Jessica Biel + Four Others Now Shortlisted for 'Dark Knight Rises'

January 11, 2011
Source: Collider, Heat Vision

Jessica Biel

A rumor just cropped up at Collider saying Naomi Watts and Eva Green have possibly been cast in the two female roles in the anticipated sequel The Dark Knight Rises. It was believed that Green snagged the role of female villain Talia al Ghul, daughter of Batman Begins villian Ra's al Ghul, while Watts would be playing love interest Vicki Vale. However, those two names don't appear on Heat Vision's new shortlist of actresses who are meeting with Nolan for the sequel. Those in the running include usual suspects like Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel, but there are some less known names mentioned to be in the running as well.

Also taking meetings with Christopher Nolan are Kate Mara (We Are Marshall, 127 Hours) and Charlotte Riley. Apparently Gemma Arterton (Clash of the Titans) was also supposed to meet with Nolan, but her recent casting in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters may preclude her from even considering a role in the film. In addition, Watts and Green have been too busy shooting their own projects to meet with Nolan yet, so it's very unlikely that they're even close to snagging a role in the sequel just yet (though Watts was on the previous shortlist of actresses in the running)

However, even if Collider is wrong about the casting, they were right about one thing. Apparently one of the female roles will indeed be Talia al Ghul, and if Tom Hardy ends up playing a villain like everyone expects, then we may have two villains for Batman to deal with again. As a point of interest, Charlotte Riley is actually engaged to Tom Hardy, so do what you will with that information. For now we'll just try to sit patiently until some official information gets released. Which of these ladies would you like in The Dark Knight Rises?

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Kate Mara, yes please

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2011


Green as Talia al Ghul? YES PLEASE!!!!! Watts would be good to see as the love interest, she seems like she could stand next to Bale and seem relevant. Biel is a fine actress and I think she should be casted as a Detective in Gordon's unit possibly his replacement since his promotion took place.

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2011


Charlotte Riley is engaged to Tom Hardy, not Kate Mara.

Leah on Jan 12, 2011


Yes, you're right. Just slip up since I was thinking about Kate Mara more than Charlotte Riley

Ethan Anderton on Jan 12, 2011


i hope they dont pick them 2. maybe eva green. but not watts. idk. i prefer um.. sumone that looks good. im jus saying. she may be pretty, but nothing compared to Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel, Kate Mara and Gemma Arterton. im jus saying...

Kingmic21 on Jan 12, 2011


Please no Hathaway, please please please. Anyone but her. Not sure why, she just bugs me to no end.

Traveler on Jan 12, 2011


To: Kingmic21. Watts is older then all of them, and in her age she has vast beauty. Bale is 36 Watts is 42, the rest aren't even 30. Watts and Bale would suit each other. But Nolan will decide and we will probably accept his choice.

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2011


from that list, it's got to be eva green and keira knightly. forget the rest.

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2011


no Watts beavis?

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2011


i'm ok with NW! i missed her name when i put up that post. as you have already said - with her age being close to CB, she'd be a good love interest for him. that being said - i'd really like to see keira knightley as a villian! whatever nolan decides - i'll be there opening night.

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2011


I agree that Knightley would be a great villain...perhaps as Talia or Harley Quinn.

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2011


agreed - but, i'm partial to harley quinn.

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2011


Quinn would be quite difficult to protray, but a strong female villain is a good idea though.

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2011


you're right that HQ would be difficult to portray........but harley is such an outrageous character, i would be thrilled if they got the right woman to pull it off.

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2011


Eva Green as Talia or the love interest= YES!!! I would like to see her in this the most out of this list, she's a good actress and damn she is beautiful and for the second out of this list would be keira knightley she's good looking and it seems she would be good in the movie alongside Bale, and for my final statement, just not hathaway anybody but hathaway

max s. on Jan 12, 2011


actually, i would rather see Kate Mara in the movie instead of Keira Knightley so forget what i said about Knightley and that i would rather have Kate Mara in this instead of her beause i just think she would fit this movie better

max s. on Jan 12, 2011


Anybody but hathaway.Agreed. I don't know why but I just can't stand her from the first time I saw her on screen.It was the TV series Get Real.Bleh. Maybe in person she's cool but on screen I can't stand her.

Interested on Jan 12, 2011


Kate Mara looks too young..she still looks like she's in her teens. wouldnt mind seeing Watts, Green, Riley, Knightley. I wonder if Riley got to screen test as a favor for Hardy

Vshtabnoy on Jan 12, 2011


I can't stop watching the trailer!!

Omar Cavazos-Hi on Jan 12, 2011


I think Nolan should stay clear of a female villain. Any of the above will be fine for a love interest, but please dont bring in Catwoman. The Ridler or Bring back Harvey Dent.

Deejay1988 on Jan 12, 2011


not even harley quinn? she's an awesome villian!

