Hollywood Remake of 'The Troll Hunter' Still in the Works at Universal

April 29, 2011
Source: JoBlo

Troll Hunter

There's a film this summer that I'm very excited to see released as it kicks ass - Troll Hunter! Just last week we debuted the official US trailer for the Norwegian film about a group of students who follow a troll hunter around as he hunts and kills trolls in the forests of Norway. The remake rights were snagged last year by Universal before many had even seen this, but with no update since, some began to think it wasn't happening anymore. That's not really the case, as JoBlo (via Twitch) posted a few new quotes today from Troll Hunter director André Øvredal confirming it is in the works, just still being negotiated. Read on!

Here's the key quotes from André Øvredal about the Troll Hunter remake and its status via AITH:

"There is a contract negotiation going on," the director said enthusiastically. "But it's taking months, just because of details in the contract. There should be an announcement within several weeks."

"They have to make the announcement, but I am very proud that these people want to do the remake," Øvredal said, referencing mysterious participants whose identities he wouldn't divulge. "I'm very happy about it."

It's always good to hear that people behind the original film are actually happy with the remake, as that means it won't be butchered too much. Øvredal himself confirms that he'll "be an advisor on it of some kind" and that the "mockumentary" style of the film will remain the same. That's all fine and dandy, but this film really doesn't need a remake, and it doesn't even make sense (since the gimmick is that Norway has been keeping these mythical trolls a secret from the world). The only cool concept I can think of would be to continue the storyline and have an American crew go to Norway to see what they were talking about then encounter some trolls on their own. At least that's an idea, but know who knows what they're planning to do.

If you haven't seen the latest trailer for The Troll Hunter, do yourself a big favor and watch it right now. It's one of my favorites this year and it's available On-Demand soon, you'll definitely want to see the entire film.

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It's a really good film, but I suppose some people just like to hear the words in English because their brains don't like 'foreign' or something and reading is obviously for idiots. Hey Alex, do you know that the ads on the site often play with the volume up? Some guy was talking about cleaning products for ages the other day and I couldn't turn it off. I actually broke down in tears and rolled around on the floor.

Crapola on Apr 30, 2011


Ok, this one looks really enticing. I've yet to understand why we (Americans) feel compelled to remake something if the original is already excellent. I guess it's as the above poster suggested ...too many people intimidated (silly) by dialogue in a foreign language and Heaven forbid they should have to read (gasp!) the subtitles.

Cinema Nostalgia on Apr 30, 2011


This isn't good at all! This movie was excellent and the different kinds of trolls are something to see! My favorite was the troll under the bridge, the effects are fantastic too! I just don't understand why the US would remake this. We don't have any troll mythology I don't think...guess they'll use the Yeti or

jah p on Apr 30, 2011


...What the hell is wrong with this country...can't let other nations have anything of their own. Besides, the only kind of trolls the people of the U.S care about are the kind on the internet...U Jelly Norway? And for that matter, shame on the creator's of said films letting work be exported over to the USA. Have some pride in your work...don't let any grubby Hollywood producer get their fingers on it for a price. Seems fashionable too that most of the films being remade for American audiences are Scandinavian...odd... Bottom line... What the hell?! If we're going to enjoy their (admittedly unusual) work, then watch it the way it was disabled is your focus that subtitles affect your viewing experience that much?

InSHAMity on Apr 30, 2011


Don't lump us all together! It will probably fail...hell the only remake for American audiences film that was actually good was Let Me In.

Xerxexx on Apr 30, 2011


Fuck no!

Xerxexx on Apr 30, 2011


No reason for this. America needs to wake up and realize there's nothing wrong with subtitles. The fact that the original director is excited about it could just be that he's gonna make more money off it. But I hope that it's because it's going to be a good movie.

Dan W on Apr 30, 2011


Or he might be happy because his work of film has gotten much more international recognition?

Bosni Ninja on May 1, 2011


Yeah they just have to remake everything good in other language into American-English buck of SHIT!!!

TTumMM on Apr 30, 2011


Okay then make it less boring and throw in some actual danger, because that movie was pretty lame. Only had a good premise and a few funny lines.

David Perretta on Apr 30, 2011



Tomi on Apr 30, 2011


double wrong

Noclue002 on May 1, 2011


Just saw the movie at the SF International Film Fest and it was amazing!! Action, horror, comedy and adventure all packed into a totally original story/movie. Hollywood you absolutely suck for wanting to remake this, absolutely no reason to remake this, plus when they do, Im sure they will dilute some of details that made this movie great! Im sure they will take the whole christian thing out as people in America would blow a lid over that. Plus they will probably remake it in a North American setting, which makes no sense cause this continent has no mythology/folk tales about trolls. This movie belongs in Norway and in Norwegian!! People go see the original!!!! And screw the remake!!

Tomi on Apr 30, 2011


Who cares if we remake movies? Does that make the originals any worse? No. Hardly anyone is going to see the original of this movie. But with a major studio backing it in the US, more people will probably see the remake, hopefully enticing them to see the original. Just sayin'

T_lynn4 on Apr 30, 2011


not bad?

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


not bad?

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Interesting. Wish Hollywood could be original for once instead of ripping off everything from everyone else. But being a sham seems to be more profitable than being original so I don't expect them to stop anytime soon. Hopefully they give this to a solid Director who'll have fun but do the film justice, like Gareth Edwards or Neill Blomkamp.

Quazzimotto on May 2, 2011


"There is a contract negotiation going on," the director said enthusiastically. "But it's taking months, just because of details in the contract. There should be an announcement within several weeks." "They have to make the announcement, but I am very proud that these people want to do the remake," Øvredal said, referencing mysterious participants whose identities he wouldn't divulge. "I'm very happy about it" Well he's behind it so I guess I'll have to be.

Xerxexx on May 2, 2011


At least Hollywood actually goes to the effort of remaking a film to increase its appeal with the population that doesn't like subtitles. In the non-english speaking world they still do those horrible overdubs, they do it for every major film, it's terrible. When you think of it like that, investing in a complete localised remake is much more respectful to the original film.

Shikaka on May 3, 2011


There are so few movies made in Norway that I can say with ease that this is 'one of the best'. I don't get the remake part, there are no trolls in the US! Well, maybe on the interweb, but thats a different can of worms. If its a sequel, or something like a team of americans comes to Norway(and hooks up with the original cast), OK. I don't mind that.

David Banner on May 3, 2011


This is 'Quarantine' all over again. Dont waste money for remakes

Anonymous on May 3, 2011

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