First Spoilery Trailer for 'The Double' with Richard Gere, Topher Grace

August 31, 2011
Source: Apple

The Double Trailer

"It's Cassius, he's back. The official trailer for The Double, a taut espionage thriller, has debuted on Apple, but I don't suggest watching it unless you want the movie ruined. The Double stars Richard Gere and Topher Grace as two FBI agents who go on the hunt for a legendary Soviet assassin named Cassius who is presumed to be dead, but "they discover he may not be the person they always thought him to be." The cast includes Martin Sheen, Stephen Moyer and Odette Yustman. Sadly, the trailer reveals, in plain sight, the big twist in this, so if you don't want to know, stay away. Otherwise, this doesn't seem half bad.

Watch the official trailer for Michael Brandt's The Double, originally from Apple:

You can also download The Double official trailer in High Definition on Apple

The mysterious murder of a senator bearing a distinctive trademark of Soviet assassin "Cassius" forces Paul Shepherdson, a retired CIA operative, to team with rookie FBI agent, Ben Geary, to solve the crime.

The Double is the directorial debut of Michael Brandt, a screenwriter and Baylor University graduate. The screenplay was written by Brandt & Derek Haas, the writing duo behind 2 Fast 2 Furious, 3:10 to Yuma and Wanted. This didn't hit any film festivals, but is being released by Image Entertainment quickly this fall. The Double is set to arrive in limited theaters beginning September 23rd next month. Anyone interested?

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I wonder how Topher Grace keeps getting these serious roles. I just think he can`t handle them and he ruins the movies. 

Loser on Aug 31, 2011


Eh, I see where you're coming from; I'll always see Eric Foreman myself. But, personally I have a much harder time buying Richard Gere as a ruthless "killing machine" or a badass in general than believing Topher Grace to be a young, ambitious FBI newbie.  Richard Gere looks like a tired, old dog. Instead of making me go "Ooh, here he comes to kick some ass!" he just makes me sad. 

Anonymous on Aug 31, 2011


They should have left the surprise twist for those who watch the film. Nearly the entire movie seems to be shown in this trailer.

Whitney Holden on Aug 31, 2011


I remember everyone saying the same shit about The Perfect Host, and what they showed in the trailer wasn't the twist. Everyone claims the twist in the trailer is a huge giveaway and they're usually wrong. 

WMDimes on Aug 31, 2011


Bingo!  I've seen movies/shows do this and its completely a different take than the trailer.  I so watching regardless. 🙂

Krystina Mae on Sep 3, 2011


well that's cause people who think they give it away in the trailers are usually gullible.

Sedna on Sep 13, 2011


Love  Odette Yustman, very attractive and sexy.

Merson on Aug 31, 2011


Will any gerbils get screen credit?

kamish on Aug 31, 2011


I always thought they were hamsters, but gerbils are fine too.

Crapola on Aug 31, 2011


I agree Whitnet would've been a nice plot twist. I feel like I just saw the whole movie.

ZzFDKzZ on Aug 31, 2011


I guess it doesn't matter if the twist in the trailer was the ultimate twist in the film, because what counts is what the viewer makes of it. And if you think you've just seen the whole movie, so there's no point in watching it on the big screen in its full length, than I think the trailer missed its mark. Now, if that _is_ the twist, who on earth let the name Cassius pass?

Anonymous on Aug 31, 2011


I'm hoping (unless the producers are completely stupid) that there's really a second twist. I think the fact that they showed off this twist only 2/3 into the trailer means that this discovery will be made early in the movie as well, unless the last 1/3 means it's all footage from the last 15 minutes of the movie.

Justintino on Aug 31, 2011


Is that a trailer or the all movie plot in 2min? Lets "hope" nothing is as it seems! 🙂

Alfredo Cuanda on Aug 31, 2011


The twist is probably that Richard Gere is not Cassius, but that Cassius had plastic surgery after surviving Richard Gere's attack, and made himself look like Gere. Hence the title, "The Double," which doesn't seem to describe anything shown in the trailer. This also explains why the film makers were so open about throwing Gere out there as being Cassius from the very first trailer.

Ben Roth on Aug 31, 2011


Like I said nothing is as it seems! 🙂 ... I like twists and double twists 🙂

Alfredo Cuanda on Aug 31, 2011


Billington, I like your website with the stories and trailers you provide but your opinions on films are often dumbwitted and predictible. So "chill Winston", and wait to see the actual film before getting your chubby fingers dirty with details in which you have not even seen yet.

GammaJam on Aug 31, 2011


I reckon, he has done a face transplant and copied himself in a giant photocopier after coming back from the dead

Crapola on Aug 31, 2011


This did reveal too much, I guess, but anyone who has seen quite a few movies could have seen it coming. It's not like most of us would have been fooled, anyway...

Anonymous on Aug 31, 2011


Come on, people.  Audiences are smart and filmmakers know that.  No way this is a twist.  In fact the movie is about a spy who's after himself.  So how is what they reveal here a twist?  I'm sure it's revealed early and provides part of the tension.

BW on Aug 31, 2011


"Get back in the car and shut up!" - Topher got told

Conrad Williams on Aug 31, 2011


I was disappointed with the trailer and thought maybe they should be honest and mention that this film is inspired by the Kevin Costner film "No Where To Run".

Dirty Dutchman on Sep 1, 2011



Anonymous on Sep 2, 2011


They just gave away the whole GIANT TWIST!! What the hell?

Theoct8pus on Sep 3, 2011


They just gave away the whole GIANT TWIST!! What the hell?

Theoct8pus on Sep 3, 2011


That isn't the twist. It is the premise. You can't call a movie "The Double" and then try to pretend there isn't an identity issue.

bladerunner on Oct 26, 2011

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