Joe Johnston Directing a Boba Fett Movie Just Might Save 'Star Wars'

July 18, 2011
Source: Screen Rant

Boba Fett

As we wait for Captain America: The First Avenger to hit theaters Friday (with lots of early screenings for Comic-Con audiences on Thursday), director Joe Johnston may have an even bigger project in mind. Since the filmmaker previously worked as a concept artist and effects technician on Star Wars and earned an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects on Raiders of the Lost Ark, the folks at ScreenRant asked if he had shown the film to George Lucas. Johnston's response sparks interest elsewhere, as he says, "You know if he wants to see it, I would show it to him. I’m trying to get George to make a feature based on Boba Fett."

That's right, apparently Johnston is in the process of trying to get George Lucas to make a feature length Star Wars film centered around everyone's favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett. Though his appearances in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi are brief, the character has become one of the most recognizable and loved characters in the Star Wars universe and has since enjoyed plenty of attention in various books, comics and video games taking place in Lucas' galaxy far, far away. However, this is the first time that a film based around the infamous character has been discussed by higher powers in the industry. When asked if he would direct the film, Johnston said, "I would like to, it would be a lot of fun.”

Aside from another film taking place in the Star Wars universe being big news on its own, an even bigger deal would be someone outside of George Lucas being at the helm of the film. Yes, Irvin Kirshner directed The Empire Strikes Back and Richard Marquand was behind the camera for Return of the Jedi, but with all the prequels, Lucas took it upon himself to sit in the director's chair. Of course, considering his work on the prequel trilogy, another director venturing into the Star Wars universe might be just what the doctor ordered for a franchise that has started to become a tired franchise.

Honestly, if there's any character who deserves his own film that would excite Star Wars fans, it's a film about Boba Fett. Though a weaksauce version of his origin made it on screen in Attack of the Clones, there's plenty of time between that film and his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back to make for a great story somewhere in there. I could easily envision a mesh of classic sci-fi with a story along the lines of the Jason Bourne films, and I think Johnston has the right blend of contemporary action experience with the feel for classic heroes and villains to pull off something like this.

In addition, this would be the first film that doesn't necessarily encompass an over-arcing story inthat has to fit into some sort of puzzle. The possibilities are endless. And while this would be even further down the road, this could open the doors for film adaptations of properties like Death Troopers or something long those lines. This could very well reinvigorate the entire franchise which hasn't really measured up to the greatness it once achieved decades ago. The question is whether or not George Lucas is willing to let another director put their hands in the Star Wars cookie jar. What do you think?

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I would love to see this!

Kyle Solesky on Jul 18, 2011


I suppose, but  I'm holding our for Jar Jar!

Anne on Jul 19, 2011


Fuck You

Jake Blackwell on Dec 1, 2011


I'm down. As long as they get decent writers. 

Chris Amaya on Jul 18, 2011


I could see that, might be pretty cool, Lucas isn't a bad producer and Johnston can direct a fun movie, as long as they get someone good to write it...

Staatz on Jul 18, 2011


I would like that, but i want the episodes 7,8 and 9, the continuation of the story, i know they exist i have already see some of the comics...

Nuno Lopes on Jul 18, 2011


No such thing man. If you're gonna post about Star Wars at least learn something about them. Truce at Bakura is the book after Episode 6...there's no Episode 7. Yeesh,

Nate Carroll on Jul 19, 2011


star wars was originally written as 9 movies, so there is an episodes 7, 8 and 9

Misanthrope on Jul 19, 2011


yes such thing exist in the comics, they are called: 4 New Galactic Republic Era (5–25 ABY)5 The New Jedi Order Era (25–37 ABY)6 Legacy Era (40 ABY onwards) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Star_Wars_comic_books

Nuno Lopes on Jul 19, 2011


It would be imposible to put the New Jedi Order series into a single movie

Thomas_parent on Nov 25, 2011


They were novels way before they were comics

Blacklantern999 on Jan 11, 2012


Except you know, the trilogy written by Timothy Zahn.  Grand Admiral Thrawn is a badass villain in those novels.

Silentounce on Jul 19, 2011


What about Heir to the Empire6, Dark Force rising7, last Command8, Courtship of Princess, & the JediAcademy Trilogy ??? Novice, you should learn.something...

