Insiders Worried About Understanding Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

December 20, 2011
Source: THR

The Dark Knight Rises - Bane

Whether you've taken the time to check out Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol on select IMAX screens, shamefully watched a leaked version online, or simply read about the footage itself, many fans anticipating The Dark Knight Rises have already experienced the six-minute prologue introducing Tom Hardy as the bulky and mysterious villain Bane in some form or another. The consensus among those having actually seen the footage is that the masked and muffled villain isn't always easy to understand, and THR has word that insiders at Warner Bros. share this same concern. But is this as big of a deal as it seems? Read on!

Well, according to the trade, one source working on the anticipated conclusion to Chris Nolan's franchise says that executives at Warner Bros. are "scared to death" about this problem and the reception from audiences. Apparently WB has already spoken to Nolan about the problem and while the director plans to make some changes, he will only alter the sound slightly, rather than reworking it completely. One of the anonymous executives says, "Chris wants the audience to catch up and participate rather than push everything at them. He doesn't dumb things down. You've got to pedal faster to keep up." While that seems like he might be ignoring the large portion of the audience having problems understanding Bane, perhaps that's the idea. Nolan has even said it doesn't matter if the audience understands everything he says as long as the general idea is conveyed.

In a way, having the villain difficult to understand gives audiences a different kind of feeling, almost like they're a character stuck in the middle of this chaos. Not knowing what Bane is saying or doing could easily keep people on the edge of their seat. However, at the same time, when watching a movie, people still like to be able to hear what's going on as well. The muffled sound of Bane's voice, not to mention his strange inflection, especially on the viral marketed line "The Fire Rises," could be a part of Hardy's iteration of the character, an unhinged man with some sort of physical problem that doesn't allow him to speak like everyone else, thus making him that much more of a misunderstood outcast.

On the other hand, this could easily be a problem with the audio mix. Surely this isn't the final sound design that will end up in theaters next summer, but perhaps some tweaking will quell executives' and fans' fears. Perhaps the problem even lies with the audio at theaters and this mishap is merely exposing how poorly supervised the technical specs of any given movie theater have become. Personally, I've heard from some seeing the prologue several times that Bane was barely understandable in one theater, but then crystal clear on a repeat viewing. That sounds like a much bigger problem to me.

Either way, if there's one thing good coming from all this, it's the certainty that all eyes are still on The Dark Knight Rises, and despite this issue, you can be sure audiences will still turn out for the movie when it hits theaters on July 20th, 2012. But aside from this small worry about Bane's voice, the question still remains whether Nolan has crafted a franchise conclusion that will live up to the much praised sequel The Dark Knight. The newest trailer for the trilogy's end instills confidence, but there's a lot going on in those two-and-a-half minutes, and we really don't know what to expect. What do you think?

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I understood him fine in the trailer.

nick on Dec 20, 2011


"When Gotham is ashes you have my permission to die."

nick on Dec 20, 2011


I thought he said " When we go and clash you can have my persimmon pie."

Asdaaad on Dec 20, 2011


i thought it was "when Gotham Flash Dances you have my permission to try..."

Jericho on Dec 20, 2011


No, he said "Fuck it, we'll do it live!"

Andrew Huang on Dec 20, 2011


This wasn't about the trailer, in the 6 minute prologue you can't understand a word he is saying

Mario Scott on Dec 20, 2011


I could and I watched the freaking bootleg 

Fnord on Dec 20, 2011



Swaabby on Jun 4, 2012


yeah in the trailer u can understand him but in the 6 min clip for MI4 u can understand s**t

jschan2 on Dec 20, 2011


same, its not the clearest thing, but if you pay attention you should be able to make it out, it's like listening to someone from a foreign country with not such great English. Plus, the DVD will have subtitles , it'd be nice if they included a feature where they only come up on Bane's lines.

