Kevin Costner is Taking a Key Role in 'Superman: The Man of Steel'?

February 21, 2011

Kevin Costner

Yes, we already have our Superman with British actor Henry Cavill putting on the tights and cape, and it sounds like we're getting close to have a female join the cast as well. Now another actor may apparently be joining Zack Snyder's Superman: The Man of Steel, and it's not a name you'd expect to be mentioned in such a high profile project. Deadline reports Kevin Costner is being circled for a key role in this new take on the iconic superhero. Though no details on his role are yet available, I'd be willing to bet that Costner would play Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White. However, it would be far more interesting if he was taking on a villainous role.

Though we're not sure what villain will be attempting to thwart Supes this time around, it's not hard to imagine Costner as arch nemesis Lex Luthor. The actor may even be able to pull of General Zod. But given his age, I'd be willing to bet such a strong, action-oriented villain would need to have a younger actor in those shoes. But I still think the safe bet is for Costner to take the role of Perry White. Of course, the actor's involvement isn't official yet as only "heightened interest" has been expressed for him to take part. Still, the prospect is an interesting one. What do you think?

UPDATE: Apparently Latino Review has learned that the role Costner is being sought for is that of Jonathan "Pa" Kent. Some of you commenters thought this was also a viable part for the actor, so what do you think of this update should it turn out to be true?

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I can see him as Lex

Moviekidmike on Feb 21, 2011


Johnathan Kent?

Goliad on Feb 21, 2011


Yes actually! I have heard a confirmation that Costner wants to play Pa Kent really bad and thats the role he's going for.

Last Son on Feb 22, 2011


Kevin Costner plays Kevin Costner barely pretending to be a character. I hope this rumor is proven to be false.

t0tallyrad on Feb 21, 2011


yes he always kills people in real life like mr brooks STFU

p86 on Feb 21, 2011


You don't get it and I don't care to explain obvious things.

t0tallyrad on Feb 22, 2011


Costner is charming and sure he isn't that amazing, but he can do a role and people for the most part like him.

Anonymous on Feb 22, 2011


He reminds me of Kevin Bacon. Playing himself in every movie.

i have no name on Feb 22, 2011


Tallyrad. Go produce, direct and star in a 20 million dollar epic, win the academy for best picture and director. And then come back to here throw around your useless, ignorant, Costner trash talk. Get a Blue Ray, DANCES WITH WOLVES( the directors cut) and maybe you can begin a real life, good luck.

Filip on Feb 22, 2011


My gripe is about his acting which he didn't win the academy award for. But you're right, it seems my opinion is useless in an arena where any type of opinion is deemed ignorant. Thanks for the life advice in the form of a blu ray, seems to bode well for you.

t0tallyrad on Feb 22, 2011


I'm with you man. Costners wooden and flat. Perry White maybe but- Pa Kent's supposed to have some grit and humility about him. Costners mostly a coddled, pompous ass. A different director might get a career changing performance out of him (cough. Nolan). But this looks like another case of Snyder casting on surface looks, foregoing the actual substance of the character. (cough, Malin Akerman)

Django5000 on Feb 23, 2011


I would give him the father part that Glenn Ford played,he would be right for that.

tir na nog on Feb 21, 2011


Because he looks exactly like Smallville's Pa Kent.

Ya on Feb 21, 2011


I can see him as Jonathan Kent.

Anonymous on Feb 21, 2011


Because he looks exactly like Smallville's Pa Kent.

Ya on Feb 21, 2011


Yeah and when they make a smallville movie your comment could have some merit to it.

Anonymous on Feb 22, 2011


I can see him taking the credibility of this movie down the toilet.

franklinbluth on Feb 21, 2011



Richardmelendez on Feb 21, 2011


How would he be Lex? He's almost twice Henry Cavill's age. You'd have to completely change Lex's origin (which might not be a bad thing, but still). Odds are better that he's Perry White, or Pa Kent, or even Sam Lane or something. Or hey, they might just make him a new character completely.

Peter Sorensen on Feb 21, 2011


Which Origin? It's not like they've stuck to the same one over the decades.

