Kristen Stewart Confirmed to Lead 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

March 7, 2011
Source: MTV

Kristen Stewart

Back in January we heard Universal's developing fairytale re-telling of Snow White and the Huntsman had two frontrunners for the titular lead female role to join Viggo Mortensen as the huntsman and Charlize Theron as the evil queen. Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) and Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga) were said to be in contention for the part with many sources saying the job would go to the latter. Well, producer Palak Patel tweeted last week (via MTV) that, ""[Kristen Stewart] is officially playing Snow White and her deal is in final negotiations and will close next week." So I guess this is pretty much official now.

Patel apparently followed up by saying, "Official confirmation coming next week," Patel tweeted shortly after. "But we are in final negotiations." Of course this update has also since been removed, but screenshots have already been saved of both status updates. Though I was hoping the role would go to Browning, obviously Universal wants to reel in all of those Twilight fangirls who will follow Stewart from sparkling vampire tales to indies like The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys. We'll see how this turns out soon enough. What do you think?

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I was looking forward to this movie, until now.

Todd on Mar 7, 2011


My words.

Matt NotDamon on Mar 7, 2011


LOOK, not everybody like's who they chose the part for this movieĀ but, people have to suck it up! .. because I like who they chose so don't kill my buzz!!!! LOVE YOU KRISTEN!! šŸ™‚

BAM-BAM on Jun 1, 2011


I don't think the Twilight fangirls watch it for her nor follow her from movie to movie. They haven't turned anything she's been in into a surprise blockbuster or anything including the awesome Adventureland.

floppytall on Mar 7, 2011


aaand my interest has now checked out. I don't get it, any role she's had so far has not shown any semblance of talent.

Anonymous on Mar 7, 2011


Both Adventureland and The Runaways were really good films. Give Stewart more credit than just the Twilight franchise. It doesn't all have to be about the fangirls.

Rops on Mar 7, 2011


In my opinion, those two movies were really good in spite of, not because of, her. In all fairness, she wasn't nearly as MST3K-worthy in those flicks as she was in the Twilight series but the rest of the cast carried her in both. She still hasn't shown even a glimmer of hope that she can carry a movie but she also hasn't single-handedly destroyed one either. She's had a ton of help from every angle on the Twilight series. As of now, it appears, at best, she'll be the female equivalent of Keanu Reeves: serviceable in the right roles.

Groov on Mar 7, 2011


I'm interested to see how this turns out.

Abey on Mar 7, 2011


horrible actress.

happy camper on Mar 7, 2011


She's not horrible but not fabulous either. Give her some credit, and stop criticizing someone that can do something better than you can.

Ndnhulagirl on Mar 21, 2011


Sounds good; glad to see she got it. I think this is a good role for her - I'll be looking forward to it.

Rg2011 on Mar 7, 2011


I'm not sure why any of you dweebs would have been interested in the first place...

Anonymous on Mar 7, 2011


So Snow White will be stoned with heart burn?

Anonymous on Mar 7, 2011



sylven on Mar 8, 2011


actually, i wan't to hear what these people have to say, most of them have the same taste as i do. i think you're the one who is in the wrong place here....they're complaining about kristen because they DO want to watch the movie before she was cast

matt on Mar 8, 2011


It's kind of sad because most of the critics are old, white guys. So they don't know what's in these days...

Michaela on Mar 21, 2011


i don't see anything "Snow-whitey" about Kristen Stewart at all..except perhaps her lack of color. Sweetness, loveliness, and kindness are not traits I've ever seen K.S. portray onscreen or in the tabloids. This will give her a chance to try acting.

Lynda on Mar 8, 2011


too bad, this snow white isn't all about birdies and sweetness, if you do your research the huntsman trains snow white to be tough and defeat the evil queen

Freews on Mar 8, 2011



Guest on May 18, 2011


Twilight ruined Stewart's credibility...perhaps this will help her get away from the Twilight Curse.

