First Real Look: Andrew Garfield in Costume as New Spider-Man!

January 13, 2011
Source: Deadline

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

It's here! After much arguing, debating, and waiting, we finally have our very first official look at Andrew Garfield in costume as Spider-Man in the new reboot of the superhero franchise being directed by 500 Days of Summer's Marc Webb. The photo was officially unveiled by Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures today (via Deadline), meaning this starts their massive two-year marketing process, as the new Spider-Man won't arrive in theaters until July 3rd, 2012. But with that said, it's an exciting and intriguing first reveal, and one that I'm sure a lot of you guys might actually like. But what is he wearing?! View the photo below!

Check out the first official photo and be sure to visit their newly launched Spider-Man Facebook page, too!

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man First Photo

I'm only kidding. The texture of his outfit definitely does look unique and I'm amazed/surprised to see them come up with some that doesn't look too much like Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man costume, which I actually loved quite a bit. In addition to Garfield, Spider-Man (being shot in 3D as we speak) also stars Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben Parker, Sally Field as Aunt May and Denis Leary as George Stacy. Production is now under way, as Marc Webb has already started shooting his epic new take on the beloved comic book superhero. That's all we've got for now, but it should be enough to get you guys talking, as this is quite a first look unveil. So what do you think of the new costume?

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The hell? Is that snake skin?

floppytall on Jan 13, 2011


i think it looks more like rubber coated kevlar

The_Arsonist on Jan 14, 2011


Wicked...can't wait!

Lucas on Jan 13, 2011


Yes! I'm always for to make comic book heroes' costumes look less lame (see TDK).

Gabriel Visser on Jan 13, 2011


I like it!

Mindless Robot on Jan 13, 2011


completely different from Raimi and it looks good. any idea if J.K. Simmons is back?

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2011


i just this time they get it right, they have ALL the cat members they wanted originally *aside from Garfield and Stone* and i really hope this wont turn into a flop by the third flick

Jericho on Jan 13, 2011


This photo seems to be taking place right after a rather voilent battle. Let's see how that "snake-skin" custome works in action. If it looks goofy while swinging like in the original films I'm out.

Mr.Cookie on Jan 13, 2011


ah, besides of the texture, you cannot do much with a well-defined super hero costume. If you mess too much, you lose the essence of the character, if you keep it untouched, it's gonna be boring, so, the options are limited...

Leinergroove on Jan 13, 2011


looks good and he looks the part

tir na nog on Jan 13, 2011


It's ok I guess... but wasn't Peter Parker supposed to make the suit himself? just like the last films, I'm pretty sure a teenager couldn't knock this up in his bedroom.

Lagoya on Jan 13, 2011


I like this. I wasn't a fan of the shiny webbing.

Jaf on Jan 13, 2011


The gloves remind me of the Scarlet Spider costume

Quaked2023 on Jan 13, 2011


I believe thats supposed to be a kevlar like material not snake skin. I like it other than the fact that he not looking directly ahead or had his mask on.

Vholt12985 on Jan 13, 2011


yea i agree with you...i think it looks like kevlar thats been rubberized in some the chest and shoulders and stuff

The Arsonist on Jan 14, 2011


It looks like a stretchy cotton suit that's had rubberizing spray put on it... very cool in a home-made Kick Ass kind of way. I think that's his "starter suit", but either way - the cosplay fans are going to have a field-day with this. Looks super cool. Plus... LOOK! The wrists! Are those mechanical webshooters?!?! AWESOME! Someone actually got it right! Don't get me started on the organic ones that make no sense. Sure, mechanical ones are just as hard to explain, but at least they can be explained.

Peter Sorensen on Jan 13, 2011


OMG! you're right, I didn't noticed the webshooters! This is looking very interesting so far!

Quaked2023 on Jan 13, 2011


Yeah i saw them on Latinoreview. Loving the look of the suit now! I initially hated it but its grown on me.

Dan3659 on Jan 13, 2011



fem!anon on Jan 13, 2011


UM.... NO!!

Atg2040 on Jan 13, 2011


it looks imilar to the gardening gloves you get that are cotton, coated in a thing layer of rubber. As much as i liked Spiderman as a child and the movies that came out were okay, does it really need to be retold again? And again........

