First Look: Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in 'The Dark Knight Rises'!

August 5, 2011
Source: Official Website

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Well hello there, Ms. Selina Kyle! Remember this day, as it's not only the day that Rise of the Planet of the Apes finally lands in theaters, but it's the day we're first introduced to Christopher Nolan's Catwoman from/in The Dark Knight Rises. Thanks to an early tip from SlashFilm, the first official photo of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, and not a crappy set photo, an official studio photo, is now available for our viewing pleasure via the official website. She's most likely still only Selina in this photo, and she's riding a familiar vehicle, but it's still very exciting to get our first look at one of the most anticipated characters yet.

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises finishes the Batman saga begun by Christopher Nolan in 2005 with Batman Begins.

The Dark Knight Rises is once again directed by Oscar nominated British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, of Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Inception previously. The script was co-written by Christopher & Jonathan Nolan (The Prestige, The Dark Knight), from a story by Chris Nolan & David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). Warner Bros is bringing The Dark Knight Rises to regular and IMAX theaters everywhere July 20th, 2012 next summer. In Nolan We Trust!

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as long as the movie kicks ass i dont care what the costumes look like.

Anon on Aug 5, 2011


Yikes that looks pretty damn bad

Loser on Aug 5, 2011


its supposed to be before she takes the name Catwoman and dons the cat oriented costume so she would look like how any other female criminal that has enough skill to yoink the batpod.........

Jericho on Aug 5, 2011


I figured that it's her before the namesake too.  Though her hair is too long.  Simply from a functional level.  Hope it gets cut later on or tucked in in some way. "Wait, you steal priceless artifacts and STILL manage to keep that much full length shine and body?  What's your secret?!" She'll never tell...

Adam Pickart on Aug 6, 2011


Lara Croft is pretty envious of Selina's hair-management methods too. ;D

anon on Aug 7, 2011


I have to agree.  After the Oscars, I am surprised that they picked Anne over Whopie Goldberg.

Abovocom on Aug 9, 2011


Nolan is going to make the haters shit bricks. She looks fine. If you don't like it, you can go enjoy your crap corny comic book movies ala Captain America and Emo Spiderman.

Brandon on Aug 5, 2011


Nah i doubt that. While I am in the minority, besides the Prestige, I did not like any other of this movies. Batman begins was good until it hit the 60 mins mark. Dknight was ok i guess. Joker was great but in the end it was too long and just....meh. 

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


there's no need asking if you're for real as you're obviously delusional, Buzzfunk. How on Earth can you say "Dknight was ok i guess" you GUESS... Puleaze. Seeing as you felt the  movie The Dark Knight was too long and neglected to include 'Inception' amongst the Nolan flicks you love, it's safe to go with the notion that you IQ isn't one that would comprehend the sheer genius of what Nolan puts out for us to watch.

#TeamNolan on Aug 5, 2011


Yeah and your bias goes hand and hoot with your s/n. Seriously? Inception was nothing great or I guess it means my IQ is so high and yours is very low to be amused by something so simple. Begins was good up til he became Batman really and the chase scene was horrid. Stealth mode he turned off his lights and the helio just kept moving and couldn't see it? TDK dragged but that's not what made it anything under awesome. That was all Bale that deducted points but it's better than changing actors and Inception, don't get me started. It looked nice, very beautiful no doubt, but the plot and all was nothing new and only confusing if you were drunk or high.

Nate Carroll on Aug 5, 2011


you excuses for not liking it are literally proving how dumb you are. its a mystery and that's what batman movies are supposed to be are mysteries first and beat them up second 'i wanted to bring back the old detective comics with this, really get the audience to use there minds.' and the chase scene was matched up against LA police to try and see if it was possible that the Tumbler can escape like that and the same thing happened......

Jericho on Aug 5, 2011


Tbh. Most good, brainteaser movies are incomprehensible if watched drunk or high. Stupidest criticism ever? Maybe.

dude on Aug 5, 2011


I was high and i didn't think it was confusing. No need to hate on the pot dude.  How come everyone leaves out Memento?  Personal favorite.

FunkyGreen on Aug 5, 2011


you all have this guy wrong.... he's not stupid, he's just a little too into himself thinking Inception was "so simple" for him. Like he's the first person who counted one-plus-one-equals-two.... It was simple... but that doesnt mean the movie was bad... it was great! Let me guess, you're one of those people who are still wondering why The Expendables will never be nominated for an Oscar... right??

Chrlz Grz on Aug 5, 2011


Nate... you... are... correct! To all the other haters, yes the two Batmans are flawed, but great. Inception dragged on way too long (should've removed the whole snow top 'level') and I lost interest.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


@ad5a1dee27087ff0b4a06de6849c2db4:disqus You do realize that these movies are nothing at all like the original Detective using that quote was just dumb and shows you've never read them. Am I a Batman fanboy? Yes, my whole life I've been one. So stop being a poser and stick to shit that you actually know something about.

