George Lucas Produced 'Red Tails' Slated for a January 2012 Release?

June 2, 2011
Source: Twitter

Red Tails / George Lucas

The last time we heard anything about the George Lucas produced WWII drama Red Tails, we had our initial exclusive report about the filmmaker directing extensive reshoots for the film confirmed by EW who reported director Anthony Hemingway would not be available because of his scheduled work on the HBO series "Treme." We were skeptical about whether the reshoots were scheduled as claimed by Lucasfilm, and since over a year has passed, obviously something was amiss. Now word comes from Hemingway's Twitter page (via Shadow and Act) that the film could actually end up arriving in January 2012. More below!

This isn't exactly official, but word from the film's director is probably pretty reliable. In addition, recently The Playlist reported that Terrence Blanchard (who has scored a whole slew of Spike Lee's films) was recently brought on to write the score, so the standard post-production timeline from this point on matches up with the mentioned release window. Of course, it seems strange that it will be nearly two years after the "scheduled" reshoots were revealed that the film will finally hit theaters, but whatever.  Anyway, here's hoping the film starring Terrence Howard, Bryan Cranston, Cuba Gooding Jr. and many more actually turns out to be a decent film. Anyone still excited for this flick?

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no, not excited.

Hitler on Jun 3, 2011


your name is Hitler, no surprise here my dude

QU 347 on Jun 3, 2011


I agree, who in the hell would name themselves Hitler?

jah p on Jun 3, 2011



Hullandro on Jun 3, 2011


I am only excited because I enjoy planes and WW2 films. But so help me, if Lucas comes out with an A) Extended Cut B) Sequel C) Video Games, Toys. ETC based on this. Who am I kidding? I hate George Lucas. 

Brandon on Jun 3, 2011


as long as it isnt an unending book series to force popularity...we should be alright

Jericho on Jun 3, 2011


Oh you poor wittle baby! Why do you hate George Lucas? Did that bad man ruin your precious Star Wars on you?  That's a mortal sin that is!

Randywhiten on Jun 3, 2011


Oh you poor wittle baby! Why do you hate George Lucas? Did that bad man ruin your precious Star Wars on you?  That's a mortal sin that is!

Randywhiten on Jun 3, 2011


Yeah, my guess is this will blow chunks. Lucas sucks as a storyteller. He will fuck this up too. 

Hallospaceboy on Jun 3, 2011


First of all the reshoots were done barely over a year ago, not two years ago. Second, Lucas only sucks as a director to actors. As a storyteller the guy is one of the best ever. This is based on a true story, with much of the story being developed from the original logbooks from the Tuskegee Airmen missions, so what does it matter how good a storyteller is anyways. It's amazing how people just look for any reason to bash Lucas. He provided the basic idea for this movie, and is Executive producing. Different screenwriter and director people. Blaming Lucas would be like blaming Stan Lee if you didn't like the Thor MOVIE. I for one am excited for this cause it's a great idea for a movie.

Drejhead on Jun 3, 2011


I'm concerned about the January release date. January/February always seems to be grounds for less than popular films. However, the subject is great and I could care less that Lucas is involved. He created the Star Wars franchise and thought up the idea for Indiana Jones. Not everything he does is perfect, but it does rake in the money and is entertaining.

Quanah on Jun 3, 2011


"Couldn't care less..." not "could care less"

the dueling cavalier on Jun 4, 2011


Thank you. I'm glad to see so many English teachers on here trying to grade people on blogging websites one post at a time. /end sarcasm

Quanah on Jun 4, 2011


I'll extend the benefit of the doubt to George Lucas because he had the good grace to pick up the story of the Tuskagee pilots! I'm looking forward to being pleasantly surprised.

Moif on Jun 3, 2011


It will suck

Geoffrey Shauger on Jun 5, 2011


I've always been interested in this film.

jah p on Jun 3, 2011


I love the skepticism people have about reshoots or "reshoots" as it's put here, as if that's something unusual. Try to find a major movie that doesn't have reshoots. It's not just common, it's pretty much standard for all movies.

Unbend_5440 on Jun 3, 2011



Quanah on Jun 4, 2011


Doesn't he legit think the world is going to end in 2012? Shouldn't he be busy fortifying the ranch and muttering to himself?

Lebowski on Jun 4, 2011


Nah. That story was started by Seth Rogen. He claims Lucas went off for 25 minutes about it with Speilberg present and rolling his eyes the whole time. I don't think it's legit. Lucas said later he was just kidding. I see it as the experienced old man F-ing with the young kid.

Quanah on Jun 4, 2011


Darn, I was hoping he would go crazy and then we might finally get an unadulterated theatrical cut of the OG trilogy on Bluray.

Lebowski on Jun 6, 2011


i bet when tf3 comes out, the first trailer will show

Dpramroop on Jun 5, 2011

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