RhythmDave on Dec 20, 2011


Like brad pitt in snatch where the subtitles would come up only when he spoke but sometimes he would speak so fast all that would come up is a question mark lol

Chris Amaya on Dec 20, 2011


LOL I remember that in Snatch. Great film. BTW Dispicable Me have an iPhone app where you could hear (or read) what the minions were actually saying. Why not one for TDKR?

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


I've worked in communications for along time. First as a debater on scholarship, second as a policy debate coach(which is relevant because debaters can speak in excess of 300 words pr minute and you have to be able to hear everything), and now as an ESL instructor specializing in Korean and Chinese languages. I say this because after watching the trailer, I also had a hard time understanding Bane. I think it is worrisome because as a man whose entire career revolves around the ability to listen to other people I couldn't get it, and if I couldn't understand him on my first go, then I don't see how the general audience can.

Huuuurrrp on Dec 20, 2011


er, because while watching, not "after watching" deeerpppp

WHERE'S WALLACEEE on Dec 20, 2011


You guys know if you sign-up for a disqus account you CAN edit your comments just by clicking "edit" and it's that easy.

Alex Billington on Dec 20, 2011


Hah, I'd love to do that but I'm a lazy manchild, Alex.

WHERE'S WALLACEEE on Dec 20, 2011


I think people need to calm down.  Do you know how many people freaked out when Heath Ledger was hired to play the Joker?

ragethorn on Dec 20, 2011


This issue could not be more dissimilar. This is a technical issue re: sound mixing, ADR, and other sound leveling that is all capable of being fixed post-performance, post-filming. This is a concern levied against Nolan, not Tom Hardy.

Brotodeau on Dec 20, 2011


i have watched trailers,leaked voices,prologue in 2 different theaters,bootleg prologue (which the quality sucked), and all kinds of stuff on youtube and have yet to have a problem hearing/understanding bane. maybe its because i have lived in england b4 and a british accent is easy to pick up on. i dont know but i have yet to understand the probloem here. but i am pretty sure nolan either has a plan to fix it or this is the plan. it will all work out lets save our gripes for after the movie because maybe in context the voice it supposed to be like that.

Ugli1fosho on Dec 21, 2011


Wat the Hell r u talking about?? we r talking about Bane voice not the choice of the actor playing Bane!!!

jschan2 on Dec 20, 2011


Surely you guys didn't read any complaints about Ledger sounding like a Texan (or Beetlejuice for that matter) when the teaser came out. Yes, some people complained about that.

Razor on Dec 20, 2011


Sure they DIDN'T!

John on Dec 22, 2011


thank you so much for sayin that. i keep tellin people the exact same thing. everyone calm down. if nolan has proven himself twice now im pretty sure he is not just gonna poop out the next and be like enjoy. so lets all stop analyzing this so hard. good god people!!!!

Ugli1fosho on Dec 21, 2011


Audience participation in watching a studio film is a sorely missed experience.

RGfilm on Dec 20, 2011


Listening is not participation. It is a prerequisite for participation.

WHERE'S WALLACEEE on Dec 20, 2011


To be honest I understand him fine, having seen the trailer and the (yes I admit it) copied prologue, I can't find any audible issues with the dialogue. If it's a British accent issue regarding intonation then that's a regional issue that people may just have to deal with. As an Actor and Londoner I have always found that across the water certain rhythm's that are reproduced on film don't always get picked up as easily ( and please don't take this in an insulting manner) as an American accent would. Tom embodies any role he plays from a physical aspect as much as he does from a psychological one, you only have to take one look at Martina Coles 'The Take', 'Bronson' or 'Warrior' (now one of my favourite films)  to see that, everything is altered and this means the characters voice is also produced through that same process. With Bane Nolan wants this hyper intelligent animal - a thinking killing machine with a disability, from the minor scenes we have been shown already I can see that process that Hardy has gone through so clearly in just one shot, there is a lot of craft up there on the screen and I am really looking forward to it, as RhythmDave said - there's always the DVD Subtitles for those who missed anything.

