Full International Trailer for 'Journey 2: The Mysterious Island' Sequel

November 25, 2011
Source: YouTube

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

"I am going to show you something that will take your breath away." As there aren't any other new trailers to watch this weekend, here's the latest international trailer for New Line's Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, the 3D sequel to the cheesy CGI adventure movie Journey to the Center of the Earth. We already got an official teaser trailer for this a few weeks ago, but this new trailer is much more serious and intense, there's not a lick of comedy in it (thankfully). Journey 2 stars Josh Hutcherson, Dwayne Johnson, Vanessa Hudgens, Luis Guzmán and Michael Caine as "grandpa!" If you're interested, view it below.

Watch a new international trailer for Brad Peyton's Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, via YouTube:

Young adventurer Sean receives a distress signal from a mysterious island where no island should exist — a place of strange life forms, mountains of gold, deadly volcanoes, and more than one astonishing secret.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is directed by newcomer Brad Peyton, of WB's Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore previously. The screenplay is by cousins Brian Gunn & Mark Gunn, of "2gether: The Series", Gayosity and "PG Porn" episodes previously. This was shot partially in Hawaii. New Line/Warner Bros will be bringing Journey 2: The Mysterious Island to theaters in 3D everywhere on February 10th next year.

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Saw another full length trailer for this today in front of The Muppets, and it did have a number of comedic gags in it, so the movie definitely has that element too.

Me on Nov 25, 2011


I know, of course, I'm just mentioning that this particular trailer has no comedy in it. They barely even show Luis Guzmán - and he's the big comedic relief.

Alex Billington on Nov 25, 2011


I wasn't implying anything about you or your knowledge of such things, just commenting for the benefit of other viewers who might not know, and due to your comment in the article here which could easily be construed as saying that there's no comedy in this film. A bit sensitive, are we?

Me on Nov 26, 2011


Nah, just a lot of commenters like to call me out on things like this, just clarifying what exactly I meant in the post as well. 🙂

Alex Billington on Nov 26, 2011


Spaceship at 1.38? I knew the people from Atlantis were aliens, this is gunna be extra awesomes. I also like that it appears to be completely destroyed by the end, even better.

Crapola on Nov 25, 2011


The Rock and those T-shirts. I think they're in his clause for each of his movies. lol

Big Boss on Nov 25, 2011



John on Nov 30, 2011


If this doesn't win an Oscar for Best Picture, there is no god.

001211 on Nov 25, 2011


You might wanna rethink your religion... coz this shit isn't getting jack. And I say that with all the niceness in the world.

Heddwyn on Dec 3, 2011


Does anyone else smell what The Rock is cookin'?  'Cause I smell a big steamy pile o' crap.

Jphodges on Nov 25, 2011


the first "journey" was one of the worst movies i've ever had the misfortune to see........i'm not expecting much from this.

Anonymous on Nov 25, 2011


Sometimes I wish I could sit in the pitch room for films like these. Especially when they're sequels to less than moderately successful originals. The moment someone yells "Stop right there...You struck oil! Green light this MOFO!" I would pour them a drink and discuss their soon to be extended future working for PBS kids. Also, has anyone seen the Rock's Pee-pee? Oh, yeah...There it is. Right behind the Fu-Fu. 

Quanah on Nov 25, 2011


The first "Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D" with Brendan Frasier was the ONLY 3D movie I've seen since then (Avatar included) that actually utilized 3D effectively.  That's right, I thought the 3D in that movie, before the new 3D cameras Cameron made, was better than all the other 3D movies made afterwards.  It may have been because the movie knew it was do or die by 3D, so it tried to include as much "pop out of screen" moments as possible just for entertainment, even if it was mostly childish entertainment.  That said, I enjoyed that movie, and would never watch it in 2D.  Just looking at the commercials and clips from it in 2D, freakin terrible.  The graphics and cinematography were obviously meant to be seen only in 3D, and that's the way 3D films should be IMO, fantastic in 3D, suckass in 2D.  Trying to mediate between the two just doesn't cut it for me (like with most movies nowadays; mine as well watch them in 2D). As for this movie, well, I won't know until I see it.  I'll probably shell out the bucks for a 3D viewing, but only because it's a sequel to the only movie I've seen with good 3D, and this one looks promising with a good 3D time as well.  These are the kinds of movies you watch less for the substance and more for the style.  Hope it doesn't disappoint. And what the hell happened to Brendan Frasier?

Gex on Nov 25, 2011


too distracted by the 30 Seconds to Mars tracking to really focus on the content. Though it looks really over the top, I appreciate that someone is making family-appropriate movies that don't include talking animals. I'll give it a go on Netflix.

jackson on Nov 25, 2011


I stopped watching after the 'eye closeup'. Disgraceful LOST plagiarism..

Anonymous on Nov 26, 2011


i stopped after i saw vanessa hudgens

stfugtfo on Nov 26, 2011


My god this looks BAAAAAAAAADDDDD

Peter on Nov 26, 2011


Great music - but that can't cover up for this looking as bad as the first one.

Dom on Nov 26, 2011


have i just seen the entire movie ???  the amount of spolier reveals alone in this trailer means i dont have top shell out for it lol... I guess the people behind this didnt realise subtlety is sometimes a great tool to engage your audience .........

Fenris Wulfe on Nov 26, 2011


couldnt they have just typed "mysterious island" into google earth? i mean, they do have the entire earth mapped out

Josh on Nov 26, 2011


mainstream cinema cliché #137: "Run, run, ruuuun!"

Max on Nov 26, 2011


Who was in charge of the film colors? A kindergarten painting team? :/

pipo on Nov 26, 2011


Speaking of Vanessa Hudgens I suspect another "accidental" photo leak of her before this comes out lol I'll go see the movie though. 

markj765 on Nov 27, 2011


Wow... they replaced Sgt. Stone with Roadblock. Anyone else not Gung-Ho to see this? 😉

Anonymous on Nov 27, 2011


My son is going to love this film 🙂

Gabriel Palmer on Nov 29, 2011

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