Kevin Costner Confirmed as Pa Kent in Zack Snyder's New Superman

March 17, 2011
Source: Deadline

Kevin Costner

Briefly: An exciting casting confirmation for Superman fans. Deadline has confirmed that Kevin Costner is now officially set to play Jonathan "Pa" Kent in Zack Snyder's Superman: Man of Steel, currently in pre-production headed for release in late 2012. He'll star opposite Henry Cavill as Superman aka Clark Kent, his adopted son, and Diane Lane as his wife Martha Kent. We still don't know much about the plot or who the main villain is, though there's been plenty of rumors, but after Snyder's other movie Sucker Punch lands in theaters in a few weeks, he'll be able to move at full steam and finalize casting. Excited about Costner?

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Quynh Truong on Mar 18, 2011


Watchmen underperforms. Owl movie bombs. Sucker Punch not looking too good. You have to wonder what is going through Warner's mind right now. On the one hand they have the whip hand and get Snyder on a shorter and shorter leash. On the other hand, what if the public has really turned against Snyder's "style" of movies. That could be very very bad. Lots of questions.

Runes on Mar 18, 2011


Box office does not matter in terms of quality. Watchmen was the most faithful adaptations ever, Owls was a studio project, and Sucker Punch isn't out yet. Snyder is directing, Nolan is producing get over it...Snyder and Nolan will not let us down.

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2011


I couldn't ever said it better Xerxexx !

Gh on Mar 21, 2011


im going to have to agree with xerxexx, no desrespect but the movies u just listed were great and box office results prove it, sounds like ur trying too much to b a critic, i would luv to hear your intake on how the watchmen underperformed?, as well as owl... and please tell me how a young beautiful actress takes on an ass-kicking role in a fragment of her own imagination not looking too good,..?

BigA on Mar 19, 2011


I wonder if they'll plow under their corn to make a baseball diamond?

Goliad on Mar 18, 2011


i wasn't knocking it, just making a joke. i think Costner is the perfect choice for JKent.

Goliad on Mar 18, 2011


I reckon if Costner builds it he will come ! !

Last Son on Mar 18, 2011


that would actually be hilarious.

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2011


or maybe a landing pad for a spaceship. stop the shuttle crash landing

Ross on Mar 18, 2011


Yeah, for some reason this just feels wrong. Costner? Lane? I dunno... The only reason I'm remaining optimistic is because Christopher Nolan has had a huge hand in helping Snyder and the writers put the story on the right track in terms of style. Hopefully Nolan's fresh ideas and experience will pay off.

Sparky on Mar 18, 2011


I'm In!!!!!!!!!!!!

Atg2040 on Mar 18, 2011


The younger, livelier parents worked for Smallville for the first few seasons until the show got lame. It might work for the new movie also. I'm looking forward to it.

Justric on Mar 18, 2011


Costner and Lane are not that young.

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2011


I think you get his point Xerxexx

Ryderup on Mar 18, 2011


not really...then again I never watched Smallville.

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2011


There was a younger portrayal of the Kents in the comic books as well. The Kents have been reimagined 4-5 times in the comic books. Smallville actually followed one of those portrayals. I think Lane and Costner fit the mold. They aren't as old as the Kents in the original film and comics and they aren't THAT young, as Xerxexx pointed out.

Modern American Man on Mar 19, 2011


This is starting to look better and better each time. I believe Snyder will step up and knock this one out of the park. Good thing that Christopher Nolan's involvement inspires utmost confidence! Great to see Costner in a huge, tent-pole flick!

Spider on Mar 18, 2011


At first when I heard the rumours about Costner playing Pa Kent I thought it was a lame idea. But now I'm thinking it could work. He is a lot older now and he seem to really fit in at home on the farm back in "Field Of Dreams". I sure hope he teaches Clark how to play Baseball.

Last Son on Mar 18, 2011



ZZZ on Mar 18, 2011


Superman? Damn horse. Get up!! *flog flog flog* Owls was excellent though. Superb animation, and basically "Star Wars with Owls". So I recommend it. And I'm totally on board for Sucker Punch, which could well be style over substance ala 'The Fifth Element' - but that might be a GOOD thing.

Fellintoorbit on Mar 18, 2011


He sure is cooler than the guy they cast as Superman..

David Perretta on Mar 18, 2011


OMG a movie that Costner is in that he ISN'T Directing! lol Big Name tho, A name that sure enough to draw alot of people out. I'm not against it. Costner isn't that bad of an actor so good to hear he's on board. However I think Kevin Bacon woulda been a better choice, But if we watched Kevin Bacon enough in The Man of Steel we might even turn into Kevin Bacon lmao.

Rooneyman on Mar 18, 2011


Costner can't draw alot of people out to his own movies, so I'm not sure how he is going to draw them out to somebody else's movie.

Rational on Mar 19, 2011


I've said it before and I will say it again. Snyder is a visual master. 300 was amazing. I feel like I'm the only one who liked Watchmen. And the Owl movie surprised the hell out of me. Probably one of the best 3D films I have ever seen. I don't care what people are saying about Sucker Punch because people love to attack original ideas. I feel he is going to do everything he can to blow our minds. Superman is just going to be the icing on the cake for me.

Marc Walker on Mar 18, 2011


you're not alone, I too loved Watchmen.

Anonymous on Mar 19, 2011


Watchmen was brilliant. It wasn't your typical cheerful hero film. That was the problem with the public's perception. They always want some fun story of good conquering evil. They should have read the graphic novel like many of us did to prepare themselves for the message the film was going to relay. Snyder did a superb job of giving us a faithful adaptation. I applaud him for it and respect what he did with that film. Kevin Costner is a brilliant choice for Jonathan "Pa" Kent. Costner has something we are all aware of from previous films: The ability to inspire us and to make our eyes tear up. Imagine "Pa" Kent molding the man who saved the world. Jonathan Kent embodies a quality that most human beings didn't. It was as if Jor El hand picked him as the man to raise his biological son. "Pa" had a high sense of morals, and I think Costner is the perfect choice for that role. This is exciting news. The big question is: Which take will Snyder follow? Will he follow the comic adaptation where Jonathan Kent dies? Or, will he follow the reimagined image in 1986 where Jonathan "Pa" Kent lives into Clark's adulthood (By the way, there are several "Pa" Kent concepts introduced in the comics--I don't believe for an instant we will see the classic instance from the original film and early comics). It will be interesting to see how this is portrayed. Either way, I'm sure Costner will offer some scene stealing moments that would inspire many of us to don a red cape and rescue mankind from itself.

Modern American Man on Mar 19, 2011


i really like this casting hes perfect for it!

A5J4DX on Mar 19, 2011


The opening montage of Watchmen alone should be enough to put anyones mind at rest regarding Snyders version of Superman. He has great visual flair and with Nolan steering the project...and a quality cast....i think The Man Of Steel will be a winner!

vegasdanny on Mar 19, 2011

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