Jason Statham At His Best in Red Band Trailer for 'The Mechanic'

January 3, 2011
Source: IGN

The Mechanic Trailer

"I've always had this anger, now I have a place to put it." CBS Films has debuted a new red band trailer for their upcoming remake of The Mechanic starring Jason Statham and Ben Foster as hitman and apprentice, respectively. The first official trailer hit in November and this new one comes from IGN. I like the way this sets up the movie a lot more than that other trailer, but that's because they don't have to worry about showing some of the brutal R-rated violence. This actually looks like it's worth watching now, because before I couldn't tell if it was just another boring action flick or not. It could be pretty good! Watch below.

Watch the red band trailer for Simon West's The Mechanic direct from YouTube:

An action-thriller centered on an assassin (Jason Statham) and a young man who becomes an apprentice.

The Mechanic was directed by British filmmaker Simon West, of memorable blockbusters like Con Air, The General's Daughter, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and When a Stranger Calls. The screenplay was written by first-time feature writer Karl Gajdusek, whose only other writing credit is for the TV show "Dead Like Me". This is a remake of The Mechanic from 1972 starring Charles Bronson and directed by Michael Winner. The Mechanic was picked up by CBS Films and will arrive in theaters starting on January 28th early next year.

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1 it just my neolithic computer, or does the video not work?

moif on Jan 3, 2011


...yeah, its just my computer. Well I liked it. Very brutal and entertaining.

moif on Jan 3, 2011


Statham and Foster = Unstoppable duo that could enslave the world...while making some men question their sexuality...I'm in...minus the questioning my sexuality. 🙂

Xerxex on Jan 3, 2011


I have my eye on Foster. This guy's strangely watchable, and he definitely have shown some acting chops in the past. I was never usually that excited to see a Statham action flick but I'm definitely gunna check out this one as soon as I can. Xerxex, hi 🙂

Jon A. on Jan 3, 2011


how is going broham?

Xerxex on Jan 3, 2011


i thought ben foster coulda played a hobbit when they casted lotr's. good thing he didnt. that was pretty badass

lego on Jan 3, 2011


🙂 hehehe, Xerxex! OMG, Looks fn sick! Foster is amazing to watch. His roles (from what Ive seen) are always captivating ....a sick desperation in his eyes!

McWilly on Jan 3, 2011


FINALLY got the entire trailer to play on IGN's site. That was freaking sweet. This is a must see, no doubt. Statham's always been hit-or-miss for me. This is a hit. Foster...well, I have to agree with what other's have said. He definitely has an appeal and can captivate your attention on screen. I want to see him in this. Thanks for the link! Chris

Chris on Jan 3, 2011


this looks like a fun watch and is worth a rent - but, i won't be seeing it at the theatre.

beavis on Jan 3, 2011


There's a lot of good watermelon head explosions in that.

Crapola on Jan 3, 2011


Totally agree xerx, hes just got that screen presence, him next to Statham looks so natural for some reason.

Cody w on Jan 4, 2011


The two seem to work well off one another.

Xerxex on Jan 4, 2011


mmmm actiony goodness

Darius I of Persia on Jan 4, 2011


Has anyone here seen the original? I wonder if they'll be following the plot of that closely, or they're just hanging the film on the name? The Mechanic is meant to make his hits look like accidents (and was aped in the short-lived comic strip The Accident Man), and the trailer certainly shows a couple (swimming pool, bus exit and splat) but then they just kind of forget about that and just have jeeps driving through buses and what-not. Still, I'll see it 🙂 Good to see they turned down the red colour saturation on the blood splats as well, The Expendables was far too red...

Mike Kingscott on Jan 4, 2011


jason statham rapping

anonymous on Jan 4, 2011


I really like Foster, glad to see him. Looks good to me.

Sabes on Jan 4, 2011


Love Ben Foster. So far he has nailed every role he took on. Statham and him together seem like a really badass team. Looking forward to this.

SuicidalOptimist on Jan 4, 2011


Statham is the same character in every movie. It's old IMO. can't he do a different accent or something. I'm amazed he's still makin money. Not that I hate the guy or anything.

BBQ BOB on Jan 4, 2011


wow awesome better trailer than the first 😀

A5J4DX on Jan 4, 2011


Looks like there's a hidden barcode in the trailer at 1:01. It's one of the digital ones you scan with your smartphone's camera. Haven't tried it, but might be worth looking at.

chris r on Jan 4, 2011


I think you meant January 28th of this year.

ash on Jan 4, 2011


I like Ben Foster a lot. I wish he'd get more work. I couldn't get the video to work earlier but I just saw a TV spot for this movie. Looks great.

Craig on Jan 4, 2011


Looks cool. Not great, but cool. Though I have a hard time buying immediately into anything Statham does since Crank (and they actually made a 2nd one?). What a waste!! Still intrigued with this one for now.

jjboldt on Jan 4, 2011


The QR code embedded at 1:01 returns Go to it on your mobile phone to see a short clip from the movie involving Foster and a carjacker, then Statham shows up.

aaron on Jan 5, 2011


looks like a lot of fun...gonna rewatch the original on the weekend

memz on Jan 5, 2011


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