First Look: Good Shot of Chris Evans in 'Captain America' Outfit

January 13, 2011
Source: ComicBookMovie,

Chris Evans as Captain America

It's just that day, when everything finally gets revealed. In addition to Spidey, another comic book superhero getting a first look today is Captain America, played by Chris Evans in Joe Johnston's upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger from Marvel. The image first appeared on ComicBookMovie (via SlashFilm) scanned from a magazine, but it's actually a good shot of Cap in his uniform, complete with cute white wings stuck on above the ears. I actually really like the look of this, it looks like a realistic, gritty suit that could've been made during WWII. Despite hitting theaters July 22nd, the trailer is still a long ways off. Check it out!

Chris Evans as Captain America

Captain America: The First Avenger is being directed by Joe Johnston, most recently of The Wolfman, and is already shooting mostly in Europe. The film takes place during WWII and will follow Cap's escapades on the European battlefronts, including encountering a diabolical scientist Arnim Zola (played by Toby Jones) and an evil villain named Red Skull (played by Hugo Weaving). Also in the cast: Hayley Atwell as Cap's love interest Peggy Carter, Sebastian Stan as Cap's sidekick Bucky Barnes, Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, and Tommy Lee Jones as General Chester Phillips. Stay tuned for even more on Captain America! Thoughts?

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i like it, but those armored soldiers in the background, wow talk about not trying. Cliche doesnt even begin to describe the type.

Na on Jan 14, 2011


DUDE, to totally agree with you. corndog designs to the MAX!

Nick S. on Jan 14, 2011


haha yeah those soldiers in the back are ridiculous! i wish the colors were a little duller, darker blues and reds. but I'm all for the costume design it self

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


what's with the armor in the background? are they lie spec suits? like the suites they modeled the Cap suit after? I hope so! The suit is pretty badass and it suits Evans. TRAILER!

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


At first, I thought it was a toy. I peered in to it for a while, and still couldn't convince myself of the reality! But regardless, the costume does look bloody amazing.

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


I can't lie. I need head wings sticking out.

Haz on Jan 14, 2011


I have a bad feeling about this movie. I don't think it's gonna be as awesome as we think, and that would be very sad! And the worst part is I'm getting the same vibe about Thor... I hope time will give me a slap in the face and prove me wrong.

Leinergroove on Jan 14, 2011


same here 🙁

Metallica_david on Jan 14, 2011


ditto ever since Jonah Hex, i have been dreading a superhero movie coming....

Jericho on Jan 14, 2011


Agree, It's probably going to be really cheesy.

fancy pants on Jan 14, 2011


Great costume! I believe this movie will be good, and Thor also. Marvel knows what they are doing.

grapefruit on Jan 14, 2011


looks awful

Dave on Jan 14, 2011


Bullshit it does

Bob on Jan 14, 2011


How the fuck does this look awful? This looks spot on....

Buzzfunk on Jan 19, 2011


It looks absolutely amazing! I love it! Can't wait to see this film, or better yet, The Avengers!

Thanos0519 on Jan 14, 2011


It will be campy ;( I like Chris Evans. Always have. I won't bother writing up all the reasons why. But Marvel... may get surpassed by DC come Supes and Bats time. Sorry Marvel.

ALWAYS-z on Jan 14, 2011


awwwwww yeah!!

Croniccris on Jan 14, 2011


I like the fact that it looks like he's going to fight in it. The movie may not be the greatest, and im sure it will be the same for thor. i kinda expect these to just be lead up films for the big Bonanza in 2012. but i am excited and i'll just see what happens in July.

Joe on Jan 14, 2011


ok, Evans might look real and more than ok, but those dudes in the back are toys. If they're real, they look silly.

RedGuy on Jan 14, 2011


IM diggen it looks like they worked out a fusible design, i like the detail. as for the dc surpassing marvel with batman and superman..... batman movies are pretty bad ass with exception to christian bales WHEEERRREE AARRREEETHEEYYY grunting, as for superman... yeah superman returns sooooo had me on the edge of my seat.... even with green lantern pending that outcome... marvel still has the iron man movies, the first punisher ( given the budget they had, no real special effects i was entertained) hulk with norton, all they have right now is batman, but maybe there is hope the green lantern but im not liking the whole cg suit as someone working int he 3d world... they need to build something more solid, but it would be cool to see a superman movie finally getting its due

Splinter on Jan 14, 2011


Holdin judgments for trailer.

