were the actions of the pedophiles and their protectors in the Catholic church what you were thinking of as morally bankrupt? Perhaps it was the manipulations of her old friend Mr. Greenspan and the economic wizards at the Fed that had you so emotional. Let's see, Timmy G. worked for who before he took over the shell game? Yes, I can see it all very clearly one might become so visceral over such an obvious link of responsibility. How utterly delusional. As you seem to have a serious concern with the corrupting of our society I would love to hear how you excuse the killing, thieving, manipulations and machinations that have been accomplished in the name of another great work of fiction...the Bible. Nothin' makes me feel more morally grounded and ethically superior than watching Willie Clinton or W. invoke the name of some ephemeral being to support their high minded ideals. Yup, Ayn Rand was the root of it all. Tis probably a waste but...had you read 'We the Living' you might have gained at least some factual insight into who you speak of. Her philosophy, unlike the major religions that we still suffer under the daily influences of, says nothing to support the type of world that we now find ourselves saddled with. I'm not sure how you manage to somehow fault personal responsibility, but perhaps mum should have left the teat out a bit longer. Yes there's nothing so corrupt or morally bankrupt as the person who desires to be rewarded for working hard rather than taking from someone else when they've done nothing. Where do people get these strange ideas about earning their way instead of waiting by the mail box for their share of the redistributed wealth? So whose teat are you latched onto now, the beginning of the month mob or the third Wednesday of the month club? The aforementioned stereotype allusion of course, that of being either a moocher or a looter (it's in the book, try reading it).

James C. on Feb 14, 2011


Please try to support your ludicrous comment with something rational. A 54 year old work of fiction somehow managed to bankrupt society's morals and finances, but it didn't start working its voodoo until 24 years after its release. Pedophile priests protected by the Catholic church had no effect. American hegemony is but an illusion. Allowing the Federal Reserve to replace our currency with worthless scrip...these were all the work of Ayn Rand? Possibly in the delusional parallel universe in which you genuflect to what...a giant teat? Smart money says that you may have heard a reference on Okra or the View, but I doubt that you've ever even held a copy in your hands. The world that we are now confronted with is the very antithesis of Ms. Rand's preferences...but being the scholar that you doubtless are this is not news to you. I would suggest that the Bible can logically be held to be more a culprit than anything off of the fiction shelf. Do you get to use the brain cell on odd days or evens?

Jamiecoff on Feb 14, 2011


What the fuck are you rambling about?

Kevin on Feb 19, 2011


Woah, awesome response dude. And apologies on the delay. I was working and doing more important things with my life (so much for me being a mooch, huh?) So, uh, wow. You just threw alot of shit up on the wall and I guess your strategy is to see what sticks. I can agree with you that she is not the sole-cause of our problems by a long shot. Hell, she's more than likely irrelevant given that removing her from popularity would do functionally nothing to improve the situation in America. Finally, your assumption that I placed the blame squarely at her feet for all of the problems of America is just proof that you are, infact, an idiot. I simply said she has influenced 30 years of bankrupt moral/economic policy; this is simply to indicate that Libertarianism is lacking in valuable qualities/characteristics, as per the definition of the adjective "bankrupt." So when you read my response and think "well, hurr hurrr hurrrr, this leech didn't respond to any of my crap on the Federal Reserve, Catholic Church or the world being opposite the beliefs of Rand so fuck whatever he writes, I refuse to listen to it;" don't. All you have proven is that you are incapable of any sort of intellectually precise or valid rebuttals. So, to clarify what I mean by bankrupt policy. Starting in the 1980's, decreased government regulation and maximization of freedom for the individual became the marching orders of the day. Let's face it, these concepts which find themselves largely given voice by the works of Rand(though she wouldn't consider herself a libertarian) are really just code for "fuck you, got mine." This is why you have people like Clarence Thomas forcing all of his staffers to have read The Fountainhead and Shrugged. Or the Koch brothers establishing the Tea Party/funding libertarian think tanks which use Rand as a basis for their economic research/propaganda. So, why the fuck does this matter? Because these groups drive for deregulation of financial markets and workers rights so that they can maximize profits. So they are not punished for "earning to much." Unfortunately this push for dereg has wrecked havoc on the world over. The 2008 housing bubble was largely influenced by deregulations in lending practices and mortgage accounting, in addition to fucked up policies on securities. When cities and states invested pensions or funds into securities they thought were AAA, they lost alot of money when the system blew up. Now people are blaming the loss of money on shit like government largesse when instead it was straight up stolen from them through shady accounting practices. But sure, we've made some minor changes to the way we handled crap from a government level and the courts are doing a surprisingly good job on removing MERS(if you don't know it, google it.) This push for profit and personal freedom has also drastically changed the way we handle commodities. If you want to know why gas prices are rising despite the fact that production levels have stayed reasonably static, all you have to do is look changes that were made to allow for more speculation. This bubble silently popped in 2008, as it was masked by the much more dramatic housing bubble. The commodities bubble alone is terrible, since it causes starvation as speculation drives up the price of basic foodstuffs like wheat, soya beans, and rice. But the housing bubble was a straight up transfer of wealth from the middle and bottom to the top. The top being filled with people who espouse Galt as a hero. So, you know, when I say 30 years of bankrupt policy I mean it. And if you really don't believe me, I'll sit down someday in the future and write up a fucking essay explaining why Reagan and his pals set the stage for dereg/poverty on the levels we see it at today.

