It's Confirmed: Garrett Hedlund Now in Talks to Play Kaneda in 'Akira'

November 3, 2011
Source: Variety

Garrett Hedlund / Akira

Well, there you go. He's gone from being the frontrunner to being offered the role to, according to the latest update on Variety, accepting the role and moving into "talks" with Warner Bros. Garrett Hedlund, young star of Tron Legacy, is in talks to play Kaneda in Jaume Collet-Serra's live-action Akira movie. His name first came up when WB finally greenlit the project after going through numerous production evolutions and director changes. Now that they're moving forward with Collet-Serra at the helm, casting is their next focus, and Hedlund is only the first of many names to be involved, as they have yet to cast Tetsuo and many others.

Set in New Manhattan, Warner Bros' live-action Akira, based on Katsuhiro Otomo's manga, is a cyberpunk sci-fi epic that follows the leader of a biker gang named Kaneda (Hedlund) who must save his friend Tetsuo, discovered with potentially destructive psychokinetic abilities, from government medical experiments. One joke I can make is that at least Warner Bros knows Garrett Hedlund looks good on a motorcycle. I griped the first time around: "Please Warner Bros, do not cast Sam Flynn in this. Anyone but Hedlund!" But it looks like they didn't listen. I just don't think he's a good fit for this, and won't be able to give a performance with as much depth and nuance as this really needs. As long as they cast someone very talented opposite him as Tetsuo (the more complex character), then there might still be hope that this could turn out okay. Maybe?

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give him a chance Billington, maybe he will surprise us. He is not that bad as an actor.

Truong18 on Nov 3, 2011


.... the guy has no charm or personality... this project is starting to look like a huge bomb...

Yahzee on Nov 3, 2011


You have no intelligence or good ideas. You're like old robots idiots. So good you're completely irrelevant LOL

Adam on Nov 3, 2011


Don't really care to see this, not even if the trailer looks awesome.  Only way I'll watch is if it gets raving (in a good way) reviews, and even then I'll be skeptical.  Didn't care for the original that much, though the comics are better than the movie (still hated Kaneda though).  I may watch the movie if I find out that Kaneda gets killed off.  This in no way implies I dislike the American actor planning to play him, I've just always hated Kaneda's character from the anime movie to the manga. I'll be able to tell instantly from the trailer if this is going to be more Hollywood trash, or if there's some hope for it.  Shoot, if Nolan was directing, I'd be all in.

Gex on Nov 3, 2011


I think Hedlund is a decently good pick. Perhaps it doesn't sit well because we all know that Kaneda can be a jerk at times and Hedlund doesn't look like the bad boy, alpha-male, type.

matt s. on Nov 3, 2011


Rent Death Sentence.

Laura S. on Nov 4, 2011


There's no way in hell this will be good. Beyond Hayden Chri...i mean Garrett Hedlund being cast, they got the director of Orphan and Unknown to tackle AKIRA? !? Really? This all screams disaster!

Ryan on Nov 3, 2011


You're really dumb dude. You nerds have no personality whatsoever, just repeat like a robot what other sad nerds have to say. duh

Claire on Nov 3, 2011


Kaneda was not that deep of a character, just a bit of a tough punk with a sly grin. Hedlund might be fine for this part. It's Testsuo that needs to really stand out. Ben Foster would blow minds in that part.

Chocolate Supra on Nov 3, 2011


I think I'll be bootlegging this online. 

Chris Amaya on Nov 3, 2011


I think warner Bros. will be missing your money LMAO

Virginnerd on Nov 3, 2011


White washing!

John on Nov 3, 2011


...aaaaaannd Hollywood's back! C'mon guys, let's give 'em a round of applause! *slow claps*

Agent Kid Society on Nov 3, 2011



happy camper on Nov 3, 2011


Yelchin for Tetuso!

Xerxexx on Nov 3, 2011


Anton is such a good actor, I have thought this all along as well.

Anonymous on Nov 3, 2011


Please don't hire Gaybert Pattinson PLEASE. He's a HORRIBLE actor and so ugly.

Billy on Nov 3, 2011


I think the guy from Ninja Assassin would be perfect

heelswin4life on Nov 3, 2011


Very skeptical of the director and cast so far. The manga was well over thousand pages. It's a complex movie, hope they don't just go for aesthetics. 

David Gold on Nov 4, 2011


r they changing the name of the character.. Kaneda with blond hair and blue eyes looks a bit odd !! 

GMA on Nov 4, 2011


I wonder what they will make the bikes look like? The action scenes with the motorcycles are one of the coolest parts of the anime. I'm not as worried about Kaneda as I am Tetsou..I really hope they don't ruin this classic. Akira is one of the first anime I have ever seen. i have been hooked ever since. Has anyone heard anything about the live action Bleach movie adaptation?

Tim on Nov 4, 2011


Why does it need to be yet again a blond, white guy? What's wrong with a chinese or Philipino dude for this one? It might feel more in keeping with the vibe of the world.

George Caltsoudas on Nov 4, 2011


White guy with a Japanese name... this film is going to blow chunks. I suppose WB is going to get the same people they always do to make their films like Green Lantern, Superman Returns. 

KyleRobinson on Nov 4, 2011


what the hell are you going on about Alex. Hedlund is a good actor. Especially for a role like this. 

Vitaliy Shtabnoy on Nov 8, 2011

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