First Look: Early Teaser Poster for 'The Expendables 2' Discovered!

May 11, 2011

The Expendables 2

They'll be back! We already know that Nu Image / Millennium Films and Lionsgate have already put The Expendables 2 into production, but it hasn't started shooting and isn't due out until 2012, so we haven't seen much from it yet. Browsing through the daily magazines in Cannes today I caught this new promotional teaser poster for the sequel, which plays off of the metallic skull design seen on the teaser artwork for the first Expendables movie, which was also found in Cannes just last year. It's just an early look and isn't much besides an updated design, but I thought this was worth sharing with everyone. Check out the poster below!

The Expendables 2 Teaser Poster -

It was recently announced by Lionsgate that The Expendables 2 would be hitting theaters on August 17th, 2012 next summer, so we already know it's coming up. While Sylvester Stallone will be appearing as Barney Ross in the film again, he will not be directing it, like the first one. The screenplay is being written by David Agosto & Ken Kaufman, though a replacement director has not yet been announced (I expect that's not far off). We also expect to see Bruce Willis back in a bigger role, along with the rest of the team: Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Steve Austin, Terry Crews and Randy Couture. Excited for this sequel?

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Hope Jet Li can win a fight in this one

Anonymous on May 11, 2011


hope ill be able to sit through this one

Anon on May 11, 2011


If "Fast & Furious" can have 7 movies... why Expendables can't? Hopefully this is gonna be a new franchise with a lot of sequels. Pop corn granted. Bring it on!

Manuel on May 11, 2011


I agree my friend

Thebigv75 on May 16, 2011


Ummm there are only 5 Fast and Furious movies???

Supremepizzaxxx on May 30, 2011


Steve Austin got killed in the 1st 1? ..i wish they wud just leave it that way, nothing against him but i don't like resurrecting everymen in non science fiction films.. let it be, get someone new, like HHH or sum shit

RhythmDave on May 11, 2011


But this is Hollywood, doesn't mean he can't come back... remember Super Shredder?

Alex Billington on May 11, 2011


Yeah but they always make some gay excuse as to how they survived

Said on May 11, 2011


Yeah what 'said' said. That and, Steve Austins character, much like most of the cast, was under developed and he was useless in the film, but unlike the other cast members, it was'nt so much because of lack of lines or character.. he was just kind of shit, on his own. So, what they are going to do with the next one is throw some bullshit excuse at us for why hes still alive but then undoing pretty much anything that was done in the 1st one, i mean... Steve Austin dying in the 1st one was one of the ACTUAL THINGS THAT HAPPENED in that movie that was signifficant, don't bring him back, just throw in HHH or Big Show or some crap, or even DWAYNE JOHNSON that guy will get more people in the doors

RhythmDave on May 12, 2011


hey, the first one was fun, ill give this a go.

rocKKicker on May 11, 2011


There is no better Director for this film on the face of the plant earth then Uwe Boll.

Scott of the Antarctic on May 11, 2011


wash your mouth out with soap, you don't even joke about that....

Jericho on May 11, 2011


And who says I'm joking? I personally believe that Mr. Boll is one of the most underappreciated and innovative filmmakers working today. I mean, moving Farcry from its established tropical setting to the Pacific Northwest and casting a German in the roll of Jack Carver, that my friend, takes a special kind of genius.

Scott of the Antarctic on May 11, 2011



Cody W. on May 11, 2011


You are the funniest person. Uwe boll has one fan. Uwe makes M. Night look good

Bobert_ls on May 12, 2011


I'm all for a sequel. The first was enjoyable though very cringe-worthy throughout...but perhaps thats what made it? I hope it bases around two vying teams of assassins, one being lead by Stallone, the other by Willis. That would make me damn happy.

