'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2' Getting Big Oscar Push

August 3, 2011
Source: Variety

Harry Potter

With the epic conclusion to the eight-film franchise passing $1 billion at the box office, Warner Bros now has their eyes on an even bigger prize. According to Variety, the studio is going to make a big push for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II to snag a Best Picture nomination. Apparently WB is prepared to "absolutely, hands-down, across-the-board" launch a big Oscar campaign for the film to be considered for the honor. The idea is that such a reward would moreso stand as praise for the entire franchise, a concept that is believed to have helped Return of the King at the Academy Awards back in 2003.

The third installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy not only took home Best Picture, but also 10 other Oscars, tying with Titanic for the most for one film. Of course, the question is whether or not the Harry Potter franchise has the quality, prestige and appeal to connect with Academy voters. While I was as moved by the epic finale as every other fan of the franchise, the film doesn't quite pack the same emotional punch as Return of the King, and the franchise as a whole just doesn't have the same consistent quality as Peter Jackson's adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's classics. While eight films in such a successful franchise is nothing to balk at, I just don't know if Deathly Hallows: Part II will strike the right chord with Academy members.

Either way, a big push for a mainstream summer movie like this to get a Best Picture nod seems like quite a bold one. This is probably the most popular and successful film since The Dark Knight to get an active push for the top prize at the Academy Awards. The good news is that with the Best Picture category allowing for as many as 10 titles (if the crazy new voting procedures lets that happen this year), the chances are fairly good for a nomination. However, Oscar season hasn't even kicked off yet, and there are still plenty of films coming up this fall that will also be looking to land one of those coveted Best Picture nominations as well.

Either way, Deathly Hallows will likely end up with some Oscar noms in visual effects or other technical categories. The franchise has never actually won an Oscar in any category which they've been nominated before, so hopefully this year will give them a bit of Oscar gold. At least that's what they're hoping. Honestly though, as a huge Harry Potter fan, it would be nice to see the entire franchise honored with at least a Best Picture nomination next year. If not, some sort of video montage and/or an appearance by the whole cast at the ceremony might be a nice consolation prize, I suppose. What do you think? Does it have a chance?

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It deserves a nom.

Daltonwvr on Aug 3, 2011


Supporting Actor nom for Alan Rickman for his work in the entire franchise seems worthwhile.

Rops on Aug 3, 2011


I agree. I have never loved a villain more.

Tyler Morgan on Aug 3, 2011


Though he wasn't a villain.... : )

Whisper on Nov 30, 2011



Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


I definitely agree, i also think he should win it as he evoked so many emotions from everyone during the entire franchise and also because he is an outstanding actor

James Dermody on Aug 4, 2011



Krista McKinney on Aug 26, 2011


i agree...

Crds_liza on Oct 11, 2011


I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter films, but I agree, it wasn't as emotional or as amazing as Return of the King. I think a lot of the actors should at least be nominated (Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, etc), but I can't see it being nominated for Best Picture.

Milk on Aug 3, 2011


I think they give just give to them because it was the last film. They never gave them any awards before. Two Towers was better then Chicago

Littlesis1774 on Aug 4, 2011


I don't get how Maggie Smith should be. She was barely in the movie.

Jim on Aug 4, 2011


In my opinion, it was both more emotional AND more amazing. Return of the King had no sad scenes. It was only "medeival war". I loved the film too tho. The feelings displayed in the film are much more powerful than LOTR

Lol on Nov 29, 2011


Alexandre Desplat for score (unless the previous themes disqualify him), Alan Rickman for supporting actor, cinematography, best picture, visuals, sound, and adapted screenplay (if we're pushing it).

Apocalypse Now n' Later on Aug 3, 2011


Ditto on Alexandre Desplat. Probably my favorite HP score yet (or maybe right under John Williams, who always has a number-one spot for nostalgia's sake) 

Fan on Aug 3, 2011


I thought his score for 7.1 was better.