BATMAN on Aug 11, 2011


I'm sorry but Nate i right about Inception. If any of your children bothered to delve a little deeper than mainstream summer blockbusters you would quickly find out that declaring Inception as a highly conceptual film really only means you have rather limited taste. Not saying it wasn't fun, but please school us with your unfounded opinions after watching Mullholland Drive. Thank you.

Greg Allen on Aug 14, 2011


I'm gay

Chris Nolan on Sep 7, 2011


"you IQ" Oooh, you were so close there. Shut uppa you mouth

Richie G on Aug 5, 2011


wow dude you couldnt come up with a good come back so you just pointed out a mistake in his response.... 

Said Samayoa on Aug 5, 2011


Said Samayoa, I'm a big Nolan fan so I wasn't defending my own views. Still, saying someone has a low IQ just because they don't share that guy's tastes in movies warrants nothing more than the childish tease I delivered. Don't you agree?

Richie G on Aug 5, 2011


I love how the Nolan boys will defend the man's films, tooth and nail, by insulting the viewers intelligence because the viewer didn't like them. Is it POSSIBLE that a few decent people actually think his movies are kind of drawn out and self satisfying or maybe a bit dry for modern American viewers? And of course: the Modern viewer is usually a know-nothing mouth breather, waiting for the fourth Michael Bay TF film-- but respect is key in this business. Nolan isn't god. So calm the fuck down, nerds. 

Cracky on Aug 5, 2011


Also: I think this is a good look on the whole Nolan Catwoman take... and yeah, it's not too great. The acting will save her, though.

Cracky on Aug 5, 2011


most boring reply, ever.

Larks on Aug 5, 2011


It makes me think of the South Park episode "INSHEEPTION" which is epically hilarious and kind of shows inception for what it is. Don't get me wrong, I love Nolan, his movies, inception included, but it is rather silly. "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard!" "You just don't understand because you're not smart enough!" BANG BANG SHOOT SHOOT ARRGH! HAHA

SDotKillsALot on Aug 6, 2011


Woah woah let not get carried away there while Inception was a cool popcorn flick it's far from being the cerebral masterpiece you're making it out to be. It's really just an Ultra light version of UBIK.

Fnord on Aug 5, 2011


Aside from the Joker what was good about that?And even the Joker kinda failed in the end not blowing the fucking ships!And what's with Nolan and making Gotham being threatened by a explosion in three movies?In the last to with a remote contral with someone of "the people" (the last one was trick) but having your own control to explode it , but not doing it until Batman arrives. And what about the cheesy lines?"The night is darkest just before the dawn, "a storm is coming" yada, yada, yada?

imeiunovo on Aug 3, 2012


no...Captain America OWNS Tdk and is far exciting and rewatchable than Begins, and no...SHE DOES NOT look FINE

Have Hope on Aug 5, 2011


(face palms through forehead)

Tyler Morgan on Aug 5, 2011


OWNS TDK? Really? Both films were great but I would not say it OWNS it. Can't they both be amazing without having to trump each other? Both do so much that even tho they're superhero films, they're entirely two different characters. And rewatchable...? What's that got to do with being a successful film? Do you normally sit and watch a film over and over? "Oh man, Avatar was great, but my own problem is that I don't think I could watch it another 3 or 4 times."  Have something worth saying before making a fool of yourself

Nick Sears on Aug 5, 2011


YES! dichotomization is endemic with fanboys.

Tyler Morgan on Aug 5, 2011


all i can say is fuck you!!! claearly you have no idea about great films!!! Christopher Nolan is one of the best film directors around, and to say The Dark Knight was "ok" shame on you. Go back your no brain cinema, fukkin troll

Matte Blac on Aug 5, 2011


don't give these haters the time of obvious that there here just to get negitive attention. like their momies give them.

Postogirl2006 on Aug 5, 2011


buzz funk sux cox n' dix

mayor McCheese on Aug 5, 2011


because you actually have to think to enjoy these......

Jericho on Aug 5, 2011


I'm in agreement with you. Batman was little more than a supporting character in TDK. Bane looks like a villain out of Mad Max. Catwoman looks like a mom out of Spy Kids.

Yourmomma on Aug 5, 2011


Amen!  The more I found out about this movie the more disappointed i get.... I like tough or cool villians and heroes, not famous ones...

slurppee on Aug 8, 2011


this has nothing to do with nolan, brandon. hathaway can't act.......and that's what concerns me. also - when i look at the photo, she looks like some chick dressed up for a halloween party - not a villian. i'm sure nolan will bring out another winner, but i think there are BETTER choices for this role than her.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


how dare you kill Julie Newmar... SHE WAS AT COMICON!!!!!!!!