Voice of Reason on May 11, 2011


I agree Voice, I think it will be Stallone's group against Willis' question is Arnold in this?

jah p on May 12, 2011


the boys are back in town 😛

Anonymous on May 11, 2011


I hope in the sequel, there will be more amazing fight scenes.It would be good if they include Jackie Chan, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Kurt Angle and Michael Jai White.

Ashford on May 11, 2011


As long as the camera is less shaky and the script is better, shouldn't be too difficult to top the first one.

Gex on May 11, 2011



Brandon on May 11, 2011


The first one was staggeringly, maddeningly shitty. Not enough action, no jet li fighting. an alarmingly racist jet li subplot. and don't get me started on the dialog. The "serious" scenes between stallone and rourke were laughably bad, even for a cheesy action movie. and the scene with mclane and the terminator? what a fucking letdown. screw this lazy garbage.

Lebowski on May 11, 2011


First one sucked was the most generic action movie last year. Nothing about it is memorable, DTV action worthy. They need a better choreographer and Stallone should just star not direct. But, whatever, not like I'm going to see this anyway unless it's like Fast Five in terms of reinvention.

ate on May 11, 2011


The first flick was a hell of a good time at the movies. It was far from perfect but it delivered exactly what it set out to (contrary to the sparse negativity). I am looking forward to a the 2nd flick. I'm sure it is gonna ROCK! Stallone is a good director and even a good writer, especially while in his own comfort zone ("Rocky Balboa" and "Rambo"), so it'll be interesting to see where Agosto and Kaufman take the story this time around! ....I'd still like to know whether Jean-Claude Van Damme is in (I don't believe the rumors), though! It would be awesome to see him in this and Michael Dudikoff ("American Ninja") as well.

Spider on May 11, 2011


Seems fun. Keep it R rated though.

M.K. Nielsen on May 11, 2011


The Expendables was one of the best films of 2010. It was f*****g epic. The fights between Jet Li/Dolph Lundgren, Sylvester Stallone/Steve Austin, Randy Couture/Steve Austin as well as Jason Statham/Jet Li/Gary Daniels knocked everyone on their ass and were so amazing and action-packed, audiences all over the world were left breathless. It would have been good to include Wesley Snipes in the sequel to fight Jason Statham so they could finally have given us the fight that they unfairly denied us in Chaos (2005). Unfortunately Wesley Snipes is in prison until 2013, a full year after this film is released.

Lorenz on May 11, 2011


" a ruthless dictator plotting to destroy a resistance movement" It sounds like the Expendables are going to Libya to battle Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s forces.

Claire on May 11, 2011


If they add The Rock, it might be watchable.

AJ on May 11, 2011


first one was awesome. sequel should be just as good if not better (just as long as they dont include steven seagal)

Nick on May 11, 2011


First one sucked. Expectations soared with the cast and seeing what Sly did with the 4th Rambo installment. Seemed like a can't miss. I was wrong. This probably doesn't deserve a sequel but with the draw of the cast its guaranteed to make money. Len Wiseman could boost the fight sequences, and if they quit stealing ideas for scripts from Robert Rodriguez' kids maybe this could be decent. Doubtful tho.

Quazzimotto on May 11, 2011


Maybe some more action this time for something thats sold as an all out action flick? The body count was not nearly high enough for all those badasses in the first one, I want more action this time around.

Cody W. on May 11, 2011


They should get that chick who directed Punisher: Warzone to direct the sequel!

jah p on May 12, 2011


sounds like Rambo 5's plot

yxuz on May 12, 2011


hopefully van dammes in this time!

ek on May 12, 2011


 pls put van damn and jakie chan on it!

Jaycardcast on May 14, 2011


 I Hope Arnie will ACTUALLY be in the film when put his name on the posters and dvd covers etc

xthedarkone on May 14, 2011


Expendables 2 should include Carl Weathers Van Damme Chuck Norris Bill Goldberg The Rock Nicholas Cage Kurt Russell Samuel l Jackson Harvey keitel

Biff Rivers on Aug 3, 2011

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