WushuChild on Dec 20, 2011


Bane does not have an English accent in the prologue or trailer.  He very clearly has a GERMAN accent. (I speak German and dated a British woman for years, so I know the difference.)   If he is supposed to be British and sounds German then that is a testament to how hard the voice is to make out.  Or if he is supposed to be German and even British people think he has a British accent that is testament to how little even people who claim to hear him fine are able to understand.  I understood what Bane was saying but only a few seconds after he would say it.  It took me a moment to piece it together because certain words were difficult to understand but I could figure it out through the rest of the sentence.   

robephiles on Dec 20, 2011



WushuChild on Dec 20, 2011


^^^^^ From these comments, NO ONE knows what the hell Bane is saying.

Max Renn on Dec 21, 2011


 Tell me about it! LOL.

John on Dec 22, 2011


its not a german accent, its middle eastern...all of Bane's henchmen spoke with a middle eastern accent. 

VVS on Dec 20, 2011


And, not to play Devils Advocate here or knock what is obviously a high level of intellect on your part (ahem): The general consensus is that the voice is a hybrid of European accents with a strong British and (sometimes partial) German inflection. Based on the background of the character being able to speak fluent Spanish, German, French, Russian, Mandarin, English, Urdu, Farsi, and Latin and being pretty much raised in Santa Prisca ( a fictional Island based in the Caribbean) I would gather Tom has created what could possibly be a Hybrid accent (baring in mind as an Actor himself he picks up accents like Osmosis, turning his normal accent into a mix - rather than a quintessential British one, highly evident in interviews) . If your telling me the line ' When Gotham is in Ashes, you have my permission to die' is with a German accent then I must have the accent completely wrong. P.S two of my closest friends are from Herbolzheim who I have known for the last 7 years since University, not that that makes me an expert or anything.

WushuChild on Dec 20, 2011


Bane is SPANISH.

Joshcomeuppence on Dec 21, 2011


First of all, idiot, it shows you dont know shit about the character, Bane. AND, no one cares about your fucking linguistic skills. Bane was born in a fictional island in the north of the Carribbean. So fuck off with your "I speak Germand and dated a british woman" to justify your ridiculous theories. I dont like people who try to sound and intelligent but really just end up making asses of themselves. Go back to school, kid!

True batman fan!!! on Jan 7, 2012


I understood Mickey from Snatch...I think I'll be okay.

Xerxexx on Dec 20, 2011


"Do you like dags?"

Manuel on Dec 20, 2011


Oh Dogs, sure...I like "dags."

Xerxexx on Dec 20, 2011


I liked how even his subtitles couldn't keep up with him and the question mark popped up

Chris Amaya on Dec 20, 2011


Lol, they did...hilarious.

Xerxexx on Dec 20, 2011


Any ideas if this twitter acct is part of the viral marketing or just some random acct - @WayneCorpPR:twitter 

Sam Maher on Dec 20, 2011


I can understand him fine, and in a cinema, the sound will be even clearer, but to be fair, the film still has another 6 months till it's released, so some minor dubbing etc is no prob.

shed on Dec 20, 2011


I like Bane's voice as it is. I like how you should have to focus on what he's saying because of the mask. It's just as it would be in real life. I hope they don't change his dialogue at all even though some are having difficulty understanding it. The realism adds to the mystery. I don't need to hear Bane stating that he's going to blow up a building if he's got a detonator in his hand. I get the message just fine. But for those who believe the dialogue will be a problem, just check out the film in a closed-captioned theater or wait until it hits the home video market, otherwise, quit whining.

