'Jonah Hex' or 'The Wolfman' Could End Up Winning an Oscar!?

January 10, 2011
Source: AMPAS

Jonah Hex / The Wolfman

There's probably someone out there who thinks drivel from 2010 like the sloppy comic book western Jonah Hex or the butchered monster movie revival The Wolfman deserves some real awards attentions. While it wouldn't be surprising if either of them took home more than a few Razzies, the fact is these two cinematic abominations have a damn good chance of winning an Academy Award. The phrase "Oscar-winning film Jonah Hex" just makes me feel dirty all over, and while a classic movie monster like The Wolfman deserves some respect, Joe Johnston's take on the story was a fiasco. So how are these two close to winning an Oscar?

Well, today the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the seven films that have advanced to be shortlisted for Achievement in Make-Up, which is one of the 24 key categories in the Academy Awards. Aside from Jonah Hex and Wolfman, the other potential nominees are: Alice in Wonderland, Barney's Version, The Fighter, True Grit and The Way Back. On January 22nd, all members of the Academy's Makeup Branch will be invited to watch 10-minute excerpts from each of those seven shortlisted flicks and narrow it down to only three contenders before the Oscar nominations are announced on January 25th this month. As much as we joke about this though, surely the make-up artists for each of these respective films put some quality work into the make-up department even if the movies didn't turn out that great in the end.

Discuss: Would you go crazy if Jonah Hex or The Wolfman won an Academy Award this year?

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ewww...neither deserve any thing to be honest.

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2011


I might not go crazy, but I would certainly think that the Academy of Motion Pictures needs an enema. Of the films mentioned, Alice in Wonderland seems the obvious choice to me...

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2011


Based on Jonah Hex and Wolfman being in the longlist, I'm suprised that MacGruber didn't join them.

Jez on Jan 11, 2011


The oscar is for the achievement in make-up. Nothing else comes into play, not even the quality of the movie. Make-up is an art just like cinematography or direction. I wouldn't single out these movies just because they were terrible (and they WERE terrible). If the make-up is fantastic, then the make-up is fantastic and deserves credit.

Cory on Jan 11, 2011


That's actually a damn good point. Ethan's just playing here on how dirty "the Oscar-winning Jonah Hex" sounds.

Alex Billington on Jan 11, 2011


Yeah that does sound uncomfortable haha! By the way Alex, I'm coming to the Sundance Festival this year all the way from Penn State! I can't wait! If I see you, I'm gonna come up and say hi! I've been an FS fan for many years!

Cory on Jan 11, 2011


I totally agree. There are several bad films that had one talented person on set busting their butt.

Alex O on Jan 11, 2011


No matter what you thought of The Wolfman (personally, I liked the film), you have to give credit to Rick Baker, since this was pretty much his dream job. As for Jonah Hex? No comment.

Sean Kelly on Jan 11, 2011


I also liked THE WOLFMAN...wasn't perfect, but it wasn't the unholy mess that some claimed it was. And the makeup was fantastic (but it's Rick Baker, so no surprise there). Haven't seen JONAH HEX...loved the comics, but since I haven't seen the film, I won't comment on it. (Yep, it's atypical behavior, but...that's just me.)

Marc McKenzie on Jan 12, 2011


Only 3 nominations for Best Makeup, and yet they went to 10 nominations for Best Film last year. Unlike Best Animated Feature (which went up to 5 finally last year) Best Makeup has been around for decades, and is a vital part of film-making. While people piss, whine, moan, gripe, swoon, and bicker over Best Film, Actor, Actress, Directory, and Screenplay the technical awards never get any real recognition. At least the academy can give out a few more nominations to these deserving artists.

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2011


Spot on. And if THE WOLFMAN does get the nom, cool, since Rick Baker was also the first person to win the Oscar for Best Makeup back in 1982 for AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON.

Marc McKenzie on Jan 12, 2011


BTW you can s(*t on Jonah Hex and Wolfman all you like (haven't seen either yet) but wasn't Avatar nominated for Makeup last year too? And the only makeup I saw on that one was the Colonel's scars.

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2011


How is Black Swan not one of the potential nominees?

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2011


Because the Make Up was not so hard to do ! 😉

Shero on Jan 11, 2011


The majority of the effects in Black Swan were CG, which doesn't count in the Makeup Category. The Academy recognizes the Makeup category as practical, prosthetic based. The only real makeup in Black Swan was the contacts and face paint during the dance sequences. Nothing innovative, or spectacular. The entire black swan dance sequence was all CG.

Alex O on Jan 11, 2011


wow..people actually care who gets an oscar. yet they don't care that many of the Oscar nominees are big political donors, giving thousands of dollars to candidates and causes. AMPAS has balls nominating that piece of shit Hex for make-up. There's a story behind it, there always is... fools are those who give a damn 🙂

Redguy on Jan 11, 2011


the wolfman story let it down it was not due to the make up .. Rick Baker was amazing Amazing make-up for the wolfman

Allen Reeve on Jan 11, 2011


I read the title for this article and I was like "what, noooo". Then I read it was for best make-up and then I was I like "ehh, that's fair I guess"

John.E on Jan 11, 2011


Both movies were shit. You have to admit the makeup was very good, though. Wolfman should win it.

DesinaCoda on Jan 11, 2011


I'm one of the few people who liked "The Wolfman". I thought it was great actually. As were the special effects.

RLC on Jan 11, 2011


I actually liked it, too. Sure, there was a bunch of stuff that didn't make much sense, but I loved the set designs and the make-up. Shit, even when he ran on all fours it looked great. I don't understand how Jonah Hex even ends up as a contender. Great make-up?! Come on, I wanted to cut off that goddamn stupid looking piece of scar tissue every time I saw Josh Brolin's character on screen! What kind of respectable cowboy/badass runs around with a self inflicted speech impediment?!

Byaar on Jan 11, 2011


Yeah, come on, take a chill pill. If the make-up artists did a fantastic job -- which, judging by the previews I've seen of these films, they did -- they shouldn't be punished because they worked on a bad movie. That's a ridiculous claim to make.

Sample on Jan 11, 2011


If it was for an Oscar the movie deserves. With "Best Make-up," I'd have no problem with "The Wolfman" winning. Although, saying it's an "Oscar-Winning" Film does sound nuts (and this is coming from someone who enjoyed "The Wolfman")

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2011


I have no problem with this. Good makeup is good makeup.

Luke on Jan 12, 2011


meh why :s

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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