Anonymous on Mar 8, 2011


You have a point. I remember reading that one of Pattinson's major reasons for signing up for Twilight was to work with Stewart, who did have a decent rep in the indie scene.

Goukaryuu on Mar 8, 2011


Because he wanted to do her most likely.

Nards on Mar 9, 2011


not excited but ill wait to see how it pans out

A5J4DX on Mar 7, 2011


I am an Emily fan, but the thing is if you saw this girl walk into a casting and pictured her with dark hair (she's got different hair at the moment, but she's dark naturally anyway) - image wise, you'd be sold. If you let her screen test, I'm quite sure her acting would have been above average. I've seen all of her films, and the thing about Emily fans that I've seen so far is that we do actually follow her career closely and support it. The Uninvited only went nowhere due to lack or press and pushing, even Emily said she was disappointed with what they did with it. All the reviews for it were really good if I remember correctly, and it's kind of a cult film now. For a remake or "retelling", you would have never even known it. I'm so glad Zack Snyder gave her a chance. I have a feeling this studio will regret this decision because by next year we're going to be seeing her a lot more... after Sucker Punch is out and people who have somewhat liked her come to love her, and others discover her it's going to be madness. Kristen on the other hand, I guess not fair to pigeon hole her into Twilight. I have seen almost all of her films, and there was only one that struck me as being carried by her (the one where she plays that girl with I believe the muscular disease) and Twilight was embarrassing. The Runaways was carried by Dakota. She did a lot to learn about her role and showed a lot of dedication but it STILL fell flat, some other actresses put in a quarter of that effort and with natural energy just act a part and nail it on the head. I am sorry, but she's subpar at best. Twilight fan girls don't even push things Rob has been in, he's had quite a few failures - and I bring this point up because most women are usually sexist to their own gender with out even realizing it. If this film doesn't bomb, I'll be really surprised. Sorry this got so long.

Mara on Mar 8, 2011


I'm usually big for the fairy tale stories, especially when they're dark and closer to the original directions. Kristen doesn't fit what I envision Snow White to be. Emily's features fit better. Also, Kristen seems to always play jaded or mopey characters. She emoted the most in Zanthura from what I've seen. I was ok with Kristen before Twilight. But when she did the saga she just seemed dreary, dull, and she personally seemed to instantly resent the attention the movie gave her. Yes, it's blown up too much, but her and Rob seemed to turn on it instantly. Maybe when they're older and realize half their work wouldn't have been without the exposure of Twilight, they'll actually look back with some fondness. I know some actors that turn away from a project a bit, but they try to still show it respect, even if they feel a little typecast because of it.

SapphireD910 on Mar 9, 2011


i was interested in this movie until now..... god i was really hoping selena would get the part....... darn i'm not watching this movie! if you didn't want Kristen to get the part tell all your friends and family not to watch this movie!

Katytang on Apr 16, 2011


Love Kristen Stewart , not because Ā of twilight because sorry people im not into twilight saga's if you really saw her in film's BESIDES TWILIGHT she is a really good actress , so cut her some slack cause I don't see you in big blockbuster movies jealousĀ BE-ARCHES!!!!

bow wow on Jun 1, 2011


I think Kristen would do good in this role! i mean i think she wants to try something a little different and to me i think shes going to do great! so dont judge her that she cant act and basically she can, just give the girl a chance. (:

Jackie on Apr 25, 2011


Snow White...theĀ cussing, chain smoking, pot smoking, drunken, flipping off the world princess.Ā  Ā 

Guest on May 18, 2011



Haisha on Jun 1, 2011


I feel like between the two Snow White movies, then this one will be the one that has to prove itself because it has less star power than the other one. Considering the fact that no one in the Twilight series has had any success outside of Twilight, and a non well-known director, a not well-known in Chris Hemsworth.

SquaredTee on Jun 2, 2011

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