First Official Look at Rooney Mara in 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'

January 12, 2011
Source: W Magazine

Rooney Mara

Back in August we found out that Social Network star Rooney Mara had snagged the lead role of Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher's adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the first installment of the popular Millennium Trilogy. If there were any doubts that Mara would fit into the tough female lead role, almost all of those doubts should be removed as W magazine (via JoBlo) has delivered the first two photos of Mara decked out in Salander's trademark short, pitch-black haircut, leather jacket, and tattoos. Looking simultaneously sexy and kick-ass, I'm definitely interested to see what Mara does with this. Photos below!

Here's our first look at Rooney Mara as the dark, goth Lisbeth Salander courtesy of W magazine:

Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander 1

Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander 2

The character is described as "a gamin, Audrey Hepburn look-alike but with tattoos and piercings, the take-no-prisoners attitude of Lara Croft and the cool, unsentimental intellect of Mr. Spock. The vulnerable victim turned vigilante; a willfully antisocial girl." It looks like they nailed that if the above pictures are any indication. And if you feel silly for being skeptical, Mara herself wasn't sure she was right for the part. The actress explains, "before I read the book, I didn't think I could do it. I locked myself in a room for a week and read all three books, and decided I really wanted to be Lisbeth. But I thought I had no shot at it.” How about them apples? For more on Mara and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, head to W magazine's website.

What do you think of Mara as Lisbeth Salander? How does she compare to Noomi Rapace?

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ooo looks good 😛

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


ooo looks good 😛

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


ewww gross!

Chazzy on Jan 12, 2011



John Doe on Jan 12, 2011



Chazzy on Jan 13, 2011


ya, definitely a little over the top imo.

lego on Jan 12, 2011


That's just wrong

fancy pants on Jan 12, 2011


rapace looked waaaay better, this is just weird emo rapping bitch :scared:

jiji on Jan 12, 2011


they both look awful. what the hell does Fincher see in this book series???

Orange Soda on Jan 12, 2011


But I think that's the whole point, isn't it?

John Doe on Jan 12, 2011


she looks hot... maybe im fucking crazy... but she does look good...

Kakoarellano on Jan 12, 2011


No, you're not crazy.

John Doe on Jan 12, 2011


Yummy. I approve (although I think she needs more tats.

Kevin on Jan 12, 2011


i like the cover pic. i have much faith in fincher.

bbb on Jan 12, 2011


The whole trilogy is supposed to highlight the injustice in objectifying women. ... So we cast a mediocre actor, doll her up in leather, and make her look as provocative and open-legged as possible. Great going, Hollywood.

*grumble* on Jan 12, 2011


So I take it you didn't bother watching the original films since they pretty much did the same thing. Look at that poster for the second film and try and tell me they didn't attempt to sexy her character up.

SkaOreo on Jan 12, 2011


Thank you, Ska.

John Doe on Jan 12, 2011


There is no need for another adaptation of that book. The version that already exists is really great.

Luke on Jan 12, 2011


if by "great" you mean "awful", yeah, I agree. we don't need an adaptation of a shit book series.

u mad brah? on Jan 12, 2011


And you wouldn't know a great movie if it bit you in the ass.

RLC on Jan 13, 2011


you know you a stupid fuckin mutt? great does not equal "awful" thats you using an age ass old fucking saying that sounds fucking stupid, just like you

Lmao on Jan 13, 2011


I really liked the original. Hope they don't fuck this up.

Mattias Nielsen on Jan 12, 2011


We can only hope.

John Doe on Jan 12, 2011


looks good.

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2011


Stupid Hollywood. World Cinema deserves wider screenings and less retarded remakes. This is going to be La Femme Nikita all over again. Way too soon and not needed.

Brandon on Jan 12, 2011


lol @ Dragon Tattoo representing world cinema.

Marc on Jan 12, 2011


these pictures are, what i believe to be, the first in a long line of disappointments leading up to the release.

carrollad on Jan 12, 2011


Ah come on, man. Give it a chance, at least.

John Doe on Jan 12, 2011


fuck you idiot

Sigg on Jan 13, 2011


Noomi Rapace ftw.

Jedi723 on Jan 12, 2011


It's funny how easy people tend to forget the amount of talent behind this simply because it's a "remake." Who cares. It's got Fincher behind this, it's going to be fine. Besides, the original film isn't that great of a film to begin with. It suffers from being a poorly paced thriller that doesn't even get remotely interesting until the second hour of the film. The first hour is merely the main character staring at a computer, and Rapace's entire subplot revolves around rape. I have faith that Fincher will be able to turn a decent thriller into a great one.

SkaOreo on Jan 12, 2011


she looks kind of like Winona Ryder on the cover. She looks hot getting tattooed. I saw the original movie and thought it was bad. I know Fincher will do it justice

Vshtabnoy on Jan 12, 2011


maybe cause you have no brain for that type of film. Stay away from Fincher's take too

Niggaplease on Jan 13, 2011


too emo

El_MUERkO on Jan 12, 2011


you sure you know what an emo is? she's more of a punk-goth.

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2011


Interesting that everyone seems to judge those pictures on if she is sexy or not or beautiful or not... Wonder if anyone thought more than just about beauty or sexiness? Is there anyone who thinks longer than his pecker here? maybe perhaps content... No that is too highbrow must go back tobeing just a stupid man who only objectifies women.

Loser on Jan 12, 2011


Why are you on the internet?

Cold417 on Jan 12, 2011


I think David Fincher will do a great job with the remake...although a remake this early is unnecessary. The original film was great the sequel was good haven't seen 'Kicked the hornets nest' yet. Il watch it though from these photos you can't tell much but, I have a feeling Rooney Mara will pull it off haven't seen much of her besides social network. SO I AM IN!

i have no name on Jan 12, 2011


"...the sequel was good..."?! I pretty much agree with everything else you said except that. I didn't think that sequel was good at all.

John Doe on Jan 12, 2011


holy shit a disagreement, first time that's every happened.

overwatch on Jan 13, 2011


That has to be one of the worst characters I have ever seen. Also I read some of the "hacking" in the book. What a joke!

jtmoney on Jan 12, 2011


Looks good. Trailer please!

Cruzer on Jan 13, 2011


Now I have to google a "normal" picture of Rooney Mara, because I can't remember for the live of me what she usually looks like.

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2011


I liked the books, hated the movies. Don't have much hope for remake =/

パトăƒȘツク ♬ Rip on Jan 13, 2011


She kinda reminds me of Tank Girl actress Lorri Petty, But with Dark hair instead of blond. I think she looks pretty good, goth but not emo.

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2011


Bunch of jackasses judging a tiny photo. The internet is so cool. Too bad you'd all drop your pants and fuck the shit out of her, if she ever offered.

Friend of a friend on Jan 13, 2011



Cruzer on Jan 13, 2011


a man who understands.

true on Jan 13, 2011


Why is it that it is always the girls with no curves that are the ones who always want to show imaginary things???? Close your jacket please!!!

Hj on Jan 13, 2011


I could swear that I read Natalie Portman was going to be playing this role. Thought I read it on this website about a month ago. If so, what happened to that?

FatBaby on Jan 13, 2011


PSSHHH!!! shes a babe id hit that like a baby seal then go get tested

DoomCanoe on Jan 13, 2011



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Cool movie!  All series are perfect.

Cable trays on Jan 18, 2012

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