Hugh Jackman's Comments on the Latest 'Wolverine' Script Updates

October 2, 2011
Source: Collider

Hugh Jackman - Wolverine

We haven't been covering too much of the recent news regarding The Wolverine, mostly that it's trying to get back in development to shoot either the end of this year or, likely, early next, with James Mangold at the helm. With all this project has dealt with after Darren Aronofsky was set to direct—with a McQuarrie script—then dropped off last minute, its certainly gone through updates, and who better than to confirm the latest than Wolverine himself, actor Hugh Jackman. Collider posted a new quote straight from Jackman regarding where the script is now and, without sharing any details, how he's still confident in this version.

The original screenplay for The Wolverine, written by Christopher McQuarrie (Usual Suspects, Valkyrie), was the one that got Aronofsky on-board. Whenever he would talk about it, he would call it a solo Wolverine movie, hence the title, that was set in Japan but entirely its own story not even connected to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Without Aronofsky, Fox attached James Mangold (Kate & Leopold, Identity, Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma, Knight & Day) to direct, and Mark Bomback (Live Free or Die Hard, Race to Witch Mountain, Unstoppable) to work on the script. Jackman seems confident that these two are working with as strong of a story as when Aronofsky was on-board. Here's what he says when asked about the latest on The Wolverine:

"We had a script that was under Darren Aronofsky's directorial—it's 85% the same. Darren took it in a Darren Aronofsky way and it's a version I know fans would have liked to have seen – I would have loved to have seen it. James Mangold's version of the script brought Mark Bomback on. We always had a strong base there. This is the best script we have had, which is precisely why Darren signed on. I tried to get Darren to do X3 and Wolverine and he was always like, 'It's not really for me.' I knew he was looking for a comic book movie and he read this one and he goes, 'Hey, this is the best one I've ever read.' So there is a lot of meat on the bone there. Now, Mark and Jim have taken it and I think that it as strong, if not stronger, than what we would have had with Darren."

Awesome to hear, if that's all true, but I think we can trust Wolverine. Of course, I would've loved to see that Aronofsky version, too, but I can still hold out hope that one day Jackman (or someone) will convince him to do another superhero movie. It sounds like Mangold and Bomback will be keeping the same Japan-set storyline from Frank Miller/Chris Claremont's comic and enhancing it, or making it more of their own, even though I'm pretty sure it was damn good the way Aronofsky and McQuarrie had it. Especially knowing Aronofsky's sensibilities, if he says "this is the best one I've ever read" then they should stick with that. We can only hope Mangold and Bomback don't water it down and only are strengthening it like Jackman says.

With Jackman's other movie Real Steel about to hit theaters, he's been doing interviews all over, giving a lot of updates on The Wolverine for anyone curious. The Playlist has some other great quotes from Jackman, like these: "It's a little darker and, I think, a little more true to the character… Jim [Mangold] saw things that weren't working for him that were working for Darren." Jackman isn't sure how soon they will be shooting either, but it sounds like everything is in active development and it won't take long before things are underway, as long as nothing falls apart last minute like last time. We'll continue to keep you updated on The Wolverine and any other big changes that Mangold and Bomback make to this. Sound good so far?

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No Darren? Ya blew it, capice? Ya blew it.

That 1 Guy.... on Oct 2, 2011


Darren probably wanted to step down due to how the last two I stallations have been (Wolv & X3). Don't blame him, hate to taint his already amazing career with steaming piles. Speculation.

Mlangfordit on Oct 2, 2011


Well, one of the factors he had control of. The script, he "said," was the strongest he's seen. What's left? The budget? F/X? All you need are good claws, healing factoring, "blood" splatter and maybe Silver Samurai light saber effects. The rest are stunts and makeup. Just an assumption, I never read any of Wolvie japanese years. As long as it's a far cry from the two movies you mentioned F/X-wise and more story and character driven, you should have a winner... should.

That 1 Guy.... on Oct 2, 2011


If the original script was so good, why hire someone to tinker with it? 

Craig on Oct 2, 2011


I really want to read that comic after reading the article from the link posted. I hope they do this character justice, especially after the atrocious Origins movie.

Anonymous on Oct 2, 2011


Hugh Jackman can you PLEASE just leave the Wolverine character alone.

Havehope on Oct 3, 2011


It couldnt be any worse than the first one. (hopefully)

Posthuman on Oct 3, 2011


Aside from Silver Samurai and Viper, I think Wolverine will battle Daken, The Gorgon, Matsu’o Tsurayaba, Ogun and Shingen Yashida. Since the story is set in Japan, they have to include Tyger Tiger (Jessan Hoan), Itsu, Amiko Kobayashi, Mariko Yashida and Yukio.    

Dulce Sanchez on Oct 3, 2011


Aronofsky left for personal reasons. Nobody "blew it". But it would have been nice to have him direct the film.

Mmjumper on Oct 3, 2011


I call bullshit on that story. They claimed he left because of his supposedly heated divorce from Rachel Weisz, but then he's working on another movie right away? No, I think FOX?producers started to get too involved and he bolted from a bad scene in the making. Darren is a real director, an artist, with talent who won't bow easily, if at all, to outside pressures trying to distort his vision and that I not only respect but appreciate. Darren's Wolverine could and, I expect, would have been as good a run as Nolan's Batman resurgence. Sadly, we won't ever know now.

Johnny Neat on Oct 4, 2011


"I think we can trust Wolverine"?????? Yeah, right! I remember what Jackman said when Origins was coming out, how much praise he gave it that it'll be Darker and the Wolverine fans wanted. We all know how that turned out right?

Nate on Oct 3, 2011


No Darren, I'll wait for public Consensus. Otherwise it's a rental at best because Wolverine Origins was garbage after the montage start. Jackman plays a bad-ass, even if much taller, Logan/Wolverine but he proved he knows shit about scripts or lies on behalf of his studio/producers. Either way, I won't be fooled.

Johnny Neat on Oct 4, 2011


Hugh Jackman is a fantastic talent. There is a rumor that he may star as anti-hero Gabe Grant in venerated Canadian based independant production company, Legacy Filmworks’ superhero action comedy, The Guardians. I had read the incredibly fun script (which tells the story of a group of villains forced to work together with a rookie hero to stop a Justice League like team of superheroes from secretly taking over the world) online and know that Jackman would do for the part what Johnny Deep did for the role of Jack Sparrow. Also can’t wait for Hugh to pop the claws again as Wolverine is my fav superhero! I have a feeling this one will be the best (there is at what it does).

Dawn67 on Jul 1, 2012

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