Ross Curtis on Feb 21, 2011


True, the Byrne ones had him growing up in Metropolis slums. I guess I'm basing it on the assumption that they'd go with the original origin or Mark Waid's Superman: Birthright (which I thought I read they were basing the script on). I'm also hoping they'd skip Lex for a single Superman movie and give us another villain to deal with.

Peter Sorensen on Feb 21, 2011


i say he is playing Kent's adoption father

Vshtabnoy on Feb 21, 2011


Yes he looks like the dad on Smallville.

Ya on Feb 21, 2011


i really dont want the villian to be general zod or lex luthur, i mean, weve seen those movies, and there great, something new please, there must be more interesting bad guys!

dave on Feb 21, 2011


Lex Luthor.

Manuel on Feb 21, 2011


For a villain, I would like to see either: Braniac = Maybe Patrick Wilson/ Nightowl from Watchmen Metallo = Alexander Skarsgard/ Eric from True Blood or Parasite = Maybe Michael Sheen/ From Frost/Nixon or a combination of any two.

AudioOut on Feb 21, 2011


Those would be awesome castings! Patrick Wilson would be the perfect Brainiac.

Andy Ortega on Feb 22, 2011


Totally Johnathan Kent. He has that father figure look nailed!

fancy pants on Feb 21, 2011


Maybe Jor El

Royalopez06 on Feb 22, 2011


Costner is Zod!!!

ChrisC5g on Feb 22, 2011


screw zod give him lobo hahaa

Anonymous on Feb 22, 2011


I think Jor el could be a safe bet too.

Risk on Feb 22, 2011


Costner spells death for just about any movie.

Haz on Feb 22, 2011



me on Feb 22, 2011


So Costner looks to be playing Pa Kent. What's next? Lindsay Lohan playing Lois Lane. Give me a break. I wish Snyder would let Christopher Nolan cast this film. He's a director who knows how to put a cast together.

Last Son on Feb 22, 2011


did you seriously compare Costner to Lohan? methinks you need a head examination.

Anonymous on Feb 22, 2011


Well actually yes. Neither of them can act to save themselves. Have you seen a Kevin Costner movie before. Coming to a cinema near you Kevin Costner starring as Kevin Costner in the same movie he came out with last year. Oh to hell with it lets just call the movie "Kevin Costner" and be done with it.

Last Son on Feb 23, 2011


Pa Kent is the only thing I could see him doing in the Superman mythos.

Andy Ortega on Feb 22, 2011


I heard his playing Lois Lane.

tir na nog on Feb 22, 2011


jonathan kent! . please not zod , luthor or any other

dan druff on Feb 22, 2011


I hope Zack Snyder has a cameo in this 🙂

David Perretta on Feb 22, 2011


Jonathan Kent...but y'know, I kinda want to see him play Luthor now.

DwainIBe on Feb 22, 2011


Reckon he's gunning to be Jonathan Kent. Richard Jenkins for Perry White! If they go for the Byrne origin story, Pa Kent is still alive and well and a big part of Supes's life. Haven't read Birthright yet.

Al on Feb 22, 2011


I vote for the reverse.

Jehosophat on Feb 23, 2011


I hope this is true I love Kevin Costner. A lot of people enjoy watching him and then a lot of folks can't stand him. At least there isn't any middle ground gray area crap. I enjoy all of his films...excluding Waterworld...freakin gills...*shudders* Anyways I think he would be great as the Editor and Chief or Pa Kent. And for all those guys out there that complain about him playing the same character over and over? I bet you don't complain when a gorgeous actress is in a film and their only asset is well...their "assets" aha Or I am way off base here but hey I just woke up so I am allowed to be unreasonable.

Maxx on Feb 22, 2011


Jonathan Kent, he's not old enough to be Jor-el IMO.

Steven on Feb 22, 2011


I hope they have Lex in this, not as the main villian, but a side villian to be set up in a later film. Kind of like Scarecrow in Batman Begins but less in the direct villian way.

WB EXEC on Feb 22, 2011


Uh oh.

Brian on Feb 22, 2011


I'm not concerned, Nolan is producing and I'm sure he's behind Costner's casting 100% lets remember in Inception, Nolan casted Tom Berenger, this could be the same move, only from Snyder from Supes.

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2011


We really like Kevin Costner and enjoy all of his movies. He will be a great addition. We will be there!

paddles on Feb 24, 2011

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