ANolanFanatYourMomsPlace on Dec 20, 2011


People should calm down...I watched the IMAX prologue and trailer and understood every line just fine. Just because its different and behind a mask covering his mouth doesn't mean its a jumbled mess! I agree with Nolan. The audience needs to "pedal" faster and keep up. That's part of what makes his films so amazing. He doesn't spoon feed the audience ever line and plot point, you have to think!

one on Dec 20, 2011


Alex. This problem has definitely been overblown. Like the nudity in the Shame. It seems like thats all you and the press want to talk about, because its the "cool" thing to talk about in regards to this movie. When in reality, the issue is absolutely trivial and non-existant.  I saw the prologue and understood everything but one phrase. I also post on a message board called NolanFans. We've had some complaints about people being able to understand Bane, but I can confidently say that the split is 95% people who UNDERSTAND vs 5% who DONT the problem is really because Tom Hardy has a natural tendency to speak with an urban drawl. His British accent is not that of a suburban person, but somebody who has had some hood influence. So any of his accents will reside in the lower register. Anybody who isnt from an urban area or hasnt had interactions with people who speak in that register, may have a problem understanding Bane completely. But this is not something that should be changed in the movie. It would compromise the performance. 

VVS on Dec 20, 2011


Saw the IMAX footage last night in Irvine, with Mission Impossible, and I couldn't understand shit. I also overheard several others around me complaining about it as well. It took me out of what I was watching...hope they fix it.

Jo Momma on Dec 20, 2011


English is not my first language, but i understand him fine...

Nuno Lopes on Dec 20, 2011


I was able to understand Bane in the trailer, but at the IMAX theater I saw the 6 minute preview at I couldn't understand a single thing he said. I thought it might have been because of the ambient noise of the scene ... since others are reporting being able to understand him, that makes me lean towards it being an issue with the sound in the theater I went to.

hdctambien on Dec 20, 2011


And I assure you, there is a purpose to how Hardy delivered "The Fire Rises".....its a reply to a man who is brainwashed and devoted and willing to lay his life on the line for a cause he believes in....but if Bane himself doesnt believe in this cause, and is merely using it for propaganda how else would he reply? He says it as if he lied....he went "here's some of this mystical mumbo jumbo that you need to hear to do whatever you need to do"

VVS on Dec 20, 2011


here's my take on this: bane is an agent of change in the same manner that the joker was. by definition change is neither positive nor negative - it can be either or both. i've only seen the trailers but, knowing Nolan's knack for context beyond the film itself, i think (again, i am only theorizing here) that Nolan is making the case that "change" is not understood. in the contemporary world, people want change but no one is able to communicate exactly what that is. in TDKR i think bane represents the inherent problem with change, which is that once it is set in motion, it is often a monster in and of itself. no one truly understands it because there really is no message. bane (and i am assuming the league of shadows) knows that the common man is easily caught up in the fanning ofthe flames of discontent, effectively ignoring any constructive messages that could be produced in the process. if this is true, and if it is what Nolan is commenting on, it takes some balls to do so with such a huge budget riding on the success of the film. i think Nolan resolved the Joker issue by exponding on his chaos with bane - an agent of change that doesnt give a fuck about communication just pure carnage.

Alejo on Dec 20, 2011


let me point out before someone jumps on me about my joker comment: yes, the joker want chaos. but chaos was his sense of order not the absence of it. the joker wanted to create because he felt that choas was the only way to live - he wanted to dance with batman for the rest of their lives. his chaos was his means to control batman. gotham was his playground. bane on the otherhand is about carnage. he wants the noise to drown everyone. he does this with the same precision that the joker did but without the hilarity. the joker saw the fun in it (which why the burning of the money was such a pivotal moment); bane only sees ashes (he is the extremities of society contracting and swallowing each other).

Alejo on Dec 20, 2011


I don't buy the 'pedal faster' excuse AT ALL. It's not a good idea to keep the audio muffled for the sake of character. His lines were written in the script, and should be reflected in the movie. Saw it in IMAX- could hear some things, couldnt hear others. Just fix it. We want to hear the words delivered and have them have impact. This isnt some failed art experiment like Miami Vice where Mann wanted to keep it inaudible. The fans coming out and saying 'It works!' is the next evolution of blind Nolan devotion. There are too many of you out there. Fix the damn sound.