Blacklantern999 on Jan 11, 2012


Simply called "Fett"... would be first in line!

untricky on Jul 19, 2011


Simply called "Boba"...would be first in line! 😛

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011


How about "BF: Part I"

Lerryjee on Jul 19, 2011


The Bounty Hunter Wars, right? They could make a killing if they employed that stroy line.. at least in my opinion

CJ on Jul 19, 2011


Get Nolan to revamp the star wars world. He'll make George Lucas pee in his pants!!! In Nolan I trust...

BinaryChaos on Jul 19, 2011


I liked to dislike...

Nate Carroll on Jul 19, 2011


nope bad idea... nolan freakism! overated.. 

howse the pale ale says on Jul 20, 2011


hmm, include a Jedi in the story as one of his encounters would be nice

dim2thesum on Jul 19, 2011


Not good to see the word "jar" near "Star Wars". bad juju...(i.e. jar-jar)

Dustin Asher on Jul 19, 2011


I'm in.

Big Boss on Jul 19, 2011


Let Star Wars die already. Will it take a fourth terrible movie to convince you people? I suggest only recognizing the theatrical releases of the original three films.

Meow on Jul 19, 2011


The character was marginalized when he was cloned and Lucas decided that Storm troopers were clones of him.  

Meow on Jul 19, 2011


Lucas pretty much marginalized everything when he got the chance.

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011


Why was Boba Fett cool? Why did all the cool kids say they loved him years after Star Wars? Why do people still like him? Because he had a bit part and died. Star Wars is over.

Crapola on Jul 19, 2011


Sorry, he didn't die. The trilogy about the bounty hunter wars takes place after ROTJ, where he survives the sarlacc. Gotta read the books people

Skrebs50 on Jul 19, 2011


Before the books came out he was a cool character. I think by the end of the first 3 films Lucas had already ruined scifi film and indeed cinema forever because he was amping up the cheese, so as much as it brought scifi up in the publics opinion, he also created a formula that has been stuck to. I'm usually a bit more negative about this but I'll leave it at that. Will it have cgi gophers? That is the question. There are better universes to explore really.

Crapola on Jul 19, 2011


Fett did die. The prequels prove the books don't count in Star Wars continuity. I had this argument many, many times with fans over the years and was vindicated when the prequels came out. If it wasn't in the movies it's just another writers fantasy...

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011


I somewhere read that Lucas said "if he didnt write it or put it on the big screen, it didnt happen in his mind..."  He's lined his pockets with a lot of 3rd and sometimes 4th party licenses but notice how often things from those books and comics get 'retconned' once he steps in.  Not trying to change your opinion, just food for thought.  He also wanted ask much stuff out there so you can choose which stories you want to follow.      

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011


It was the armor, dude. I was a kid back then and that's why Fett was cool.. his look. Everybody cheered when Solo knocked him off the skiff but he still had the best-looking armor in Star Wars...

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011


GOD NOW! i still prefer to pretend that the clone bullshit story line never EXISTED and that Boba Fett wasn't a little, whiny, halfwit Jango-baby who grew up on lame ass boring nurtral Kamino. the expanded universe comics from the 90s put's "this" Boba Fett to shame. Bossk is a WAY cooler bounty hunter in my opinion, anyway.

NICK S. on Jul 19, 2011


The only problem is that Boba Fett died so pathetically in ROTJ. I'd watch it as long as Lucas didn't direct.

Quanah on Jul 19, 2011



Nate Carroll on Jul 19, 2011


100% with you. No matter how awesome they make the actions scenes and how badass Boba Fett would turn out to be in his own movie. He still ends up dying like a little bitch. 

Bltzie on Jul 19, 2011


According to the Dark Empire comic, Boba Fett didn't die in ROTJ. He said the Sarlacc found him "somewhat indigestible." Incidentally, Joe Johnston designed Boba Fett's armour. http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/gallery/boba-fett-concept-art/p10297-boba-fett-concept-art-by-joe-johnston.html

John Madden on Jul 19, 2011


I totally agree, Lucas Keep your hands off this. I am afraid he will do something like Clone Wars(animated), take someone else idea and then redo it his way

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011


Gosh man...how bad is it I don't even look at the writer and I knew it was Ethan. Geez...a film between Clone Wars and Empire? Why there? After Jedi was great and you don't have to deal with familiar characters save the other bounty hunters that had bit parts. Before Empire has too much original trilogy for them to screw, not that this whole movie won't be bad. They should stop at the decimation that The Clone Wars has done.

