First Look: Badass Bruce Willis in Rian Johnson's New Sci-Fi 'Looper'

May 13, 2011
Source: Empire

Looper First Look

Oh hell yes! Empire has debuted the first official photo from Rian Johnson's new sci-fi film Looper, which we've been hearing about and writing about for a year or so. Starring in the film is Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a time-traveling looper named Joe, and Bruce Willis as the older version of the same person. If that casting doesn't intrigue you, I'm sure this photo will at least pique your interest, until we see a trailer that is. I have a feeling they're trying to illicit similar feelings as Inception in terms of badass sci-fi action, but it's pretty damn awesome seeing Willis brandishing a weapon like that in the new Rian Johnson flick. Check it!

Bruce Willis in Looper

Looper is the third film from Rian Johnson following his breakout hit Brick and The Brothers Bloom after that. We've already seen plenty of behind-the-scenes set photos from the film, as Johnon has been running a fantastic Tumblr with photos updates almost daily, as well as a Twitter, too. Looper focuses on a mobster from the future who sends his targets back in time, but one day discovers himself as the target, causing him to go on the run. I'm a huge fan of Rian Johnson and I'm already very excited to see how his first sci-fi film turns out. It has a great cast (Emily Blunt too!) and everything looks awesome so far. Stay tuned for more!

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Getting old but still a badass

Nick Sears on May 13, 2011


yeah this is definitely the first pic I've seen where he looks legit OLD.

Sparky on May 13, 2011


 It's crazy how much time has passed. I remember watching him in Moonlighting...

Anonymous on May 13, 2011


Yeah, I know bl00dwerk...and even the first die hard too, lol 

jah p on May 14, 2011


 Jersey Represent!

Nick Sears on May 13, 2011



Xerxexx on May 13, 2011


I hope to see Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis do another movie together after only having one scene together in Bonfire of the Vanities (1990). They are both incredible actors and it would be amazing to see them bounce off each other in a film again.

Jenna Rich on May 13, 2011


JGL grows old and looks like Bruce Willis?? But of course only in movies does this happen! LOL! Movie sounds interesting.

Ron on May 13, 2011


Kind of looks like Willis firing a weapon. He was John McClane and Corbin Dallas. Old news. Lol, joke. But the premise sounds cool.

Cracky on May 13, 2011


 "Multiiiii pass!"

Manuel on May 13, 2011


Where are his eyebrows?! He looks sorta strange to me. 

Anonymous on May 13, 2011


They're just really light because he's old and his hair is gray. 

JL on May 14, 2011


 SEND YOU ENEMIES BACK TO THE PAST? Am I the only one who thinks this is a dumb idea. Sure I'm going to see it but WTF? Unless you're sending them to pre-historic times or the height of the Black Plague era.

Medesign on May 13, 2011


 If you actually knew what the movie was about, then you'd know that the movie is about a corporation that sends their enemies (or whomever they want killed) to the past, so that they are killed by the "loopers." So yeah, you are the only one who thinks its a dumb idea.

SkaOreo on May 13, 2011


 Doesn't exactly look like he's looking where he's shooting...guess he's that badass

mrtibbs on May 13, 2011


 He's got an aimbot...

Anonymous on May 13, 2011


Now I Have A Machine Gun HO-HO-HO

Voice of Reason on May 13, 2011


This should be a an instant classic.

Johnny Neat on May 13, 2011


 There's nothing sci fi about this picture. Looks low budget to me. Pass.

Rp1n on May 14, 2011


 loved the script. It was better than Inception. Expect the film to be better as well. Willis, oddly resembles JGL...I think its the small beady eyes and the frame of the face

Talli on May 14, 2011


My favorite artist is Bruce, I think film is nice to watch 🙂

Darmin on May 14, 2011


I broke into a farm tonight and steampumped a horse.But pretty much this film looks so awesome I love Bruce Willis, he hasn't done enough films and I want to see even more moody, grumpy scenes with him firing guns.

Crapola on May 15, 2011


this is a 50/50 movie i think. Just not enough money to make it big but great actors on board...

avi3316 on May 15, 2011


Shane Carruth from 'Primer' consulted on the time aspects of this film.

Bradshaw from Primer on Jul 12, 2011

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