First Real Teaser Poster for Universal's 'The Thing' Prequel Unearthed

July 11, 2011

The Thing Prequel Teaser Poster

It's Not Human… Universal has finally unveiled the first official teaser poster for The Thing prequel, starring Joel Edgerton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. This is clearly just a teaser poster, following the first look photos from last year, because all we get is the text logo and a glimpse at some imagery - something a little inhuman. After delaying the release for almost an entire year, Universal now has this scheduled for October 14th this fall. So is this early look at the teaser a hint that we might see something like a trailer at Comic-Con next week? We can only hope, as I'm still excited to actually see one.

The Thing Poster

The Thing is directed by Dutch filmmaker Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. It's set at another Antarctica research site that's invaded by an "alien life form" (the same one from John Carpenter's 1978 film, as this is a direct prequel). The discovery of an alien craft brings in graduate student Kate Lloyd (Winstead) who partners with Sam Carter (Edgerton), a helicopter pilot, to hunt down this alien. "[They've made a film] that takes place in the same reality as Carpenter's: a place where the people on screen are real and the way they react to an alien entity is the same way you’d react if you were there in their situation." Stay tuned for more!

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This poster is really great. I hope the rest of the marketing is this good

Dan W on Jul 12, 2011



Marqwest on Jul 12, 2011


Like the poster. Some subtle work there with hands. Hope it lives up. 

Christopher Goudos on Jul 12, 2011


looks good...hopefully its not a good poster for a bad movie.

Xerxexx on Jul 12, 2011


Amen brother

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


Agreed, Xerxexx.  Let's hope for the best... BTW, have you seen X-MEN: FIRST CLASS yet?

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


i always think your picture is of Leonardo's head from TMNT

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


Hah hah!  Well, not's a Scopedog from the classic anime ARMORED TROOPER VOTOMS (but not many know of it, sadly...).

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


Ah Doom, I had mentioned that too, glad it isn't just me that has turtle power fever!

Crapola on Jul 12, 2011


Beware of...THE HAND!!!!!!!!! 😛

Sean Kelly on Jul 12, 2011


they should never do a remake of the original, one of the best horrors

andrew on Jul 12, 2011


but Andrew, Carpenter's THing was also a remake...

jah p on Jul 12, 2011


That is incorrect, Carpenter's Thing was not a remake, but another take on the short story "Who Goes There" that spawned the 50s and 80s versions

Tester on Jul 12, 2011


Apparently it's not a remake, but a Prequel (yes, they've got a bad rep thanks to Lucas) about the Norwegian crew seen at the beginning of the amazing original

Bogart on Jul 12, 2011


You mean the amazing _remake_ of the original....? But while prequels have gotten a bad rep...I'm hoping that this one will be good. Poster looks cool too.

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


ur a noob

Stevenresendez on Oct 14, 2011


Poster looks good...and just to play devil's advocate, but IF they did remake Carpenter's '82 film, would that be so wrong since that film is a remake of the Howard Hawks film?

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


82 version was not a remake !!!!  And this version is a prequel to the 82 version

Tester on Jul 12, 2011


Yeah I know this is a prequel but how wasn't the '82 version a remake? Carpenter said how much he loved Howard Hawks' version and wanted to make a version that stayed more faithful to the source material but it is a remake..even the opening title with the burning letters was taken from Hawks' version

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


it is a prequel... John Carppenter even uses the old one in the movie Halloween (1) only the original was called "The Thing From Another World"

Said on Jul 12, 2011


John Carpenter's The Thing was released in 1982, not 1978.

Joshua on Jul 12, 2011


The second version is unimpeachable and shouldn't be remade. If people are so hyped on working w/ this story, go back to the source material, Who Goes There?, and do something w/ that.

Cre2done on Jul 12, 2011


It's not a remake of Carpenter's film, Cre2.  It's a prequel.  And don't forget--Carpenter's film is a justified classic (and seen that way today), but when it was released in 1982, the critics mauled it and it failed at the box office. 

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


I'm confused. D: "It's not human. yet" Does that mean the Thing becomes a human? Note that I have not seen any of The Thing movies. Please enlighten me.

Mr. Foe on Jul 12, 2011


It's more that it imitates humans (or any life-form it comes into contact with.).  Want to know more?  The best thing to do would be to see the 1982 Carpenter film, or seek out the classic story it was based on, "Who Goes There?" by John W. Campbell.

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


Dude. That's actually pretty interesting. I'm definitely down to watch it.

Mr. Foe on Jul 12, 2011


theres also this comic of vemon (yeah the spider man villain) that is like the movie... just saying but yeah what Scopedog said, cause i really cant explain it 

Said on Jul 12, 2011


i predict token characters and lots of bad CGI

happy camper on Jul 12, 2011


Nope, prediction will be wrong.  If you weren't so quick to judge and be cynical, you would have found out that the filmmakers are using a hell of a lot of practical effects and animatronics (courtesy of Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis) and only using CGI when absolutely necessary. Just saying....

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


Scopedog, although I agree and hope for the best, I have heard it all before

Tester on Jul 12, 2011

31 about, "Have a little faith?" I know, I've "heard it all before" too, but I find that I'm usually very wrong, thankfully.  Because the only way to really see if a movie works or not is to see it with an open mind and without the mental checklist that people seem to bring into movies nowadays. Maybe it's a bit naive on my part, but....that's just me, I guess.

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


They have sat on the release of this film for soooo long which makes me nervous. I am going to see this nevertheless, but my expectations will be low.

Dirty Dutchman on Jul 12, 2011

33 least you're keeping your expectations in check.  But, think about this--yes, they delayed the release, but that might also give them  time to do more work on the film--say editing and tweaking the VFX--so who knows? While I am also itching to see this thing (no pun intended), I'm trying to keep my own expectations in check, too.