Tyler_S on Aug 3, 2011


Yeah! the returning themes from previous Potters distracted some of Desplats scores. I think 7.1 had a better score than King's Speech...

schoolme on Aug 4, 2011



Tyler_S on Aug 4, 2011


Oh, I just sort of think of 7.1 and 7.2 as all one movie? So it would count for both, imo...

Fan on Aug 5, 2011


I think both scores are completely different. Take a hot minute and listen to each film's score separately.

Tyler_S on Aug 5, 2011


The score for 7.1 was beautiful for sure; I just sort of hope he gets nominated at all, even if the second one wasn't as good.

Fan on Aug 5, 2011


agree but not for screenplay, weakest potter script yet. I seriously cringed at "Come on Tom lets finish this like we started. TOGETHER!"... FAIL

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


reread the ending in the book! LV and HP have a full discussion in front of a bunch of people about the power of love; it's the most unrealistic final duel i've ever heard of. considering how it was written in the book, the screenplay isn't THAT bad, and that duelling scene was actually fantastic, much bette than I thought it would be.

D-unn on Aug 4, 2011


lol yeah, I actually agree with you on this. A few isolated lines in Kloves' dialogue have always made me cringe, but I've really liked the past few screenplays overall.

Fan on Aug 5, 2011


seriously.... though i ha admitting it.

Crds_liza on Oct 11, 2011


Yeah talk-no-justu is lame, but I never considered the 'final duel' an actual duel. Potter just outsmarted him (I did post this somewhere) and reversed one spell. Just like the graveyard in Goblet, and the motorcycle chase in Half Blood Prince. Who irritates me is the had that unnecessary fighting/flying between Harry and Tom, and dumped the actual dueling between Tom (Riddle) and (if I recall correctly) Mr. Weasley and Kingsley, which would've been nice. Swapout the movie buildup to the duel with the book's original, and the lovefest of the book with the actual duel in the film and it's much better and more gratifying. PS: Reread the book last year. After re-reading HBP.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


It got great reviews, so it's possible. I hope Transformers 3 wins visual effects!

Davide Coppola on Aug 3, 2011


Doesn't deserve a Best Picture, in my opinion. Don't misunderstand, I'm a HUGE HP fan and I have been for over a decade now, but... the movies do not stand well on their own (outside of the context of the books), and that's especially true for Deathly Hallows 2. The Lord of the Rings movies were amazing, self-sufficient adaptations that deserved the accolades they got. None of the Harry Potter movies (except maybe Prisoner of Azkaban?) were more than supplementary—too many loose ends, too many themes left unresolved, too many blanks left for the readers to fill in. There were some legit fantastic movies this year; I feel like a nom for Deathly Hallows would be hollow pandering, and there's no need for that.

Fan on Aug 3, 2011


lol what? where are the plot holes? unresolved themes? whaaat?

Jesse on Aug 4, 2011


Maybe things I see as unresolved don't bother you; that's certainly fine. No one is ever going to establish a perfect meter for what a "good" movie is. If you want my examples: for me, the lack of explanation about any of Dumbledore's past took a huge chunk out of the heart of this last film (and I'm not one of those people who just gets upset if they change things from the book; I just think it was necessary to explain that plot thread since they did bring it up). It also made the appearance of Dumbledore in King's Cross Heaven more emotionally flat and almost callous, because we hadn't learned anything at all about his motivations. The "love shield" thing is a HUGE part of the books, and okay, maybe it's ridiculously hokey, but without the payoff of Harry protecting the entire student body with his own "love shield" after he means to die for them, it doesn't tie the story together as well and makes his sacrifice seem more perfunctory. Neville's speech was a really nice touch, but I still felt it was clumsily handled. Speaking of Neville, I think the story loses some of its awesomeness when we aren't told that he could have been the chosen one. That whole thing really reinforces one of the running themes—"It is our choices that make us who we are, far more than our abilities." Sooooo clearly I care a little bit too much, but I just wanted to assure you that I wasn't just throwing out complaints that I couldn't back up 🙂 And it's all just my opinion, of course.

Fan on Aug 5, 2011


How about Lupin's kid being brought up near the end completely out of nowhere?