Jericho on Aug 5, 2011


sorry for that comment - it was play on words and i didn't mean it bad.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


I got nothing against personal opinions but the reasoning behind yours are ridiculous! With a name like beevis it makes me wonder if you can do anything productive....well, at least we know one thing you're good at: giving directors a reason to make haters (like yourself) who sit in front of a computer and judge every solitary pixel of a production photo or every casting decision of every production that you think belongs to YOU! You're like Spike Lee at a Reggie Miller game. Sit down and keep your trap shut until you actually contribute something to society.

WritersBlock on Aug 5, 2011


if you even follow my comments on the site you'd see i'm positive on 90% of the movies i comment on - and this one as well. i do NOT like AH in this part at all. and as far as you and your thoughts?.....go fu#k yourself. you don't know what your talking about.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


I'm not a fan of Hathaway, or that Catwoman has a role in this film (and they chose her?), but unless I missed something, she can act. And sing. And dance too, if I remembered last years oscar's right. Just my opinion but she has a lot of talent. Which is why she's consistently in heavily acclaimed films (DKR will be among them).  Just wish that talent (and this character), were not in this particular movie. That pic makes me reconsider how much I originally wanted to see this before....

quazimotto on Aug 6, 2011


i watch a lot of movies and maybe I'VE missed something - take away the VERY average rom-coms and teen fare she has done.........just WHAT "heavily acclaimed" films is AH consistently doing? this is the 1st big film she's been in as far as i know.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


Alice in Wonderland. Get Smart. The Devil Wears Prada. They were all pretty big movies (sure, not as big as Batman, but big nonetheless). And clearly she's trying to break away from her typecast. Frankly, she's not that bad of an actor when she's given the right material to work with. But I shouldn't try to explain that to someone like you, who has enough time to bash her-.... However many times you have on this single article. We get that you don't like Anne Hathaway, you've made that profoundly clear. Honestly, get a life, Sir, and get off Hathaway's back and go worry about more important things like world hunger. I hear that time away from the computer can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

BlahMcBlah on Aug 7, 2011


anon - you're kidding?......."get smart" a big movie? - i can't believe you even suggested that .  "devil wears prada??? NO! i guess AiW could be called a big movie - but her part was small.

Anonymous on Aug 7, 2011


no shit go see something else. we dont want your kind here..

Postogirl2006 on Aug 5, 2011


and u can enjoy sucking more dick

Rambo on Dec 9, 2011


Sorry but Anne Hathaway is way too pretty / nice looking to be a fierce Catwoman lol. 

Daniel Vu Tran on Aug 5, 2011


And Heath Ledger could never pull off the Joker. (Pre Dark Night)

Ocp on Aug 5, 2011


I tell you, there's a lot of people here who can actually see the movie before hits the theaters.

Manuel on Aug 5, 2011



Anon on Aug 5, 2011


Well, this was a preview poster. For Heath Ledger, that was all speculation. After the joker poster hit, it looked GOOD. This one, not so much. So no, your try hard witty comments do nothing here.

Daniel Vu Tran on Aug 5, 2011


who said that? i thought ledger would be excellent as joker.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


indeed, he totally rocked in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Manuel on Aug 5, 2011


agree, manuel - hey! do yourself a favor and check out "candy"......the one with ledger and abby cornish. it's a sad but excellent movie. they both give great performances.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


I will, thanks!

Manuel on Aug 5, 2011


i remember all the heath haters as well. The make-up the actor was all wrong. all the character did was win a damn oscar. the only oscar a superhero movie ever won...

Postogirl2006 on Aug 5, 2011


Ummm, sorry to say you're wrong. 1989 Michael Keaton Batman won an oscar for best art direction. And that's just from the Batman movies. I couldn't even tell you about any other superhero movies, or whether they won oscars.

Bigtakilla on Sep 4, 2011


And even before that, everyone sh#t themselves when they found out Michael Keaton was going to be Batman in 1989. Or that Mark Hammil was going to play the Joker in The Animated Series. But also true that the design for the Joker was visually good, as well as the first Batsuit. CN needs to fire whoever he pays to create the looks of the villains.

Bigtakilla on Sep 4, 2011


This is what i was dreading.....Anne Hathaway. I truly think she is going to ruin this film for me. Just think she is shit, and hopefully Nolan can make it work dispite her. Seeing her on the bat pod makes me want to puke. And she is nowhere near sexy enough to play a Catwaman.