Lane on Dec 20, 2011


Exactly. Completely agree. If you can't understand what the main antagonist is saying you will be pulled out of the movie by this distraction.  At this juncture, any excuse to not amending this 'problem' is neither an audience responsibility, nor an artistic statement. It's horseshit.

97point6 on Dec 20, 2011


well said.

farmer ted on Dec 20, 2011


You are CORRECT, sir.

John on Dec 22, 2011


I don't mind his voice but the thing is that the movie will probably have subs in non-English countries. So the non-English speaking part of the world will not feel like a person amidst the chaos if that's supposed to be the reasoning behind this. I know a lot of people who can speak and understand English fine but they will still have problems with this as non-native speakers. Especially if they have the subs readily available to read, which in turn distracts from the film as a whole. Of course, the only thing we have to judge this upon is the trailer and the 6 minute prologue, which was only shown in English-speaking countries (and maybe French parts of Canada, I'm not sure). Like mentioned by some, the dialogue might become more clear when we're in the middle of the action and able to understand it through context.

Neuromancer on Dec 20, 2011


I don't understand 100% of what Christian Bale says in his Batvoice. Very well argumented, Nolan, do not step down on this!

Robert L. Tuva on Dec 20, 2011


I could understand him in the trailer. Much like the Batman voice, it's just something for people to complain about. Something to write news stories about. Of course the "insiders" are worried. If they had it their way everyone would speak with a pitch perfect american accent. Their only concern is pleasing the general public, getting butts in the seats. People seem to be forgetting that Nolan hasn't even cut the film. I'm sure he'll bring Hardy back in for some adr. From what he's said dialogue is difficult to capture whilst using the imax cameras. 

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


just saw the prologue, compared to the one of tdk it's a lil weak imo...but no probs of understanding bane and english is not my native language.

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


Gordon's mumbling is bad enough and no one complains about it.  It will be fine and the film will be amazing, yet due to the hype it will not live to everyone's expectations.

Steven on Dec 20, 2011


Yes! Thank you!  I think Gary Oldman is a terrific actor, but during some scenes in The Dark Knight, I couldn't make out what he was saying 'til I got the Blu-ray, and skipped back to re-watch individual scenes. I'm hearing mixed responses to this Bane thing, and it seems to me that it's less of a problem with the recorded audio, and more of a problem with the places that are projecting it, or maybe the movie goer's position in the theater.  I have frequently encountered incompetence at the movie theaters in my area.  The people who run these things are supposed to be specially trained.  They aren't just entry level guys who flip a switch, set the timer on their watch and take a nap (though some of them may do just that.)  I don't even frequent the movies.  I only watch a few every year, and usually have some complaint about the focus, the lights not being dimmed before the show, the frame actually being partly out of the screen, or the sound being either too loud, or muffled (Oh, and damaged portions of the screen, probably from some asshole throwing something.)  You'd think with the insane markups on the candy, popcorn, and drinks, they'd have enough profit to replace bad equipment, or hire better professionals to handle said equipment. Rant over.  Sorry.

JL on Dec 20, 2011


AGREE!!! Lol!! XD

Agarina Madsen on Dec 20, 2011



Superh on Dec 20, 2011


People are really annoying, i saw the prologue on imax and Ive seen it about 5 times online. I LOVE THE VOICE, its awesome and i totally got use to it, he sounds like an Eastern European Darth Vader and its very unsettling fckin awesomeness. The rest of the english speaking planet seems to understand him just fine, is it a American complaint. Dont know, dont care because Nolan knows what he is doing.

Superh on Dec 20, 2011


I saw the trailer in a pristine digital presentation in front of "Game of Shadows".  Everything sounded great - but I could not understand what Bane was saying. At all. Only got the "When Gotham is ashes you have my permission to die" when I checked internet forums later. And it is slightly clearer in the official quicktime trailer. They might have tweaked the sound mix, since it came out a few days later.

