First Tidbits of 'The Dark Knight Rises' Viral Found in a CIA Bulletin?

December 7, 2011
Source: SHH, Wired

CIA Bulleting - Viral?

Alert! Dr. Leonid Pavel is wanted by the CIA, he went missing after working at a Russian nuclear facility, but has re-appeared recently and is a "high priority." So what do we have here? Wired (via SuperHeroHype) is claiming to have some interesting Central Intelligence Agency documents, a bulletin to be exact, that are part of the very first pieces, tidbits so to say, of a viral for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, which has had threads of a viral before but not much. On top of that, Empire has posted another memo, a transcript of an interview, that also somehow connects in with everything. So what does it all mean, Basil?

Here's the first CIA document showing Dr. Leonid Pavel, apparently a photo of actor Alon Abutbul, and a lot of info about him and how he's wanted, with plenty of it redacted. How it all connects, no one knows yet, as even Wired says "why the spooks want to find him is a mystery, even to us." What is there to find in here?

The Dark Knight Rises CIA Bulletin

Here's the second interview document as posted by Empire, that also features a lot of redacted lines, too:

The Dark Knight Rises CIA Bulletin

Now the really weird thing is that both Wired and Empire don't even mention The Dark Knight Rises at all, it was only SHH/CS that put it all together and said that's what this is for. So is that what this is for? How does it connect and what does it have to do with anything? Wired actually specifically mentions this was "provided… to provide you with an enigmatic plot clue to an upcoming cultural event." Is there an event to attend coming up, or is it just the IMAX prologue teaser, hitting some IMAX theaters with Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. Only time will tell unless someone figures out there's actual clues hidden within these images. Maybe it's the connection between everything. Anyone know? We'll add any updates below.

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this is Pre-Prologue Background information. The prologue will have Dr. Leonid Pavel being transported by US Forces via C130 Hercules...Bane and his militia will infiltrate the military plane and kidnap Pavel. 

HarveyDentAct on Dec 7, 2011


^this guy is gold^

Jericho on Dec 7, 2011


The man in the photo is Alon Aboutdoul (the actor that was cast as the "mad scientist") he plays a nuclear physicist who is responsible for the weapon that Bane has been transporting around Gotham....he is the hostage that Bane brought out at Heinz field. 

VVS on Dec 7, 2011


Some good theories here. Dr Strange? Scientist that created venom which turned Bane into..well..Bane?

KWAPT on Dec 7, 2011


Yeah...but there is no venum, titan or whatever you want to call it, in this movie as far as it looks. Bane doesn't have any tubes coming out of his head like usual to keep the stuff flowing, plus Nolan basically said that he's just a really brutal fighter in this movie. And this can't be Hugo Strange because well, his name is Dr. Hugo Strange, not Dr. Leonid Pavel.

BATMAN on Dec 7, 2011


it could be a cover anyone here who doesn't post real names on this site....

Jericho on Dec 7, 2011


There's no Doctor Strange in the movie. The character is Leonid Pavel, a Russian nuclear physicist...does that sound like Hugo Strange to you?

VVS on Dec 7, 2011


Actually, There ARE tubes going OVER THE TOP of Banes head. You need to see the whole mask layout to see them. they are VERY THIN and enter the mask from behind. They are supposed to be delivering a constant supply of anesthetic as Nolans version of Bane is in constant pain (possibly from the enhancements? I don't know for sure). The character has undergone A LOT of surgery as you see a massive scar running down his spine, and the anesthetic stops him from feeling this pain. Get your facts right 'BATMAN'. 

Ultim8 on Dec 7, 2011


so there still is hope that Robin Williams MIGHT be in this one...., oh I hope I hope

Guest name here please on Dec 7, 2011


YAWN! i couldn't be arsed to read it not excited for this film at all.

the amazing spider-man on Dec 8, 2011


You are either stupid, insane, or both, sir.

Merc on Dec 8, 2011


what i'm stupid or insane because i'm not excited for 8th batman film since the 1966 or the 7th since 1989.bane looks shit & catwoman doesn't look much better.batman begins & the dark knight are good films but that is all,this one looks the worse of the nolan trilogy.

the amazing spider-man on Dec 8, 2011


so how was SpiderMan 3 for ya jerk off?  Do we really need to see Peter Parker get bit by a spider again?  Marvel sucks and always has!!!!!  Good luck opening against Nolan and this awesome Bat Trilogy.  Will Spidey have cartridges for webbing or will come out of his wrists like those gay ass Tobey McGuire films?  Get a clue before you down the Dark Knight and Nolan. How can you judge a film by still pics and posters.  You ARE an IDIOT!!!!!!  Spiderman vs Batman? Not a contest, Batman in a 1st round TKO!!!!!

Coachvic23 on Dec 15, 2011


Cool!  😀

Deepak T on Dec 8, 2011


Isn't Dr Strange Marvel an not DC?

Horseflesh on Dec 8, 2011


Yes and No.  It is Dr. Hugo Strange (who has been around longer) a Arkham shrink who is fasinated by the Batman and wants to find out more about him by plotting traps and such to capture him.  Dr. Strange from gay ass Marvel is a magician and sorcerer.  Who copied who?

Coachvic23 on Dec 15, 2011


Horseflesh - no Dr. Strange is  Gotham's and DC's go to man for arcane experiments Shame Pavel isn't Strange (or, as with Dent in TDK, perhaps he'll become/reveal himself to be Strange)Bane is starting to seem a worthy successor to Ledger's Joker.This may be controversial but to keep Ledger's Joker in the series (which as a villain is impossible to supersede) the persona could have been treated like a mask. Nolan could have had a different character emulating Ledger's Joker to keep "the game" going. Batman could have tried to decipher who is the "new" Joker and whether he is the same or not...Could have tied into the Joker's idea that everyone is corruptible...but  Nolan has proven he is a masterclass comicbook film storyteller, so this one should be excellent.I'm interested to see if the militia who collude with *Bane* will wreck havoc on Gotham as well

Rictus on Dec 9, 2011


This is going to be a great film to all you fanboys out there in your Mom's basement.  Nolan uses realistic villians meaning, no Penguin, no Riddler, no Mr. Freeze and no Poison Ivy.  thank god for Nolan.  Bane is a great villian and has a rich history in the comic books not like "MONKEY WORK" Bane from....dare I say....the Schumacher films.  If Shumacher kept making films we might have seen the Bookworm or Egghead in the next Bat-nipple movies.

Coachvic23 on Dec 15, 2011


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