Ryan on Aug 5, 2011


Nowhere near sexy enough to play catwoman? I bet you're a real sight for sore eyes. You're probably visually in ranks with most 2 AM Wal-Mart employees. Get over yourself you pathetic clown.

Ted_mongel on Aug 5, 2011


here, here, get this man another round....ON ME!!!!!!!

Tyler Morgan on Aug 5, 2011


your support of an oaf like that explains a lot.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


"You're probably visually in ranks with most 2 AM Wal-Mart employees." That's funny. If it's at the expense of someone I happen to disagree with then it's even better. It's not like we're sitting in a tree.....

Tyler Morgan on Aug 5, 2011


She really isn't that sexy or what i picture as the dark bad ass catwomen.  But who knows costume and acting is everything.  We shall see.  And before you ask I DO NOT work at Walmart. (not that there's anything wrong with that YOU pathetic clown.)

FunkyGreen on Aug 5, 2011


You know Nolan`s films dont sell sex like every shity movie out there.

Vasko neznam on Aug 5, 2011


sorry fella u got owned by ted_monel

TheGuvna on Aug 5, 2011


i agree ryan........ hey ted (the idiot) mongel - learn how to read and correctly respond to posts. ; personal attacks are inappropriate.  and besides, what would ryans looks have ANYTHING to do with what  he thinks about the character casting in a movie? hathaway IS miscast in this film. her look doesn't fit the catwoman character and her acting  is atrocious.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


Specifically in what movie do you find her acting to be so "atrocious" and how so?

guest on Aug 17, 2011


Agreed!  she does not have the action movie look or personallity as far as i can see....  And as far as sexy... she is cute... but more like the type to be in the Momma Mia, not this....  Get her off that bike and into a minivan with the rest of the soccer moms (no offense moms)

Miguel1334 on Aug 8, 2011


oh balls.

Tyler Bannock on Aug 5, 2011


Actually busted out laughing, that's just terrible. She's terrible, outfit is terrible, picture is terrible. Bummer. Should have got someone good looking to play her.

Chrisbo on Aug 5, 2011


She looks like she's starring in a Spy Kids movie or something. This really doesn't look good.

Alboone on Aug 5, 2011


Bat-dude, she's stealing your bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manuel on Aug 5, 2011


Why is Catwoman, or not least Selina, sitting on Batman's bike?! And if this is only Selina, isn't she already quite alike Catwoman when it comes to the black leather dress and black glasses? (which can be compared to Catwoman's black eye mask) I thought Selina as a civilian was more...well, civil. Love the bike though, and I am deadly curious about the new Batmobile!

Robert on Aug 5, 2011


The new Batmobile is apparently another "Tumbler". There are set pics all over the place on the web with the new Batmobile and Batman fighting Bane. The new one has the desert camouflage though. . .

Diggy381 on Aug 5, 2011


dude shes a thief...she may have stolen it....and this would be a great set up for him to get a new ride

Jericho on Aug 5, 2011


There it is in all its shitty glory.

BATMAN on Aug 16, 2011


The only thing that really bothers me are those glasses.. That is besides Anne Hathaway.

Davide Coppola on Aug 5, 2011



Fuck You on Aug 6, 2011


That CAN'T be Catwoman.

Have Hope on Aug 5, 2011


that was my initial reaction when i first saw the photo

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


if you compare pics, ALL of the characters *excluding Bane* look like modern versions of the 60s batman *even Batman's eyebrows*

Jericho on Aug 5, 2011


Cat-burglar by trade in some iterations. And I'm pretty sure I've seen Catwoman with goggles before.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


Hopefully Nolan will make it work...cuz this just looks like a catwoman suit you would find at comic con or something. shit. I think she is gonna destroy catwoman for me now 🙁

LisaD on Aug 5, 2011


Halle Berry didn't already destroy catwoman for you?

BigRed42 on Aug 5, 2011


No Catwoman can't be destroyed because Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, and Ertha Kitt made her immortal. Michelle Pfieffer did her justice, but her catsuit took away most of Catwoman sex appeal, which is one of her weapons.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


LOL! You're funny!

Fuck You on Aug 6, 2011


LOL, oh yea, halle berry : )

Miguel1334 on Aug 8, 2011


ha ha ha.

Crapola on Aug 5, 2011


I was hoping she'd cut her hair, but other than that she looks fine. Literally...

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


That's what I was thinking. I definitely thought her hair would have been cut.

The_Kid89 on Aug 5, 2011


why would she have cut her hair?  to make her look less like catwoman?

