Hoffman and Phoenix Confirmed for P.T. Anderson's Religious Drama

May 9, 2011
Source: Deadline

Philip Seymour Hoffman / Joaquin Phoenix

That's right folks. Not only have Joaquin Phoenix (revealed to be joining the project last month) and Philip Seymour Hoffman been confirmed to star in the religious drama from Paul Thomas Anderson formerly known as The Master, but Deadline says the film has distribution and will shoot this June. After being delayed indefinitely last year, good news came in February that funding may finally have been rounded up. This will be Anderson's first film since There Will Be Blood in 2007 and The Weinstein Company will be distributing after winning a "quiet but fevered bidding battle" for worldwide rights.

Apparently more casting is underway with Madisen Beaty (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) being eyed for a role. Amy Adams, Laura Dern and Lena Endre (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) have also apparently caught Anderson's eye, but no deals have been made yet. For those just joining the story, Hoffman is playing Lancaster Dodd, a charismatic leader who creates a new religion in the 1950's. Meanwhile, Phoenix willplay his main disciple, an alcoholic drifter named Freddie Sutton who becomes Dodd's closest follower only to later break away from him. As a huge fan of all of Anderson's films from Hard Eight to There Will Be Blood and all those in between, I can't wait to see this movie already. How about you?

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Such great news. This will be the biggest movie of whatever year it is released in. Seymour Hoffman and Phoenix just might have to battle for a Best Actor Oscar once again! Or maybe they'll each win one --- for lead and supporting. I don't want to get ahead of myself but this has the makings of one of the best films of the last couple decades.

Sparky on May 9, 2011


Yes, I agree Sparky, this has the making of something powerful and definitely something that will be Oscar worthy, I love these two actors! they're great in every role!

jah p on May 9, 2011


Bah, I'm still ticked off at Joaquins ego for that whole retirement crap. Eff that curled lip douchebag. What has he really done in the past 10 years thats warranted such an ego/the attention Hollywood gives him? Walk the Line? Nuts to that, watch it again, that movie is 2 hours full of painful cliches and an alien with a blonde wig. Hoffmans got my interest but Joaquin gave himself the thumbs down a long time ago, time for the true tiger pit of retirement for that tool.

Voice of Reason on May 9, 2011


yeah go fuck yourself

Shweeeeeeeps on May 10, 2011


@63c99f4901d6e99c5332c8d5e5868938:disqus - I agree with @ada1ed7a7eb1be05590d2dcb87b6571a:disqus ! FU. Seriously know what you are talking about before you open that hole in your face. Joaquin has worked a long time. He deserves this. And that 'I'm Still Here' is a MOCKUMENTARY! It was all fake. He said it himself. Here you are ragging on him because you are still 'ticked off at Joaquins ego for that whole retirement crap' - it was all fake. He was just so in character. And you don't think he deserves the chance to get into another character? FU

APAD on May 10, 2011


I’ve always wanted to see Dustin Hoffman and Philip Seymour Hoffman do a movie together so that we would finally see the two greatest Hoffmans of all time together on screen. They are both incredible actors and it would be amazing to see them bounce off each other in a film.

Captain Jack Sbarro on May 9, 2011


Hoffman and Phoenix together in a P.T. Anderson sounds like greatness in the making. I would go ahead and purchase my advanced ticket today, even though it will be like 3 or 4 years at least till the release date! lol

Marcus Dunn on May 9, 2011


P.T. Anderson is a wunderkind. Every film he has done has been great if not straight up awesome in my opinion so I'm there. Plus Hoffman and Phoenix are a treat.

Johnny Neat on May 9, 2011


There Will be Blood and No Country for Old Men came out the same year, and the Coen brothers have directed three movies since..

AP on May 10, 2011


I am not surprised Phoenix is acting again .. This man was always unstable mentally in his real life ... that is why mostly they gave him roles that fits his real personality !!! and that is why some thinks he did a great acting !! .. But the fact is .. he is being himself ! 😉 .. Who is going to retired from acting and movies to become a Rapper !!??? and why still they credit him as "Himself" in the movie "I am Still Here" !!?? and you always was here !!! 😉 .. was all about going in to the character and make the audience look like fool !!?? ..Is this his way of making jokes or art ? and who in hell is going to make a movie that directed by the one of the most idiotic personalities in Hollywood "Casey Affleck" !???? .. At least go and ask his brother .. the real director and movie maker "Ben" he is the one who made "Casey" enter Hollywood ! .. Oh I got it .. because Casey 's wife is Phoenix's sister !! .. The entire story is unstable 😉 As for " Philip Seymour" he is one of the actors who I call "The Savior" .. Because can save a movie no matter how much it is bad .. and that is why I am not disappointed in this movie ..! 😉 ----------------------------- Please if you have no real profile and you are just a non recognizable thing .. then do not reply to my comments ... I am not answering anyone who have no real profile .. ! My comments in Firstshowing is a copy-past from my Blogs .. That is why it is filled with details and information proving my points and critiques 😉

shero on May 11, 2011


Actuall, I agree except casey affleck became an actor of some reknown before Ben.  He had quite a buzz as an actor going when he made To Die For with Joaquin Phoenix 

heyman29323 on May 20, 2011


I missed you.

Debbie Helstrom on May 11, 2011


 Great news. Amazing news in fact. Though, it's not going to be coming out until 2013 so I'm trying to keep it in the back of my mind (as I google "Paul Thomas Anderson"). Either way, glad Hoffman is back in a PTA film. As amazing as There Will Be Blood was, I missed the usual gang. Glad to see one of them back. 

Martin_graham2000 on May 16, 2011


his is imho truly an exciting film project. This new film directed by the superb director P.T.Anderson. His films are provocative. They dare the filmgoer to think and not merely to sit back and watch. They are thoughtful, incisive and at least equally important made with great care. His films are made for the sophisticated film goer who is seeking, well made , intelligent films with terrific production value all around. These include among others "Magnolia, " "Boogie Nights", "Punch Drunk Love ", his most recent "There will be Blood." And now "Untitled" What a wonderful name for a movie. Just kidding. Seriously with Paul Thomas Anderson at the helm and the actors Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix this looks like an exciting motion picture project. The director is known for his meticulousness. I suppose that's one of the reasons for the proposed 2013 release date. The other factors being editing, distribution concerns etc I'm just hoping the changes made to the script weren't the result from pressure from Hollywood Scientologists. I don't want to presume anything. Truly excited this is being distributed by the Weinstein company  

mugwort on May 17, 2011


I believe Casey Affleck did became an actor of some renown before Ben.  He had quite a buzz as an actor going when he made To Die For with Joaquin Phoenix.

heyman29323 on May 20, 2011


Great news. Phoenix took an enormous artistic risk, and I have enormous respect for that. Kudos.

Augustpices on May 29, 2011


More religious BULLSHIT. Why waste time telling fairy tales about fairy tales? Find another delusion to direct your energy toward.

Stevebeer60 on Jun 1, 2011

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