First Look: Tom Cruise Rocks as Stacee Jaxx in 'Rock of Ages' Musical

June 17, 2011
Source: Twitter

Tom Cruise

At the end of last month we got quite an interesting first look at Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin decked out in some obnoxious 80's fashions on the set of Adam Shankman's new big screen adaptation of the Broadway musical Rock of Ages. However, now we have an even better picture of the biggest star of the film. The official Twitter for Tom Cruise revealed the first look on of at the actor rocking his heart out as Stacee Jaxx, an arrogant yet charming rock star at the top of his career. In the 80's musical, Cruise will belt out a rendition of Bon Jovi's famous ballad Wanted: Dead or Alive. See the awesome photo below!

Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages

In addition, Malin Akerman will play a journalist writing a piece on rocker Jaxx but ends up in bed with him and singing I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner. The rest of the film will feature songs from great bands of the 80's like Styx, Journey, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Steve Perry, Poison and Asia. Singing these signature tunes will be Cruise, Brand and Baldwin joined by even more talented names like Julianne Hough, Paul Giamatti, Mary J. Blige, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Bryan Cranston. Honestly, I have a feeling this could end up becoming one of my favorite musicals. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on this!

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Please tell me Cruise will not be actually singing these songs...

Chris_Hunter on Jun 17, 2011


Looks horrible.

Ricardo Marques on Jun 17, 2011


Um. Uuhhhh. I... /goes to sink and washes eyeballs

Quanah on Jun 17, 2011


this guy has a peter pan complex...

Fox on Jun 17, 2011


looks cool

Loser on Jun 17, 2011



Anonymous on Jun 17, 2011


Is it too late to get him out of this movie & put someone in I don't despise? Because then I might actually want to see it... No? Then I'll pass. Thanks, but no thanks.

Teacherkid on Jun 17, 2011


Looks like a flop in the making.

tugsalot on Jun 17, 2011



Angry Chief on Jun 17, 2011


Hot! Can't wait to watch the movie!

Mila Sanchez on Jun 17, 2011


The cast for this film sounds incredible, i don't know why people are speaking negatively about it. Tom Cruise is looking better than ever in this picture, totally rocking it! I'm sure the movie will be great!

Anonymous on Jun 17, 2011


Awesome! Some here need to remember that Cruise is a person and an actor. Ignore the actor as a person and focus on his acting only.

Xerxexx on Jun 17, 2011


Still. We already saw this with Rock Star with Wahlberg, among others. Unlike other actors, I'm still waiting for Cruise to really break into something new.

Angry Chief on Jun 18, 2011


But unlike Rock Star this might actually be good. Cruise is a decent actor, Vanilla Sky, Jerry McGuire, Minority Report are all great films with great performances by Cruise.

Xerxexx on Jun 19, 2011


Sorry, but Cruise is a movie star not an actor, which makes his real-life persona cross over into his movies.

casting couch on Jun 18, 2011


I disagree. Cruise has shown true talent quite a few times...Vanilla Sky, Minority Report, Interview with the Vampire, and Jerry McGuire each acted well by Cruise.

Xerxexx on Jun 19, 2011


Look at his hair!! Lol...would love to check this out, i hear he has a killer voice

Pepito on Jun 17, 2011


que cabron! luce espectacular el huey! Tom freakin Cruise, I have a newly found respect and admiration for you! I mean it's always been there, but this picture just knocked my socks off man! much respect!

Jonathan Dos Santos on Jun 17, 2011


Shankman's got an extraordinary vision and this film has got more star power than a freaking comet headed towards earth. After all...its F'ING TOM CRUISE! There's no way in hell this is gonna be less than a hit.

Benz0sparx on Jun 17, 2011


Just like Lions for Lambs, right?

Angry Chief on Jun 18, 2011


OMG this is fabulous! Tom Cruise rocking rock of ages! Yeah!

Carrie Cooper on Jun 17, 2011


Peter pan complex? please. If someone can pull this off it's him. He's been in a lot of great movies, some not so good ones but I really don't care what his beliefs are and or how weird he may seems to be. I mean if someone can play an arrogant person, it must be Cruise. 😉

Buzzfunk on Jun 17, 2011


btw, Russel Brand on the other hand, is the most overrated tool in showbiz. He is not funny, nor can he act or do anything else well. Yet he's getting jobs and makes money...

Buzzfunk on Jun 17, 2011


When I found out that Tom Cruise was going to be in Rock of Ages, I was like Yes! That's the kind of Tom Cruise movie that I would want to see. I never in a million years would have pictured his character to be like this. It's totally unexpected, and totally awesome! This is a great character for him.

Vinnie on Jun 17, 2011


Musical Theater is a fucking creative graveyard. The level of thought that goes into most broadway shows makes Green Lantern look like goddamn Shakespeare.

Lebowski on Jun 18, 2011


i may not be a fan of Tom Cruise but at least i CAN'T say nothing wrong about him. Great performer, and according to this picture he looks more awesome than he looked in his teen years. Kudos to you Cruise.

redguy on Jun 18, 2011


Man, I think this is the most attracted to Tom Cruise I've been since Top Gun. I want to go on the highway to his danger zone. Ha ha ha.

Crapola on Jun 18, 2011


Is this the new Conan The Barbarian movie?

tommyturner on Jun 19, 2011



Dotadestroyer on Jun 19, 2011


Jeez, is this what happend to Jack?

David Banner on Jun 19, 2011


They're filming here in Fort Lauderdale. Local bar venues and concert halls is where the mass amount of trailers have been spotted.

Nick Sears on Jun 20, 2011


We might never see Cruise finish Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles but at least we get a wtf pic of Lestat the rockstar.

Johnny Neat on Jun 20, 2011

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