Tom Anderson on Aug 5, 2011


Oh look Halle Berry! Seriously though, Catwoman's hair has always been shoulder length, or in some cases shorter. But half-way down her back takes away from the mature-woman allure and easily falls into girly innocence area.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


this pic made my day catwoman as batman sidekick? niceee, hopefully they'll all end as friends by the end of the movie

Qwqeqw on Aug 5, 2011


Batman's Sidekick? She-has-a-Dick Grayson? Oh well, Robin is an androgynous name, and having 'Catwoman' become Robin would be the troll of the century.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


please dont let this be the actual catwoman costume >.<''

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


There has to be more to the costume then that. How are they going to explain her name? CATwoman.

M.K. Nielsen on Aug 5, 2011


ummm that she's a "cat burglar?"

SkaOreo on Aug 5, 2011



Postogirl2006 on Aug 5, 2011


People say they don't like or do like the costume. I say what costume? She's wearing a light weight rubber jacket, and wearing 3D glasses with extra plastic on them with LED lights. For people that say they like the costume, I'd like to smoke what you are smoking? Like I said, what costume?

John on Aug 5, 2011


She's the one from The Princess Diaries, right? Yikes...

norm on Aug 5, 2011


yikes, indeed..........makes you wonder how she got the part.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


my good sir, are you insinuating that fellatio might have been attained by a man in the department of casting? Harumphh!

Tyler Morgan on Aug 5, 2011


no - i wasn't suggesting that. i was wondering HOW she would have ever gotten this part - she doesn't look right for it nor has any of her acting in previous movies ever suggested she's ready for a big film like this. again - you and ted should hang both seem to have a lot in common.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011



VictorWard on Aug 5, 2011


Keanu Reeves had the same flack when he was picked for Point Break right after Bill and Ted's excellent adventure...then again on Matrix...

Jericho on Aug 5, 2011


@ad5a1dee27087ff0b4a06de6849c2db4:disqus I agree, Keanu has been the butt of a big, long joke for pretty much his entire career, but he certainly isn't the worst there is out there.  I think he's done some pretty good acting, Matrix included.  I mean, he's done his share of bad acting, but few people in show business hit the mark every time.

JL on Aug 5, 2011


Sorry Beevis, but your starting to act stupid. I suggest you...  Get Smart. Hot in tight outfits, espionage, romancing the hero, light action, charm... pretty much 85% of the Catwoman character requirements. The other 15% is badassedness btw.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


well akirakorn, i disagree. i find hathaway lacking as an actress...........

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


Don't like the goggles. But it's just one picture.

serke on Aug 5, 2011


she's a cat. cats don't like water....especially not in their eyes.

Tyler Morgan on Aug 5, 2011


If you look at the highres pic the jacket looks good, and if you look at the design of the goggles, especially the bridge, it appears she took the goggles and the bike from Bruce.

B.N. on Aug 5, 2011


you guys know nolan has this...

Guest on Aug 5, 2011


go grab some kleenex, fanboys, and write me an essay on how you would have made a superior picture to Nolan's yet-to-be-released one. Haters gonna hate...

Tyler Morgan on Aug 5, 2011


tyler - i can only speak for myself; but, i am NOT a hater. however, AH is completely miscast for the part. she can't even handle roles in rom-coms let alone a high-profile film like this. yea, it's not released yet.......but these sites are set up for comments on what people THINK of the production before it's finished.......i'm sure the movie will be good - but this photo does not do for this movie what ledgers picture did for TDK.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


Are you seriously comparing The Joker to Catwoman??  Seriously....Hang yourself.

WritersBlock on Aug 5, 2011


aside from the ridiculous comment - WTF are you talking about?

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


you're not a hater, but you're hating on this film..... no yeah that makes perfect sense...

Said Samayoa on Aug 5, 2011


did you even READ my post? i said i'm SURE the movie would be good.....i'm NOT hating on the movie.....i'm hating on the choice of AH to play you have a problem with reading comprehension?

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


Seriously, what's up with you guys calling everyone who dislikes anyone who doesn't agree with you? Nolan isn't jesus, give it a rest. And let everyone have their opinion. Personally, I'm not impressed at all with the way Bane and this character are being portrayed but i know the movie will kick some serious ass and have complete faith in Nolan's work. My guess is that this is from the very first scene Catwoman appears in action, stealing this stuff from the bat cave, before becoming the real Catwoman.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


Is anybody else seeing what I'm seeing?  I'm almost certain those goggles/glasses are on top of a separate mask.

Tom Anderson on Aug 5, 2011


The part on her nose and those ridges above the eyes don't appear to be  one with the glasses.

Tom Anderson on Aug 5, 2011


yes it looks like a mask under the goggles.

