Kate Beckinsale Will Likely Join Colin Farrell in 'Total Recall' Remake

April 21, 2011
Source: Deadline

Kate Beckinsale

Our hero and our villain have already been cast for the remake of Total Recall with Colin Farrell and Bryan Cranston taking each role respectively. Now it's time to fill out the other supporting cast members including two pivotal female roles. It sounds like one of them is close to being a done deal as Deadline reports Kate Beckinsale (Underworld, The Aviator) has been offered the part originated by Sharon Stone in the original 1990 sci-fi action film. Beckinsale would play Farrell's wife who turns out to be more than just his spouse when push comes to shove. If you don't know why this casting isn't surprising, keep reading.

Beckinsale is actually married to the film's director Len Wiseman, and the two also previously collaborated on the Underworld franchise. There might be a bit of favoritism going on here, but Beckinsale does have the action experience, some great talent, and she is quite stunning on screen. As for the other important female role, a character called Melina originally played by Rachel Ticotin, it sounds like Eva Mendes and Rosario Dawson are the top contenders for the role, but it's unclear who will actually land the gig. Even if this remake seems a little unnecessary, the cast coming together certainly has my interest. Of course, Wiseman has a lot to make up for after Live Free or Die Hard. What do you think?

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Wiseman doesn't have a thing to make up for concerning Live Free Or Die Hard. That was easily the best of the Die Hard sequels, it received very good reviews, and it made the studio a ton of money, more than any Die Hard film has made.

Anonymous on Apr 21, 2011


Funny, I thought it was the worst of them all.

Cody W. on Apr 21, 2011


Actually no that would be Die Hard With A Vengeance. It was trying to be more like Lethal Weapon than Die Hard.

Last Son on Apr 24, 2011


...right, because what 'we' care about is how much it makes. Hmm.

Tyler Danger on Apr 22, 2011


But will they have the original ending as per the book? Methinks not...

Untricky on Apr 21, 2011


Don't like colin farrel but will see this movie if it has 3 breasted woman in it.

Crawfordjk2000 on Apr 21, 2011



Anonymous on Apr 21, 2011


Why reboot this film at all?

matt mccluskey on Apr 21, 2011


Because like most of the '80s/early '90s action flicks (especially the ones starring The Governator) they were done in such a cheesy fashion they are painful to watch now. Besides, like most films made from Philip K. Dick's material the movies end up not even being close to the original story. I hope they hold more true to his story this time. And as far as remaking some of The Governator's other film debacles, I vote for The Running Man next. Stephen King's story is far superior to that schlock film they called The Running Man.

Jedi on Apr 21, 2011


Well said, jedi! Total Recall on its own (not compared to PKD's story) is a great 80's sci-fi action flick...but when compared to the source its pretty bad. I really hope this version of the story is gonna be more faithful to the original story. Speaking of P.K.D I want to see "Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said" adapted to the big screen.

Xerxexx on Apr 21, 2011


Actually Recall came out in the early 90's so it's a 90's action flick...

Last Son on Apr 24, 2011


sooo bloody hot!

A5J4DX on Apr 21, 2011


If they keep it rated R then it will be good. PG-13 remakes are not as good as they should be.

Angeltheraider on Apr 21, 2011


What was wrong with Live Free or Die Hard? That was a great action movie.

Lamar on Apr 22, 2011


I love Kate......

Skeletonbaby56 on Apr 22, 2011


Colin is no Arnold Schwarzenegger... Unless they go in a different direction to the original film I have no interest in this at all.

Last Son on Apr 24, 2011


Saw Fright Night remake a few hours ago! Cannot touch the original at all, however, it was a good attempt

DanTheMan on Aug 18, 2011


kate hon, when we filmed together, i wanted to jump your bones such is the amazing "bute" you are!!!!

DanTheMan on Aug 18, 2011


We can remember it for you wholesale!!

ArnoldSchwarzenegger on Aug 18, 2011

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