It Never Ends! Lionsgate Exec Says 'Saw' Franchise is Not Done Yet

December 7, 2011
Source: Bloody-Disgusting


Haven't they had enough after seven movies! This isn't a set-in-stone, kind of it's-coming-next-year bit of news, but it's basically a hint that Jigsaw is still alive—the Saw series, not the guy, though I would love to see him back one day. Bloody-Disgusting (via SlashFilm) caught mention of the Saw series in a new CNBC interview on this week (video here) with Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns. Alas, it wasn't much, but he said at one point: "I'm sure, some day, you'll see Saw back in the picture." As a reminder, this was the first Halloween in seven years that we haven't seen a new Saw film, as Paranormal Activity has taken over.

The last film, Saw 3D, was released Halloween in 2010, and still made a mediocre $45 million at the box office. We've been reporting (or rather, trying to report) that the Saw series would be coming to an end for quite a few movies now. I even remember running quotes about various sequels finally being the end, but always getting another, and I feel like that's the legacy this franchise now carries on. It will never end! As vague as Burns' "some day, you'll see Saw back in the picture" quote is, for any Saw fans still hungry for more, it's a tease that there is something coming. Who knows when, how, why, or any of that, but it seems Lionsgate has at least moved on and let other horror franchises open every Halloween weekend—for now.

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arent they done yet!!!!???

stfugtfo on Dec 7, 2011


Haven't they realized that all the fuckwits have moved on to Paranormal Activity? 

Lebowski on Dec 7, 2011


they never should have made a second one. The first one was preatty great. Not amazing, but pretty damn good. One of the better horror films I'd seen in a while when I saw it. The rest of them were just torture porn flicks. The first one was a pretty interesting situation playing people against each other. There were elements of human nature pitted against an interesting mystery with a dash of paranoia for good measure. The rest of them werte just "dur dur dur, let's put someone in a trap and then watch them try to not die lolol". Granted, I haven't seen them all, but that's the jist I got from the bits I watched of the other films. I actually know people who consider the first one to be the worst of the series because it's too slow and not bloody enough. I want to break those people. EDIT: I'm sorry, I'm a bit drunk at the moment, so forgive the terrible typing skills...

Anonymous on Dec 7, 2011


Uhh this is false. There is nothing in any Saw movie that can be considered "torture porn." There is no sex AT ALL in any of the seven films. Actually you only see two sets of breasts in the entire series and the traps are so demented you don't even bother to notice them. The plot itself never really turned bad, all the traps made sense it wasn't just something that was thrown together, admittedly there were some parts of the series that were unnecessary, but not enough to call even one of the movies bad. Plus if you haven't seen them all you have no right to judge the franchise.

BATMAN on Dec 7, 2011


the traps were amazing...the story started to suck to the point where everybody knew how it was going to end once 7 started and that's what will kill his next one....

Jericho on Dec 7, 2011


Dear BATMAN, the operative word in the phrase "Torture Porn" is not "Porn", it's "Torture". It isn't the combination of torture and more traditional pornographic fare, it's the slavish and unsettling detail that they devote to acts of Torture. In summary "Car Porn" is not a man having sex with a car. 

Lebowski on Dec 7, 2011


@12a0c2b26d96ef89cbbb3bd7c806a573:disqus , HA! Well said sir. Had a good, needed laugh at your reply towards BATMAN who needs to study up a bit. Cheers.

Nick Malone on Dec 7, 2011


Yeah he sure showed me, sorry I mistook what it meant, I'm not sure I'll ever recover from that burn, but I believe he was just correcting me and not trying to be a douche about it like you. The two cents you threw in really made you look like a tool.

BATMAN on Dec 11, 2011


Gotcha, well I'm not gonna dwell on the fact that I messed  up, because I believe that phrase can be easily misconstrued

BATMAN on Dec 11, 2011


Totally agree with every word you say, my drunken friend!

Moutchy on Dec 8, 2011


Hoping for a prequel! That may be the only thing they could do without ruining the franchise...

BATMAN on Dec 7, 2011


i thought the 4th one was a mock prequel?

Jericho on Dec 7, 2011


It was kind of, I'm just hoping for a full-on prequel that all takes place before the first movie and explains why he really kills people, because it never really was explained well enough.

BATMAN on Dec 11, 2011


The SAW films have always been pretty well thought out in my opinion. Part 7 didn't exist in my mind because the whole film was directed like a SNL spoof of the other words it was a big F**k You to the fans! Part 6 ended in a way that could be considered the Real SAW finale but hey that's my view. 

CrAzy Olyphant on Dec 8, 2011


Did you guys hear about the SAW Cruise next summer!!! The cast of the franchise will be there and you can have dinner with them if you pay more. Sounds interesting...any thoughts?

CrAzy Olyphant on Dec 8, 2011


Predictable, but Ok.

Davide Coppola on Dec 8, 2011


i was done with the saw franchise after saw 2.

leatherface on Dec 8, 2011


I was done with the franchise midway through the first one.

norm on Dec 8, 2011


No big shock.

Posthuman on Dec 8, 2011


I Want this next Halloween.

Jon Chamberlain on Dec 8, 2011

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