Postogirl2006 on Aug 5, 2011


Good catch. I was too busy giggling at the flame war to notice. I doo miss the cute cat ears from the 60s Batman. Maybe they fell off from riding the bike.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


Those who are still questioning the casting of Anne Hathaway seem to forget that there was originally an uproar when Heath Ledger was cast as The Joker. Now it's an Oscar winning performance.   There was also an uproar when Daniel Craig took over from Pierce Brosnan as 007 and afterwards he was considered the "Best Bond since Sean Connery". What I'm saying is just because you don't envision actresses or actors in certain roles, doesn't mean that they won't be good at it.

Jez on Aug 5, 2011


Yes, but Ledger had just come off a strong role in Brokeback Mountain and Daniel Craig had a decent track record.  Anne Hathaway is painful to watch, she's a horrible actress.

The Dude on Aug 5, 2011


I got the impression that the uproars for Ledger and Craig were because 1. Ledger was cast in romance films prior to Dark Knight  2. Craig was cast as villainous roles in the likes of Elizabeth, Road to Perdition and Layer Cake before Casino Royale.

Jez on Aug 5, 2011


I was one of those people causing an uproar about Ledger.  Needless to say there is egg all over my face, and thusly I can't bring myself to doubt this casting.

Tom Anderson on Aug 5, 2011


Don't worry Tom! The egg's gone by now. Thank god you weren't egged when the uproar about Craig taking over from Brosnan backfired.

Jez on Aug 5, 2011


She's so damn hot and she will be an excellent Catwoman.

Manuel on Aug 5, 2011



Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


We got a trailer. It sucked.

Yourmamma on Aug 5, 2011


teaser* and if you watch it again it grows on you.  I thought it sucked the first time I watched it, but it is just a teaser and every time I watched it over again it got a little better.

JL on Aug 5, 2011


Doesn't look very cat-like, but still looks ok.

Sean Kelly on Aug 5, 2011


That's a pretty bad choice. As bad as Halle Berry! Well, I trust Nolan more than most directors. He hasn't mad a misstep so far...

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


I can tell by this one photo the whole fucking franchise is ruined. This will be like the George Clooney fiasco. (Absolute total sarcasm)

Quanah on Aug 5, 2011


Nipples in the Catwoman Costume? (total sarcasm)

Manuel on Aug 5, 2011


Come on guys atleast we don't see her with cat ears...that is the only time I'd say this is going to be crap but this is the type of suit I was expecting to see from Nolan's world of Batman. This is probably not going to be the catwoman we all know from the comics maybe she is hacker that does Corporate espionage gaining the name of catwoman. I also had a feeling that she would only dawn the suit since Batman is out of commission and Gotham City would need a hero and that hero would be Catwoman. I trust Nolan on this film and Anne looks great go get them girl!!

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


Agreed, this look for Catwoman was something that I totally expected for Nolan's Batworld. I wasn't expecting the Michelle Pfieffer Cat suit look at all. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. For those that say AH isn't Hot, you got issues but I guess to each his own. As how she'll portray the feline on the Big screen, that's something we'll have to wait and see, don't pass out judgement so early.

Nate on Aug 5, 2011


I do wonder why he didn't cast Marion Coitillard? She was amazing in INCEPTION and La Vie En Rose.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


I'm pretty sure she is cast in The Dark Knight Rises as a reporter. She does seem like catwoman material though

Richie G on Aug 5, 2011


Where the hell is Xerxes??

Manuel on Aug 5, 2011


Now that you mention it... hmm

Neuromancer on Aug 5, 2011


I was gonna ask that yesterday myself. Hope the guy is okay! Its times like these, when there's derogatory things to be said about women, that you miss that guy... sniffle

Richie G on Aug 5, 2011


Can't wait for this movie. Is it just me or does Christopher Nolan find the most unlikely women? Really, though. Katie Holmes, Mags Gyllenhaal and Now Anne Hathaway. Not bad but unlikely.

Miguel Angel Portela on Aug 5, 2011


Marion Cotillard, too. I like his unconventional casting; keeps things interesting. 

equustel on Aug 5, 2011


This is true. I'd take them over some cartoonish bombshell broad.

Miguel Angel Portela on Aug 5, 2011


I loved Burton's catwoman; the look, the voice and the anticipation built with the nine lives thing. that, super glad Nolan doesn't seem to be copying and pasting that into his film. Its not the coolest thing I've ever seen or even that I've seen today, but Nolan will most likely do something spectacular with it

Richie G on Aug 5, 2011


Rather, lame really, but I'm intrigued with the idea of Selena not being solely a bad guy and that it'll be more of a rocky frenemy plotline... 

