JCVD and Chuck Norris Officially Confirmed to Join 'Expendables 2'?

September 5, 2011
Source: IGN

JCVD / Chuck Norris

Not too long ago, some interesting names were rumored to join the beefy, action-star cast of The Expendables 2, the sequel to last year's throwback to action films from decades past with familiar faces from those films taking part. While it's been expected that original cast members like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews and Jet Li would return, rumored names have been circling around online for awhile. Now according to Millennium Films' official website (via IGN) it sounds like Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme will definitely be in the film after all.

On the production company's site, alongside the names of original cast members returning for the sequel, both Norris and Van Damme are listed as being part of the cast. That's about as official of a statement as we've gotten on their casting, and I'd probably go so far as to call their involvement a guarantee at this point. However, no word on whether John Travolta could still end up being part of the film as his name was rumored along with Norris and Van Damme in our last update. As for the story of this action sequel, well just the short plot synopsis at contains one big spoiler (though it will likely be revealed in the first trailer for the film), so we won't post it here, but you can check it out at Millennium Films official website if you feel so inclined. Sound good?

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So... they will be part of this movie?  ..

Sakyo on Sep 6, 2011


Thought Jet Li was'nt comi ng back?

Rhythmdave on Sep 6, 2011


So they're pumping cocaine, heroin, meth, steroids, adrenaline, aaaaaand everything else into this movie?

JL on Sep 6, 2011


Looks like I can add a karate gi to my red headband and giant plastic machine gun collection!

Stavi82 on Sep 6, 2011


I hope in the sequel, there will be more amazing fight scenes. If Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme are now confirmed, it would be good if they include Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White, Kurt Angle and Bill Goldberg.

Donnie Penn on Sep 6, 2011


why kurt and goldberg?

Tuna on Sep 6, 2011


Kurt ?  LOL

Al3xHeredia on Sep 6, 2011


See Warrior (2011) and Universal Soldier: The Return (1999).

Donnie Penn on Sep 6, 2011


If there is to be any Kurt in this movie it should be Kurt Russel

Mdiddy on Sep 7, 2011


Chuck Norris doesn't join this movie, this movie joins Chuck Norris!!!

TTumMM on Sep 6, 2011


That's true.

Manuel on Sep 6, 2011


That's true.

Manuel on Sep 6, 2011


That's true.

Manuel on Sep 6, 2011


Ethan, you gotta change it.

Anonymous on Sep 6, 2011


thats fukin right man. fuckin right

Mashas on Sep 7, 2011


Excellent. God I love this.

grimjob on Sep 6, 2011


Haha, I love the hyperbole in the synopsis: "Fiona embarks on her own revenge mission, complicating matters when she is captured and ransomed by a ruthless dictator plotting to destroy a resistance movement. Now Barney and the Expendables must risk everything to save her and humanity." Its like they wrote the synopsis, then thought, nah, the stakes aren't high enough, and just tacked "and humanity" on the end.  All it really needs is a few exclamation marks and it'd be perfect.

Warren Carroll on Sep 6, 2011


I think if you have to put a question mark at the end of the sentence "JCVD and Chuck Norris officially confirmed to join 'Expendables 2'" then it's not 'official' at all, it's just a question you're asking us.

Mr Mac on Sep 6, 2011


They need Kurt It`s all in the reflexes Russell

Loser on Sep 6, 2011


It's a strictly wheelchairs and zimmerframe mission. Roiding like crazy.

Crapola on Sep 6, 2011


Part of the world just exploded upon this news

Nick Sears on Sep 6, 2011


David Patrick Kelly for the bad guy, everyone keeps forgetting him. classic bad guy actor

Loser on Sep 6, 2011


If this is actually true, I'd say it's AWESOME! I read that Scott Adkins was confirmed and that Jet Li will return, as well. Other potentials that would ROCK: Michael Dudikoff Miles O' Keeffe Ralf Moeller Ken Wahl Thomas Ian Griffith Matthias Hues Michael Jai White Nick Mancuso Jack Scalia Ray Park

Spider on Sep 6, 2011


Dudikoff would be SICK.  Blanks would be good too (ha!)

Anonymous on Sep 6, 2011


Just as long as THE ROCK is nowhere NEAR this project, then Im fine with it. Im so over that guy lol

Anonymous on Sep 6, 2011


Let's put every crappy actor that knows a martial art ever heard of in this movie so they can all share the screen and get 1.2 seconds of screen time. Good idea. Matthias Hues? Nick Mancuso? Miles O'Keefe? WTF?

THE DUDE on Sep 6, 2011


I feel ya, but this franchise kind of is what it is, Homage to all those guys from the 80's & 90's action flicks.  Chuck & Van Damme were at the center of it all.

Anonymous on Sep 6, 2011


Dude, (WTF?) do you even know who these guys are? Do a little research! These guys are still active and can kick ass in some capacity as they are instantly recognizable to action aficionados worldwide! "The Expendables" franchise is the perfect platform for these guys to get a mainstream shot! ....Yes, this franchise is an homage to 80s action flicks.....or did you not know that! (To think that Sly first considered Hulk Hogan and Mr. T at first.)

Spider on Sep 7, 2011


I just found out that RoboCop himself, Peter Weller is rumored to be in also 

Devin Munro on Sep 6, 2011


I can't believe you guys are buying into the hype again. Have you forgotten how terrible the first one was?

Craig on Sep 6, 2011


Don't be pessimistic! It's obvious you'll be lining up alongside us! And for the record, the first one was damn good---exactly what Sly meant to bring to the big screen!

Blue Silver on Sep 7, 2011


im sorry if you were expecting a love story involving a sparkling Sly Stallone meeting some nasal chick..

Jericho on Sep 8, 2011


I'm all in.  I had my fingers crossed for them to be in the first one.  ...I also have to say BIG props for not only avoiding the spoiler, BUT also posting where to find it IF we wanted to. 

Anonymous on Sep 6, 2011


@0b9ed87a4fcf61f77ba3e2924c5a00b7:disqus, above - Great list man, yes Matthias Hues, where the hell is he these days when Sly needs you on a covert mission?? But you forgot one legend on the list...the legend....Sho Kusogi - those of you who are don't qualify to post any comments here. Period. Btw Ken Wahl also does a sideline in Men's Grooming. Rock on!

Don on Sep 9, 2011


How about Arnold and Jamie lee curtis reprising their True Lies characters

Fireball_1962 on Sep 10, 2011

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