Crapola on Jan 13, 2011


Dammit, why does Marc Webb have to be so good? I want to hate this movie so much since I loved Raimi's (even the 3rd) but all the casting and now this pic are making it impossible to dislike.

Rops on Jan 13, 2011


Is it me or are those scratches on his suit near the spider logo? Preview of the Lizard? Anyway I think it looks awesome! Very promising...

GrandDoc23 on Jan 13, 2011


The tone will be as dark as in The Dark Knight. FUCK yes!

Robbie on Jan 13, 2011


Lovers gotta love! It doesn't look bad but its hardly call for celebration. it looks like a spiderman suit.being worn by the invisible man. he has zero charisma.

Carter Nixon on Jan 13, 2011


Looks like he has his built in web shooters. The gold. I hope that is what that is. AWESOME!!!

slk77 photography on Jan 13, 2011


And now we can see the SONY SPIDER! yay yipee another movie to pass on

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2011


Wonder if thier going to use the web shooters or avoid them altogether like the last film.

Rob on Jan 13, 2011


Dude look at the picture, he has the web shooters.

Shawnlancekeim on Jan 13, 2011


Andrew Garfield was the perfect choice for this reboot in my opinion, I can't wait!!

Mike Borst on Jan 13, 2011


Who the fuck is Andrew Garfield?

Syphous on Jan 13, 2011


Come on!!!! Really!!!

Mike on Jan 13, 2011


a great up and coming actor.

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


Andrew Garfield also played Eduardo in Social Network the movie on Facebook

xxx on Jan 14, 2011


i think its a terrible idea to even bring spider man back

Kellensmetalcomplex on Jan 13, 2011


The fucker is a beanpole. I know Spidey isn't supposed to be huge but he did have muscle... This movie is going to blow and swallow...

Blackmanju on Jan 13, 2011


I think it looks awesome. I think Marc Webb will pull through. Im hoping its dark. Webb...Web...huh, funny.

Johnny Heartless on Jan 13, 2011


I don't like it at all. It looks like it's leather, which just makes it look cheesy. They should of used the original suit, and maybe tweak it a little.

fancy pants on Jan 13, 2011


I think it finally looks like something he would make. I like it, and this is kinda a positive turn for a movie I wasn't really excited about.

Micah Wilkins on Jan 13, 2011


how could some college kid possibly put this together?

Nick S. on Jan 13, 2011


with his spider hands......Idk. It just seems to have a more homemade look then the other one did. mainly because he had one he made and then it just jumped to the new one. Maybe they will show him making this one.

Micah Wilkins on Jan 13, 2011


Peter Parker is a brilliant person, and its a comic book movie!

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


Im liking the new costume, i agree starting over is a bit much for me and in the past movies i believe the villains were better developed than spider man himself so it will be nice to see a more in depth spidey, i say damn the fans in this one make it good and make it epic. look forward to marvels 2011 line up especially Captain America, saw the first 20 min at comicon i think you guys will do great with the next couple of films good luck.

Splinter on Jan 13, 2011


The background looks like shit! Is this even official? As for the suit... it looks the same to me. I don't know what to think about this reboot...

Rick on Jan 13, 2011


I dont like it, I feel like there making a tweeny spiderman for da cash

Cody W. on Jan 13, 2011


He looks just as gay as Toby does, could they not get someone who his a bit older and cooler?

David on Jan 13, 2011


Gay? that's not a valid criticism. Spidey is supposed to be young, and Garfield is a great actor.

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


Well, Xerxexx, when one hears "gay" as a criticism, what it really means is, "I really do not have a valid criticism, so I'm just going to be a homophobic @$$hole for the hell of it." And I dig the costume, so far at least. But it's only one image, so better to wait for more. I'm giving this film a chance. (I know, I goes against the standard rule of the 'Net, which is to bitch and moan and hurl insults without even seeing the completed film (or they always fall back on, "I know this is going to suck!!".)

Marc McKenzie on Jan 14, 2011


Peter Parker is suppose to look nerdy, or by far not 'cool' that is his character mate.

