Interview: Director Kenneth Branagh Talks Creating Marvel's 'Thor'

May 4, 2011

Kenneth Branagh

Marvel Studios has a knack for picking directors, from Jon Favreau to Louis Leterrier, and now Kenneth Branagh. Though he's received four Oscar noms for acting, directing and writing, Marvel asked Branagh to only direct their big screen adaptation of Thor, the superhero based on the classical Norse God of Thunder, making this his first comic book movie. Ever since Branagh got attached I've been dying to talk to him, he's a smart, talented, fascinating guy and I couldn't wait to talk to about Thor. This past weekend I was lucky enough to sit down with Branagh for an interview, covering Shakespeare, challenges, VFX and more. Enjoy!

Watch my full interview with Kenneth Branagh, director of Marvel's Thor (mostly spoiler free):

I tried to cover various topics regarding the elements of Thor that amazed me when I saw it, including the visual style and effects, to Branagh's history with Shakespeare and how that connected to the story, to Marvel's involvement with the movie. More than anything, I wanted this interview to be informative and insightful, and Branagh had a lot to say, so I just let him give his answers. I got to watch Thor before this interview and thought it was an awesome, an epic and entertaining way to kick off the summer, I really enjoyed it. Paramount is releasing Thor in theaters this weekend, on May 6th. It's already playing almost everywhere else worldwide. Thank you to Paramount and Mr. Branagh for the interview! Good answers?

Marvel's Thor

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Good interview, but who is that woman? and what is she doing? 😀

David Perretta on May 4, 2011


Sorry, I tried to crop her out of the frame but she was in it. :/ She's his publicist, came in to tell me when my time was almost up in the interview.

Alex Billington on May 4, 2011


What's up with the background lady?

Manuel on May 4, 2011


See answer above. His publicist.

Alex Billington on May 4, 2011


only 2 more days!!!

Quynh Truong on May 4, 2011


Seen it already:P

Anonymous on May 4, 2011


What? How?

Quynh Truong on May 4, 2011


I saw it as well at an advance screening. It was pretty damn good from what I was expecting. Could have delved deeper into more of the emotional state of things, but for a blockbuster it was surprisingly very well made.

Euacbgign on May 4, 2011


Here in the Netherlands the movie came out a week earlier than in the States:P

Anonymous on May 5, 2011


I hope in this film series, they will include: Balder, Beta Ray Bill, Frey, Hermod, Hercules, Hoder, Hrimhari, Idunn, Kelda, Thor Girl, Thunderstrike, Tyr, Valkyrie, Vidar, Volla, Zeus. I look forward to seeing the following villains in future sequels: Absorbing Man, Atum, Bloodaxe, Cobra, Desak, Ego the Living Planet, Enchantress, Executioner, Fafnir, Fenris Wolf, Grey Gargoyle, Hela, Karnilla, Kurse, Lorelei, Malekith the Accursed, Man-Beast, Mangog, Midgard Serpent, Mr. Hyde, Mongoose, Perrikus, Quicksand, Radioactive Man, Ragnarok, Seth, Surtur, Ulik, Wrecking Crew (Wrecker, Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball), Ymir, Zarrko.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi on May 4, 2011


Question for Alex, did you see this in 3d, and if you did, would you recommend it? I plan on seeing Thor, but have been burned by bad 3d before.

Coreyboe on May 4, 2011


I have seen the movie in 3D and it's good 3D. It works more with depth in the style of Toy Story 3. There are not a lot of things leaping out of the screen towards you. I recommend watching it in 3D. BTW as far as I know it's only shown in 3D.

Anonymous on May 4, 2011


I did see it in 3D... and I did NOT enjoy the 3D at all. I highly suggest seeing it in 2D, it'll be brighter and look so much better, and the 3D doesn't really add much at all. Not worth it for Thor, no way!

Alex Billington on May 4, 2011


Totally agree, I seen this in Dublin yesterday and it was only showing in 3d so I had no choice but the 3D was probably the worst ive seen from a film. I still enjoyed the film but the 3d was not part of the enjoyment, thumbs down!

The 4th Amigo.!. on May 4, 2011


I would have seen it in 2D if I got the chance, but it was only shown in 3D in the cinema where I was going to:S

Anonymous on May 5, 2011


Nice 1 man, I could listen to this guy talk all day

dave on May 4, 2011


You should watch the Walking with dinosaurs/beasts/monsters series then, because he gives the voiceover:P

Anonymous on May 4, 2011


oh god that woman couldnt stay standing in one place could she. great interview.

Anon on May 4, 2011


Alex, that was the best Kenneth Bragnah interview in years, he was relax and answering everything as it came. Definitely, he made the movie he wanted to make, and he pulled of. I loved the movie, and so far, from Marvel I fell is the best adaptation so far, and I'm glad It was made by him. Congratulations for the interview again.

Alexander Gramlich on May 4, 2011


His Hamlet comment is awesome. And you should all read his annotated script version of "Hamlet."

CisforCinema on May 4, 2011


Huge fan of Branagh and the comic book (especially recent runs by JMS and Matt Fraction). Loved his Henry V, Dead Again, Peter's Friends, Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, and As You Like It. Good interview.

Diddles on May 4, 2011


Yeah man, that's a pretty big interview! Congratoooolations. Thor actually was alright, I thought it would be terrible, but I reckon as a super hero movie it did good.

Crapola on May 4, 2011


Thanks, that's quite rare to get praise from you. 😉

Alex Billington on May 4, 2011


I'm full of praise for FS, you guys do a great job. Your enthusiasm for film is inspiring.

Crapola on May 5, 2011


Kommissar Wallander talks about Thor -- that is pure gold. Actually, I was focussing so much on what Kenneth Branagh said, that I didn't even notice there was that lady everyone is talking about. „I demand to be strongly produced, and I will strongly direct right back at you.“ Love that.

Felix on May 4, 2011


This is an incredible interview with Branagh. So honest and refreshing! I wish more talented directors as Branagh would give you the opportunity to interview them and have a honest talk about their films, goals, pitfalls, regrets, and much more. Excellent job!

choter on May 4, 2011


I watched it on tuesday in 2D, and it

Vladimir on May 5, 2011

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