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2011


In my opinion any new villain after Joker will not be so strong ... even I have faith in Nolan brothers .... as for an idea for the Dark Knight rising you can read my blog or just go to down below I copy Past it 😉 : As for the female characters .. Much more Much better 😉 ------------------------------------------------------ Batman vs. Dark Knight !!! From my childhood I was interested in two powers in the same level of speed or energy begin to clash or fight or face each other !!! I remember when I was watching the animation films like : Grendizer or Sindibad or the Iron Man or Sasuki or Fifth ... even when I was reading the Superman and Batman Comics ... I was always waiting for the villain who have the same look and power that make him stand against the Hero ... and the reaction of the other characters around them ... How the bad use his look to lie to the other characters that he is the original hero ... and he is killing and stealing and doing bad to broke the name and the image of the original hero !!! And how the day come when both face each other and how the people around can't find out what happen and who is the good and the bad and who will win !!! I think facing your bad image is kind a good new beginning to clean up your name and put the things where they belong ... !!! ...Specially we are speaking about the continuity of the previews movie " The Dark Knight " where we had Two face who is still having a chance to come back !!! because there is no last word about him being dead !!! And if you guess the name Two faces and having two Dark Knights ... one made by Two Face who is the bad one to ruin more and more the good image of the real dark knight !!! then it will be kind a good beginning for a continuity of the last movie ...!!! As for using other characters like The Penguin or the Scarecrow or Riddler or Bat-woman or Robin or anyone ells in the list .. I have no problem with them because I am sure both Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan Nolan will bring the reality to those characters ... but they will not be as strong as the Joker for sure .. But I am not agree in any case to bring back Joker ... I think it is not a good idea to use another actor to play the role of Heath Ledger ... I think it is for the best to leave the Joker alone for now ... and I hope they will leave it forever ... not as what they did to Brandon Lee's Character The Crow !!!! If they let me write the screenplay for that movie ... I will make The Batman vs. The Dark Knight !!!!!!

shero on Jan 12, 2011


Honestly, after The Dark Knight and Inception I have complete faith in Nolan to hire who he sees best fits his vision. I mean, I know I was a little wary of the choice of Heath Ledger but look how that turned out. I will say this, I do not want Harley Quinn as a main villain, or even a villain at all. I wouldn't mind the character appearing as a cameo with reference to her as her pre-villain psychiatrist working one-on-one with the Joker. But, I think she would be too much of a rehash of the last film to have another chaos loving clown character. Talia would work great because she would be both a love interest and an enemy. It would need to be a good actress, having to deal with the angst of loving the man that killed your father and trying to figure out which man you should ally with. Having Talia would also be a good way of coming full circle in a sense. Anyways, all we really have is a lot of conjecture anyway. I just hope Nolan wraps the trilogy up properly. If he leaves it open so that Batman is still operating in Gotham at the end I will be happy, though I probably won't go see a non-Nolan sequel.

Goukaryuu on Jan 12, 2011


But she's a terrible actress.....

Voice of Reason on Jan 12, 2011


not bad

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


not bad

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


"Jessica Biel + Four Others"?!? Probably the worst actress to single out.

Trey on Jan 12, 2011


Anne Hathaway

Octopus on Jan 12, 2011


I have always thought that Talia Ghul would make a new great "villain" .. but why not make her one in the same .. remember Talia was both for Wayne/Batman .. and then you can link one more Batman lore .. Rha's al Ghul's ability to be immortal and bring him back

John Ropes on Jan 13, 2011


In order of preference: Anne Hathaway Keira Knightley Kate Mara / Gemma Arterton (tie) and coming in at a very distant last place, Jessica Biel.

Craig Partain on Jan 13, 2011


Are you gay? No big deal if you are just wondering.

Bob on Jan 13, 2011


'Dark Knight Rises' Sounds So Gay Mr Nolan

DaveTheRave on Jan 13, 2011


Please Nolan, I know you're reading this: No effing British girl in this, they are all lame!!! Besides too many British too in this Batman, time for more openness and sexyness. No Hathaway because no curves...of course We all know Talia al Ghul has Batman child, so that's maybe what's the title is about. He rises in the bedroom. loll! We all know that Nolan does not know really how to cast females in his flicks...examples? : Katie Holmes,johansson.Inception was slightly different with Page in an important position but that's all.

DKR on Jan 13, 2011


Wait...that Kate mara looks like a cat! That ish is funny guys Look @ her pics and you will see OMG I see you coming Nolan

Dkr on Jan 13, 2011


It should be Angelina Jolie as Catwoman ( Just think of it Nolan ) And Kate Beckinsale as Talia al Ghul

David on Jan 13, 2011


Female villains do not exist in this dojo.

CobraKai_NeverDie on Jan 14, 2011


Naomi Watts as Harley Quinn Anne Hathaway as Talia AL Ghul 14 Jan 2011 Jean Paul Valley

Jean Paul Valley on Jan 15, 2011

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