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


Don't hide your man love behind hate, David. It's ok. Also, aren't they taking Spiderman back to High School in this movie? How much older do you suggest he look to fit that role?!

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


uh its someone in highschool...would you rather a 30 year old play a highschooler ? Assface.

Chase on Jan 14, 2011


it looks like a costume someone would actually make. I waited after awhile of looking at the picture to come up with my opinion. it definitely intrigues me. "Don't knock it until you try it" is my motto this year for films. I'm gonna give films a chance this year. Can't wait to see more. At this point anything is better than Spiderman 3.

Joe on Jan 13, 2011


you think some kid could go home and slap this thing together with a needle & thread? uh.. looks more like some design we'd see on America's Next Top Model.

Nick S. on Jan 14, 2011



i have no name on Jan 13, 2011


I dig how the spider on his chest looks. It's not semetrical. Or maybe it is and I just can't see it the right way. Either way, this pic rocks and the backpack just adds to it.

Marc Walker on Jan 13, 2011


The dick like red, chest piece is a nice touch.

SmallWorld on Jan 14, 2011


i dig it! wonder who put that wicked 3 slash claw mark on his chest?

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


I loved the original costume, but this is something else and I'm favouring it highly! The detail is just superb. I just can't wait to see it whole with the mask and not to mention the future villains!

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


Andrew Garfield is gonna nail this role.

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


After The Social Network I was sold on this guy!

Mattias Nielsen on Jan 14, 2011


Where does a Teenager get the money to buy a snake skin spider outfit though ?

NeoSlyfer on Jan 14, 2011



Josh on Jan 14, 2011


Still undecided on this new costume, I think I have to see the mask too to judge it. This dude can definitely act so not worried about. It will be interesting to see the take of the director on the reboot ( i think i can say that ) version of this franchise. The first version well made i thought, however it never developed any other character other than the main hero spidy. By other character i am talking about the bad boys. In Spiderman 3 i think they got carried away with indulging too many bad boys. It will be better if they can have one main bad boy in the movie and carry him over to sequels while adding other bad boys as supporting character.

Bol18_2000 on Jan 14, 2011


I must say I'm impressed. Garfield is pretty talented. This however, is only one shot. They're def. going with a much darker take than the mcguire version. Still I think rebooting a series this soon is redundant no matter how it turns out.

Eli on Jan 14, 2011


well i can admit i was wrong about this guy he looks pretty cool but the costume is a little too much

pulp fiction 212 on Jan 14, 2011


your an idiot. This strays too far from the original costume and looks like a wet basketball

pfft on Jan 14, 2011


LOL it really does look like a wet basketball, makes me wonder if the Harlem globetrotters are gonna show up and bounce him around a bit.

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


Terrible costume. They went texture-happy.

Peter on Jan 14, 2011


Thank you! That was the first thing that came out of my mouth when i saw it. The silhouette of the shapes are nice but combined with the stupid amount of textures of the fabric, almost everything gets lost. But sadly, compared to the other costumes that Marvel has been putting out as of late, this is prob the best one. Cap being a close second. Overall, i think its ehh.

Nav on Jan 14, 2011


The Captain America suit at least has a military design behind it making it more applicable to the character. This just looks messy......

Thanos on Jan 14, 2011


Its…unique. Im not hating but I guess the didn't want it like tobey's. As the saying goes don't fix what's not broken.

????? on Jan 14, 2011


Where's Harry Osborn?

Mac306 on Jan 14, 2011


Vshtabnoy on Jan 14, 2011


It looks kind of like the Spawn suit with all the detail. Too much shit going on, and it isn't even the original design. What's with the spider emblem? EPIC FAIL.

Thanos on Jan 14, 2011


it's quite obvious that it has been slashed and burnt at some level..

Fan on Jan 14, 2011


The costume is lame. Get a clue. This is just one more nail in the coffin for me. I don't give a shit about high school Peter Parker anymore. It has been done to death, even in the comics. Pass.

Thanos on Jan 14, 2011


wait when has the highschool thing been done to death... the first movie spent 30 min of him in highschool then had him in college... grow the fuck up dickface.

