Hannibal Classics Plans Horror Spin-Off 'Amityville: The Legacy 3D'

May 11, 2011
Source: Shock Til You Drop

Amityville Horror

If nine other films in the ongoing series just wasn't enough, then you'll be happy to know that a spin-off from the original 1979 film The Amityville Horror is on the way. Hannibal Classics announced (via Shock Til You Drop) that they are developing Amityville: The Legacy 3D, a film based on John G. Jones' book Amityville: The Evil Escapes. Andrew Helm and Steve B. Harris will script the new story with shooting expected to begin sometime this fall with an eye towards release in October 2012. Though no director is currently attached to the project, we do have quite a details synopsis of the story which you can find below.

Here's the official synopsis from the press release, but beware of spoilers:

Six priests enter an abandoned home in the middle of an intense thunderstorm. The leader of the group, Father Manfred, quiets the doubting Father Kibbler, the youngest priest. The priests separate and Kibbler follows the sound of laughter into the attic. Inside, flies swarm by the the iconic windows of the Amityville house. The door slams shut and an unseen demon claws at Kibbler. Manfred kicks open the door and battles the demon until it consumes him in fire. The attic erupts but the demon is vanquished -- contained in a weak, but still-alive Manfred.

Thirty years later, we meet Nancy and Michael Evans and their daughter Amanda, a happy family recently touched by tragedy. Nancy's sister Carolyn committed suicide, leaving Nancy and Michael to care for her kids, Brian and Jessica. The Evans family is in the process of moving from the city to live in Carolyn's suburban home, where Nancy hopes to bond with Brian and Jessica. Michael plans to fix up the house, sell it, and move the family back to the city.

Before they settle into the home, the friction between Michael and Jessica threatens to splinter the family. Very soon after their arrival, Nancy begins to sense a palpable, evil presence. She can't seem to sleep through the night due to mysterious and horrifying noises. Their family cat is found in the attic -- dead. Slaughtered. Worse, as a family unit, they have a hard time meshing with Brian and Jessica. Michael becomes consumed with renovating the house, and hires a couple of hard-partying locals, Ant and Sean, to help him. But they are afraid to go in the attic. They know what happened in there.

As Michael's passion turns to obsession, Nancy struggles with her very sanity. She's coming apart at the seams, unhinged by the evil presence that only she seems to feel. She knows it will stop at nothing to get them out of the house. When she finds some letters Carolyn wrote to Father Manfred and Father Kibbler she makes a startling discovery -- Carolyn went through the same thing. Unable to track down Manfred, she locates Kibbler -- but he offers her no help. He is no longer a priest, and only communicated with Carolyn because Manfred no longer could. She begs him to help her find Manfred, and Kibbler finally admits the truth: Manfred is in an insane asylum.

Nancy goes to see Father Manfred and convinces him to help her vanquish the evil spirit. Michael's erratic behavior intensifies as the hauntings escalate, culminating in a horrific attack on one of Jessica's friends and the mysterious disappearance of a local delivery man. And it soon becomes clear that Michael is building an exact replica of the Amityville house. Nancy finally convinces Kibbler and Father Manfred to put aside their bad blood and help her fight the evil spirit and cast it from the house. But if they think the spirit will go quietly or that they even know the source of its strength, they have another thing coming.

Honestly, this is another one of those horror franchises that has run its course. There was already a remake starring Ryan Reynolds back in 2005, and if this has no relation to that film, and there's no great demand for another, then I'm not sure why we're headed back to Amityville. There's been plenty more original and unique horror films in recent years with Paranormal Activity and Insidious coming to mind. Of course, remakes are all the rage with Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street retreads still bringing audiences into theaters. As of now I'm not interested, but the right director and cast could change my mind. What do you think?

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Completely unnecessary movie. This is a desperate low and I have no idea why anyone would consider this worthwhile. Horrorfest wouldn't even pick this up for their 8 Films to Die For series.

Quazzimotto on May 12, 2011


@Quazzimotto I agree. The synopsis seems to fit better if it was a direct sequel to the the original series, or even The Exorcist, hell even the Paranormal Activity franchise to boot...but since it really has nothing to do with the remake,it just seems that Hammer films is just going down the same road as all of those '80s direct to vhs horror sequels that Fangoria loved to harp about..What's next ??Creepshow 5??or better yet Polterquiest 5??

Vkatnyte on May 12, 2011


No kidding, like the world needs 7 more Friday the 13ths...gets absurd after a while. Wish the studios would spend the money on something worth our time. Something a little more original than the 10th installment of yet another dried up horror series at least.

Quazzimotto on May 12, 2011


I always love an Amityville movie... though I had no idea there were 9 movies in the series. Perhaps if I'd seen them all, I'd be singing a different tune.

Craig on May 12, 2011


I am a huge fan of the 2005 remake of Amittyville Horror. This is a cheap reboot with a crappy story line.

Billy Bob Thorton on May 12, 2011

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