Indie Trailer Sunday: Steampunk Sci-Fi 'Thelomeris' Stunning Teaser

August 21, 2011
Source: Twitch

Thelomeris Teaser Trailer

"This is something that everyone wants, something that everyone seeks… forever." Yes, finally, a new indie trailer worth featuring today. It's a steampunk sci-fi indie film called Thelomeris, directed by Hungarian filmmaker Balázs Hatvani, about a man who rules a city stands up against fate and the end of the world. The cast includes some unique names like Mark Hamill, who's also even credited as a script consultant, James Purefoy, DJ Qualls and Lance Henriksen. Thanks to Twitch for the tip on the teaser. They've used some gorgeous CGI in this to make up the world on a low budget and I'm impressed, this looks great. Enjoy!

Watch the official teaser trailer for Balázs Hatvani's Thelomeris, from YouTube:

This is a dark and cold land, where free will is a distant memory and where personal interests rule over real emotions and values. The citizens lived their life in order to serve the energy demand of the fearful colossus, the Clock Factory. Thelomeris is written and directed by Balázs Hatvani (scR.I.Pt), and is the first Hungarian full-length sci-fi film. Almost 80% of it is digitally modified. The movie was made by Trickorn Productions Ltd. in a Hungarian-American co-production. The score is by young composer Robert Gulya. This has been in development since 2008, but not sure on any release info yet. Visit their official Facebook.

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that voiceover was fucking stupid.

Johnholmes72 on Aug 21, 2011


Thats gotta be Mark Hamill doing the voice over, cos when he laughs at the end, its very reminiscent of the Joker.  Looks interesting though, I'm all for more Steampunk movies!

Warren Carroll on Aug 21, 2011


Looks like a really bad late 90s videogame.  

Kevin on Aug 21, 2011


first impreesions - reminds me of elements of city of ember , sin city , the spirit that is all

Nic 'yomo on Aug 21, 2011


Sky Captain as well.

Lauren Intong on Aug 24, 2011



CookieMonster on Aug 21, 2011


The visuals look great. I don't know if it'll be *good* (the voice-over definitely gives me doubts about that), but it has potential. If it's not good, we *need* more filmmakers doing cool, unusual stuff like this.

Timothy on Aug 21, 2011


It looked cool. Hopefully the script will be able to keep up with the art direction. Mark Hamill's voice is super creepy but it seemed to me like his monologue could have been written better.

Craig on Aug 22, 2011


So that's what happened after Return Of The Jedi, Emperor Palpatine is killed and Mark Hamill takes his place.

Neuromancer on Aug 22, 2011


looks good

Vold on Aug 22, 2011


i like the visuals......hopefully the story  is engaging.

Anonymous on Aug 22, 2011


Is this the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises? 

Guest on Aug 22, 2011


Is this the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises? 

Guest on Aug 22, 2011


thats what I was thinking ,kept wondering when (insert name here) superhero would appear left of shot an exit right of screen at speed..

Tonker on Aug 23, 2011


reminds me of Dark City

andrew on Aug 22, 2011


My toughs exactly.

Drived on Aug 22, 2011


Same here.

Darius6 on Aug 22, 2011


Dark City meets INK

Anonymous on Aug 22, 2011


A Tim Burton Dark City, with a bit of Sin City as well. And yes it was like listening to the dark knight trailer with the voiceover being very jokerish which, as mentioned, makes sence given its probably hamill.  The smile at the end even looked jokerish

Ross Curtis on Aug 23, 2011


Not bad,at least its not a remake,or a reboot,or a remake of a reboot,or a reboot of a remake,or a prequel to a sequel,hopefully!!!!!!

tir na nog on Aug 22, 2011


or based on a video game

Ross Curtis on Aug 23, 2011


I like the look of this, will watch it with ma peepers.

Crapola on Aug 22, 2011


Did we watch the same trailer?  That trailer was absolutely dull, the voiceover was cheesy and the 'superb CGI' reminded me of Sky Captain or a low budget video game intro.

Leroy on Aug 22, 2011


I often don't care too much about the cgi, more the mood set. I can suspend disbelief when watching a movie as it's a fantasy.

Crapola on Aug 22, 2011


Every movie is a fantasy to some degree.

Japetto on Aug 22, 2011


That's what I'm saying. But it's not a kitchen sink drama, it's a scifi film.

Crapola on Aug 22, 2011


Ugh. Boring, Dull, and pretentious all rolled up into one.

Lars on Aug 22, 2011


It's not exactly steampunk, either.

Popeofbalt on Aug 22, 2011


I see a little steampunk, and actually I thought of that without seeing it in the title. Otherwise, film noir to the max.

Coltman15 on Aug 23, 2011


weak all the way

Anonymous on Aug 23, 2011


you have horrible fucking taste, Alex.

Mojoz2000 on Aug 23, 2011


looks like an homage to metropolis, possibly a rip-off.  always a fine line there. 

Carson on Aug 23, 2011


Things aint esploding anuff an the grafics look like there old lol tralers ar supost to make you ecsited for the movie rite you gotta have esploshuns an acshun an runnin an stuff or its boring. /sarcasm //I hate that I have to use sarcasm tags when I type things like that. What does that say about us as a culture? We not only accept this crap, we also kinda expect it now. It's sad.

Anonymous on Aug 25, 2011


Is Gillian Anderson starring in this movie ?

AndersonFoxy on Aug 25, 2011

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