Jameson First Shot Competition - Make a Film Starring Kevin Spacey

October 5, 2011
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Jameson First Shot

Filmmakers, listen up! There's a new filmmaking contest now underway, run by Trigger Street Productions (of 21, The Social Network) and Jameson Irish Whiskey. It's called the Jameson First Shot competition, where the winner will be chosen by script submission, then will have the chance to make their entire short film with the backing of an award-winning production company and starring Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey. Submitting is as easy as writing the script and sending it off on their official website, but we've got more details and all the info on the entire contest, with an introduction video featuring Kevin Spacey below.

Jameson Irish Whiskey has partnered with Spacey and his production company, Trigger Street Productions, to discover up-and-coming talent from America, Russia and South Africa. In the search for fresh, fearless filmmakers, Jameson invites you to take center stage and enter a competition with a once-in-a-lifetime prize like no other. Here's the contest intro video with Trigger Street producer Dana Brunetti and Spacey, too:

If you're interested in submitting, please visit for more information or to submit a script. The contest is open until December 31st, 2011, the end of this year. Rules for the script include that it must be no more than seven pages long and must be inspired by the theme of 'legendary', 'humorous' or a 'very tall tale'. For more on the rules, including minimum age and other details, visit here. Once a winner is chosen from the submitted scripts, they will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the short film with Trigger Street, starring Kevin Spacey. Seems like a great way to break into filmmaking and it's a chance to showcase your talent, even as a short, so dive in if you're ready to make movies with Keyser Soze!

If you believe you have the talent but have yet to get your big break, Jameson First Shot is the competition you've been waiting for! Another stellar filmmaking contest to look into, as there are always many of these. We're happy to support emerging and up-and-coming filmmakers in all their ventures and opportunities.

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I have an idea for a story about a group of con artists and criminals who cross the wrong criminal mastermind. It's a neo-noir told in convoluted flashbacks by the "The Gimp". SPOILER ALERT - It's the Gimp. Kevin Spacey is perfect for it!

Bart on Oct 5, 2011


I am so doing this Alex!!!!

Michael Rees on Oct 5, 2011



Guestor on Oct 5, 2011


Wow didn't you just spoil the Usual Suspects for anyone who hasn't seen it?

Anonymous on Oct 5, 2011


Who said anything about the Usual Suspects? Looks like you just spoiled that for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Bart on Oct 5, 2011


Be 25 and older. Crap! I'm only 21, at least I can still drink Jamesons.

Andrew DiDonato on Oct 5, 2011


dude, if you really want this you will find a way. I'm sure you can get a 25-year-old colleague to team up with ūüėČ

Richard - The Camera Dolly Guy on Oct 6, 2011


Kevin Spacey mentions the Old Vic and how he's investing in talent and yet this isn't even open to the uk? Why??

Dom on Oct 5, 2011


there's no talent!

Fideltshivhasa on Nov 3, 2011


A short film that was just Kevin Spacey slamming a bottle of Jameson would be pretty damn entertaining

Lebowski on Oct 5, 2011


WOW,... I cannot remember seeing an opportunity like this. It's always: the best short film wins 500 bucks,.. oh yeah and it takes 150 bucks to apply. This is very cool!

Richard - The Camera Dolly Guy on Oct 6, 2011


Jameson has had this type of competion or a cash prize going for more than a decade, in some style or another. As I have attended many a film festival, or in this case: shortfilm festivals, I've had a chance to not only participate but also speak to other aspiring filmmakers, and winners of this contest. It hassnt been as direct as this one, its been a additional pirze they hand out. Seems we aspiring filmmakers all agree its a bit odd that we are being pushed on by a multimillion dollar corp so early in our development as filmmakers. Fells like we are 'on the take', even before we get our feet wet. Sure, no Jameson bottle needs be present in the film....not yet atleast.

David Banner on Oct 6, 2011


Asians/Europeans are not even allowed to join.  Boo!  But +1 to that Keyser Soze sequel.

Vincentmancini3 on Oct 6, 2011


Sharpening the quill to scratch a 7 minute chase scene with a different super car every minute... Spoiler: They all explode!

David Brown on Oct 10, 2011


someone ought to use their writing skill to create film about recent Aaron Bassler tragedy in Mendocino County

Jody Ann Cafferata on Oct 21, 2011

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