Cody W. on Jan 14, 2011


Yep... waiting for the trailer.

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


Sorry, but some comic book movies shouldn't be made. 'Captain America,' 'Green Lantern' and 'Thor' all look terrible. And for the love of god, do NOT make a 'Wonder Woman' movie!

Mithun Divakaran on Jan 14, 2011


Agreed , some movies might be better off not bein made but the other suits or soldiers in the background look cool . Even though Caps suit looks kinda grity its still kinda bright .

ChrisC5g on Jan 14, 2011


I like the suit and the wings printed on the helmet makes sence. The steriotypical robot/battle suit fellas could be lame a quick google and maybe they are 'Sleepers' from the comics, robots created by the nazis I never read much Cap growing up but im hopeful about this movie. didnt read much (if any) Thor either but im less convinced about that

Rosscurtis on Jan 14, 2011


I do think that they did the WWII classic Cap perfect. I can't think of anything bad about it.

Haz on Jan 14, 2011


Joe Johnston is making it, so it's obviously not going to be a great movie. I think it'll be fun, but something most people won't remember..

Seanjatkins on Jan 14, 2011


Okay, wait, wait, wait. Maybe I've missed this somewhere — and I'm not really into comic books — but if this takes place during WWII how are they going to put all these guys together in the Avengers movie?

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


he gets frozen, they thaw him in the future to make the Avengers.

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


Yikes, somebody took a wrong turn somewhere.

!5AAK on Jan 14, 2011


Ça a l'air pas mal du tout, on a vraiment l'impression de voir une tenue sortie de la seconde guerre mondial. Il manque plus qu'à attendre la bande annonce, que j'espère sera à la hauteur. Au moins, meilleur que celle de green lanterne.

Aki669 on Jan 14, 2011


Chirs Evans was a great Johnny Storm but a little small for Capt.America.Capt.America should be 6'2" at least. Oh Well.

Maxalnutt on Jan 14, 2011


Considering that the average American is 5"10 at best, 6" will do just fine. Plus he bulked up considerably for the movie...

Buzzfunk on Jan 19, 2011


Egads! That looks terrible!

David on Jan 14, 2011


Rhis has a lot more going for it than Thor at least. I think the suit works. It will have that Indiana Jones kind of matine quality hopefully. But Joe Johnston is not the guy who makes superb films. So...

Ryderup on Jan 14, 2011


he's 6ft whis is tall enough in movieland.

Ross on Jan 14, 2011


Looks amazing! Even better than the comic book version! much better than I anticipated. I'm looking forward to this more than all the other super hero movies coming up

Lagoya on Jan 14, 2011


I'm pretty into that suit. It's cool that it has a lot of the WW2 style with all the pockets on the belt. The machines in the background look a little weird. This height shit that folk go on about, who cares?

Crapola on Jan 14, 2011


Looks f'n Awesome! Bring the trailer Marvel.

McWilly on Jan 14, 2011


Cap looks great!!!! but Hydra and those soldiers in the background....WTF?!? Stick with WWII, Nazi's and a little more 'real world' storylines. that is what made 'Batman Begins' and Iron Man' so great....believability .

GRRR on Jan 15, 2011


Considering that no facet of production design is left too chance in Hollywood, I wonder how much time and discussion was spent on Cap's bulge?

Lebowski on Jan 16, 2011


awesome cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A5J4DX on Jan 16, 2011


Looks promising, the only movie i am excited about so far for Marvel next year is Thor. We'll see how this turns out but with a trailer first.

Ahmed Hozayen on Jan 16, 2011


Don't get wrong- love this suit, but if they think this would pass as a WWII uniform for Cap, they need to do a little more research- not because of the fashion or design necessarily, but the materials and fabrics. The materials look totally wrong for something meant to be set in the 40's. What happened to the cap that wore colorized GI uniforms? The heater shield? Even trying to pass it off as 'lolsupersciencelolz' gets to me, because even back then, not only were some of the stuff apparently being used in this photo did not exist, but used valuable war material. Now if this was a photo of modern day cap, I'd have none of these issues.

Bill Quayle on Jan 23, 2011

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