Gavin Hood's 'Ender's Game' Adaptation Set for March 2013 Release

October 25, 2011
Source: Box Office Mojo

Ender's Game

Holy crap, it's really happening! As long as we make it to 2013. That Ender's Game movie now has an official release date - March 15th, 2013. Just like The Avengers, this is one movie I thought we'd never see, but it's coming. Summit Entertainment, who is developing this, has set a number of 2012/2013 release dates (more below) and among them is Ender's Game, which now has that early March 2013 date. I'm always unsure about March movies, but I've been hearing some amazing things and have a feeling this could turn out great. Gavin Hood is directing, but still no casting info yet. A few more dates from Summit below.

Thanks to an update on Box Office Mojo (via SlashFilm) we have six dates for six upcoming Summit movies. Here's the rest of them: Step Up 4 (likely in 3D), directed by Scott Speer, on July 27th, 2012; Warm Bodies, the zombie romance from Jonathan Levine, on August 10th, 2012; Sinister, directed by Scott Derrickson, on August 24th, 2012; Now You See Me, the magician heist movie from Louis Leterrier, on January 18th, 2013; and RED 2, with no director set yet, on August 2nd, 2013. And of course, Ender's Game written/directed by Gavin Hood set for March 15th, 2013 as well - and that's their latest line-up.

Our last update on the Ender's Game adaptation was earlier this year reporting that Summit was getting the rights to distribute. Gavin Hood (Tsotsi, Rendition, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is directing from his own script, with Star Trek/Transformers/Cowboys & Aliens writers Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci producing. It looks like things are coming together if they've set a release date. Ender's Game is the adaptation of Orson Scott Card's sci-fi novel about a kid sent to fight a futuristic war. I've got very high hopes for this, even with Gavin Hood, I really hope it turns out awesome. We'll keep you updated on all of these upcoming movies.

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If he can't even do Wolverine I doubt he can take on something this epic. Maybe he'll surprise us and prove FOX was 100% to blame for Wolverine. 

Anonymous on Oct 26, 2011


I hope this turns out good as well, the zero-gravity battle room sequence should be amazing to see on the big screen.

Crockett on Oct 26, 2011


Have a lot of doubts.  The writing of Kurtzman and Orci in Star Trek was great, but Transformers and Cowboys and Aliens?  In the Afterword of Ender's Shadow Card said they will likely combine Ender's Game and Shadow into a single film.  Also, I'm curious to know how much of his script they will use, since I know he has written one.  

Breck on Oct 26, 2011


From what I've read on Wikipedia, Orson Scott Card has written a couple screenplays for Ender's Game. Why don't they just use his? I mean, it seems like common sense. "Hey even though the original author of the book has written a screenplay, let's write our own anyway." seems kind of ignorent. I just finished the book though, and I really enjoyed it, on of the best books I have ever read.

Harasnai on Nov 15, 2011


LOVE the book. Hope he doesn't screw it up.

Katieyumm on Oct 26, 2011


Give it to Neil Blomkamp... 

Icefilm on Oct 26, 2011


One of my favorite books ever. I don't have high hopes for this. Not sure if I'll even go to see it. But I'll just wait and see what the trailer holds. In the movie I bet they (spoilers) cut out Ender playing the game with the giant and totally disregard him becoming Speaker for the Dead at the end.

Anonymous on Oct 27, 2011


Thank god Kurtzman and Orci are there because Gavin Hood TOTALLY BLOWS.  And this is easily one of my favorite books ever.  Goddammit.  I hate books-to-movies.  UGH.   Fuck imagination I just want to sit there and watch it!!!!

Bladed on Oct 27, 2011


I don't have high hopes either but I'm an still expecting an entertaining movie. The ethical dilemmas presented in Card's Ender series of novels might be totally lost in the Hollywoody adaption but I'm still hoping for at least a decent film rendition.

Kyn Firmalino on Oct 28, 2011


I don't have high hopes either but I'm still expecting an entertaining movie. The ethical dilemmas presented in Card's Ender series of novels might be totally lost in the Hollywoody adaptation but I'm still hoping for at least a decent film rendition. (editing my previous comment. damn keyboard! LOL)

Kyn Firmalino on Oct 28, 2011


Will it be live action or animated? Hopefully live action.

Harasnai on Nov 15, 2011


Live action I assume, because Asa Butterfield is set as the role of Ender.

Mike w on Nov 22, 2011


Great book. Movies are never as good as the books. Another problem I see is Ender's Game is young adult fiction. The following Ender books are definitely adult books. There isn't that smooth progression as there is with the Harry Potter books.

Donna Pelletier on Nov 26, 2011


overated my ass

Wgraham1 on Dec 8, 2011


I wait with bated breath..truth is I dont have high hopes for a great adaptation either, a stellar book such as this demands the talents and humility of such like Peter Jackson. I see his LOTR's trilogy as a virtual migration of the BBC audiobook version, although not it's biggest fan, truth is the Harry Potter movies also shine in this regard (always thought the "his dark materials" books were better reads). Lines were as near to verbatim as I have ever witnessed.  I'm of a mind that if it cant be done right, dont do it but cant deny the heart fluttering that occurs when I hear an adaptation is about to hit the screen..alas it generally results in disappointment. (Dune, Golden compass anyone?).As seems the nature of movie making and the movie business, "the machine must be fed", so if they are unwise enough to at least take OSC's screenplays as a template from which to build from and decided in their arrogance and magnanimity to have some "new vision" or reinterpretation "for the screen". Many beaks must be allowed to get wet thus I suspect too many hands in this pot will result in a horrible stew. I hope...I hope...I hope it is done right. Can you imagine if others like Treason, Harts Hope and The Worthing Saga were to grace the screen but done right??? I'd go plain giddy.One last thing to wrap up my pamphlet here...If they find they cannot do it justice. I wonder if it were done in a fashion such like Star Wars- The Clone Wars animation but then I suppose it will need to be a LucasFilm project..which I'm not against. That seems a possible way to have some balance of quality, fidelity and the ability to cover the entire Ender series as well as the Shadow chronicles.. 

Gurney on Mar 24, 2012

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