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


Thought Sam worthington was attatched to this.

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


This film is pointless and not needed. The Norwegian part of the Carpenter film served as nothing more than a back-story; something to strengthen the main narrative and give the antagonist a solid threat - it happened once and it'll happen again. When back-stories become main narratives, the whole process fails. And why is it that Hollywood feels the need to 'explain' everything? Do audiences really need all speculation and mystery completely shot down?

Kurt Russell's Frozen Beard on Jul 12, 2011


Good point--and Carpenter's film was using the "right monster", since it's closer to the creature in "Who Goes There?".  And why are people calling this a remake?  It isn't!  And if it gets people to watch Carpenter's classic film, so much the better.  There are a helluva lot of people who have not seen this film, and let's not forget, it was a critical and commercial flop when it was released! Thankfully, the passage of time has proven the critics wrong, and it is seen for the amazing film that it was (and still is!).

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


Couldnt agree more with Scopedog, one of the best Horror movies every made, almost to perfection !!

Tester on Jul 12, 2011


If you are interested, Tester, you should hunt down the "sequel" comics to the film that Dark Horse put out in the 1990s.  They are quite good--at least I thought so--and focus on McCready (well....the third series had its flaws, but...). And then there's the videogame sequel--now that was very good (especially when you do the blood tests)....

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


I really really cant wait for this film. Glad they didnt just do a remake or whats that pishy, horrible and annoying term they use... RE-FUCKIN-BOOT. Anyhoo Carpenters The THING is the best ever Horror Sci-fi film to date, even tho when i first watched it at the age of 8yrs old it scared me so much i didnt trust any of my family of two weeks as well as it put me of eating green tagliatelle when the dude head starts to strech off and ya hear the vocal cords going up the pith whith each strech..... Nice :o)

LV 426 on Jul 12, 2011


so now 5 and a half months is almost an entire year???

Nemkes on Jul 12, 2011


Please god dont let Hollywood ass rape me with this like they did to my beloved Wolfman!

Ivorbigun! on Jul 12, 2011


Yeesh!  @$$-rape?  Nah, that's a little too harsh--hell, think about it--did the remake of THE WOLFMAN cause the original to just vanish?  Nope.  It's still there. This prequel (not a remake, like Carpenter's excellent film was) could suck.  Or it could be a damned fine film that fits perfectly with the events of the JC film.  But either's not as if the Carpenter film is going to disappear.  I can bet you that there will be a renewed interest in the 1982 film as this prequel's release date gets closer. And frankly, I think that's a good thing--no pun intended.  While JC's movie is one of my favorite films....a lot of people still have not seen it.  If this new film encourages them to go and check it out, isn't that better?

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


I love the Thing like a father. It taught me so many things. I'm optimistic for this prequel, but just calling it the Thing is absolutely retarded. Am I the only one who was hoping that when it got delayed it would come back retitled "Who Goes There?"

Buttass on Jul 12, 2011


Hmmmm....would be nice to use the original title, but.... I guess they felt that "Who Goes There?" might confuse people.  I really do not know why they stuck with "The Thing"; none of us were at the meetings for marketing this film. I'm just hoping for a good movie, bad title or not.

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


I loved the feel of how you. Couldn't trust anyone. The blood test scene and using tie defibulator was classic

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


In some respects the '82 film could be considered a sequel to the original considering it was implied that a first team discovered it in the ice and was terrorized by it then it ran away to the new team. A huge stretch I know but, but if that was the case then that would make the film thats being made right now a technical remake of the original

Armeetapus16 on Jul 12, 2011


Scopedog, will you reply to every comment on this topic?

Scopedog on Jul 12, 2011


Nope...but right now, it feels like I'm talking to myself....hmmm.....

Anonymous on Jul 12, 2011


Hey Alex, the original "The Thing" came out in 1982. Not 1978. You're thinking of Carpenter's Halloween which came out in '78.

Jon A. on Jul 12, 2011


 my favorite scene just like everyone else is the blood test scene, but the thing that i love most about this movie is the suspense, unlike movies now where there has to be an explosion every 2 secs is lame compared to this, "The Thing"       wouldn't reveal it's self to the public, it would wait and infect each one at a time slowly, there for you didnt know who was infected and you couldnt split into teams of two cause you figured the other guy would be infected, like Nuals thought McCready was infected

Said on Jul 12, 2011


Majorly looking forward to this.

Johnny Neat on Jul 13, 2011


Ok 1. Who Goes There. original short story by John W. Campbell and Published in 1938 (this is where all the "Things" came from), 2. In 1951  "The Thing from Another World" was made by (various sources say different things about who wrote and directed) Howard Hawks,Christian Nyby and Charles Lederer  They took the original story and changed it for there audiance ie; the thing in the book could copy anything it could get ahold of and also read minds where the first movies thing was a vegetable that lived off blood.) In this version they are at NORTH pole and they find the spaceship and dig it up 3.1982 John Carpenters Thing (you all are familiar) He took it back to the original story with the shape shifting alien (leaving out the reading minds) He took it back to the SOUTH pole and he added his own twist by having his characters NOT even find the ship or alien themselves. guess who did? thaaaats right, the Norwegians did. which you only see fragments of what happened 4. 2011  the new film shows ALL of what happens to the norwegians (prequel) plenty of room for story telling. I am hoping that we split the ending with the two norwegians (who will only speak norwegian and be the mechanics,one of course who can fly a helicopter and high ons like palmer and childs) going off after the dog and the chick and the helicopter pilot chasing another thing into the ship.

Mirgitroyd on Jul 25, 2011


Prequel to Carpenters film I mean

Mirgitroyd on Jul 26, 2011

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