Anonymous on Aug 30, 2011


 Several of the films, especially the first stand on their own; but yes Hallows 2 doesn't, and to be fair it is an 'effin Part 2. Plus yes there were plot holes, mostly due to stuff being cut from earlier films. (Kreacher for example) But some were cut for no good reason in Hallows. (Wormtail's fate)

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


how is wormtail's fate a plot hole? wormtail isn't even a secondary character! in the book, he strangles himself, but in the movie you can assume that he either died in battle or ended up in azkaban, simple as that. LV and the death eaters lose, did you not catch that part? if that's the only plot hole you can find, that's weak.

Jesse on Aug 4, 2011


Yes he is a secondary character, vital to storyline and in all of the films. Plus I didn't want to spoil it, but he shows kindness to Harry and lets him and the others escape Malfoy's cellar, so the magical hand Voldemort gave him kills him. Not mere strangulation. I also listed 2 examples and you on mentioned one, and I honestly can't remember all the plot holes. Too tired and indifferent to care anymore.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


They never, ever explained who the Marauder's were (though it should have been obvious), nor did they ever fully explain why Neville was important to the story, nor why no one ever used Time-Turners after Movie 3 (which was explained very well in the books). Not to mention countless other examples of things that required the books to fill in the gaps. Listen, I've been a fan of the series literally since the first book came out, but I'm also not too proud to admit that the films are flawed.

Josh Rosenfield on Aug 25, 2011


yup.... but i think... they should have never left out anything from the books even in the previous movies

Crds_liza on Oct 11, 2011


WILL get nominated (good chnace too, with support from those in the tech branches, the British demographic (a good 10%, i believe, not to mention those voting out of fear for the general public) Porbably won't win, but deserves a nom

BlueFox94 on Aug 3, 2011


Even with them now nominating 10 pics, I'd be surprised if it's gets a nod...It was good, but not best pic material...

Kamish on Aug 3, 2011


Alan Rickman and Maggie Smith DEF deserve a nom. I think the film deserves a nom for best picture as well, it was the best Potter film of all of them and personally, I thought it was very emotional and liked it better than Return of the King. 

caroline on Aug 3, 2011


I like harry potter as much as the next guy, but this film doesn't work on its own like return of the king, sorry but i had to say it

Dpramroop on Aug 3, 2011


... screw Oscars... what matters the most is WE audiences that paid to see it (even several times) and loved it. Plus that's what make the bucks for Warner 😛

Yahzee on Aug 3, 2011


I would say that it may easily snag noms for Cinematography and maybe some technical ones like VFX and such, but unfortunately I don't see it grabbing the more prestigious nods. Even as a huge fan of the series of films, I feel as though it has its ups and downs. I really didn't like Goblet of Fire and the first two were somewhat forgettable. Noting this, I don't think that it will get that same treatment as ROTK did, as far as "nominating the franchise." 

Doug Layne Anderson on Aug 3, 2011


I hope it gets as many nominations as possible. All these movies have given me and so many others much joy over the years. It deserves recognition for that.

M.K. Nielsen on Aug 3, 2011


I honestly believe that if the last movie will receive some oscar nomination will be in this categories: Best Picture, Art Direction, Costume Design, Cinematography, Visual Effects, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Makeup and Original Score. And stop here. With A LOT OF HOPE: Best Director, Screenplay and Supporting Actor (Alan Rickman).  But I don't believe in that. Why? We will have some Polanski, Cronenberg, Malick, Eastwood, Scorsese, Spielberg, Allen and other boys and girls fighting for academy consideration.

David on Aug 3, 2011


deserves a nomination but don't keep your hopes up. The stinginess of the Oscars exceeds plausible reality and is governed by those who attempt to control film trends. Deathly Hallows is a terrific film and a specular ending to such a lucrative franchise, but i digress when I say it won't win Best Picture.  Someone might throw them a bone and award there editing, but that's my guess. 