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


nolan has bad judgment when it comes to voices.  the batman voice is a ridiculous mistake in and of itself.  it sounds false and "put on" instead of electronically masked and just sounds like bale doing a clint eastwood or something.  the contrast to the heath ledger made batman look and sound like a putz. now you're going to have TWO guys who have weird, unintelligible voices yammering at each other? gahhh... wtf nolan... the studio is right about this.  fix the voice.

jin choung on Dec 20, 2011


Bales Bats voice is perfect for Nolan's Batman. Bane is very easy to understand...all it takes is listening.

Xerxexx on Dec 20, 2011


bales bat voice was good in begins, not soo much in growly

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011



Chris Amaya on Dec 20, 2011


I agree, I love Bale's Batvoice and Nolan shouldn't have altered it in post-prod for TDK.

Razor on Dec 20, 2011


Have you ever noticed that Bale's voice is naturally husky anyway?  It's probably from all the shouting he does at random people behind the scenes 😉 Anyway, the Batman voice isn't as much of a stretch from Bale's own voice.  And it suits his method of instilling fear in the criminals he catches in the act.

JL on Dec 20, 2011


I agree. It needs to be fixed.

Max Renn on Dec 21, 2011


I thought his muffled voice was a part of his character. So i didn't mind.

Roderick on Dec 20, 2011


I had trouble understanding him but I'm not complaining. I think it sounds cool and kind of menacing. What's even more menacing are his eyes and how he conveys his emotions through them. When he said he was going to crash the plane, I couldn't see him smiling through the mask but his eyes made it seem like he was smiling.

Chris Amaya on Dec 20, 2011


@buddha1822:disqus Please tag this article with "darkknightrisesnews" category.

Arun on Dec 20, 2011


I just wish the whole film was in Spanish.

Will on Dec 20, 2011



John on Dec 22, 2011


I understood him fine. Yes it is muffled, but not inauditory (sp? is that a word?).

Andrew DiDonato on Dec 20, 2011


Ahaha people trying to understand Bane.  I just want to see him use venom and everything else is filler.

Imthinking Tyler on Dec 20, 2011


in other words...shut the fuck up in the theater.

Bigsonrec on Dec 20, 2011


Whats Not to Understand...Batman will prob get his Back Broken by Bane!! haha

Chuck on Dec 20, 2011


He's an english actor playing a latino villain.

Albdam11 on Dec 20, 2011


In the movie, Bane isn't a latino from what we've seen and heard.

Razor on Dec 20, 2011


The last three batman villains are english actors.

Albdam11 on Dec 20, 2011


Ledger was Australian.

Xerxexx on Dec 20, 2011


Neeson is Irish.  From the United Kingdom? Yes.  British? No.

Jedi on Dec 20, 2011


My bad...... should be "English? No."

Jedi on Dec 20, 2011


It took some time understanding him in the trailer and the prologue was totally nonunderstandable. The proluge was a bootleg I must add.

M.K. Nielsen on Dec 20, 2011


So I saw this in front of Mission Impossible and I couldn't understand him in the 6 Min Prologue, It seemed to me like I literally couldn't hear voices in the audio Track in the plane, I figured it was a technical issue(with the sound) rather then an issue with his accent/voice/whatever.

mgrouchy on Dec 20, 2011


In Nolan We Trust....that's all I have to say =)

Conrad Williams on Dec 20, 2011


four words for u -  In Nolan We Trust.  I will pay for a movie Nolan made even if its silent. 

Tomyse on Dec 20, 2011


Duh. WB needs to get a clue. 

LouisBakerLee on Dec 20, 2011


I don't give a shit really. Redub? Cool. Leave it alone? Cool. Nolan could direct a turd exiting a horses ass while making a glass breaking sound and I'd think it was brilliant. Too much debate over something that in the end, people will flock to see and few will question. Now I'm going to watch Moneyball on my Xbox and drink Cognac.

Quanah on Dec 20, 2011


its still gonna be awesome!

A5J4DX on Dec 20, 2011


Ah well, in almost all other countries in the world there will be subtitles to help you out 🙂

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


Whenever Bane speaks, characters around him could always go, "Heh, good one, Kenny."

