Gary Oldman Chats About Finality in Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises'

November 21, 2011
Source: MTV

Gary Oldman - The Dark Knight Rises

It's definitely a week to get hyped up for The Dark Knight Rises, as we've got even more quotes to throw your way on top of everything from Empire. A short interview clip from MTV (via AICN) with actor Gary Oldman, who plays Jim Gordon in Christopher Nolan's Batman series, has hit the web featuring Oldman trying to explain how it ends, without actually say anything at all. When he's asked about if Nolan will end TDKR with an exclamation point saying "no more!", Oldman at first takes a huge pause to try and think of how to carefully answer. What he says, though, is nonetheless very interesting to hear, and exciting as well.

Poor Oldman, he's going to get drilled by every journalist about The Dark Knight Rises until next July, and he can't say a thing to anyone. As for what he can and does say, it's similar to what we've heard before, about this truly being Nolan's Batman trilogy (not anything more) and the end of this saga. Oldman mentions: "I will say this… I can't say… There is a conclusion, I mean, he does… he touches on the first [movie] and he weaves it in, and it… it resolves. It's—a trilogy. It's just great… the story, is terrific. It's just epic." I'm sure he'd love to tell us all about it, but we'll have to wait until next July. Oldman also mentions one more thing that I found very interesting. He starts saying that even Nolan wondered "how the how do I top" the Joker?

"So, I think he's… instead of going for The Riddler, instead of going for Penguin and all that kind of… he's gone a slightly different way with the story. And I think he's got enough smarts and enough class… I know this much about Chris Nolan - he wouldn't make a third [just] for the sake of it."

I love hearing that line, almost give me chills just think about that kind of epic potential following The Dark Knight, which is one of my all-time favorites. Can it really be better than that movie, without Joker (or The Riddler), but with Catwoman, and with Bane, too? Only time will tell, but if all these quotes about it being that good hold true, then I think it might be. Last year, Nolan himself confirmed that this would indeed be "the last chapter of our Batman saga." We just heard this week that the story takes place eight years after The Dark Knight ended, and will pick up with the badass new villain Bane, played by Tom Hardy, taking on Gotham and Batman in a "brutal" way.

Thanks again to MTV for posting this. Although it doesn't reveal much at all, I still love seeing Oldman talk about it, especially this early on. Warner Bros has Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, starring Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway, scheduled to hit theaters (in IMAX) on July 20th, 2012 next summer.

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Gary Oldman silence is epic. lol

Big Boss on Nov 21, 2011


This got me really excited. And then I remembered Anne Hathaway is in it. Why couldn't they have cast Marion at Catwoman? She would have been AMAZING. Okay, I'm done bitching. Great interview! Poor Oldman, he was struggling. 

Traveler on Nov 21, 2011


without thinking hard, i could come up with a half dozen actresses i'd rather see play catwoman than AH.

Anonymous on Nov 22, 2011


Eva green would have been a better choice.

tir na nog on Nov 22, 2011


she's on my list too!

Anonymous on Nov 22, 2011


Eva would also have been a great choice! Gah. 

Traveler on Nov 22, 2011


and i could have thought of about a dozen other actors to play the joker, and look how that turned out.

Open-minded on Nov 22, 2011


Who would they have been? I always thought Heath would be great.I'm talking about a better actress or a personal choice.

tir na nog on Nov 22, 2011


the difference is - heath ledger was an amazing actor......AH is not. i was THRILLED when i heard ledger was going to be the joker.

Anonymous on Nov 22, 2011


I agree. Heath was always awesome. For some reason I find Anne incredibly annoying. Nothing can fix that. 🙁

Traveler on Nov 22, 2011


I trust Christopher Nolan's choice for Anne Hathaway for Catwoman. There is no doubt in my mind that's she's the perfect choice, if he thinks so. Just wait 6 months, and I'm sure you'll all think the same, after you see the movie.

Greg on Dec 5, 2011


I was also wondering and I couldn't agree more. She was pregnant that time. SO they had to consider 2nd choice AH.

ASB on May 28, 2012


this video is blocked here in japan T___T

Leo on Nov 21, 2011


Blocked in Canada.. are you fucking kidding me..?

Cat on Nov 21, 2011


Blocked in Australia. Geographic locks on digital entertainment is ridiculous, I hope they get the hell over it.

Merc on Nov 21, 2011


Blocked in Turkey.. No surprises I guess 🙂 But come on..

onur on Nov 22, 2011


Blocked in Ireland (lest we go mad, create a Gary Oldman bubble and sink the Euro, presumably).

Anonymous on Nov 22, 2011


blocked in Portugal ^_^

Gonsa Sba on Nov 22, 2011


Blocked in Germany

Felix Naumann on Nov 22, 2011


Blocked in the Netherlands 🙂 Nice international crowd!

Anonymous on Nov 22, 2011


Blocked in India :3

Anon on Nov 22, 2011


I wonder if they'll mention the Joker at all. Would be nice to find out if he's still in Arkham or is dead or something.

Paul on Nov 22, 2011


Blocked in Norway

Checkmate on Nov 22, 2011


i just read the entire series of KnightFall to see if i could get some clue as to where the story is going. From that comic series you can totally... TOTALLY see big parts (Bane and Catwoman especially) that could fit into this trilogy. and with out any spoilers i can say i am so so stoked for this movie. More so now then ever before

Anonymous on Nov 22, 2011


That whole story arc is soooo amazing. I can't wait for the movie just because I want to see if they really let Bane do what he's famous for.  Whatever the case, I should probably bring a paper bag and a box of tissues; I'm pretty sure I will be sobbing myself into a seizure on this last installment.

Anonymous on Nov 22, 2011


Blocked in the UK, just thought id be a tit and post the obvious like everyone else seems to be doing.

RhythmDave on Nov 22, 2011


Blocked in France (Porn Mustaches Forbidden ?)

UnknownX47 on Nov 22, 2011


ffs! Are MTV the only ones who still block outside the US? Hello MTV! It's 2011! Please feel free to join the online community!

Mikey on Nov 22, 2011


Blocked in Antarctica. The nerve.

Glass on Nov 22, 2011


Blocked at work

tk421 on Nov 22, 2011


Blocked in Dubai :S

Omar-j on Nov 22, 2011



Awtan90 on Nov 22, 2011


Well at least we know FS has a good international base! lol

Kaim on Nov 22, 2011


Blocked in New Zealand.  Us hobbits never catch a break...

dubdub on Nov 22, 2011


Also blocked here, in Finland.

D6 on Nov 22, 2011


8 years huh?... does that mean that there have been lots of villains in between TDK and TDKR?? or was it pretty calm?

Said Samayoa on Nov 22, 2011


Blocked - in my pants.

Timbolg on Nov 22, 2011


blocked in the international space station ¬_¬

annon on Nov 22, 2011


Amazing... just amazing! Hahaha...!!

Alex Billington on Nov 22, 2011


but look on the bright side, at least Alex knows where his visitors are coming from.

Leo on Nov 22, 2011


8 years between the movies? This is Batman! Not the Sopranos!

Anonymous on Nov 22, 2011


Don't worry.  It won't be long before it's blocked in the US, too.

Cody on Nov 22, 2011


Blocked in my bathroom

Baparis on Nov 23, 2011


Blocked in Pakistan!!

Cinephile on Nov 23, 2011


Blocked in Gotham. 🙁

The Reel Foto on Nov 23, 2011

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