Adam on Feb 20, 2011


So, I'm a fan of Ayn Rand's writing having read "The Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged". I'd also like to say that "Adam" is pretty much riight on with everything in this post. I had a pretty serious shift of worldview when I read the book in 2006, so it's easy to imagine people taking her work pretty seriously prior to me. Not everyone that reads the book looks into Objectivism and its development throughout her other works. People should read a work and take from it what they should, while still keeping in mind ethical and moral considerations! PS high five Adam, for backing the shiit out of your argument. Anytime you wanna bs about the state of the world today bro... 😀

James on Apr 15, 2011



Mattias Nielsen on Feb 12, 2011


Hmm... is this a made-for-TV movie?

Lastdaytorock on Feb 12, 2011


Ugh. I never ever say "this movie looks boring" when watching a trailer. But seriously-- this looks boring as shit. Also: Ayn Rand is the worst kind of person to me. I had a bias before I watched the trailer. And I am totally okay with that.

Cracky on Feb 12, 2011


Ah yes, a movie about egomaniacal a-holes who want to teach the world that caring about others and endorsing a sense of community is evil... stupid Ayn Rand, I really hate that bitch.

Kevin on Feb 12, 2011


Jeez... LOL.

John Doe on Feb 13, 2011


Whilst you on the other hand are the very epitome of tolerance and brotherhood...right bitch?

Jamiecoff on Feb 14, 2011


I shrugged.

Snears on Feb 12, 2011


Does the trailer look like it lives up to the book?.... No. But those that hold the book in such high regard, it would be impossible to satisfy them. The book is one of my favorites and I look forward to the movie, but there is no way to fully represent the work of Atlas Shrugged.

Clever21 on Feb 13, 2011


PS..."Kevin"--- Gotta love the intelligence of someone that criticizes Rand for not caring, while using words like "a-holes", "hate" and "bitch". Go get your free're obviously not a thinker. And you won't be missed at the theater...believe me, this movie wasn't made for you.

Clever21 on Feb 13, 2011


You clearly do not understand that having empathy for others doesn't mean avoiding the use of swear words and bitching out to people who want to hurt you. You might want to actually spend some more time considering ethical issues before assuming that other people are inferior than you because they didn't word a message exactly as you would deem appropriate. I also love how you assume Kevin is the recipient of "free cheese" which I can only assume means government largesse. Nevermind the fact the woman you let construct your thoughts (you thinker you) was herself the beneficiary of medicare. But hey, I guess my parasitic ass is incapable of higher-thought, unlike your august self. So while you're off watching a movie that was "made for you" I'll be working on ways to decrease the suffering of others.

Adam on Feb 13, 2011


Guess that means you'll be researching better ways to redistribute other peoples' hard earned to those that don't earn? Whatever the source of the inspiration, helping people because you choose to is the superior point to the reality of forced sacrifice. Whether it be through the thuggery of governmental coercion or the guilt manipulations of some pervert behind a pulpit, the point is to take nothing that you didn't work for. This may sound foreign to your sensibilities but there's a lot less suffering when people are allowed to keep what is theirs. How exactly does suffering decrease by allowing yourself to become a victim? You see when you take other peoples' stuff from them through force or manipulation...they suffer, even though they earned it they are forced to suffer. Is that the sort of suffering you intend to help alleviate? Yeah, I didn't think so. As to the extortion of my money to fund social medicine and a Ponzi schemed retirement account...yer damn right I'll be taken back whatever I can. If I live to see 100 I may break even...not allowing for that whole time value of money and lost ROI thing but hey, it's all about decreasing the suffering right? I'm surprised you forgot to invoke the chil'ren know...we gots ta hep da chil'rens too. It's all about the children. That's why you want mine to suffer I suppose. Yup, free cheese, free medical care, free schoolin', free's all good. Unfortunately I only qualify for the pay for everything yourself program so I guess my whole problem is that I'm just jealous.

James C. on Feb 14, 2011


your knowledge of poverty is hilariously tragic. i don't believe that decreasing the suffering of others comes primarily through government largesse. so, remember what they say about asses and assumptions? i also don't believe in a redistribution of wealth. what i believe in is access. and since race and money define how much access you get, im interested in making the playing field more level by providing unique opportunities for disenfranchised folks to get gainful employment, get access to universities and not have to suffer underneath the boot of folks like yourself. but hey, while you're off enjoying the movie that was meant for you i'll be worrying about stuff thinkers stress about. also, it sounds to me like you really miss the fuedal system.

Adam on Feb 20, 2011


Skipping it.

Bauzer on Feb 13, 2011


Whoa, well that sucked didn't it?

Bing-Bong on Feb 13, 2011


Damn this looks boring. And I'm really not impressed by the acting

Anonymous on Feb 13, 2011


omg sooooo boring looks terrible

RILEY_KING771 on Feb 13, 2011


This is the first of FOUR parts?! How can so much nothing be contained in anything less?

Moderlee on Feb 13, 2011



Stupefied on Feb 13, 2011


Awesome can`t wait

Rum on Feb 13, 2011


so no porno just yap yap yap buisness this buisness that more yap yap and so far if there were any action it be the railroads colapsing ........ wow what garbage why not make some of Rands better works than this

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2011


Rich people and trains...meh

Anonymous on Feb 14, 2011


James C. - relax buddy.... lol This does look pretty boring, and I was just as surprised as some others when it ended with "part 1" really? Does look like tv movie btw :p

Conrad Williams on Feb 14, 2011


Hard to quantify, but the acting does come across exactly like TV movie acting. The cheesy looking special effects and the strange anachronistic blending of past, present and future, however, look like they might actually work well for the material.

Daniella Isaacs on Feb 24, 2011


I seriously wonder what the comments would be like if the production budget had never been published!

Jim on Apr 3, 2011

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