First Look: Promo Posters for 'Three Stooges', 'Battleship', 'Avengers'

June 14, 2011
Source: ComingSoon

The Three Stooges

It's time to take a gigantic look into the future, as the 2011 Licensing International Expo is underway in Las Vegas. This convention focuses on selling licenses/brands and cross-promotion, which takes time to integrate. Hence, studios must come and advertise years out - up into 2013. This year, there's an assortment of new posters and banners that contain never-before-seen logos and imagery for a lot of upcoming movies in 2012 and 2013. ComingSoon (again) has the best galleries, but there were a few movies in particular I wanted to highlight - including Battleship, The Three Stooges, Rise of the Guardians + 47 Ronin.

Click on any of the images below to be taken over to the full gallery on ComingSoon, as they have photos of everything. There's a lot that isn't even worth showing. These below, however, I thought were worth seeing.

The Three Stooges Promo Poster

The Three Stooges Promo Poster

Battleship Promo Poster47 Ronin Promo Poster

Rise of the Guardians Promo PosterThe Croods Promo Poster

And finally, the big sales banner for Marvel's The Avengers that's been floating around (via SlashFilm):

The Avengers Promo Poster

Yea, that artwork for The Avengers is pretty damn cool, but it's just early artwork, I want to see something official and I expect we'll get that at Comic-Con this July. I also included those two DreamWorks Animation movies Rise of the Guardians and The Croods because we've never seen what the characters look like for either yet, so this is our first look at those. Chris Pine, Hugh Jackman and Alec Baldwin provide voices for Rise of the Guardians, about mythical holiday heroes. The Croods includes the voices of Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone as two cave-people. Finally, The Three Stooges looks bad, but it's obviously getting a big push. The new stooges: Will Sasso as Curly, Sean Hayes as Larry, and Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe.

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I have some things to point about the Avengers poster: 1- What the hell is going on between Scarlett Johanson's legs. 2- Why in heavens we can see the Cap's ears...  3- The archer looks like Ed. Norton. 4- He is not, I know, thank you.

Manuel on Jun 14, 2011


4-not wearing pants...i didn't notice until reading your comment....

Jericho on Jun 14, 2011



Manuel on Jun 15, 2011


so that why she can kick everyones ass shes got a surprise in her front pocket for you hahaha

Anonymous on Jun 15, 2011


Fuck me, if Curly has hair, I'm gonna be so pissed!

Dlm Movieposters on Jun 14, 2011


It looks like Scarlett Johansson has a boner!!! ROFL! The Avenger poster is pretty bad! I have to be honest.

Awkward on Jun 14, 2011


The Avengers's poster looks like something Rob Liefeld could draw.

Manuel on Jun 14, 2011


These posters disturb me to no end. And yes, it does in fact look like "Black Widow" is sporting a chubby.

Scared S#!tless on Jun 14, 2011


im going to get so drunk and go see battleship!

Anonymous on Jun 15, 2011


You guys are crazy. Aside from Scarlett Johansson's boner that Avengers poster looks really cool. Jeremy Renner looks bitchin.

Buttass on Jun 15, 2011


I hope there is a wonderful accident and every single last print of the new stooges movie is burned up in a glorious fire of righteous destruction. 

Lebowski on Jun 15, 2011


All terrible. The Stooges in particular. Just. Wrong.

Will on Jun 15, 2011


uh, I think its supposed to be Larry, Curly and Moe...not Larry, Moe & Curly.

bucker96 on Jun 15, 2011


that avengers just potentially de mystified and cheapened what was one of the most interesting films on our horizon

RhythmDave on Jun 15, 2011



RhythmDave on Jun 15, 2011


Give it a chance... This is just sales material, I don't think it really represents the movie, Joss has only been shooting a few weeks anyway. We'll probably see more in a few months, don't worry.

Alex Billington on Jun 15, 2011


Next year will be awesome, i just wanna check out 47 Ronin and The Three Stooges

Ron Torque on Jun 15, 2011


Cap uniform looks very different from the current movie version.  I know it could just be some concept teaser art and it might not be any real indication of what it will really look like, but if it is an indication of what we'll see then this is pretty interesting.  I was wondering if and how they were going to update cap's uniform from the upcoming WWII piece.

Cghata on Jun 15, 2011


S.J. is stolen biological material, taken against will and formed to clones line 200 pieces total. Sign of dangerous criminal  activity. Original Scarlett Galabekian future pediatrician doctor, pediatrician nurse license she obtained in 2008

Serge on Jun 15, 2011


From the second Stooges poster it looks like Ronald McDonald will be playing Larry. 

Jedi on Jun 15, 2011


The Avengers poster is just piss. Why is Black Widow, not only sporting a wood, drop kicking the air in a mid free fall from some black hole? Hulk has no clothes. Iron Man somehow flew between the tight space between Cap and Thor. Speaking of which, Thor has no interest in what is going on except for his "big hammer". Meanwhile, Hawkeye is just standing there aiming away. What ad wizard came up with this one?

blester01 on Jun 15, 2011


I'm actually interested in "Battleship."

Xerxexx on Jun 15, 2011


Will Sasso as Curly?? Hell Im sold, HUGE Sasso fan!

Anonymous on Jun 16, 2011


Three Stooges has bomb written all over it. Rise of the Guardians looks like the cover of a thousand PS1 games.

Anonymous on Jun 16, 2011


the third 20th Century Fox/Three Stooges comedy film and the Farrelly Brothers adapation of it, I'm disappointment because Comedy III Productions did not produced it and it will stooged at the box office real bad thanks to those idiotic knuckleheads out there.

Alanmuller on Jun 16, 2011


Rise of the Guardians: looks like Santa Claus VS Easter Bunny

Jedibilly on Jun 18, 2011


I guess that the 3 Stooges isn't going to be a tragedy or biopic. Evidence: In the movie, the boys grow up in a nunnery. In real life, the Stooges were actually Jewish.

Anonymous on Jul 13, 2011


In light of these three celluloid disasters, I'm wondering if terminal illness would be a better option.

Geofury on Dec 28, 2011

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