Jean Reno Joins Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox in 'I, Alex Cross' Movie

May 10, 2011
Source: Variety

Jean Reno

In case you weren't aware, Tyler Perry will be stepping away from his atrocious comedies and dramas to star in an adaptation of the James Patterson novel I, Alex Cross. In addition, Matthew Fox is taking his first film role after the conclusion of "Lost" as a vicious serial killer which the recurring title character is chasing in the story. Now Variety reports French bad-ass Jean Reno will also join the cast in an unspecified role. Production is slated to begin this August with an eye towards a release later in 2012 or early in 2013. Also, for some confused Patterson fans, we have some clarification on the movie's source material.

While the film will indeed be titled I, Alex Cross, the Rob Cohen directed film is not actually based on the book in the series of the same name. In fact, the film is actually taking mob hitman Michael Sullivan (Fox), the villain from Cross, the 12th book in the series, and using it for this film. It's unclear if the film is an adaptation of the latter book as opposed to the former, or perhaps some hybrid of the two. Either way, the story on screen will follow Cross as he tracks down Michael Sullivan, a ruthless man known as the Butcher of Sligo who kills for money and thrills and ends up killing Cross' wife after the detective thwarts one of his murders. This could be the only thing Tyler Perry does that I end up enjoying. What do you think?

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Yuck. If Tyler Perry is starring in it I will say have to say NO THANK YOU. Hollywood, you just keep on sucking.

Bootsy Jenkins on May 11, 2011


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this movie will suck big time with Tyler Perry who probably couldn't even fight his way out of a paper bag. Of all the black actors they could have picked he lacks charisma and any kind of an edge. They may as well just rename the movie "Madae Trades Places with Alex Cross" and make it a comedy. Make it an intentional parody instead of the accidental one it is about to become. If they put Madea in the title I'm sure it will make 40 mil the first week and go away afterwards like all his other crapy cookie cutter movies.

Foomanchew24 on May 11, 2011


Léon <3

David Perretta on May 11, 2011


One of France's best actors but he is still underappreciated. He should have joined the A-list years ago. I hope he does more American mainstream films from now on.

Dalton on May 11, 2011


I am not familiar with Tyler Perry but he does not sound right for this role, I am a huge fan of the Alex Cross books and I really hope they can get it right this time but I am not holding my breath. Who are they going to get to play John (man mountain) Sampson?

kaiser on May 11, 2011


Tyler Perry is not Alex Cross.

DwainIBe on May 11, 2011


I wish I could say 2 out of 3 isn't bad...but in this case Perry ruins it all.

Anonymous on May 11, 2011


I agree that Perry isn't Morgan Freeman, but he could do well in this part. I mean Perry is a huge towering of a man, he did quite well in his brief part as the commanding head of the councel in Star Trek. So why all the hate on Perry? Is it because his films are successful? have any of you ever watched one of his movies?It's bad enough that of all the sites online, this is the only one that doesn't promote films of color, not just black films in the us, but afro films worldwide!

jah p on May 12, 2011


No love for perry

Foomanchew24 on May 12, 2011


there are much better black actors out there, and Films that Perry makes only reach out to a certain demographic. That's why they make all their money in the firs two weeks and die. Only the demographic he is selling to goes to see his films. Alex Cross is a great character, he should have always been played by Denzel Washington.

Foomanchew24 on May 12, 2011


Jah P, I have seen Perrys movies and I gotta tell you, they aren't all that great.  The First of the Madea stories was pretty good, but everything after was just more of the same.  Its not that they're terrible, they just aren't very good.       But his directing isn't the issue, its his acting.  I just don't think the guys got the chops for someone as layered as Cross.  There are SO many other black actors out there who can act, Don Cheadle, Terrance Howard, Denzel, Jeffrey Wright, Andre Braugher, Chiwetel Ejiofor (Love this guy. If you haven't seen Redbelt, do so now.), hell I could go on forever.  All of them are LIGHTYEARS better actors than Perry, and most can be picked up for probably around the same price.

Weird-Coma on Feb 29, 2012

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