Chase on Jan 14, 2011


Anyone out there notice he has web-shooters?

Last Son on Jan 14, 2011


oh shit he does! awesome and amazing.....awemazing

Everitos on Jan 14, 2011


either that or it might be something for the webs to shoot out of.

Chris on Jan 14, 2011


I've never heard anyone complain that the Batsuit wasn't grey and blue in any of the Batman movies. I think it's good to have a fresh take on the costume. Still much better than what they did to the X-Men.

Pete Park 03 on Jan 14, 2011


The costume sucks and so does the actors physique he much too lean to even pick up a card board box - Though I am not big fan of Tobey but he had a perfect physique to match the comic books

Teddy Jacob on Jan 14, 2011


Uh, no offense, Teddy, but when the comics first started out, Peter Parker was rather thin...just like Garfield is. Oh, and please get a better line of criticism besides "the costume sucks". Why? Can you do any better? It's just one picture, why not wait for more?

Marc McKenzie on Jan 14, 2011


Right, because lean people are clearly always weaklings, too, and 300 lbs men juggles semis in their past time. One of my best friends has about the same physique as Garfield, and he has been a successful karate teacher for years. He might be skinny, but he definitely can kick people's ass.

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


hey idiot pick up an issue of ultimate spiderman which is what this is based on an see how skinny he is... this is a high school kid remember...fuck head.

Chase on Jan 14, 2011


>>I'm glad they brought back the webshooters since I found it hard to believe that a person can logically spin that many webs from a body.<< As opposed to a person logically getting super-human strength, a "spider-sense" and the ability to "wall-crawl" (through textured fabric, no less) from a spider bite? Yeah...

Jake Chambers on Jan 14, 2011



John Doe on Jan 15, 2011


"Basketball Suit Spider-man" You heard it here first folks.

Thanos on Jan 14, 2011


jesus christ that dude is skinny and looks anal probed. Tobey's physique >>>>> this dude what's his name physique. Come on, this is the best they found? I cannot believe my eyes, this must be a joke.

RedGuy on Jan 14, 2011


i have mixed feelings about the costume. i'm reaaaallly diggin the arms. the new gloves look so... tribal... if you will. the little gold slits on the wrists for the web to come out from is also a realistic touch, especially since web cant just shoot through a glove... i woulda preferred the horizontal lines continue across the abs but i can deal. what bothers me is the lack of a red 'belt' going around the waist. the red belt prevented the spidey suit from looking like a unitard which, even though it was, looks silly in most all cases.

A123abceater on Jan 14, 2011


tobey did an awful job as spiderman and he's just a bad actor in general. I have high hopes for this new guy and i think the costume looks pretty awesome.

T Myc on Jan 14, 2011


WRONG! Tobey was a damn good Spider-Man. And fine actor too.

John Doe on Jan 15, 2011


Don't have too much issue with the costume, but I dont recall any comic where Spidey looked so lanky and skinny.

john s on Jan 14, 2011


he's a nerdy teenager, most are lanky.

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


Than you never read any of the original Spider-man comics. The whole premise was that Peter Parker was a skinny, 98 lb weakling. Constantly picked on my Flash Thompson in the comics. Even Spider-mans appearance was scrawny. The only other person to perhaps capture the right look for Spider-man may have been Mike Wieringo (R.I.P. pal). This guy really fits the bill MUCH better as far as the original Spider-man's appearance than Tobey McGuire ever did.

Nthfinite on Jan 25, 2011


This Custom is different and looks good. But Andrew Garfield working out in gym. Spiderman with this physic is horrible. Lets just hope for the best.

Aniruddha Chowkidar on Jan 14, 2011


Everyone one is comparing this picture to the comics.. You can do that!. The creators of this costume did their best. And hard to take a "cartoon" and make it real life like this. I think this is great. Cant wait for the movie. and im hoping they stay true to the comics and have webshooter.. It was alway epic seeing spidey fall for his life and the web only working when he swaps the cxcartrige.. Classic..

Franman2010 on Jan 14, 2011


Not too sure about this. Webshooters are cool though...