Max Renn on Dec 21, 2011


subtitle it then.

????? on Dec 21, 2011


watched in IMAX, and I could not understand all that he said. I got home watched it on youtube, and I could hear everything perfectly fine. I think it is a problem with the movie theater sound. I'm sure they'll fix it.

twiddledum on Dec 21, 2011


Bane dialogue on first time viewing of prologue....pirate copy: well perhaps he is wondering why someone would shoot a man, before throwing him out of a plane/ it doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan/ no one cared who I was until I put on the Mask/ it would be extremely painful...for you/ of course, Dr Pavel refused our offer in favour of yours, we had to find out what he had told you about us/ crashing this plane, with no survivors/ No (something in German possibly, finishing with brother)/ the fire rises/ calm down doctor, now is not the time for fear, that comes later.No issues, and this is a pirate version...don't understand the problems.

WushuChild on Dec 21, 2011


Kudos to Nolan for challenging the audience. I would not doubt it is the theaters fault most likely. These monkeys could care less about audio, whether or not the picture is centered, the temperature in the theater. Choose wisely your theaters I say.

Chjapa on Dec 21, 2011


Please research. Bane is supposed to have an accent. He comes from the fictional version of Cuba. Nolan might actually change that last detail. Pretty obvious, Bane comes to Gotham to spark a revolution. That said, I think I have the story-arch figured out. Batman is a conservative. He represents law, order, free-markets, the status-quo, and all the inequities that come with it. Rather than prevent social ill he simply reacts to it violently. Blames the individual rather than society or circumstances despite he also being a product of the later. Batman Begins = Conservatism vs. "Fascism/Nazism" of Ras Al Ghul Dark Knight = Conservatism vs. Anarchy/Terrorism of the Joker DK Rises = Conservatism vs. Class Warfare/Communism of Bane & Catwoman The trilogy is really Nolan's take of conservatism's three 20th century archenemies and how & why conservatism triumphed in the end.

Hdezcanton on Dec 22, 2011


What the fuck are you talkin' about?! This isn't a FOX News forum, my man.  So save this drama for your mama, 'cause NOBODY here wants to hear it!

John on Dec 22, 2011


He kind of makes sense, though.  Not that I stand behind conservatives, and I don't think that @b31a60c4e4f4ead9720d8b8684d3e8d5:disqus 's statement means he does either.  But you can't deny that conservatives really have succeeded, and not just in America.

JL on Dec 23, 2011


i understood every word bane said and i was watching a shitty bootleg copy

guy on Dec 22, 2011


DONT CHANGE A THING!! Are you guys kidding me?? You cant understand him?? The guy (Bane) has an accent with a slight muffling of his voice and there is nothing wrong with that! in fact it makes him sound even more intelligent. And if that intelligence measures up to the brutality that ive been reading about but did not see much of in the prologue then i am incredibly excited to see this movie!! You must have faith in Christopher Nolan's vision. This movie will be epic!!

batsupe on Dec 22, 2011


Bane's voice was difficult to understand in the prologue. It wasn't the accent. It sounded muffled even with the bag off. But the trailer sounded perfectly fine. Alex do you think it could be the IMAX sound? Cause obviously I saw the prologue in IMAX and then I saw the trailer in a normal theater. Because it actually seems like people that saw the bootleg could hear better but they could control the sound better.

Anonymous on Dec 22, 2011


"Whether you've taken the time[edit] shamefully watched a leaked version online,..." For Pete's sake..watching a "leaked" trailer is not wrong..what's wrong is Doctors unnecessarily operating on patients to get money, Doctors selling body parts of corpses without loved ones consent, people being killed because of their race,sex,nationality etc..I'm sick of this propaganda that online piracy is worst thing since the holocaust..

SickofMPAA on Dec 22, 2011


I found this Bane v Batman behind the scenes fight scene!!! ahhhhhhh FREAKING AWESOME!!!

Paula on Jan 12, 2012

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