James Vanderbilt Already Hired to Pen 'Amazing Spider-Man' Sequel

March 24, 2011
Source: Heat Vision

Amazing Spider-Man

Not that it's unexpected, but even though principal photography isn't even completed on Marc Webb's new take on the iconic wallcrawler with The Amazing Spider-Man, Heat Vision reports the film's writer James Vanderbilt has already been hired to pen the sequel. Apparently the writer has even already pitched his outline for the sequel and producers and studio executives at Sony have given their approval. Obviously it's going to be awhile before we hear anything about the sequel considering the first film in this new franchise won't hit theaters until July 3, 2012, but that means a sequel shouldn't be that far behind.

Interestingly enough, Vanderbilt was also working on Spider-Man 4 when Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire were still attached to another sequel in last decade's Spider-Man franchise. His character driven approach to the screenplay rather than an emphasis on big battles and special effects got him on board to write three film's for that franchise, but we all no how that worked out. But those same writing traits are what got him hired for this rebooted franchise. In addition to being very familiar with Spider-Man, the writer should also bring some interesting criminal elements to the table after writing films like Zodiac. Now we just have to wait to see how The Amazing Spider-Man looks as the project moves through production. Sound good?

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I like the picture, the new suit is pretty badass.

Anonymous on Mar 25, 2011


i kinda do also i guess, but how exactly does a middle high schooler afford the material to make the suit

ERIC on Mar 25, 2011


Make the suit? 'cause he's like ... Spiderman? (:-)

97point6 on Mar 25, 2011


Maybe he has a Korean friend, amiright? JK JK JK, I am Korean though...which makes it alright.

Anonymous on Mar 25, 2011


actually i can get those same materials from fabric stores and make that whole suit up in 35-57 bucks

Jericho on Mar 25, 2011


Good. Get started on the new script early. This way they won't leave themselves no time to write it and a release date looming.

SV7 on Mar 25, 2011



Fixit on Mar 25, 2011


Isn't Alvin Sargent doing the rewrites for all the Spiderman films like he usually does?

Ziskin on Mar 25, 2011


Zodiac was great because of David Fincher, not because of Vanderbilt. Plus a super hero film is purely fiction while Zodiac was based on actual events. I highly doubt that Vanderbilt's Spidey script is all that.

Kal-el on Mar 25, 2011


While I do agree that a film is generally good, or not good, because of the director, Its pretty ignorant to say that it had nothing to do with the writer. I realize it was based on actual events, which makes it a little easier for the writer... but, a director can only do so much with a crappy script. Sam Raimi did an amazing job on spiderman 1 and 2, and not so great on 3... mostly because of a crappy, busy, script. thats just my two cents

Anonymous on Mar 26, 2011


That's a good sign - means the studio is confident ASM will be good

Sumit on Mar 25, 2011


i am sick of spiderman and his monkeys ...

Terminator on Mar 25, 2011



John Doe on Mar 25, 2011


btw since when can an high school kid make such a suit? i thought they were going for a more realistic approach guess not...

Terminator on Mar 25, 2011


No offense to the comments above, but I love how people question his financial ability to buy materials for (or even creatively create) a Spiderman suit, yet the idea of a kid being bit by a spider and turning into a superhero is passed over like it's commonplace. I'm just saying--if you can accept that he has spidey senses, can't you accept that he is probably capable of manufacturing a suit? He can scale walls for God's sake, shoot webs and swing from building to building--I wouldn't be surprised if he could do many magnificent things (including creating costumes). I don't know--it's kind of funny hearing all the questions of plausibility relating to such minute details, when the premise itself is is so ludicrous (and I mean that not as a knock on Spiderman, which is easily one of my favorite comics). Just kick back and enjoy the flick. I'm pretty sure if you're hung up on how he paid for the suit as a high school kid--you probably won't enjoy the movie anyhow. I'm all for a little realism in comic book films, but I think the right approach is to accept that the whole premise is a bit farfetched. I don't know. I'm probably wrong.

Gilbert R. on Mar 25, 2011



John Doe on Mar 25, 2011


@Lagoya...thanks for just bolstering my point. It's completely ludicrous that he can create such a costume, but fighting off foes like Doctor Octopus or the Green Goblin isn't ludicrous at all? Um...if you say so. I agree that no one could create a suit like that (other than a "master tailor"). But if the movie showcased a costume that a real high school kid could create--would you really prefer that? Doubtful. I'm sure you'd complain just as much if not more so. All I'm saying is that it's a comic book movie based on a ridiculous premise. How he created a costume while ignoring the other preposterous ideas just seems a little off. It's like you can accept that he gets bit by a spider and turns into a superhero, but you're questioning how he created such a nifty suit? Really? Ok.

Gilbert R. on Mar 25, 2011


Ah more SONY SPIDER and his Spalding suit!

Anonymous on Mar 26, 2011


SO EXCITED people who are hating on this movie before it even comes out can suck it

Anonymous on Mar 26, 2011


i like the spider-man costume

Acompahinay on Apr 3, 2011

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