First Two 'Men in Black 3' Teaser Posters Found + New Website URL

November 28, 2011
Source: Collider

Men in Black 3 Posters

Take a good look. Found in the wild at theaters this weekend were two teaser posters for Men in Black 3, directed again by Barry Sonnenfeld. There's one for Will Smith, returning as Agent J, and one for Tommy Lee Jones, returning as Agent K. The faces for each are made up of hundreds of tiny MIB3 logos of varying levels of darkness, and there's even a "hidden" URL. Our friends at Collider snapped a shot of Agent K, as neither of these have officially hit the web yet, and our reader "Guts Spill" from New Jersey sent us the shot of Agent J, both seen below. Plus there's a new website, at least a URL, hidden in the logos. Can you find it?

So here's the two MIB3 teaser posters seen so far. We don't have high res versions just yet as they were only found in theaters, but I expect they'll show up online soon. Once they do, we'll update these images and replace them with the official high def versions. Thanks again to Collider for getting the shot of the Tommy Lee Jones one on the right. I'm wondering when we'll see Josh Brolin or Alice Eve? In HD via ComingSoon:

Men in Black 3 Poster - Agent J  Men in Black 3 Poster - Agent K

Men in Black 3 Poster Website

So in that final image above, which was made and posted by MovieViral, you can clearly see there's a new website at If we split it up, it reads The Men in Black Suits Are Real, which actually sounds like an awesome start of a viral campaign. (Maybe there really is some MIB as part of our government despite the White House's denial?) It could be fun. But, unfortunately, when you go to that URL all it does it forward to a Facebook page for The Men In The Black Suits Are Real blog. So it's likely just some boring Facebook game that's immediately related to the movie? Well that's just a little lame.

At least it has a somewhat cool logo (as seen below), and some blog post about a guy claiming, almost like District 9, that this is all real. "I've uncovered that there's these Men in Black suits who monitor and police alien activity on earth. Up until now no one believes me, so I'm on a mission to prove that they're real and that's why I started this Facebook page." I really don't think this is going to help much, but he can try.

Men in Black Suits

Men in Black III is once again directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, also of the first two. This newest sequel is said to be set mostly in the year 1969 and involves Agent J (Will Smith) time-traveling back to that year, where he meets up with a young Agent K (Josh Brolin) for some plot involving, most likely, our landing on the Moon. The cast also includes Emma Thompson as Agent Oh, Alice Eve as a young Oh, Bill Hader, Jemaine Clement, Rip Torn and Michael Stuhlbarg. It was shot in 3D and Columbia currently has it scheduled to hit theaters starting on May 25th next summer, so we'll keep you updated from here. Hope we see more soon!

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Since these posters appear to imply that Will Smith is starring alongside Donald Trump wearing raybans, color me excited. 

Lebowski on Nov 27, 2011


Whens a Teaser Trailer Arriving? 

WhosTheMorley on Nov 27, 2011


I agree. we see trailers for movies that won't come out for year or more, but this movie is scheduled to come out May 25th, so soon. Heck, TDKR and The Amazing Spiderman come out a month or two after MIB3, and they already have trailers out!

JBrotsis on Nov 27, 2011


I bet they're gonna sneak it in there with Tintin or The Darkest Hour.

BugEyes126 on Nov 28, 2011


More like "teasers" instead of full-blown trailers...but you've got a point there.

Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011


Those posters give me a headache.

Sean Kelly on Nov 27, 2011


when josh brolin is playing a "younger" agent to Will smith there is something wrong isn't it? 

Viral Vora on Nov 28, 2011


agent k is not will smith...

rockkicker on Nov 28, 2011


my god, you are stupid

reeft on Nov 28, 2011


Fact check: It actually was shot in 2D and will be converted in post.

Stereo on Nov 28, 2011


if that's true, that spot with will smith from earlier this (or last?) year about "making 3D look good" will be comedy gold.

reeft on Nov 28, 2011


Well, he made those MIB shades look good.... (Sorry...too tempting to pass up)

Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011


awesome posters seriously, cannot wait

A5J4DX on Nov 28, 2011


These viral things are getting so lame. At least try to hide the fact that this is a movie promotion tool. Directly on that facebook page is a link to the official Sony Men in Black website. I'm not saying that anyone actually thinks these viral campaigns are real, but it's fun to suspend belief and get caught up in it. 

Anonymous on Nov 28, 2011


What an awful teaser poster. That's how you should never do a poster. 

Guesttt on Nov 29, 2011


Then what's the "right" way?  Just curious, mind you.

Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011

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