Tim3434 on Aug 3, 2011



Angry Chief on Aug 3, 2011


because castlevania movies rack in $1,038,339,206 while maintaining a 95%+ approval rating among critics 

Jesse Dunn on Aug 4, 2011


That is why I am angry. If everyone ate shit, would you eat shit?

Angry Chief on Aug 4, 2011


why is everyone eating shit? is it because the world has run out of food? does shit taste good? are they very stupid? of course, if everyone were to eat shit because they thought it tasted fantastic, why wouldn't i eat shit - it's supposed to taste fantastic. think of the small number of things that EVERYONE does: breath, drink water, take shits, eat food, have sex etc. logically then, if EVERYONE was eating shit, it would only make sense that i eat shit too, things that EVERYONE do are always very important/good things. unless of course you're implying that everyone in the world but you is a complete idiot, i don't see your point.

Jesse on Aug 4, 2011


Considering you could apply the same numbers to American Idol (and not just the American one) I'd say yeah, 95% of the world is either stupid or just falls in line with the majority.

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


stop being an idiot angry chief f*** off

kaitlin labrie on Aug 4, 2011


No I hate Diet Coke, Pineapple, and Karaoke. It's shit to me and yummy gummy gum drops to everyone else.

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


interesting, I had no idea 95% of movie critics thought that American Idol was great.  if you want to make a comparison, stick to movies, not TV shows/concerts. American Idol is comparable to any other crappy TV show that everyone watches or any other crappy pop concert that everyone goes to see.  if you look at the movies though, you'll see that you could actually apply the same numbers to LOTR, Star Wars, The Dark Knight, etc. does that mean that people that saw these movies are stupid? I should hope not.

Jesse on Aug 4, 2011


Avatar nearly tripled that money, and I think Castaway was more beloved by critics... and I'd rather spend $20 on a big blue volleyball.

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


lol what? what are you even trying to prove? so what you're saying is that harry potter is almost as well received as an oscar-nominated movie and has made a billion dollars? how does that support angry chief's argument that HP7 is like a castlemania movie? sounds like a great movie to me. i'm not saying HP7 is the greatest movie of all time, it's just nowhere near being as bad as a castlemania movie - you're fucking stupid if you think otherwise.

Jesse on Aug 4, 2011


I am curious. What sets the standard for Castlevania movies in your mind? Also, tone down the anger, this is a friendly forum.

Angry Chief on Aug 4, 2011


Thanks for the support Chief, but my point was that box office and critics (for sale) don't equal quality films. Avatar was mediocre, Castaway irritating, and even The Hurt Locker, which won best picture, was dull. For the record. I never played Castlevania.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


And by Castlevania, I mean that all the characters did for the last two movies was collect stuff.

Angry Chief on Aug 4, 2011


you sound surprised. although the movie is far more complex than the characters simply "collecting stuff", the nature of the 7th HP instalment - a quest of LV's horcruxes - has been known for a while. it is essentially as you describe it, though it's not as shitty as one would expect a video-game-to-movie to be -  that was my thinking. anyways, if you think the 7th movie is crap then whatever, don't go blasting it on a forum when it's clear that most people will disagree entirely.

Jesse on Aug 5, 2011


Welcome to the internet.

Angry Chief on Aug 5, 2011


"Also, tone down the anger, this is a friendly forum." you too man

Jesse on Aug 5, 2011


Actually I think the main gripe amongst us Potter fans that didn't like the 8th movie, is that it didn't live up to the quality of the translation of the books' emotional core in to the movies. Or maybe I'm just speaking for myself.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


Okay rephrase it to "all the MAIN characters did for the last two movies was collect stuff" and you're good. I am referring to Harry, Ron, Hermoine, and Tom btw.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


edit..."...all the main characters do is collect stuff..." That is indeed what I meant to say.

Angry Chief on Aug 6, 2011


Another Oscar blogger brought this up about a month ago, and there, too, comments were mostly about Rickman. I don't see that happening; he was barely in the film. The movie itself seems like a stretch in that regard, too. It was entertaining, but BP-worthy? I don't think so. I do think the score should be nominated, however. 

