'Intruders' Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Lands 'Highlander' Reboot

September 12, 2011
Source: Deadline


His film The Intruders starring Clive Owen is premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival today (stay tuned to Alex's coverage from the festival right here), but Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has just landed a high profile gig to follow his horror thriller. Deadline reports the filmmaker is in talks to helm the reboot of the 1986 sci-fi fantasy film Highlander, a project recently vacated by Fast Five director Justin Lin who will be busy with another installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise and a new Terminator film. Fresnadillo is also attached to direct The Crow, another reboot of previous adaptation.

The original epic fantasy (starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery) had our hero battling an unstoppable barbarian who covets the power gained from there being only one of near-immortal beings left alive. In a strange turn, the script (from Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway) was revealed to be re-written by The Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, and while that seems disconcerting at first, the writer also scripted several episodes of the fantastic drama series "Dexter" on Showtime. The question remains as to who will become the Highlanders in this reboot. Any suggestions?

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I'm definitely not one for remakes, although sometimes there are some good ones. I don't think this should be remade. As cheesy as it was, it is a classic. And damn was Clancy Brown a badass! Still is!

grimjob on Sep 12, 2011


Shia LaBeouf, Penn Badgley or Chace Crawford as Connor MacLeodMischa Barton or Blake Lively as Brenda WyattMark Strong or Rhys Ifans as The KurganGerard Butler, Ewan McGregor, James McAvoy or David Tennant as Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez

Paula Hatton on Sep 12, 2011


It's ripe for a remake. As long as they keep the story consistent with the number of immortals, ignore the planet Zeist storyline and don't make unnecessary sequels to needlessly expand the Highlander universe.

Jill Marin on Sep 12, 2011


How about Thomas Jane!?

Xerxexx on Sep 12, 2011


yeah tom jane would make a good connor, he is someone who always seems overlooked for good parts

Gary thomas on Sep 12, 2011


As far as I'm concerned, "The Crow" was perfect, and there just isn't any need to re-make "The Highlander." I mean, why? Write something new, please! (Errr...yeah, I'll probably go see it.)

foolish tree films on Sep 12, 2011


I don't know which way to lean on this one, I liked the first movie and the show, We'll just wait & see I guess.

Jimmy Love on Sep 12, 2011


please dont remake this. I really want him to do 28 Months Later.

Enzo on Sep 13, 2011


While I liked 28 Weeks Later I would much rather Boyle take the reins on 28 Months Later.

Xerxexx on Sep 13, 2011


James Mcevoy should be Connor and please get an actual egyptian to play Ramirez.  Like Oded Fer from the Mummy.

Drtim413 on Sep 13, 2011


I agree.

Ultim8 on Sep 13, 2011


For me it's got to be Gerard Butler as the new highlander

Chrisills on Sep 13, 2011


yea he would be great for the part

Marionewman1 on Sep 15, 2011


I loved the older movie series. But it could of been alot better. One thing that always dissapointed me was when one immortal would take another immortals head. They were supposed to take all they're power, knowledge, etc. They never focused on that. They never made the immortals any faster or smarter or stronger. I think if they make it right. It can be truly epic. Focusing on those things that would make an awesome highlander movie. Get some better theme music in there too. LOl. I was thinking Michael Fassbender....I think its cause I just watched x-men first class.

Timnimbus on Sep 13, 2011


I always had that same concern (it was what brought me to this site). I think it would be one of the best things to focus on with a remake specifically because it is part of the canon, but has never been addressed (except as rhetoric). A true quickening, where one absorbs the fallen immortal's power, knowledge and experience would make for a great acting challenge.

Thomas Kelly on Dec 17, 2011


IF they MUST torture the poor Highlander yet again, Kevin McKidd should play the role. It would be nice to see an actual Scotsman in the role instead of yet another frog.

5318008 on Sep 13, 2011


I'm all for another Highlander movie. I don't know if it has to be a remake though. Actually, strike that, it has to be a remake. The Highlander U. is too murky as is right now. Not to mention, I'd rather see Connor than Duncan, and by that I mean there better be a Chris Lambert cameo and Queen theme song in this film! I always liked Highlanders 1 and 3 but as Timnimbus said, they never really played up the Quickening power ups like they should've. This would be the perfect time and maybe even include individual special abilities for the most accomplished Immortals. Like Ramirez's spirit bomb and MVP's illusions.

That 1 Guy.... on Sep 14, 2011


That 1 Guy...Nice! I agree. Also I dont know if this bugged anyone else. But it would of been nice to get a better recap of where theyre power comes from? The latest highlander movie (the Source) doesnt count. That one sucked.

Tim on Dec 19, 2011

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