Fox Signs Andy Serkis for 'Apes' Sequel and Will Push for Oscar Nod

November 3, 2011
Source: Deadline

Caesar / Andy Serkis

While news of a sequel following the success of Rise of the Planet of the Apes back in August has already been circling, one deal needed to be closed in order to make sure that one particular element that made the prequel so engaging would return. Deadline reports Fox has just closed a big seven-figure deal with motion capture master Andy Serkis, who played the lead role of the super-intelligent and advanced ape turned revolutionary Caesar, to reprise his role for a sequel. This makes him the first talent outside of Rupert Wyatt (who's original contract had a sequel option) to be signed for the film, and that's a big deal.

Clearly Fox knows that it's Andy Serkis that made people root for Caesar as he began the revolution that will eventually take over planet Earth, and locking down Serkis before even thinking about bringing back other co-stars like James Franco and Freida Pinto (who may or may not return depending on the storyline of the sequel ) shows just how valuable the motion capture peformer is to this franchise. In fact, Fox knows this so well that the studio has officially decided to craft an Oscar campaign for Serkis to get his due diligence with an Academy Award nomination. Likely a push will be made for a Best Actor nomination, and if you think that's silly, then you're sorely mistaken.

Many people thought Serkis deserved it for his work as Gollum in Lord of the Rings, but Academy members have been uncertain how to approach performances presented through motion capture. But if you've seen Serkis' work then you know he pours his heart and soul into every character from Gollum to apes like King Kong and Caesar. Serkis puts just as much emotion and work into his performance as any actor who's face and body are actually seen on screen, and he deserves to recognized along with the rest of his worthy colleagues. As long as there's not more than four other worthy performances, I hope the Academy is willing to see that Serkis is deserving of a nomination for Best Actor. What do you think?

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old news

Pompy on Nov 3, 2011


About time!(Oscar Nod, that is)

Nick Sears on Nov 3, 2011


damn straight, Nick, a nomination would be long overdue. watching Lord of the Rings, did your emotions get pulled and affected by Frodo's emotional journey? hell no. Gollum's tortuous personality was riveting stuff. in King Kong, did you care about Jack Black's story arc? no, you just kept wondering what the ape was thinking and how he felt. which character held your interest the most in ROTPOTA? and that's before you even mention his better non mo-cap roles. about. damn. time.

Anonymous on Nov 3, 2011


I couldn't be happier!!! Andy your the man good luck!!! My

Jeffrey on Nov 3, 2011


I hope he gets the win 😀 Well deserved if he does

Chris Amaya on Nov 3, 2011


So happy that he's getting recognized for his incredible talent! 😀

Anonymous on Nov 3, 2011


not win he will (Yoda)

der F. on Nov 3, 2011


... I don't care about the Oscars (fake awards after all) but Andy Serkis certainly deserves recognition. 

Yahzee on Nov 3, 2011


Will never happen, but Serkis is great.

happy camper on Nov 3, 2011


a lot of animators will be very sad to hear this news

Dom on Nov 3, 2011


well if colin firth can get an oscar for ta ta ta talking 

Anon on Nov 3, 2011


He better not hold his breath

Posthuman on Nov 4, 2011


I hope they push for oscar consideration on the film as a whole, not just Serkis' performance or the special effects, sound fx etc. It may not be likely to WIN for best picture but it definitely deserves to be nominated for best picture. I thought this was the one of the best films of the year so far (along with The Help).

George Caltsoudas on Nov 4, 2011


Andy Serkis wont get it because the Academy considers it animation. This was the explanation applied to his past performances as well the actors from Avatar.

Michael Johnson on Nov 5, 2011

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