First Look Photos: Neveldine/Taylor's 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance'

July 28, 2011
Source: Empire

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

These were revealed earlier in the week, but we decided to wait until clean versions hit - and here they are. Straight from the pages of Empire comes the first three photos introducing us to the new Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, directed by Crank's Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor. Yes, Nicolas Cage is back as Johnny Blaze, but even more importantly, he's back as Ghost Rider, the badass demon from hell. If you didn't hear, the Comic-Con footage impressed all of us, but don't worry, this will kick ass. "We didn't really consider the first movie, at all, in making this. We just wanted to make a great movie, on its own terms."

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Photos
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Photos

As seen in the last photo above, Idris Elba also stars in this along with Nicolas Cage, Ciarán Hinds as the Devil, and Johnny Whitworth as the villain Blackout (not pictured). Now you know what I'm talking about regarding Ghost Rider having a flaming head almost the entire movie, not just a few scenes like in the first. "This version, we wanted to give people what we think comic book fans really want to see with Ghost Rider. It is darker and more intense. He is from a nightmare. He will scare the hell out of you," Taylor told Collider. Sony/Columbia is releasing Spirit of Vengeance in theaters February 17th, 2012 next year.

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still not interested. the first one put me to sleep.

Jimmy on Jul 28, 2011


Good god now he just looks like the aftermath of a freak motorcycle accident... Looks like something you'd see on the side of the highway and be haunted for years. ug.

Anonymous on Jul 28, 2011


Love Irdis, but I agree, fool me once (ghost rider and punisher) shame on you.....

Anonymous on Jul 28, 2011


So why Cage again? There are so many better actors who can do the part.

Anonymous on Jul 28, 2011


I agree, I'd be more interested in this project if they just got another actor to play Johnny Blaze.

Cruzer on Jul 28, 2011


Still looks absolutely terrible.

Mdiddles on Jul 28, 2011


More like, "Charred Rider".

Big Boss on Jul 28, 2011


I don't know who started the rumor years ago that Cage would play ghost rider, but it didn't work the first time, if they do it again it should be with someone new. Also the coolest thing about the last movie was the chopper, it looked way cooler then the stubby char-broiled thing he's driving now :/

PyroDark on Jul 28, 2011


I'm sold on the realistic approach! Sure, many of us still won't be pleased no matter what pix or possible footage we see. Cage usually rises to the level of the script! I won't knock this prematurely! I like the fact that, 'Ghost Rider' really does seem like he's in flames, looking charred while leaving a trail of black smoke behind him. I sure hope this flick is good and does the source material proud! The 1st flick was o.k., but with too much fantastical CGI and kid-friendly  antics with a weak story and sub-par performances! Whether we like it or not, here comes, "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" come 2/12! I sure hope this flick is a win and not a failure!

Spider on Jul 28, 2011


The realism of a now charred ghost rider really looks good but the skull still looks cartoonish. Still images say something but animation says something else. I don't think they would dare screw up the ghost rider storyline again I mean they messed up on the first movie of hulk and look how they redeemed the green monstrous hero so possibly they are sticking close to the source material with a more grittier look for our skull torched hero. Thanks to X-Men First Class I have hope for this flick.

Anonymous on Jul 28, 2011


I think this looks fucking awesome so far, but I'll wait for a trailer before I make a call whether or not I give a shit. The trailers for the first movie were so bad that it was insane that anyone went to see the damn thing. I love Nic Cage - honestly, I think he's fucking great - but there was no way in hell I was gonna waste ten bucks to see THAT in a theater. This one, so far, looks much better than the previous film. I'm not really sure about Neveldine/Taylor. I thought Crank was OK, I liked Crank 2 a lot, I hated Gamer. I hope this one turns out good.

Anonymous on Jul 28, 2011


You guys must be out of your minds because that third pic looks fucking awesome.  The first film looked cheesy.

JL on Jul 29, 2011


the black smoke is a great idea. I also like the idea that Ghost Rider looks like a man who was charred and is still burning, vs the clean version of the last ghost rider

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2011


I have a question to the Marvel fans, in the first movie, the old rider told to Nicholas "in the night, in the presence of evil, the rider takes over". This pictures are at broad daylight... so... how is in the original comic book?

Manuel on Jul 29, 2011


Ghost Rider and Punisher get no breaks.

Johnny Neat on Jul 29, 2011


I cant wait to see this film or any others with Nic Cage in he is an amazing actor and the more films he does the better the first ghost rider was good, not the best cage film he has done but hey he was good in it . I admit i am biased has he is in my opinion the sexiest man alive and am a mega fan of all he does .He is also an amazing guy and totally down to earth he is brill and takes time out to give a few autographs and chat he aint let his fame make him a idiot so with that has well i have a lot of respect for him , yeah he is a little mad some times and gets bad press but hey who is perfect, i know life is for living and he sure lives his ,and i sure live mine. Without any regrets. So has life is to short if you dont want to check the film out then dont just stop moaning about it and go live your life .

cagecrazyminx on Aug 3, 2011


Whenever Marvel releases a movie in Febuary or December - you can bet it's gonna suck. Marvel = Summer only

Na on Aug 17, 2011

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