Nate Carroll on Jul 19, 2011


Why not make a feature film based off The Knights of the Old Republic(video games). I mean I don't know everything about the Star Wars universe. but like other people have said, let it die, or expand it to something new.

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011


He did make a full-length Boba Fett movie. It's called the Rocketeer.

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011


Ah so the third or fourth most hated character is gonna get made now! just great! I don't care about mini me clone!

Jimmy Love on Jul 19, 2011


I'd like to see a Star Wars movie based on the Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn who was featured heavily in the Jedi Knight series PC games.

Nick on Jul 19, 2011


...or if they featured Dash Rendar in the impending TV series.

NICK S. on Jul 19, 2011


Then read the book I, Jedi....I'm so freaking sick of all you people getting yer knowledge from comics & video games...oh, the humanity.

Blacklantern999 on Jan 11, 2012


Joe Johnston should concentrate on convincing Lucas to apologize to the audience for the entire prequel trilogy instead of doing some dumb Boba Fett movie. The mysterious legend of Boba Fett died a painful death in The Clone Wars.

norm on Jul 19, 2011


Leave Lucas alone. If he done 1,2,3 back in the 80s they would have been hailed as amazing. If  4,5,6 were released now they would be deemed horrible and cheesy. Back in the day they were considered technological marvels. He had a great idea and it took off the pressure to duplicate that is enormous and impossible to measure up to. I just say what have you done to justify giving such criticism? What would you guys have done for 1,2,3

WB Exec on Jul 19, 2011


It wasn't the reception of the films that made them different, it was the style and approach. Lucas changed completely as a writer and director between the two trilogies and so its as if its not even made by the same man. For instance, the comic relief went from witty comments, sarcasm, and the rapport between R2 and C3PO to complete child's humor and slapstick. He created the pointless and inconsequential character of Jar Jar for the sole sake of comic relief aimed at children, that and the dozen sequences of battle-droids acting out the Three Stooges. If the original trilogy came out today, the actual drama and fantasy would have remained intact, they would still be great movies. Picture the new trilogy being released in 77. Without todays special effects what would you be left with? Shallow characters, lackluster drama, and no redeeming qualities. Watch this entire review please from RedLetterMedia. Once he gets into the deeper points of the review, you will realize how easy it is to pick apart the huge differences. (The guy has a voice he does for his reviews, you have to just go with it.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxKtZmQgxrI

Jpeters1138 on Jul 20, 2011


Christopher Nolan to direct a dark and gritty Boba Fett movie and Im in. Im sick of all these overly polished shiny CG 3D comic book movies and a director of one of those pieces of junk doesnt excite me even if was the greatest and coolest story ever.

Tomi on Jul 19, 2011


Boba was a chump.  He got knocked into a pit by a blind guy.  Some bounty hunter...

Tom on Jul 19, 2011


Would love to see it start from the sequence of ROTJ where Fett is, allegedly, killed only to hear a blaster go off and see him crawl out of the pit.  Open Credits Roll.... Even though it is already established in SWEU that he does survive the encounter it would be neat to see it and start the movie from there.  Then you can either flash forward to Fett's future or even do it as a flashback story of how he got there to begin with.  The Story flows and the last few sequences of the film is where he meets Darth Vader with the other bounty hunters...

Dr. StrangeMineO on Jul 19, 2011


every body loves  boba fett he has his own persona and is  agreat charcater to follow  .it my be the jet pack or the grapper he fires or maybe priness lei played him in jabba hut to help free her friends thers a boba fett in all of us George Lucus please call me it pat broadlick your biggest FAN .I can prove it  in1990 i helped you.

pat broadlick on Jul 19, 2011


they should make a han solo spin off movie with like...jake gyllenhaal as han solo..or something...or jesse eisenberg or chris pine

Ictimerlsf on Jul 19, 2011


Funny bc Pine channeled Han in his performance of Kirk.  🙂  

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011


If this happens, just please for the love of GOD, do not try casting Ryan Reynolds or Chris Evans in it!!!

