James Cameron Talks Pressure and Progress on Two 'Avatar' Sequels

June 21, 2011
Source: Fox News

James Cameron

Previously we heard that the anticipated sequels to Avatar would have a focus on the oceans of Pandora, and in October we learned that writer/director James Cameron would make the back-to-back sequels his next priority. However, since then we haven't heard much about the development of the sequels. Well, Fox News (via ComingSoon) recently caught up with Cameron at the Covenant House Gala in Los Angeles and he dished about their progress on the sequels and the pressure of following up a film that grossed $2.78 billion worldwide and still giving audiences the same adventure they loved in the first film.

Cameron updates, "We're shooting two films back-to-back, so I'm writing two scripts, not one, which will complete a [three]-film story arc – not really a trilogy, but just an overall character arc so I'm pretty excited about that. We're doing a lot of preliminary work right now on new software and new animation techniques and so on. We're creating a new facility in Manhattan Beach so everybody that's not already dead is coming back." Considering the good guys suffered nearly as many losses as the bad guys, I don't think there will be that many returning cast members, but look forward to seeing what new talent heads to Pandora.

As for the pressure of crafting two back-to-back sequels to the highest grossing film of all-time, Cameron seems to have his head on straight. The filmmaker says, "There's always an expectation. I had to deal with that after The Terminator back in 1984. All of a sudden I had a big hit movie and it was 'what are you doing next?' But my job is take the audience on a journey and entertain them. The second I am sitting down writing, I just go to Pandora. I don't think about that stuff, about standing on a red carpet. It has its own life, really. The characters have their own lives." Hopefully the story isn't as derivative this time around and allows for some deeper exploration into Pandora and the Na'vi. And if Cameron's sequel can trump the original as much as Terminator 2: Judgment Day topped its predecessor, then audiences should be more than pleased.

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Thank god for the Camerons, Nolans & Peter Jacksons of the world...

Anonymous on Jun 21, 2011


I think Spielberg deserves to be on the list!

N. on Jun 21, 2011


VERY True. also IMO Abrams is a Star Trek sequel away from earning his way on that list as well.  🙂  

Anonymous on Jun 22, 2011


And Bay. And LeTerrier. And Del Toro.

Stevebeer60 on Jul 22, 2011


After Avatar i struck Cameron from that list. Today only Jackson and Nolan are left for me, and Jackson has only one more chance to prove he´s still got it. After King Kong and Lovely Bones I lost lot of fate in him

Hanibal on Jun 22, 2011


waiting for it... hey 2015, you better come soon.

Nishit Mohan Singh on Jun 21, 2011


I don't know why but for some reason I can't stand Cameron's films...they are good but forgettable...Alien clearly trumps Aliens heard someone say that Cameron outdid Alien made me kinda annoyed. Terminator is a good watch as is Judgment Day but I am not the biggest fan of Terminator...and Avatar was fairly bad and I can even make it 30 minutes anymore. /end useless rant.

Xerxexx on Jun 21, 2011


And this is why you are cool, Xerxexx.

Big Boss on Jun 21, 2011


Wait...what kind of cool?

Xerxexx on Jun 21, 2011


Uh, there's only one kind man. lol

Big Boss on Jun 22, 2011


Seriously? Your missing his best films: The Abyss and True Lies. Sure True Lies is a big gooey cheeseburger of a movie, but who doesn't love a big gooey cheeseburger every now and then. Oh and anybody who compares Alien and Aliens is an idiot. Its like saying Saving Private Ryan outdid Schindler's List. Same setting, different genres of movie making.

Anonymous on Jun 21, 2011


The Abyss is in the same vein as True Lies...movies I'll watch time and time again but not really love.

Xerxexx on Jun 22, 2011


You're quite right.  Alien and Aliens are not really comparable.  By the way, Cameron's true masterpiece is Titanic.

Tin Hoang on Jun 22, 2011


 I rather enjoyed Titanic...mostly for and yes I'm about to say this...the romance...:)

Xerxexx on Jun 22, 2011


I'm embarrassed to say, I paid to get see it twice!

Tin Hoang on Jun 22, 2011


@Tin Hoang...never be ashamed!

Xerxexx on Jun 22, 2011


I respect your opinion, but alas it's YOUR opinion. Bogus...

Ziggymetal on Jun 22, 2011


 I don't expect others to share

Xerxexx on Jun 22, 2011


I think, now it's time to you to change your motto: "There is nothing 'Glorious' about James Cameron"

Manuel on Jun 22, 2011


I just might. lol.

Xerxexx on Jun 22, 2011


James Cameron can go suck a candy cane. Little bitch can make films.

Iaintnotwhippingboy on Jun 21, 2011


Well if he finds the right scripts and stories to steal...Um Borrow, he shouldn't have any problems with sequels to Pocahontas... I mean... Dances with Wolves.... I mean Avatar

BoBippyDo on Jun 21, 2011


Dances with Wolves? Pocahontas maybe, but you really need to go watch Ferngully.

Anonymous on Jun 21, 2011


i lost all respect for you cameron after you bashed piranha, i had more fun watching that than anything you have ever done especially your dances with wolves remake (avatar), your nothing but an over hyped director, at least people like chris nolan (whos movies are always super hyped) delivers.  you havent made anything good since the terminator or aliens, here comes 2 movies i could care less about

Dustin on Jun 21, 2011


2 movies you COULDN'T care less about. Man I hate it when people get that wrong all the time.

Charles on Jun 22, 2011


Why? still he has more to say about the "Avatar" issue? Really? The Academy did not won the oscar for one Avatar movie, now is he trying with two? Beaware his sequels and pre-sequels!!

Manuel on Jun 22, 2011


"Avatar did not won the oscar for one movie, now is he trying with two?"

Manuel on Jun 22, 2011


Trite and trivial motifs that Cameron has sucked from other films make it easy to disregard his talent. But whatever the adaptations or alterations of different themes he uses still makes for a "dope ass movie"

Only2minieakin on Jun 22, 2011


Well, considering what a success T2 was, I'm betting James won't disappoint... Can't stand his politics, but he makes one helluva movie.

Anonymous on Jun 22, 2011


Yeah. In Avatar II he might make Pandora 2.0, liquid metal.

Manuel on Jun 22, 2011


Just the other day i re-watch avatar on blu-ray and I think i like it more and more between each viewing. James Cameron is a genius and he always finds great actors for every role and has discover a few stars. Like Zoe Saldana, which started avatar before star trek.

Eru'Eru Narvaez on Jun 22, 2011


waiting another 10 years for avatars and what the hell about alita:battle angel? forget her? money is import than Alita:battle angel...avatarz making money..

Mm on Jun 22, 2011


oh god,cameron when will forget ocean and avatarz? please do battle made us sick with talking every day about avata.

Elvis on Jun 22, 2011


To the bashers....HAHAHA!!! While hes making hit movies that 100s of millions of people pay for and love and are moved by...YOU people are sitting on laptops probably with no work bashing him!!!? HAHA! "those who CANT teach"  Get a life....... 🙂

Mon on Jun 28, 2011

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