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2011


hmmmm... to reply to various peeps on this thread.... Ok so even mechanical webshooters are impossible....but the "organic" Raimi ones???....errr the only "real" place for them would be on his ass and he would hang that way!!! Next....the costume: I like although the fine line graphics make it look "dirty" like he has been rolling in oily stuff (compare with the "good" and "bad" superman costumes from whichever movie it was...the "bad" costume was simply the "good" one but dirtier). Next: Spiderman in skinny....just like spiders are skinny but can lift a huge amount proportional to their bodyweight. In fact (nerdy moment here) Reed Richards once said of Spider-Man "his strength far outstrips his physique" when the FF were analysing him. Lastly, Peter Parker is a high school kid and a geek and a social outcast...he NEEDS to be young and skinny! I thank you!

FOOM on Jan 14, 2011


More power to him, I loved him (no homo) in the social network. He is on the come up!

Gh on Jan 14, 2011


come on. drop that homophobic "no homo" shit!

ya'is on Jan 14, 2011


I hope this is after some battle. Not an awful design, but it looks almost alien in a way. . .

diggy 381 on Jan 14, 2011


I'm looking past the suit. It's not awful, it's not great. What I think is cool is the fact Andrew Garfield's physique is truly that of Peter Parker's physique as portrayed in the comics. With the backpack over his shoulder and his general look I can say this: This looks way more like Spiderman than Tobey Maguire. Tobey was good, but Andrew could be better.

Modern American Man on Jan 14, 2011


OK it sucks! what a mess!! sorry. I wasnt crazy about the over textured costume from the first 3 movies.Now its way over done.Like some crazy alien snake skin. how does poor highschooler peter parker afford this futuristic suit?

Maxalnutt on Jan 14, 2011


It's not 100% but it works. Not a fan of the "designed" gloves and sucks. Maguires version looked close enough to the comics -- to bad they are moving away from it. But I guess they have to offer something "new". Hopefully though the Power Rangers-esque design of the enemies from Raimis films are gone. And that "tv-series" kind of tone it had.

Ryderup on Jan 14, 2011


I think this is the best designed spider-man suit to date that stays true to the design from the comics. I can't wait to see what the mask looks like 🙂 This new spiderman movie may take more on the fantastical approach because Disney now owns our favorite webshooter but I think it will be enjoyable. I didn't like the Sam Raimi spiderman suit I mean I couldn't understand how spiderman moved around when it looked like he was covered in barbwires with those bright blue and red colors. This new suit looks more sensible and cool.

BinaryChaos on Jan 14, 2011


Oh great Spidy goes latex. I was hoping for something closer to what we see in kick ass. Something that looks like a 16 year old made it. Not something made by NASA.

mike on Jan 14, 2011


abso-friggingly-lutaly correct. we want that hand sewn suit look. he has proportionate strength of a spider not a spiders knitting high end designers suits capabilities...duhh!!!

Burak on Jan 25, 2011


I'd like to see the reboot go into the making of the suit. Not just here I am!

!5AAK on Jan 14, 2011


i think it sucks, i like tobey maguires better

suckonballzak on Jan 14, 2011


I agree with the webshooter comment. One of the problems spidey had to go through is his webshooters. Enchancing it against certain villains and other problems like jam etc. The previous depiction of spiderman was retarded imho. Sorry to say, that spiderman was not remotely accurate at all. Against sandman they could have featured spiderman's intellect to use water but they didn't, I have more faith in this upcoming one than i did for the previous sequels that came out.

Azgarath on Jan 14, 2011


it will suck nuff said! look like a wanna be of the good raimi's spider costume!

SPIDERMAN on Jan 15, 2011


Who the fuck is he suppose to be? The Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly? That doesn't look like Peter Fucker at all. I mean Parker.

Wee Boon Tang on Jan 15, 2011


Yuck! So the suit is different. Whoopee. The superhero makes the suit and to be honest for a reboot I was expecting more. Tobey McGuire was better.

Julie on Jan 15, 2011


Good call. I mean, I would say the same thing. You know, since we've seen the new movie and everything. How dumb to think that McGuire could be outmatched! Did you see him in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?! Oscar gold in my book! ...Julie, you're an idiot.

