First Look: Julia Roberts as Queen + More from Tarsem's 'Snow White'

October 6, 2011
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen in Snow White

"I wanted a person who is just schizophrenic. She's a person who would just do all the evil she needs to do to stay in power," Tarsem says. Time to be introduced to the new Evil Queen, the talented Julia Roberts in Tarsem Singh & Relativity's Snow White movie, based on The Brothers Grimm tale, yet is still untitled. Entrainment Weekly has unveiled a big first look, with photos of Roberts in her elaborate, sparkly dresses, designed by Eiko Ishioka (Bram Stoker's Dracula), as well as a few of pics of Lily Collins as Snow White, and her seven dwarfs. Plus a shot of Armie Hammer. Suffice it to say, I have no excitement for this at all.

"She's the cat that ate the canary," Tarsem tells EW of the Evil Queen in his story. "I decided for the evil queen, this is going to be a person who sees her [good] self — but there's a mirror personality." I've added a few of the better photos below, but you can see the entire gallery here or read the full EW piece on Tarsem's Snow White, which needs a damn title already considering it's supposed to be out in March. So take a look!

Tarsem's Snow White First Look Photos

Tarsem's Snow White First Look Photos

Tarsem's Snow White First Look Photos

Tarsem's Snow White First Look Photos

Update: Yahoo has just posted their own new first look gallery, including 6 more never-before-seen photos from Tarsem's Snow White. Here are some of the best new shots, click on any one to see the rest of them!

Tarsem's Snow White First Look Photos

Tarsem's Snow White First Look Photos

Tarsem's Snow White First Look Photos

Snow is a "delicate
 princess trying to overthrow her wicked stepmother with the aid of seven dwarfs, who bedevil the kingdom as woodland bandits." They take her in an train her in different skills to fight. Tarsem says of Collins, who make look delicate, "Surprisingly, from the first day she came in, she's very physical."

In this version of Snow White, which will stay truer to the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Julia Roberts plays the Evil Queen, Sean Bean her husband, the King, and Armie Hammer as the prince. Collins goes on to explain: "She's a naive innocent young girl who turns into a woman and really finds herself," Collins says. In comparison to the dainty Snow White we all know, this won't be the same. "She's very much that fairy tale princess we’ve all read about in books. She's been modernized in a way that she becomes a fighter in the end." Read more on EW. Relativity will be bringing Tarsem's Snow White to theaters March 16th, 2012.

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Julia Roberts doesn’t look like a villain at all and the crew is very lazy to not transform her appearance for this film. It was also a wasted opportunity that they didn’t cast seven recognisable actors with comedic experience to play the Seven Dwarfs.

Teresa Price on Oct 6, 2011


having her look warm and gentle is most likely intended. It could be a shell, hiding her real gruesome identity. Production value looks through the roof, I'm sure the visual effects will compliment it.

Nick Sears on Oct 6, 2011


What? Those huge nostrails just ooz mean, or is it just me. D'oh!

The Douche on Oct 6, 2011


you have gone to every board about this story, and have repeated the same thing.

guest on Oct 6, 2011


Julia Roberts is a nasty face actress an is exactly a good choose as a villain.she can do every bad thing by her wide mouth! ...

David on Oct 7, 2011


Did you not read the description? The dwarves aren't comedy relief, they're bandits. You want them to make the queen look more like a villain? Have you even read the story or seen any of the other adaptations of it? The evil queen in Snow White is supposed to be beautiful. It's the first major plot point in the story.

Anonymous on Oct 8, 2011



Phealy29 on Oct 6, 2011


Tarsem is THE visual genius! It looks sooo good.

Davide Coppola on Oct 6, 2011


Tarsem is a great director but using Julia roberts is his biggest sorry.

Elton on Oct 7, 2011


After The Fall, I'm willing to give Singh's movies a viewing - if only for the visual aspects.  This movie looks like it will be gorgeous to watch, so I'm hoping a good trailer will be released.

Emma on Oct 6, 2011


Look it's the little midget from The Cape ! Definately gonna watch this ;D

spanky on Oct 6, 2011


That is totally Nathan Lane in the last picture.

Anonymous on Oct 6, 2011


costumes look stunning, and it looks family friendly. which thats already a push for it. plus nathan lane is amazing. 🙂

guest on Oct 6, 2011


Hate, hate, hate Julia Roberts.

woodge on Oct 6, 2011


probably could have picked a more attractive Snow white, instead of a troll with a unibrow 

John on Oct 6, 2011


aw-i dont mind the brows--i think it adds to snow's youthful innocence. This is visually looking gorgeous. loving the colors and costumes so far.

Anonymous on Oct 6, 2011


This looks awful when you compare it to Snow White and the Huntsman!

Dom on Oct 6, 2011

18 even dogs don't like Julia Roberts. Starts at :49 sec.

Singular on Oct 6, 2011


Wow the Julia Roberts mafia got rid of that video quick.

Singular on Oct 6, 2011

20 Someone posted it again.

Singular on Oct 6, 2011


even humans hate this ugly bitch too! 😉

Eli on Oct 7, 2011


is it just me or does nathan lane look like cogsworth?

wookienookie on Oct 6, 2011


this looks fantastically ridiculous, but the man with the sword, his coat.... i must have it .... NOW 😀

Anonymous on Oct 6, 2011


Yes it looks pretty doesn't it? But like every other film 'Tarsem' (douche chills!) has ever made, it will lack basic and important aspects, like narrative and pacing. Also, he cannot flesh out characters to save his life, they might as well be cardboard cut outs.

Lebowski on Oct 6, 2011


I hate julia roberts...her face is soooo nasty.

David on Oct 7, 2011


Wow, some really odd comments on here I like the choice for snow white, not your typical beauty, but in the first two pics shes got some genuine qualities. Not too sure about Roberts though, she just looks like herself in a big dress, but hey at least the wardrobe department is on their toes. Well done to them I guess

Richie G on Oct 7, 2011


The elves train Snow White to fight? How ridiculous.

Phil on Oct 8, 2011


I quite like Tarsem's films. The Fall is great. Some people bitch about his "pacing" of his movies, but his pacing is fine. It's just slower than your typical modern studio film. I won't say it's perfect or anything, but it's not something worth bitching about. If you don't like the pacing of Tarsem's films, then god help you if you're ever forced to watch something along the lines of Seven Samurai or Hana-Bi. The Cell and The Fall are both pretty good movies. I'm looking forward to Immortals, and this looks like it'll be pretty good as well.

Anonymous on Oct 8, 2011


Hmm... think I still prefer the '97 version with Signourney Weaver as the 'evil queen'...

nat on Oct 9, 2011

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