Freemanmensa on Aug 3, 2011


Harry Potter should sweep the technical awards, but the writing and execution just weren't very good. Likewise, the supporting cast was terrific, but I don't really feel like the movie deserves Best Picture. Then again, I don't think Titanic did either.

Gill on Aug 3, 2011


lol, oh, Titanic. That one time in 1997 when everyone at the Academy temporarily lost their minds. (I do actually love Titanic, but I mean... Good Will Hunting and As Good As It Gets were both nominated that year. WHAT ARE YOU DOING AMERICA.)

Fan on Aug 5, 2011


Titanic isn't the greatest movie ever, and it one for one reason only: Everyone was shocked that it was more than halfway decent. Remember, everyone thought it was going to be a total failure, so when it wasn't, the world went bats**t. 

Josh Rosenfield on Aug 26, 2011


Every thing good about the Harry Potter movie franchise comes from the books and the magical world created by JK Rowling. I think only someone who hasn't read the books would say the movies are an amazing piece of art, they just aren't. And looking at Lord of the Rings, it's a shame Harry Potter didn't get that kind of treatment. I'm hoping for a reboot in the future. And none of the actors participated in this movie in a way that could get them a nomination. I also don't believe in giving awards just to praise a series of movies, Return of the King won because it was a great movie and an unbelievable finish to an amazing trilogy. That being said, I do think this was probably one of the best HP movies.

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


A reboot?

Jim on Aug 4, 2011


Yup, I think it will happen sooner or later, another adaptation of the book series. Don't you think it's a possibility?

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


I seriously doubt it.

Jim on Aug 5, 2011


What shall we bet?

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


Harry Potter... OSCAR 2011 YES

JESSICA_PAIVA10 on Oct 16, 2011


Zero chance at a Best Picture Nom. 

happy camper on Aug 4, 2011


I don't think it will get a best picture nom. I really want Rickman to get a best supporting actor nod and I think something like the best ensemble cast emmy would be perfect. Still, with 10 spots, it would be pretty awesome for some  recognition. I don't understand how widespread appeal and adoration don't have any influence on the academy's definition of "worthy". Then again I would be super annoyed if something like twilight was recognized as anything other than a joke critically.

Elise Hammond on Aug 4, 2011


I think it deserves a nomination. But it won't be nominated. I think the movie was perfect, but the book was much better. I would LOVE to see it recognised at the Oscars - it's the most successful series of all time - to see it ignored would be a shame. Part 1 IMHO, was shunned by the Academy. I thought the film was brilliant. Acting performances were perfect - Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith & Ralph Fiennes were CLASS and Dan Radcliffe gave the performance of his career so far. Would love it to be recognised, but I doubt it will.

Harry on Aug 4, 2011


I actually liked the final movie more than the second half of the final book. Especially the final duel between LV and HP, Rowling butchers it in the book. It's terribly unrealistic for mortal ennemies to dilly-dadle in an explanatory discussion of the power of love - they ought to be focused on vanquishing each other. This particular scene in the movie is creative and uses that cool robe spell; on top of everything, LV and HP hardly make any verbal communication at all which appears more natural. Anyways, the movie was a little simpler and less detailed, but, in many regards, improved the overall plot. While I missed some minor details, I have to say that the movie was at least as good as the second half of the book.

Jesse on Aug 4, 2011


Spoiler: I felt the movie ending to be so anti-climatic. There was no one there for the final showdown. And no one cheered afterwards, it looked like nothing special had happen, and that frustrated me, like the characters didn't care about harry at all.

Anonymous on Aug 5, 2011


I felt a bit like this too; I actually thought at first that no one knew Voldemort was dead. Everyone was just sort of chilling afterwards.

Fan on Aug 5, 2011


I doubt a nomination will happen. Not with Harvey Weinstein inevitably campaining the crap out of W.E and/or The Iron Lady.  Add in that J.Edgar, Albert Nobbs, Ides of March, The Tree of Life, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, My Week with Marylin and possibly Jane Eyre. Basically Potter is screwed!

