Haunting Teaser Trailer for Spanish Horror Prequel '[REC] 3 Genesis'

September 16, 2011
Source: ShockTillYouDrop

[REC] 3 Genesis

Most horror fans will agree that the 2007 Spanish horror film [REC] is far superior to its American remake Quarantine, and the same can be said for the film's sequel aptly titled [REC] 2. Now those who enjoyed the first two installments are likely eagerly anticipating the prequel [REC] 3 Genesis, and the planned sequel [REC] Apocalypse. Now we have the first teaser trailer for the prequel, and it's pretty damn cool. Using a lovely photo slideshow from a wedding that ends up turning into a bloody disaster, it's a first glimpse at how this horror film will explore the origins of the deadly mutant virus that infects people. Take a look below.

Here's the teaser trailer for Paco Plaza's [REC] 3 Genesis originally posted by Shock Til You Drop:

Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero, who co-directed both [REC] and [REC] 2, are co-developing this prequel as well as the sequel [REC] Apocalypse, together, but then each will go solo for the directing gigs with Plaza helming Genesis and Balaguero taking Apocalypse. Genesis will explore the origins of the mutant virus that has turned people into zombies (which was only partially explained in [REC] 2) with co-writer Luis Berdejo returning to write the prequel with Plaza. The film stars Leticia Dolera, Diego Martín and Javier Botet and is set to hit theaters in Spain in March 2012. Stay tuned for U.S. release details.

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JL on Sep 16, 2011


interesting! looks like its not going to be found footage style. I was starting to get tired of that format anyway.

Tyler Keen on Sep 16, 2011


i guess it might be a found footage for a while ->>> wedding video;) but the classic approach is a good way to go:)

CookieMonster on Sep 16, 2011


What the Christ? Looks good, both those films before were solid, solid as a rock ka ka ka k a k ak ka soliiiiid, solid as a rockaka kakak ka. Anyway, I'll be totally watching it.

Crapola on Sep 16, 2011


i dunno. i loved the first 2 films so bad... loved the setting, and the simultaneous films happening at the same time... to take it out of that setting to a wedding... ehh... skeptical... but i will watch it. 

Roderick on Sep 16, 2011


i'm into this - i'm curious as to how this thing gets started at a wedding?

Anonymous on Sep 16, 2011


Uhhh, that was kind of crazy. And awesome. 

Traveler on Sep 16, 2011


Sooo.....   not found footage?  Lame.  I'll watch it, but still.  The found footage approach worked so well with this particular series...    and now it's just any ol' horror movie.

Chazzy on Sep 16, 2011



DAVIDPD on Sep 16, 2011


cannnnot wait !!

Tester on Sep 17, 2011


Loved the first one, disliked the second one. Didn't even bother with the American remakes. This one looks like an excuse to have a woman running around in a bridal gown battling infected freaks. We shall see.

norm on Sep 17, 2011


Soooo it's not found footage? That's a massive bummer.

DaftBot on Sep 17, 2011


anybody know what the bride says at the end of the trailer? really cant wait to see this. i love rec to death

Ajwilletts on Sep 17, 2011


She says, as a proud bride: "Today is my day"

Anonymous on Sep 17, 2011


Oh, and the poster/credts tagline is "Yes I do"

Anonymous on Sep 17, 2011


I LOL'd at the fat zombie chick.

Guest on Sep 17, 2011


so they turned it into Resident Evil?

Chaos1979 on Sep 19, 2011


Quarantine 2 was a mess, it wasn't even copied from Rec 2.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011


I felt the spanish one was pretty terrible, this kneejerk assumption that the US versions of foreign horror films are by default worse is pretty pervasive. I really dont know how you can argue the US one is worse than the Spanish one, its technically superior in many ways and largely the same damn film.

Calum Morrison on Sep 19, 2011


I can.. I disagree, the Spanish version was a much better movie..

Tester on Sep 20, 2011


so I'm hoping they'll release  it in the U.S Rec 1 and 2 were the best horror movies I've seen Quarantine is alright and Q2 was an okay movie to stand alone

Renefilms93 on Sep 22, 2011

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