Theferd54 on Jan 18, 2011


Well, the picture had me interested up until I looked at the lower portion of it. I guess they were going with the Ben Reilly look, but it just doesn't work for me. and I thought they were going to make it look more like a home-made costume? That doesn't look home made. As a matter of fact, the original design looked more "home-made" than this one, and not even that one did. Well, I'll see the film, anyway. I can't imagine the new one being better than the first two Raimi films, though.

Magmafire10 on Jan 15, 2011


time to make another crappy movie trying to revamp the series gay

yas2 on Jan 15, 2011


There will be blood and something new!!

Polancodanny on Jan 16, 2011


i can't imagine a worst spiderman than the one that Tobey did.. in my opinion he made spiderman look like a pathetic and totally dumb loser. so depressing! Hope this reboot goes better..

Rdgoico on Jan 16, 2011


I am starting to get worried...

Ahmed Hozayen on Jan 16, 2011


Hmmm... Spiderman - sponsored by Goodyear!!

bozo on Jan 17, 2011


Wow! Cool! He look like the real Spider-Man. Tall, thin... and the costum is cool.

Ayuno on Jan 18, 2011


Better than the last emo ass Peter Parker ;P

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


costume is fine, but why are they re-booting this. Can't they just jump into a new universe like Ultimate spidermand without having us relive Uncle Ben's death? I mean, "the horror!"

Mjmatthewjohnstone on Jan 19, 2011


nice costume ....................i hope it will be faster

Jey'sun King Delacerna on Jan 19, 2011


based on mjmatthews comments, I agree, every movie like superman, batman, where they keep reliving what we already know, it sucks

Guesttt on Jan 19, 2011


I'll give it to Garfield if he has a bit of a mouth on him like Spiderman. I like the costume better, and it continues to look better over time. Looks like one of those special design wetsuits. Also Garfield is just cute enough to still pull off the nerd thing while being attractive. I wish they would change up the story a bit. I mean, I've heard all kinds of things as far as it going back to the beginning, to it going back to the start but in a different way. Certain things that have to happen (Uncle Ben) will be annoying to see played out again, but maybe they'll limit it to like a flashback, jump to his transformation, and then we'll skip to him in full Spiderman mode and get to what people would be going to see. Origin stories are good and necessary, but we already know it so get to the real story.

SapphireD910 on Jan 22, 2011


Like always he is going to run arouund the whole movie and never wear the mask!! Grrr he will wear the mask for like 5mins tops I betcha!!

Wezgraphixz on Jan 23, 2011


sweet costume cant wait for the new films!!!

Rastaman757 on Jan 23, 2011


the Spider-man costume is TOO ICONIC to alter. what the hell? Superman's costume stays classic and only gets the slightest of adjustments, but overall is the same. Spider-Mans should be afforded the same reverence. Bring back the not 'old' costume but THE COSTUME. There is only one REAL Spider-Man costume and the one they have looks like doo doo. It's passable, but compared to an iconic original: DOO DOO.

Newjimmy80 on Jan 26, 2011


I miss tobey already! how could they get someone else. boo! I hate when movies do this

Vegimom5 on Jan 26, 2011


Anyone else agree that they will NEVER find a better Spider-Man than Tobey Maguire?

Hermione Nicole on Feb 4, 2011


Doesn't it tick anyone else off that their stopping after the third one, to restart the franchise with a whole new cast? Moreso, isn't anyone else ticked off that it seems their going to run Spider-Man to the ground like they did with Superman and Batman and The Incredible Hulk? Regardless, I'm a true fan, so I'll go and watch the movie. But I agree with Hermione. They won't get a better Spider-Man than Tobey Maguire. They can try... But it's an almost guaranteed fail.. Kudos to the kid for trying though. I have no hard feelings against him or anything.

Katelyn Cullen on Feb 4, 2011


Its looks like the suit was melted by some intense heat which doesn't make much sence if he's fighting the lizard. unless he's going into a burning building or fighting electro... still this new spiderman reboot has me nervous.

westjoe64 on Feb 6, 2011


he looks well skinny oh and i like the design near the wrists 😀

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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