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


I love that she's on the Batpod. 

equustel on Aug 5, 2011


Still think its entirely possible she never becomes Catwoman, and is always Selina Kyle, a catburglar who steals in a Robin Hood type manner. Does good for Gotham in Batman's absence and works with him in his return. The press release that announced her casting never said Catwoman, it said Selina Kyle.

guest on Aug 5, 2011


I'm not a hatheway fan at all. I keep thinking she's going to ruin that character. But initially I thought Ledger was a bad choice for Joker. How incredibly wrong I was on that!! So I'll try to keep the faith in Nolan, but I can't help but be leery of her. Fingers crossed.

grimjob on Aug 5, 2011


you gotta be kidding me! thats weak, there better be another costume!

happy camper on Aug 5, 2011


Guys, why in the world is she on the Bat-Pod!!!!!!!!! What the f*****ck!!!!!!!!!, will it be called: The Cat-Pod now or what???????????? Whats going on with this storyline of Catwoman and Bane being the new vigilantes?????????????????????????

Mac 306 on Aug 5, 2011


It's clear that she's a skilled burglar and broke into Wayne Enterprises R&D.  Or she's banging the Bat.  Chill out before you have and aneurysm. ;P

JL on Aug 5, 2011


This makes me so sad. So very sad. I can only hope she doesn't have too big of a role in the film.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011

160 Now all we need is the back and the GIF panorama will be COMPLETE!

Tyler Morgan on Aug 5, 2011


Great job.

JL on Aug 5, 2011


She is HOT! This does look good, despite what the 'haters' say! I will not knock this beforehand nor will I question the why's and the how's! Yes, we can all have our opinions and/or negative thoughts and yet, we will all be in line at our local theater ready to be blown away!!!! 

Spider on Aug 5, 2011


From what ive seen I can only assume while batman is fighting bane outside, she preceeds to steal the batpod...which is quite impressive

Neb13666 on Aug 5, 2011


I'll hold my tongue.

Angry Chief on Aug 5, 2011


I'm just not a fan of Hathaway I would have loved Colliard to play Catwoman or someone like Charlize Theron, they are both better actresses in my opinion, an cat woman should be hot! Hathaway is average at best

Cameleon01 on Aug 5, 2011


I can't really judge Anne's acting when so far she hasn't been giving a roll that good untill this one...but I'm confident she'll be better than Holmes was in begins, she literally ruins that film for me.

mark on Aug 5, 2011


The Bat looks like a bat, but will The Cat look like a cat?

David Banner on Aug 5, 2011


OKay, okay, i don't see Cat-ears, but will not panic

Toonfed on Aug 5, 2011


Alex you should really post up these pics instead. They give a better view of her body outfit, which I think looks pretty good and a good fit into Nolan's Batworld. Though not sure if that's going to be her actual Cat mask or if she has a full head mask in the movie. We'll have to wait and see.

Nate on Aug 5, 2011


you people get so wound up in arguments with people you don't enen know about stupid things.... thank you, im amused 🙂

rhythmdave on Aug 5, 2011


At first glance, I thought that this was bad, but the more I study it, it's growing on me, like the teaser.  And on that note, everyone seems to be hating the look of Bane from the low-res set photos.  I think he looks like the shit.  He's supposed to be a big brain with big muscles, not a walking fucking tank, but dangerous all the same.  And about Hathaway, she's not horrible, she just hasn't had a big enough, or complex enough role to prove herself.  And she's hot.  I worried about her being cast, because she's a self-proclaimed layabout and doesn't have a fit physique, but she looks a little more developed muscularly, so that's good.  I think Nolan knows what he's doing, and the focus seems to be on Bane, anyway.  It's not likely that he's going to let one person ruin this project.  He's a director.  His job is to get the most out of his performers.  And he's got a good track record.  As far as I'm concerned, he hasn't missed the spot yet.  Chill the fuck out everybody.  By the way, what's with all the mud slinging?  You people can't grow up and differ in opinion without resorting to childish name calling and insults?  I was better behaved than this when I was ten.

JL on Aug 5, 2011


she is catwoman bc nolan has decided to kill her off at the end 😉

golgo13 on Aug 5, 2011


Sounds to me like those complaining about Anne Hathaway's acting would rather see Meryl Streep don the Catwoman costume.

Rocky Williams on Aug 5, 2011


Too many haters on Hathaway.  I just don't get it.  Ledger was cast perfectly as Joker.  Why can't we just wait and see before writing this off?  Hell, why are we even writing it off to begin with?  TDK was great.  Let's just all wait and see, it gets a little ridiculous trying to bury an actor when all you have seen is one picture.

HealthyPoison on Aug 5, 2011


yea im not digging the mask or glasses or what ever that is i perfer the goggles look with a lil  steampunk influence

dahmer on Aug 5, 2011


My oh my, I haven't seen so much bickering on a single post from this site before. It's rather amusing. That being said I've only seen Anne in fairy tale or romantic flicks so I'm surprised by the casting but I think she at least deserves a chance.