Jez on Aug 4, 2011


This is one of the best, emotional movies and without a doubt the greatest of the series.  It most certainly should receive all the Oscar nominations possible including Best Picture.  I'm so sick of picture's just being nominated because of who directed it... I'm hearing people talk about HUGO being nominated for best picture just because it's a Martin Scorsese film. I'm sorry but that movie looks HORRIBLE!!! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the best end to a series of movies (and I do love LOTR) with such an amazing twist that I don't see how the Academy can't recognize it.  That being said, Alan Rickman should definitely be nominated for his role as Severus, I've watched the movie over ten times now and I've cried every single time they show his memory (to me, that is what makes an actor great), original score, cinematography, make up, visual effects, sound mixing, editing, and adapted screenplay are other hopefuls.  But I'm glad the studio is doing a campaign, they deserve all the praise in the world for creating such an incredible Worldwide phenomenon.  But that's just my opinion.

Academy on Aug 4, 2011


Harry Potter deserves an Oscar for best picture and Alan Rickman deserves an Oscar as well:)

Ky_derby_101 on Aug 4, 2011


Alan Rickman HANDS DOWN deserves a nom (pushing it, but NEEDS TO WIN) an Oscar. He is such an amazing actor and I think I read somewhere where he had never been nominated for one even though he has been in so many great movies. I personally thought this was a great ending for the series (please don't call it a franchise, the story is NOT a thing). 10 years of hard work and dedication from the entire cast (especially the trio), the producers, make up artist, etc. David Yates definitely didn't want to screw up this last movie that's why he cut it into two parts (even though through ALL 6 of the last films, they missed out so much that Yates himself had to cut out from the last book. It would confuse the viewers who never read the series). This final film needs to be recognize for J.K. Rowling's amazing series that captivate so many lives and it grabbed the right emotions in this film. I don't know how they nominate these movies but I really really hope Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 gets nominated for best motion pictures. They wholeheartedly deserve an academy award for something and if it is for best motion pictures, well done to the whole cast and crew.

Meredith on Aug 5, 2011


Will be very disappointed if Alan Rickman doesn't get a nom at least, definitely deserves the win for supporting actor!

Hanna on Aug 5, 2011


It deserves nothing...HP was destroyed by Klose and Deathly Hallows is like the worst HP book.

David Darida on Aug 5, 2011


The question of whether HP deserves an Oscar nod should be viewed by comparison to some of the truly pitiful winners in previous years. While Return of The King may be viewed as a superior film by some it would be foolish in the extream to say the same about Broke Back Mountain and Amadeus to name just two. How can the Academy retain it's relevance when it refuses to honor the greatest movie in box office history? Obviously the Oscars no longer reflect the opinion of the people who PAY to see their product! Sad Really!

Eguttierrez23 on Aug 5, 2011


In my experience the Academy hates sci-fi and fantasy films. (LotR was an exception and only with RotK) For that reason Harry Potter will never be seriously considered.

WhatFunIsThere on Aug 8, 2011


Even if it's not going to get Best Picture...Alan Rickman should be nominated as Best Supporting Actor.  He deserved it.  If they don't give him that then I will lose faith in the Oscars forever.

Zhuowen Li on Aug 11, 2011


The problem is we're saying Alan Rickman should be nominated because we've been invested for 7 books, and we're looking at his character development throughout the years. The academy will only look at DH part 2. Not all 8 films. As much as I love him, I don't think he will get a nomination.

Ck on Aug 12, 2011


I can honestly say this was me. No investment and totally thought he was amazing and should get an oscar. Hands Down... so yes to your question

Lauren on Sep 4, 2011


If you only watched DH part 2, and did not have any emotional attachment prior to this film. Would you still give any of the actors an Oscar nom?

ck on Aug 12, 2011


However, I do think they should win for effects and score at the very least.