Mr Durp on Jul 19, 2011


"I have a bad feeling about this"

GPak on Jul 19, 2011


What about doing a movie about Lando?

jah p on Jul 19, 2011


works everytime!

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011


I REEEEAALLY liked the Tartakovsky mini series as well as the current clone wars cartoon.  If they could somehow capture the essence of what made starwars epic on the bigscreen, i'd be all for it.  Seems Firefly was (dare I say) almost better a 'star wars' than the prequel trilogy.  Is Joss available to direct under this guy's tutelage??

Anonymous on Jul 19, 2011


How can you all be supporting this? You really think theres just gonna magically be another good Star Wars movie? There's no hope okay. And if this gets made it will only diminish the character of Boba Fett more than he already is. Lucas seems hell-bent on making Fett into a sissy despite the fan-following. Creating puny lack-luster origin stories already took away most of his mystique. Now we want an entire film dedicated to destroying him further? He doesn't talk people, he's not an "anti-hero," he doesn't have love interests...how would this make a movie? They would have to shoe-horn something into the film in order to make him a protagonist, which would be totally out of character for him and once and for all take away the mystery and cold intimidation that makes Fett who he is.

Jpeters1138 on Jul 20, 2011


The ONLY way it could be a good film and live up to his persona is if it was shot almost entirely silent like a Clint Eastwood western. I could picture Fett squaring off with his pray showdown style. Never reveal the face, never reveal emotion, just the cold reflection of his helmet before he disintegrates 6 guys. Problem is, thats not a money making movie. They would make all the same decisions all hollywood movies make in order to appeal to wider audiences and would lose all of the core fans by prostituting all of its integrity.

Jpeters1138 on Jul 20, 2011


The movie should start off with him escaping from the pit of the sarlacc. 🙂

Jessica Dunnican on Jul 20, 2011


I think a Han, Lando, Boba Fett movie.  Han winning the MF, Jabba putting the bounty on Han's head...i know it messes with the continuity, but, given the current Hollywood demand for reboots, i don't think it matters.  And of course this could be a good movie, you just need the time and talent to work on it, just like any thing that is worth doing.

halcyon305 on Jul 31, 2011


if they do make a boba fett movie i think they should make after he escapes the scarrlac pit, or in the dark times between episode 3 and 4. 

Yarn on Aug 1, 2011



HERNANDEZ_AARON on Sep 17, 2011


Well I would like to see a Jango movie more but there already is a whole game about Jango so I'm down with a Boba movie

Robert Smith on Mar 24, 2012


I'm also down with a Starkiller movie cause I think force unleashed 3 got shut down and its best to make a movie because of the light side ending of force unleashed 2 Boba followed Starkiller and Juno so he could save vader

Robert Smith on Mar 24, 2012


Ohh no the most overrated movie-extra returns? Hmmm...sceptical... Oh and just to put things straight, referring to earlier posts: episodes 7, 8 and 9 are the Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn. Not a matter of opinion 😉

Sammaan on Apr 1, 2012


Seriously, i love Star Wars for as much of its faults as much as the next guy but lets face it - Fett got stabbed up the ass/jetpack by Han Solo with a gaffy stick and thus piloted into that big maneating sinkhole in the desert floor!!!!Yea Fett hangs out in the original trilogy in the background not doin much ( like a cool masked clint fistfull of dollars eastwood ) but thats all he ever did!!!, They tried to give him some crappy clone backstory in Episode II but he just came off as a little spoilt brat with a bad attitude and wise ass outlook, None of the cool factor is here and i dont quite see where he bacame the cool calculating bounty hunter later portrayed in the sequels!!!And it would mean that we would get a movie with Temuerra Morrison back as the title role !!!!unless he keeps on the helmet and thus we are given a non emotional attachment to the charachter in which all we get is a guy in a suit running around in battle ala AVP or The Star Wars Prequels in which Lucas was too busy involved with the technical side of movie making!!!!!Oh what am i talkin about , We all know we wanna see Fett crawl  out of the Sarlac Pitt and escape, Maybe it could be set years after Return Of The Jedi with Fett actually/Finally catching up with Han Solo and so forth ( too dumb & easy i know but ) ................................................

john griffiths on May 17, 2012

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