Miss on Aug 6, 2011


Okay i´m gonna guess this photo is from the final part of the movie when she goes to save batman, and she is using the batpod cause the night before they went to bed and now both know who is who and she no need to use the mask or ears or mask.

Toonfed on Aug 6, 2011


God forbid you say anything bad about Nolans batman movies. I was bored by both of them and the only piece of enjoyment was Joker in some scenes, not all of them. But hey what do I know I am obviously a troll, a snob or an idiot according to fanboys. however I actually like this shot of catwoman.

Shige on Aug 6, 2011


Who gives a *@#! about the costume!! There were movies with better costumes but they were bad movies. Green Lantern has a phenomenal costume but it is a bad movie! 

WAKESOUL on Aug 6, 2011


When movie goes out and it makes like 1 billions world wide no one will say nothing about this outfit anymore.

TTumMM on Aug 6, 2011


They could still say what a garbage outfit... Just like TDK. I think Two Face as a criminal had about 5 minutes of face time was pretty feaking garbage, and how much money did that make? They should have set him up in TDK, and had him be Two Face ths whole movie. And The Scarecrow being little more than a thug is kind of garbage too...

Bigtakilla on Sep 4, 2011


looks like she successfully stolen the dark knight's ride 🙂

Stevenfreestyler on Aug 6, 2011


This has to be a pre-costume pic, kind of like Batman's initial gear in Begins.  Though her hair is too long for someone who's supposed to be a stealthy thief.  It might make those laser grid hallways a bit troublesome... I like Nolan and a lot of his work, but he's not flawless.  Dark Knight kind of nerfed two face and is my only complaint about the movie.  Hopefully he balances this one out better but the exploding cast list has me worried.  Fingers crossed...

Adam Pickart on Aug 6, 2011


She is Hot *_* and I trust Nolan with the movie.. that's all I care.  -__-

chase99 on Aug 7, 2011


Will have to wait to see more...i liked the first 2 films for what they were if not slightly long...i really want to see what Ah can bring to the table...she can act(Brokeback mountain/love and other drugs etc) plus a good director can launch revive or get an actor to a whole new level...Im a movie fan some i like some i dont, thats just like my opinion..and they are like assholes...everyone has one. Keep it nice movie lovers xx

Buddy on Aug 8, 2011


Brandon "Nolan is going to make the haters shit bricks. She looks fine. If you don't like it, you can go enjoy your crap corny comic book movies ala Captain America and Emo Spiderman." Really?? Fuck off, asshole. While I do love a great deal the Batman franchise, and I enjoyed Batman Begins more than the Dark Knight, I would not want to see every comic book adaptation filmed by a Nolan-like style. See I don't think that would work for movies like Watchmen or 300, or Captain America for that matter. You make it some like Nolan is the standard for comic book adaptations, but it seems Iron Man did well despite not being a Nolan film. It's about a matter of style and taste and opinion, so once again, fuck off with your ignorance. As for catwoman she looks alright, but I doubt she'll top Michelle Pfeiffer's catwoman. Then again, that's just my opinion.

Baron the Curse on Aug 8, 2011


This is the first time that a Nolan character has looked dangerously Schamacheresque. Please! Please! No Danny Devito.

Flatleever on Aug 11, 2011


Forget Catwoman, have you not seen the Batwing.....

Steven on Aug 18, 2011


it looks so fake  

Poh987 on Aug 19, 2011


just as bale does as batman

Poh987 on Aug 19, 2011


hathaway  should sick with the whole romantic comedy thing

Guestsam on Aug 19, 2011


I really adore Anne Hathaway. . .but she's REALLY gonna have to have the acting chops to pull this off!  Dear Christopher Nolan:  1) just say "No" to the bouffant hair--definitely not sultry on AH, 2) slightly darker red lipstick so we don't focus on the fact we'll be looking at AH's full lips and forget the character, 3) shots of feminine curvature may help---CGI if necessary, 4) please don't let her imitate other catwomen---instead help her find her own take on being alluring and badass.    Thanx 4 listening.  Katibug

Literaryladybug on Aug 23, 2011


Be careful, those of you with an actual opinion besides following suit with, it's Christopher Nolan, he can do no wrong. Saying that this Catwoman is garbage will get you killed. Lol. PS: The whole relation to her looking likea mom from Spy Kid is about the best sh#t I heard all day. That actually made me laugh because it's a little to close to true.

Bigtakilla on Sep 4, 2011


Anne Hathoway is a total miscast for this movie. In fact, she has ruined this movie for me.

Chooch1 on Dec 30, 2011


I just love posts like these.  I think that I would go by Nolan's success so far in picking his cast in previous successful movies, than react in such a dramatic and child like manner, giving him the benefit of doubt.

Steven on Dec 31, 2011

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