Ck on Aug 12, 2011


Harry Potter is an funny film to watch and is exactly what a a summer hit must be. But to even compare it to ROTK is ridiculous. Just compare the scenees where the nemesis dies in both. Remember both sceces, and tell me that there's even common ground. That said, i hate that they wasted Alan Rickman and Snape. The character is by far the best in all the film, and they don't show him much. It could win some technical categories, but none of the big ones. It was a good film, but not one of the best. Unfotunatly i fear that it may get a nom just because of the money. This three examples should be enough to show that sells get oscars: 1° Sandra Bullock won over Meril Streep and the Precious girl. Really Academy?! Why?, because she raised big money that year. 2° Avatar got a nom for best picture. While the visuals were great and it remains the best example of a 3D movie made good, the story is just plain awfull (mix Dance with Wolves, Mulan, Star Wars and some gore Aliens=awfull script) 3° Titanic. Come on the story is chessy and the only good thing in that film was Kate Winslet, can't believe it won 11 Oscars.

Love Actually on Aug 12, 2011


It should at least get an Oscar nomination. Toy Story 3 got nominated, but didn't win, so there's no way it would win. But it should win for score, cinematography, costumes, art and supporting actor for Rickman. Surprised it has never won technical awards. I like it better than LOTR series, but I enjoy both.

Derek on Aug 14, 2011


Deathly Hallows: Part 2, imo, has not surpassed even The Dark Knight's chances to get a Best Picture nomination. Both films are from Warner Bros. The academy's not exactly demonstrating their professional opinion on the medium of cinema as well as people would like to believe, because they have many conflicting factors that may screw over other films that deserve a slot more than the other. What we need is a very private organization under no influence, and perhaps unrelated to mega profits filled with professionals who understand cinema very well from much study and experience. The Dark Knight should've been nominated that one year.

jordaniangamer on Aug 14, 2011


Rickman deserves Best Supporting Actor more than anyone I can think of in the last 40 years

Chestnut127 on Aug 24, 2011


DH Part 2 is practically guaranteed a nomination. District Freakin' 9 got a BP nom, and so did The Blind Side. Neither of those got even close to the reaction that DH Part 2 got.

Josh Rosenfield on Aug 26, 2011


I somehow don't see HP getting nominated this time round. Here's how: Presumed frontrunners Ides of March (this year's Social Network?) Jane Eyre (This year's Atonement?) Midnight in Paris (this year's Kids are Alright?) Iron Lady (this year's King's Speech?) Like Crazy (this year's Winter's Bone?) Adventures of Tintin (this year's Up?) Warrior (this year's Fighter?) J.Edgar (this year's Milk?) Help (this year's Blind Side)

Jez on Nov 8, 2011


I definitely get where you're coming from with this wonderful list of movies that stand to beat out HP.... but did it ever occur to you that perhaps, like the rest of the world, there might be some oscar voters who adore HP and want to see it nominated? We know it won't win; and I'm sure, soon, we will all know what IS going to win , as we do every year, so why not throw HP a bone and let it have it's nomination along with the other movies that can't win? I've also heard that J. Edgar isn't that great. 

SnapeQuietHero on Nov 16, 2011


We all know with the Oscars that alot more goes into nominations then the movie or the role... there are sentimental favorites; there are situations where an actor is passed over for a better performance but then is given one later on for a diff performance (maybe not as good). My point is, I doubt anyone is going o look at Alan Rickman's DH2 performance and not take into account how iconic Snape hs become. It's impossible if you know the movies and the work. So if, by chance, they don't think DH2 deserves one (which they should) then they could still nominate him.  It's like Paul Simon's Graceland. Absolutely brilliant but you can't tell me people weren't happy to give the Grammys that year to Paul freaking Simon who probably has at the very least one song poeple just love.  When your whole body of work is good; it counts for something 

SnapeQuietHero on Nov 16, 2011


I'm not someone in a position to criticize theatrical art, but I think it is reason enough to base a Best Picture nomination on how a movie has affected viewers. I believe no other movie, or movie series, has generated as much love, as much appreciation and warmth, from the audience as Harry Potter had done. I wish it could get a Best Picture nomination at least.

Guest on Dec 25, 2011


It should win Makeup, Visual Effects, Sound mixing, and Best Director.

Rickysway on Apr 9, 2012

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